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So...who'd you choose to be the Mana Knight?
Who's on your team?
How did you change their classes?

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Sometimes Kevin/Lise/Hawk

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Carlie, Kevin, Lise

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Done dozens of runs with all sorts of character/class combinations. Favourite character is Riesz though.

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Hawke/Reiz/Kevin is probably my favorite party to actually play as

I think I did one playthrough of each of the couples, but Carlie and Angela are kind of shit, physical attacks and buff/debuff are too powerful in this game.

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>all these Lisebros

you niggas are my niggas

best grill

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Carlie's my main. Haven't class changed yet. But my party's at level 17...so soon folks.

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Is this game worth putting the time into?

I tried once but got overwhelmed.

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It's a lot simpler than it seems at first. When you class change you'll automatically raise all your stats to their old maximums, and Agility or Speed or whatever actually does nothing because evasion doesn't exist. As far as class changing goes, it's pretty simple with Light being Buffs/Healing/Defense and Dark being Debuffs/Damage Spells/Offense.

The main thing with combat is managing status ailments and debuffs and understanding that big spells and charge up moves provoke counters, so you can't just spam them constantly.

As variable and different as the characters paths are, they're also all pretty linear when you actually play them.

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I played as Angela the mage bitch as my first player once, couldn't get past her magic college whatever. Couldn't trigger some continue flag at all no matter who I talked to.

Other good times were with Hawk, Duran and..Kevin?

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Playing my first run right now and trying to reclaim Rolante. Stuck at Ben and Bill or whoever the fuck. Parties levels are 13 but the wall that I have to fight beforehand makes me not prepared for the fight after. Help? I just use Angela to spam Jinn and use the super moves whenever I can. I keep getting raped by shurikens and these whirls of punches. I have 6 revives(can't think of their names) and 9 chocolates but still nothing. Do I just suck? How do I stop at being bad.

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Try just using normal attacks and single target spells, only using the big multi-target spells and super moves when you have all your characters near max health.

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Kevin destroys anything, it's ridiculous.

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My ideal party Kevin/Carlie/Hawk

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Yeah....it seems that Ben and Bill are your wake up call. Spamming spells was something that was a constant in Secret of Mana and it could be used to wipe out bosses.

Now spamming spells will earn you a nice big counter! Do it on occasion whenever you have to (just be ready to heal afterwards), but stick with normal attacks for most of the battle. By the way, Level 2 an Level 3 Techs, count as spells.

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So I'm at the part where I got past the Volcano Island. I visited the king who told me the location of the last 4 Mana stones. Can I assume that I can do them in any order? Or does the game assume that I have to go Undine--->Salamando--->Luna--->Dryad.

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I used to love this game as a kid and I played it with my fried on Netplay.

Now whenever I play this game, I always find it broken from how easy it is to spam Magic and lock-stun enemies, it makes the game less enjoyable since it makes the players wait after each animation.

Am I the only one who feels like that?

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That was in Secret of Mana.

Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3), makes certain enemies and bosses counter-spell you if you try pulling that shit. Case in point, the ninjas Bill and Bob.

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I never noticed the counters. I always thought it was normal for them to always use spells/techs. I guess if we play casually with default attacks, the game's more interactive?
I might get back to it.

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Maybe. I'll have to look into that a bit more once I get my class changes.

Since I have Carlie, Kevin and Lise, I'm not exactly in a position to go spamming spells so I've always used my normal attacks. I'll have to see how things go after they undergo their class changes.

But yeah...you get hit with an enemy counter attack spell the MOMENT you launch a spell on those kinds of enemies.

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>Agility or Speed or whatever actually does nothing because evasion doesn't exist.
To clarify what this anon said: the evasion and critical stats are bugged and don't work, period.

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I never played with Angela before until the last time I played, and that's when I noticed the battles are a lot less interactive because of her spell spams on bosses always taking over the freetime during battles, especially knowing the basic spells are only 2 MP and how easy it is to kill bosses this way. It made me kind of wish Spells costs three times more MP than its basic cost, like that it'd feel less unlimited even with the maximum Walnuts you can carry.

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Trust me, you're gonna be glad the spells cost the way they do in the later parts of the game. I'm glad I put Carlie as my main, but considering the number of times I had to heal, I'm glad the MP cost is so low.

I'm pretty sure that once you get on the Volcano Island (sorry, forgot the name) You'll be going through wave after wave of enemies. The spells will simplify things. Just...don't rely on them too much.

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Kevin might be the most powerful party member, but Hawk is the most fun. No matter what path you go with him, he always gets a ton of shit to play around with and he's always useful.

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This. I'm not a big fan of attack magic in this game and this party excels in every other aspect.

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Post your favourite track.


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Correct. It is a widespread outbreak but we're hoping to cleanse it the old fashioned way 卍

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When did most of you get your first class change? Got mine after going through the Sub Zero Forest and getting Undine.

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The only team I ever run is Hawk/Kevin and then either Lise or Duran.

Hawk's Nightblade is capable of reducing an enemies Max Health by like 10 or 20% which is the equivalent of dealing an absolute fuckload of damage to the final boss. It also has absurd attack power.

No reason to go Light ever on Hawk imo. His
Nightblade class is way too good.

Lise for buffs and debuffs but those can be done with poto oils/claws, or Duran for early weapon buffs or supporting heals.

Again, kind of rendered moot because you get Moon Saber with Kevin's beast class anyways, which helps you stay sustained without having to stop and heal.

SD3 heavily favors melee. Much like how Secret of Mana heavily favors magic.

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Thats usually where you'll get it in a "natural" way.

First time I played I grinded to 18 after Tzenker because I wanted the class change asap.

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I guess...But man...I wish the class changes were more than just recolored sprites. At least as far as looks go.

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The first time I played this game I picked Angela and could never figure out how to get out of that place. I wonder what we did wrong?

(I restarted as Hawke and actually made some progress, but never finished the game.)

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Man, what's with old Nintendo RPGs and bugged stats?

Crit rates are fucked in Pokemon RBY, evasion doesn't work in FF6 or SD3.

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Most likely it was something that was in the initial project scope that just got pushed out of scope and they had already completed the menu's and shit and didn't remake them.

Keep in mind, a lot of the stats are hidden and there wasn't this autistic breaking down of mechanics like there is now.

Does no crits and no evasion and shit actually detract from teh SD3 experience? Probably not. Yeah, it sucks that a lot of the stats don't do anything like Agi, but at the same time the game is so easy that even if you're forced to dump points into AGI for things like Hawk's spells, the game i sstill a complete joke

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Hawk has best story.


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Does Seiken Densetsu 3 come after Secret of Mana chronologically? Or is it a different world like the Final Fantasy series?

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True. I guess the only time it's blatantly a problem is in FF6 because evasion % is a stat you can view on a character's menu. You can jack that up to really high levels and then watch it do nothing at all.

The best part was that this meant all Blind ever did was give the party sunglasses.

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It's thoroughly implied in Legend of Mana that all the worlds are but a dream of the Mana Goddess born out of her desire for love, and she encompasses all aspects of creation and destruction that make up those worlds.

In that sense it's sort of loosely implied that the games occur chronologically in the same order of their release, though possibly not on the same identical actual timelines, more of an endless parallel worlds kind of thing existing in the memories of the goddess.

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Most of the games actually take place in the same world, but with huge time gaps. That explains the world maps changing. (ie, continental drift.)


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I've been playing this at least once per year since 2010. By now I've beaten every storyline. My first team was Angela (Main) / Lise / Kevin, and the latest team was Kevin (Main) / Carlie / Hawk. That last one was a bit too powerful though, as I steamrolled the final boss without dying once.

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>as I steamrolled the final boss without dying once.
Final bosses are pretty easy, actually, compared to Dolan and Bill&Ben. And even Dolan is pretty easy if you sequence him somewhere in the middle (#3-#5).

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She's kinda boring in my opinion. The summons are nice, but stat ups/downs are pretty bland as far as abilities go.

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>Carlie and Angela are kind of shit, physical attacks and buff/debuff are too powerful in this game

I give you Angela, but Carlie is nice to have, since she can get either a few Saber spells or the best debuff in the game. Her instant cast Heal Light is also convenient.

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When I was a young edgelord I chose Hawk and went the dark ninja path with him. Had Duran and Angela as sidekicks.

When I wanted to make the game my bitch, I chose Kevin and had Carlie and I think Riesz as my companions, but fuck it, I had Kevin and didn't really need anyone. I went the dark route as well, I think.

When I wanted to go a stereotypical jrpg main character route, I chose Duran and went Lord I think and it was a fun time.

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You seem like such a fun person to talk to, really an individual, not reactionary or imitative at all, I can totally see how you've found your identity and do the things you want according to your own beliefs.

Or maybe not.

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Stat-ups aren't actually that good. Stat-downs are much more potent, but are also hard to get in the game, you need to farm specific monsters if you want them. Being able to cast Attack Down on all enemies simultaneously also means they're basically dealing chip damage.

Granted, Hawk can do mass stat downs as Ninja Master too, but Riesz is best girl and her story is more interesting.

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I changed my classes.
Carlie's an Enchantress
Kevin's a Monk
Lise's a Valkyrie

Six spirits down, two to go. Time to go to the Beast Kingdom.

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Man, I wonder if anyone would make a Secret of Mana Theater out of THIS game.

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They really should have made the 1st class change come faster IMO, being that 4 out of 6 characters have a skillset of "Attack/Lvl 1 Tech/Maybe Item" before them

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Nah...it's good. It's like class changing at each phase of the game.

I'd prefer not to class change TOO early especially if it's permanent. It's like evolving your pokemon before beating the first gym. You don't really get time to enjoy their first forms.

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might have been better if Kevin went Dark path

The main draw for Kevin's light path is the pressure point spell and heal light spell

However what Pressure Point does is increase his atk power, which is also something Valkyrie can do, and all of Carlie's class changes will get access to multi-target heal light.

It's not that bad because Kevin is strong no matter what happenes, but I think you'll want to go Light-Light to at least get Aura Wave

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Maybe if the first forms was Carlie or Angela's, but the boys + Reis is really barren - they really needed SOMETHING to differentiate them... outside of "Kevin is OP as shit"

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Honestly I was planning on having Carlie go Dark-Dark and Kevin go Light-Light. Lise was the one that was debatable to me. So I flipped a coin.

Though I did notice that while Kevin's Pressure Point can only be used on himself, he does learn Leaf Saber on his Light-Dark class. Can Leaf Saber be used on other people or just Kevin himself?

>> No.3343278

It can be cast on anyone.

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>Leaf Saber
Not that great unless you have a caster-heavy team, and even with a triple-caster team I've always had more than enough mana from Faerie Walnuts.

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I am pretty much like that, yeah. Thanks for noticing, anon.

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You should probably have Lise go Light/Dark then, Lise's Light/Light and Dark/Dark are really underwhelming.

Conversely, her Light/Dark and Dark/Light classes are an amazing addition to literally any team. (except where her dark class overlaps with Dark/Dark Carlie or Dark Hawk)

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Same guy who was stuck at Bill and Ben back in Rolante. I just rescued Undine, Salamando, and Luna in that order and I'm just about to fight Gildervine.

My Party
Duran: Gladiator Lv. 22
Angela: Sorceress Lv. 22
Hawk: Ninja Lv. 22

How do I look so far? How long does it take for Hawk to learn any jutsu? I think I shoul've had Duran as a Knight for healing purposes but I'm not suffering so far.

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>How do I look so far? How long does it take for Hawk to learn any jutsu?

Unless I remember this wrong, Hawk learns Jutsus as you raise his agility. You probably ignored it since Evade is bugged, but you gotta bite the bullet if you want those Jutsus.

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Playing as Carlie (with Kevin and Lise).

I'm about to head into the Beastman Castle. At what point do I start getting those damn ??? Seeds?

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Watch out for Gildervine's Sleep Flower. It also poisons too.

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I loved how buff/debuffs were extremely powerful and useful in this game.

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Just before fighting the last Mana Beast, when you get access to Pedan. They're a fucking pain in the ass to get though; you might end up being overlevelled (I reached the place at level 37 and left at level 46), not to mention that they might give you the item you don't want.

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Post some art yo

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That's it for now. Maybe more later.

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these are so old

they bring back some good memories though

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Was this ever released officially in English?
Seems weird to have a game with such incredibly high production values rotting aware in SE's back catalogue.

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Nope. I understand why it wasn't released here in the first place, but it's really weird that they never bothered with a re-release on handheld or something, maybe even with some of the content restored they had to cut and overhauled combat mechanics (less lag and such).

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Well SD3 is 20 years old now so...

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>Man, what's with old Nintendo RPGs and bugged stats?
quicker & cheaper to ship the product "broken" than to fix an issue nintendo did not raise an eyebrow to, during the production approval process. as going through the approval process all over again would delay the release date by several months.

>> No.3347323

>all that useless meat

>> No.3347613

That's because the western market was incredibly retarded back then (>inb4 implying it's still not retarded). Basically, if an RPG game wasn't named Final Fantasy, nobody would play it, that's why, for example, one of the first SaGa games was remated to Final Fantasy Adventure over here, as well as Final Fantasy Magical Quest.

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Doesn't Lise's Dark/Dark get more attack power than her Dark/Light class? I think it might make it worth considering.

Her Light/Light is pretty dull though.

>> No.3347615


Fuck, I can't type today. I meant renamed.

>> No.3347915

Yea, but don't count on the Mana series getting anything but remakes of the first game and mobile spin offs [spoilers];_;[/spoilers]

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That's wrong in multiple ways.

All three of the original SaGa games were localized with Final Fantasy in the title, but they were called "The Final Fantasy Legend".

The original Mana game was localized as Final Fantasy Adventure. Speaking of, it's still my favorite entry in the series, and the recent remake is fantastic.

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Light/Dark Duran as the leader
Dark/Dark Kevin as 2nd guy(he mighta gone Light but I honestly don't remember)
Light/Light Carlie as third.

Carlie makes earlygame EZ. Kevin breaks the game afterwards. And Duran's just cool.

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It's simply wrong not to have Angela on your team.

First run was Duran, Angela, Lise. Most recent one was using Hawkeye, Kevin and Angela.

I just can't bring myself to use Charlotte. I dislike her too much.

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>It's simply wrong not to have Angela on your team

You spelled Riesz wrong.

>> No.3351416

>You spelled Riesz wrong.
I like her next-most, but Angela gets the crown.

Also, I refuse to spell Lise as Riesz. That's not a name.

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>you need to farm specific monsters if you want them
or you could just fucking buy it at the black market.
Stat buffs aren't good? You gotta be shitting me. That's what makes Riesz/Hawk/Kevin team the absolute best team in the game. Not to mention Riesz gets the best full screen attack magic in the game on top of that if you go for it, which is Marduk, completely eliminating the need for Angela. That team can beat the game under 5 hours with only a single class change necessary.

How are people not up to meta after 20 years of release?

>> No.3351816

Some people like to play for fun.

>> No.3353227

I said stat ups were bland, not that they were bad.

Why do you feel the need to min/max a piss-easy game?

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but it's literally her name

>> No.3353264

God Hand/Swordmaster/Bishop

There's a lack of attack magic, and a shitton of spell overlap, but the synergies are amazing.

Kevin's Aura Wave lets him and Duran spam their full-screen techs.

Duran's Elemental Sabers boost his and Kevin's damage output, while Leaf Saber keeps Carlie casting.

Carlie can heal (duh), Saint Saber is great against the god-beast of dark, and Turn Undead is stupidly overpowered if your final dungeon is the Mirage Palace.

>> No.3353268

>>Up to meta
>>In a single player game

I see faggots are constant in /vr/ as well.

>> No.3353285

IIRC, Square gave some limp excuse about there being a critical bug in the code, and they didn't want to bring a broken game over to the west. Not that such a bug impeded a Japanese release, or that anyone ever encountered the bug, anyway.

I don't think sales had much to do with it. a lot of Square RPGs sold well in the US. they even created an original FF for the US. Whatever the reason, there were several high profile RPGs they intentionally left in Japan. Bahamut Lagoon comes to mind...

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Don't bother, anon. Most westerners will never appreciate the superior mastery the Nipponese have over the English language.

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>Stat buffs aren't good? You gotta be shitting me.
I didn't say they were bad. I said they're not *that* good. Attack Down reduces enemies to dealing chip damage, Defence Up only reduces damage by something like 20%. Later on it does basically nothing since defence is capped at 300.

>> No.3353379

>Stat buffs aren't good? You gotta be shitting me.
I didn't say they were bad. I said they're not *that* good. Attack Down reduces enemies to dealing basically chip damage, Defence Up only reduces damage by something like 20%.

>Not to mention Riesz gets the best full screen attack magic in the game on top of that if you go for it, which is Marduk, completely eliminating the need for Angela.
Marduk has a long channel time. If you ignore the spellcast animation time, Angela in Magus can deal more spell damage in a shorter time using only her basic spells.

>That team can beat the game under 5 hours with only a single class change necessary.
Riesz doesn't get Marduk unless she class changes twice. Your point here is invalid.

>> No.3353548

Isn't there a lot of redundancy between Duran and Carlie, saber-wise?

>> No.3354382

same guy who posted >>3337707 and >>3345285 here again and beat 4 of the god beasts. At level 38 right now and I'm grinding the area where Lightgazer was at. I'm killing off those two Mama Poto's near the golden save statue. I'm also trying to get ??? seeds from the Papa Poto's as I level up but no luck after leveling up two times. Both Angela and Hawk have the highest luck stat which is 14. How hard is it really to get from what I read I'm at the right level so what gives.

>> No.3354805

Bahamut Lagoon was legit broken though.
I remember building a team that couldn't take damage. As in every hit registered 0.
Other than that, was an awesome game.

>> No.3355004

My last playthrough:
Paladin. Arch Mage. Rogue.

This answers all your questions.

I like rogue better, though. For some reason.

>> No.3355818

>and the recent remake is fantastic
No it isn't. It's bottom of the barrel Unity garbage.

>> No.3357518

Never mind. I got them and beat Dolan and Xan Bie or whoever the fire one was

My team is all lv 40
Duran- Sword Master
Angela- Grand Divina
Hawk- Nightblade

Lookin good?

>> No.3357659

Why did they give Lenna and Faris normal hair colors?

>> No.3357682

What characters have to be the mains to get to Black Rabbite again, wasn't it the Duran/Carlie path?

Its been so long I forgot how to get there but I think that was the one boss I would play to find again just because of how masochistic I am about getting raped in battle since it was the only tough fight after your first play through of learning mechanics

>> No.3357698

>four godbeasts defeated
>level 38 already
You're overlevelled. You can kill all godbeasts by level 36 or so.

>What characters have to be the mains to get to Black Rabbite again, wasn't it the Duran/Carlie path?
Duran/Angela path for Black Rabite. He dies easy with a Negate/Null Magic spell or something like that because his own healing spells start damaging himself instead.

The charater path pairings are also pretty easy to remember, they're arranged by column.

>> No.3357725

Oh I know. I just wanted the class change real bad. I posted midway of grinding.

>> No.3358194

I was having fun with this game up until I did the first class change and I've started fighting all of the bosses at each temple. It just seems so frustrating to try and travel anywhere and have to slowly walk passed the enemies I don't want to fight. I'm a really big fan of Secret of Mana and I wanted to finish this game but I'm not really into it anymore. Does the game pickup in the last bit with all of the boss battles and the final class change or should I not bother?

My main character is the thief but I always switch to the Wolfman because he's so damn strong.

>> No.3360516

>Marduk has a long channel time. If you ignore the spellcast animation time, Angela in Magus can deal more spell damage in a shorter time using only her basic spells.

Bro casting time literally does not matter. Just open up your ring and wait a sec. Come on man. This stuff was found a decade and half ago.

And that last 'point' is just to show that Riesz can do everything Angela can do but better, of course she doesn't even need it.

>> No.3360724

Do I have to play the first one to play this?

>> No.3360864

Getting through things. Got Evil Shaman Carlie, God Hand Kevin and Star Lancer Lise.

By the way, earliest place to grind for ??? seeds is at the ruins of light. Right by the save point, before the boss battle with Lightgazer.

>> No.3360938

No, you don't.

>> No.3360956

Well I guess I don't "have" to, but do I miss any story without it?

>> No.3361203

SD3 is a a (very loose) prequel, so no. What are references to SoM in SD3 will just become references to SD3 in SoM to you.

>> No.3361271

When he said "first one" I thought he meant Final Fantasy Adventure, but yeah, you can skip that one, too.

>> No.3361353

The story between games in the series barely carries over, the time skip between most entries is so great that Seiken Densetsu is similar to Final Fantasy as far as series continuity goes - common repeating elements (Airships in FF, elemental spirits in SD) but each entry standing on its own without need to play other titles for a full understanding.

Having said that, both series do have two games each that are actually direct sequels, although the SD sequels are still so loose that you still don't need to play their companion titles either.

>> No.3361434

Figured I'd ask, but has anyone tried the SoM MSU1 hack? Some of them fuck up the music too much, but others are pretty good.

>> No.3361602

fuck it, watched a few videos and tried a bit on my own, and while most songs are pretty good, enough bother my autism that i don't really like it. it's not that they're bad mixes, more so they just don't work/sync up in game.

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Bumping with Riesz.

>> No.3364268

Liking the game. Beat all 8 God-Beasts.

Zable Fahr was a Marathon. But otherwise not too difficult. Got one head for physical attacks, one for magic. And the surprise third that revives them both and casts powerful spells.

>> No.3364304

>And the surprise third that revives them both and casts powerful spells.
Yeah, gotta kill that head first so it doesn't negate your efforts. Although if you're running a full physical party with all the buffs and debuffs, you have enough damage not to care.

>> No.3364464

So far I have read that agility does jack shit
My team is lise duran hawk
As valkyrie, knight and ninja lvl 19. Wat are the suggested stats?

>> No.3364563

Generally, you want only strength (attack damage), vitality (defense) and intelligence (magic defense, magic attack), probably in that order. With Knight, you want to increase spirit too, since it increases the amount he heals. Hawk needs some points of agility too to get his spells, but I can't remember how many. Fuck it, I googled it, and it's 17 for Ninja.

>> No.3364625

I actually suspect that Final Fantasy got some hype from SaGa and Seiken Densetsu in the west, and not the opposite.

Anyway, Seiken Densetsu had "Final Fantasy Gaiden" in the title even in Japan, so it always was a Gaiden game to Final Fantasy.

Which explains the Moogles, the Chocobos, the vast reuse of character models.

It's also my favorite game in the series (and possibly my favorite game ever) and I really like the faithful remake too.

>> No.3365965

Everyone maxes STR fist. Everyone in every builds. The rest can go VIT or INT/SPI and whatever is required to unlock skills. Hawk can do LUK if you want him to but it's not required.

>> No.3366879

>Hawk needs some points of agility too to get his spells, but I can't remember how many. Fuck it, I googled it, and it's 17 for Ninja.
Also note that Hawk's spell damage increases with INT, not AGI. I can't remember since I tested years ago, but I think his spell unlocks were INT too.

>> No.3366904

The guide I checked said he learned his spells when you increased his AGI, and that's how I remember it working too.

I'm not sure if INT increases his spell damage though, most likely it does, but I did suggest that you increase his INT anyway since it increases his defenses. I would mostly just attack with him normally and just use his spells as stat downs with some added damage.

>> No.3367036

Ninja Master's Shuriken is Agility I think, but all other Ninja Master and all Rogue spells use INT for damage. Wanderer and Nightblade spells are primarily utility, so not worth figuring those out.

>> No.3367160

I know that the enemies could do a similar thing to you in SOM1. Like, 2 enemies could just take it in turns attacking you while on the ground until you were wiped out.

Christ that was annoying.

>> No.3367659

These are all great suggestions, thanks mates

>> No.3367705

Nope, some of his Rogue spells are Agi too

>> No.3368579

Only for the unlocks.

>> No.3368618

pretty sure silver dart is agi

>> No.3368742

Ah, that might've been the sole exception.

>> No.3368774

his other "trap" type attacks are also agi based

>> No.3368983

Again: only for learning the spells. Damage is based on INT.

>> No.3370190

I'm at the Mirage Palace. How does it compare to the other final dungeons you get to explore?

>> No.3370234

Supposedly Duran and Angela have the hardest final boss, and easiest final dungeon, but also feature the optional boss Black Rabite in their dungeon.

On the other hand, Kevin and Carlie have the hardest, as in most frustrating and hardest to navigate final dungeon, but easiest final boss (even though the Lich, probably actually still Thanatos, is SUPPOSED to be the oldest and most devious enemy in the series, even though they're probably the strongest protagonists with Black Curse and Multi-heals and Kevin just being bullshit stronk.

Hawk and Lise then have a pretty average dungeon, and average final boss, especially considering the implications of having both of them on the same team synergizing their classes, while the actual encounters in their dungeon are probably the most dangerous in an immediate sense.

>> No.3370970

holy shit the black rabite is a fucking monster.

>> No.3370989

Since I'm not doing the Duran/Angela run, how much of a monster is that Black Rabite?

(Man I kinda wish each run had its own secret monster)

>> No.3371150

Having Hawk as a Wanderer makes it a lot easier

>> No.3371187

Can any help me find a particular Lise art? It was her standing at shop with maybe Carlie. Huge sunset was in the background, orange covering everything, really comfy. Not sure if fan-art or official.

>> No.3371235

Were they buying candies and chocolates? I think I have it somewhere in an old USB.

>> No.3372016
File: 88 KB, 600x450, a6b89524ff126f557f00ee338f98e680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure, but maybe this one?

>> No.3372020
File: 207 KB, 1000x750, shopping.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wait, it's this one.

>> No.3372030
File: 357 KB, 850x770, 5556382_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, going through this folder makes me nostalgic as fuck. While I'm at it, I'm gonna dump some cute pics, hope you guys don't mind.

>> No.3372042
File: 468 KB, 949x804, candies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3372043
File: 360 KB, 993x875, Seiken.Densetsu.3.full.146103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3372050
File: 395 KB, 1100x880, 2b0f487b961fe3a029e2b5d5caacf7e0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3372052
File: 642 KB, 627x886, e6026c421283b0bd5f1516a875ed063d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3372057
File: 17 KB, 226x209, 2971374_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And last one, since all the other pics are corrupted. Oh well. I should've backed them up somewhere else.

>> No.3372071

Me and until I start with my doll , but made the first class change , I am satisfied with the game. It is because you try to trip slowly , it seems frustrating enemy just walk past you do not want to fight. I am a very big fan of RPG , I , is I wanted to finish this game, you have not really . Finally , pick-up battle game all bosses bit , but you can not change the final class, do you think I do not care ?

>> No.3372228
File: 486 KB, 475x317, ModQY9B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is it, thanks so much anon

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