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So was this list remade for the Sega Saturn or any other consoles? I really like the layout and the recommendations are good too.


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that list made me pick up japanese

now that I got the kana into memory Im not cute sure if I should proceed with kanji or just learn it as I learn grammar

man, it will be a long while until I touch some of these games

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You mean Hiragana and Katakana?

Just knowing those doesn't mean you can read Japanese.

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Please can you link me to the original list pictured above OP?

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I forget where I got it. It's a .pdf, where do you suggest I upload it?

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I know, did I imply otherwise?

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Did you even finish reading his post?

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Mega? Whatever works best for you, thanks!

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ok here

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shit here's the key


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You're not going to learn all the Kanji nor do you have to. You don't even have to bother with all the "common use" ones because they aren't all that commonly used.
Try starting with games and manga to see how far you get while looking up and recording stuff as you encounter it.
You can always cram in extra learning if you feel you need it but a goal to strife for and practical experience are key.

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>you don't need Kanji

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You need kanji, kana only games are terrible, but it's counterproductive to try learning every kanji before starting to read something.
If you start with a simple text you can practically learn the kanji as they appear instead of spending months doing nothing but learning.

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Trying to reel this failed thread back in

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>So was this list remade for the Sega Saturn

I started working on the layout for the site, the games aren't really there yet, except some placeholder ones. I'm thinking of having three filters / tiers. I also only work this only when I'm really bored, so it's slow progress.

>1: Absolutely essential games or the entry-level tier
>2: Good games that are in english or playable without Japanese Knowledge
>3: Obscure / hidden gems, usually Jap only that need moonrune knowledge to play them

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awesome tyvm

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Is there a Saturn emulator better than Yabause? I can't make Yabause accept my Dualshock 4 inputs, and it doesn't run great on my machine to begin with.

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Are you using DS4Windows?

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No, I just paired it directly via Bluetooth to Windows 10. It starts to map, but then like 3 buttons into mapping it starts saying the buttons are "mapped" as I click on them without me selecting a fucking input.

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I would suggest using RetroArch for Saturn, I hear it's compatible with it.
Plus RetroArch in general is easier to set up with for a gamepad.

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Thanks! I don't have super high hopes for performance, I just want to play Panzer Dragoon, Zwei, and Saga since I loved Orta on Xbox. I'm on a 2016 laptop but no dedicated GPU.

I'd like to just buy a fucking Saturn and get the games physically, but I can't shell out $700 for Saga.

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I understand, not many want to shell out cash for the real thing but RetroArch is alright as a substitute.

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Gonna be that guy, is there any equivalent of these for the Dreamcast?
Picked one up recently and I wanna know what I should be looking out for besides Shenmue

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Go to http://vsrecommendedgames.wikia.com/ they saved all the original image charts saved.

Yabause is making strides in recent years but it's still not there yet. Use SSF.

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If you know kana then you're half way there with kanji. (you don't know kana, most likely just katakana and hiragana). What grammar has to do with kanji is a mystery to me. Learning kanji is infinitely more useful than learning grammar if you want to be able to read games, books, magazines, etc.

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I don't know how Baku Baku got on that list, that game is awful.

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under defeat is not dreamcast exclusive

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They have a definition of it at the the top. Exclusivity = console exclusivity for the 5th and 6th generation.

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Hard to say, I started learning Japanese 6 years ago, so I don't really remember what was better for me.

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Hey, many thanks Anon, you're a bro
Time to build my Dreamcast collection

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