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Who is a better protagonist? Ryu or Kyo Kusanagi?

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Ryu because he's not still studying.

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Kyo dropped the school years ago.

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They're both shit. A protagonist has to have an actual story behind him to be a protagonist, not just "the guy whose face is on the cover".

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So Kyo?

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With the definition anon gave I'd probably agree with this anon >>3332493

Kyo's first heroic were just happening to win some tournaments and then he was one of three stooges needed to seal ancient evil.

Meanwhile Ryo went through, somewhat cliche, but also classic, "saving kidnappend little sister" -story. Definite protagonist material there.

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Kyo has had more variation in his moveset over the years and without Kyo we wouldn't have this: https://youtu.be/1M_W8bGZt94

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From a gameplay standpoint, Kyo. That's partly because I find the standard Shota characters kind of dull to play and Ryu is the most standard of them. Also why Ryo >>3332493 even though he's more fun than Ryu doesn't quite make it.

Kyo's also just cooler all around.

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>No Luke Yang
casuals all of you

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Kyo because he has the better outfits, and Kurae Yagare.


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We havin' a srk raid or something?
Ryu: a violent psychopath with multiple personality disorder who failed to blend into society, tries hard to have honorable upfront that goes sour the instant he gets mad enough. Faggot enough to deflect any p that is being thrown at him.

Kyo: an antihero who fights his destiny and wants to just live his own life as opposed to being a tool of his bloodline. Operates a band, lives a pretty normal life. He acknowledges someone else being strongerand knows when to back down(K'). Has girlfriend whom he loves.

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>Luke Yang


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Ryu is the poster child for boring, uninspired moves and design. Kyo is stylish and awesome.

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Climb those stairs!

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Kyo has the cooler moves

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Cooler moves, cooler outfit, cooler backstory. There's really no contest at all.

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>Kyo Kusanagi


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SNK is better at everything.

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I love how SNK made these illustrations a tradition

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Shinkiro fucking rocks.

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>Kyo: an antihero who fights his destiny and wants to just live his own life as opposed to being a tool of his bloodline. Operates a band, lives a pretty normal life. He acknowledges someone else being strongerand knows when to back down(K'). Has girlfriend whom he loves.

That sounds like Iori though, minus the girlfriend but adding two dead bitches that haunt him after he snapped and ripped their throats out in a blind rage.

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Yeah, that guy was an idiot.

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Ryu = Boring
Kyo = Edgy

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>One must be adaptable and not rigid with one's style...open to the ideas of others
>I believe learning from as many different fighters as possible is the key to becoming a better martial artist.

All this talk and still using the same 3 moves over and over for almost 30 years. Ryu, I am disappoint.

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He got a new move. Once. Then it was taken away.

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I dunno, it seems more like everyone rips him off.
>Figures out his Focus Attack in some shitty manga
>everyone else starts doing it
>figures out how to parry
>everyone else bites his style later on

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>learning from as many different fighters as possible
That means "learning matchups and optimizing punishes against other moves"

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It must be hard to be Ryu...

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Traditional Jap guy who appeals to guys

Fashion Jap guy who appeals to girls

They're both boring, Terry has always had much more character than either.

Funny thing is I pretty much never play as Terry in any game, but play Ryu and Kyo pretty often

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This is the real answer. Terry is a cool bro with awesome style and a great attitude. He's a goat fighting mc.

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Pretty much everyone in KoF is about fashion, not just kyo.

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Not really the more old school/pre KOF characters, but yeah for the most part, either way OP is talking about these two characters specifically

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I don't think anyone really cares what OP was talking about.

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Well, that sure wasn't the gif I thought it was.

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Why Andy is so gay1?

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it's really impressive how well adjusted and nice he actually is. He's earned the right to be angsty but never. Nope. Dude never forgot how to smile.

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You realize that if she's teasing Andy about a baby, it means they must have fucked, right?

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Why is Mai such a bully?

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>Shinkiro will never go freelance and do promo art for SNK
I would buy a KoF XIV collectors edition if it had a Shinkiro reversible cover.

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I hope SNK revives LB after Garou 2.

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I was going to say that same thing.

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>>3338952 and Last Blade art weren't done by Shinkiro. Last Blade one is by Tonko

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>Mai getting pimped to DOA is making people ask for DOA characters in KOF

guest characters where a mistake

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Nothing can ever just be a standalone, coherent IP anymore. We have to shove bits of dozens of "popular" things together in desperate MBA-brained hopes of garnering as many shekels as possible. Just look at Smash Bros. Total clusterfuck with no real identity.

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>DOA characters in KOF
No thanks. The best characters in DOA aren't even from DOA.

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>Just look at Smash Bros. Total clusterfuck with no real identity.

That was always Smash Bros thing though. It's a mash up game by it's nature. Which is what KoF is too for that matter.

But this guy is spot on. DoA characters suck, why would anyone want them in KoF?

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I just want XIV to look more like Shinkiro again and less like Falcoon.

Shinkiro did a bunch of LB stuff.

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Real answer

But re: OP, the answer is Ryu. Kyo is a brat whose powers were handed down to him, who only manages to be the strongest through a fluke of destiny; he's kind of a lazy fuck, hates training, just wants to schmooze with his girlfriend (who he probably never even kissed because he loves her being so pure) and not help anyone unless he REEEAAALLY has to. He's also not half as cool as pic related.

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You're right on Kyo, but Ryu is an even more boring and under developed character. They are fighters after all so it's not like story and character matters, but Ryu is even boring compared to most of them.

Of course Kim is perfect MC potential, but he's too humble.

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Humble? Kim is a cocky sumbitch, thinking his martial arts are so strong that they are necessary for striking down evil as we know it. You can see it in Kim Dong Hwan, his one of two sons who each represent half the dichotomy of his personality (Dong Hwan being confidence, flashiness, Jae Hoon being >muh justice)

Ryu's boring, but he's dependable. He's dedicated, trains hard, and only trains to gain further knowledge of himself, not to be "the best" or anything. THAT guy is humble.

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Iori is definitely more the anti-hero, in the context of the games, and is also the one who is in a band (as you can see from the case for his bass in the background [something hilarious in itself, him using a martial art that makes him deadly using the tips of his fingers while also playing a thick-stringed instrument like bass guitar])

Where you're dead wrong is that Iori has no qualms about being a tool of his bloodline. His blood hatred for the Kusanagi family, byproduct of the Orochi curse, is the only reason he enters tournaments (to kill Kyo). Kyo is the one who opposes destiny by shirking his training, telling Iori to buzz off, etc.; Iori just wants to kill the fucker so he can be at peace. If you read Iori's character bio, dude actually abhors violence.

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>and is also the one who is in a band

Like half the characters in KoF are in bands or are popstars or the like.

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Athena and Iori are the only ones I know of that have it as part of their backstory tho. The rest is just in promo art

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Orochi New Faces is also a band in addition to being the best team.

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Oh, that's right! Totally forgot about them.

>best team

Eh Chris is an edgy little punk bitch and Yashiro dresses like a metro queer. Points for Shermie tho she's a fox

If you said best THEME I might have forgiven you


>that breakdown around 1:00

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>Eh Chris is an edgy little punk bitch and Yashiro dresses like a metro queer.

I wasn't talking about looks.

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Okay, well, awakening the most ancient evil known to their civilization was a pretty dick move on top of that

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I was talking about actual gameplayyou know, playing the game.

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oh so you like picking Chris and spamming air C+D


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I like their powered versions better, but you do get some points for knowing how broken that attack was.

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Nice try. ;^)

Also wtf mods? You no like Orochi Chris?

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Definitely agreed. I also liked Rock, but it's really sad that the original Garou sequel never came to be.

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I wish they'd just done a better job integrating more of the Garou characters into KoF. MotW was good but the small roster and lack of team play hurts it in the end.

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Humble was a poor choice of words. Any cockiness he has is well earned though.

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Not too many characters is one of the things that makes Garou so great though.

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Pfft Joe is the only cool character...

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Kyo is a little emo bitch and Ryu has no life outside of constant practice.

>> No.3351893

What about Kyo makes you think he's "emo"? Do you even know what that word means?

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He isn't the only cool one, but he is among the coolest.

>Kyo is a little emo bitch
Since when?

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Joe rocks

Calling Kyo a little bitch is laughable though.

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I can't believe nobody posted this yet

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good shit

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All these fucking third options.

Kyo's just more interesting to me from a story standpoint. I used to laud SNK for their ability to tell story and not be afraid to go forward with shit like character deaths and the like. Shit like Tecmo, Namco, and fuck, even Sega with Virtua Fighter has snatched that crown off them awhile back ago. Capcom doesn't know what it wants to do so they constantly have Ryu circle and circle about the whole business of fighting, fighting, fighting, trying to learn a new way to harness and understand himself.

Okay yeah, but the idea is that he goes somewhere right? He is ALWAYS trying to struggle with something, be it his own inner conflict or the dark hado, which I had thought we had left behind back in SA3.

I don't know what the verdict is as of SFV, but Alex being introduced as protagonist was a breath of fresh air as well as holding a different moveset from the fireball/uppercut move/kick combo sterotype that you expected from protags in fighting games. By the time of SF3, especially in the third strike ending, I think Ryu was exactly where he needed to be:

A legend, someone for the younger, new generation of hero to surpass. Someone that Alex could aspire to beat, and whether he did that canonically or not didn't matter. He was no longer this thing that the story had to revolve around.

And then that kinda changed when they brought it back a few steps and it's back to dark hado, my strength, my fighting ability, and all that other shit. It's seven in the morning so I'm losing my train of thought, but I just wish they would choose another protag to lead SF instead of constantly trying to revolve around the same dilemma that's always with Ryu. Either do something new with him or pass the torch to someone else.

>> No.3356236

You just gave ten times more thought to the Street Fighter storyline than Capcom ever did.

>> No.3356240

You guys aware that the protag of SFII isn't Ryu (or Ken) but Chun Li, right?

>> No.3356308

Maybe as a character. As an entire continent's mascot he's the scourge of online multiplayer as a whole. ajajajajajaja

>> No.3356382

Ryu because people know him

>> No.3357120

It'd help if Capcom could stop jumping around all over the timeline

>> No.3357224

At this point, I don't think Capcom cares about the storyline let alone the timeline.

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Ken's pretty cool though.

>Hot headed little rich punk
>learns about humility, hard work and friendship
>finds the girl of his dreams
>marries her
>becomes a dad

They really need to give Ryu more side hobbies or interests.

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Hell even Rival Schools does a decent job of at least exploring the character relationships

>> No.3357530


They don't. I am the dude who made that big ass post so my apologies. Capcom skewered the story like benihana from 4 and it was obvious that they did it to get brownie points to bring back old faves. I always use Ken's son Mel as a guideline. Given how young the new generation was, by the time that animated short for SF4 was released Mel was still in the womb. We are talking at least three or five years before Ken's ending in third strike, would you agree?

So, why are characters like Ibuki, Elena, and Makoto getting tossed inside and not looking any younger. You could get away with that with Dudley where the five or so years wouldn't make a difference but Elena, Ibuki, and Makoto should be like children by SF4.

Sakura is the worst perpetrator of all but I am going to try and not digress too much. She hasn't changed at all and the dudes over at Capcon refuse to say much about it because they won't refute the idea that Sakura is always in uniform with her school "gi"...which is kind of retarded. Give us P.E. Teacher Sakura already. Age can be a good thing, don't be scared.

So flash forward to V which is just before III and for some reason Ibuki looks like she got held back a grade for some reason with her new outfit. It looks more like a downgrade at this point, particularly since we KNOW that by the time of III she will be back in beige so wtf. Sakura is STILL in UNIFORM according to what we have seen of her. Karin's gotten herself a new look and everything. I don't even think she mentions school anymore either. Here comes Sakura wearing the same goddamn shit. I can't take it, friends.

Capcom doesn't need to respect the story however as long as they are giving to the community. The fcg doesn't care about the story for the most part either as long as they got the bare bones faxts and thiet mains aren't nerfed too much in the patch. And that's fine, that's respectable. But dont do a story and expect to be praised like Netherealm.

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Sorry, I get a little excited when I learn anons actually wanna discuss story in fighting games. I'm a casual fuck with mine, but It almost never happens on /v/.

>> No.3357576


All too true. I was a kid but shit became so much more interesting when I realized he was basically a ninja.

I will never not get mad about how much progress Ken has made and it is all better written/protrayed than the actual main character jesus christ. His moves have changed faster as has his story. He's done more with his life, lived more, even in the animations he seems to still gather more character development than Ryu does.

Yet the story still wants us to belive that HE'S the one held back because of his attachment to shit like loving life and family, get the fuck outta here.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here my friends but Capcom hasn't had a grip on the threads of the sf story for a long time.

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hell I was hoping that Ryu would eventually grow to learn there's more to life than fighting and that maybe it was his obsession that was driving him down the path of the Dark Hadou and all he really had to do was take a breather and live a little.

He doesn't need a romance or anything but they really do need to explore him having actual human relationships with people.

Going back to SNK look at how much Terry has grown. Even in Fatal Fury the character relationships between the brothers and their friends and enemies was palpable

you could really see Terry, Andy and Joe just taking a break from training to shoot some hoops or have a beer and just talk about why Andy's not sticking it in Mai.

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and it was the same for Art of Fighting. It was basically a buddy action series. Ryo wants to save his sister Yuri who is Rob's love interest.

It's shallow but you can really feel that there's more going on beyond "The answer lies, in the heart of battle"

We got a cool big bro and a suave rich playboy actually trying to do something. When in SF does Ryu even care about Bison?

>> No.3357672

>Don't do it brother... that man is our... that man is our...

>> No.3357754

They never cared. The stories are all an afterthought just to stick the characters in vaguely the same world. KoF and MK are the story based ones.

>> No.3357768


yeah but Darkstalkers and Rival Schools fuck even Tech Romance showed the CAN do it if they try.

Why do they care so little about the biggest fighting game series

>> No.3357776


>When in SF does Ryu even care about Bison?

My friend you're telling me all my emotions right now in that sentence.

When does Ryu even care about anything that isn't related to fighting? What in the fuck does he CARE about?

I feel like I got more to talk about but I will rap with you guys more myself when I get home.

>> No.3357783

The sad part is that those games are their most neglected.

>> No.3357832

AOF gives off some 80's cheese flick air. I love it.

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Why should he care about anything else? Fighting is not only his passion, is his way of life. Even if he get his "answers" there's no much reason to stop fighting.

Getting a normal life would be a hindrance and something totally out of his character, I think.

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>Why should he care about anything else?

Because actual human beings have a multitude of interests and hobbies. Actual human beings aren't defined by one thing.

No one's saying he should stop fighting. It being his raison d'etre is fine. Terry, Ryo, Haomaru, Batsu etc are all people who live to fight too but they have relationships and personalities beyond "Muh fist"

It doesn't make for a believable or even interesting character. He's just bland karate man.

>Getting a normal life would be a hindrance and something totally out of his character, I think.

he barely has a character to act out of is the problem. At this point him doing anything but training could be considered OOC and that's a problem.

>> No.3357930

>Because actual human beings have a multitude of interests and hobbies. Actual human beings aren't defined by one thing.

The truth is, I guess Ryu is supposed to be the embodiment of a certain Japanese type: one who can devote his whole life to literally one thing. See Mr. Miyagi and how he devoted his free time to bonsai, for example.

It's hard to understand for westerners like us because our culture and mentality is so different. Japanese are just different from us. See people studying nearly all day to get perfect test scores, dojo owners, monks in recluse and so on.

I assume that's why people in US understand Ken much more, despite he's a Japanese stereotype for a pretty boy blonde American. That's why Daigo Umehara, by all western standards, is pretty much a mad person with no life. But for Japanese it's pretty much nothing out of ordinary to have no "life" at all.

>> No.3357952


Ryu has a story, it's just "muh trainin, muh teachin, muh dark hado" and nothing else.

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>> No.3358005

Can't speak for the latter two, but the story in Darkstalkers is just as much an afterthought as it is in SF.

>> No.3358009

Because the people who mainly play these games don't care at all about story. Many don't even play the arcade mode. It's all about the actual game. Story is just flavor text.

>> No.3358017

>It's a The FGC thinks they're the only ones playing post

Right there's only comics, movies, fanart, toys, etc because people don't care about the characters.

>> No.3358161


Not him but there's a reason why those of us who cared had to wait like three months to get our story update for Street Fighter V. It's obvious that Capcom is putting it's faith in the FGC before they worry a whit about the lore.

>> No.3358163

I see your point, but I think a story is a nice bonus than something required in a fighting game. It's more retarded to have a weak, inconsistent story than no story at all. SF would be better off in that sense if they dropped the story altogether.

>> No.3358187


Well, to answer your question to me earlier it's just so single tracked and it's one of the reasons why I ( along with others ) found his character so bland. That's why I go back to what I said before with Alex being the breath of fresh air that the series needed in a protag to follow ( and hometown hero is always a bonus too ), he's got more passion in things than just "the fight" and that's what made him interesting. All of Ryu's endings all amount to still chasing after an answer that he's literally never going to find and it's just yawn inducing.

Like I said, I should boot up V's story mode and see if anything's changed but literally as far as I can remember, most stories revolve around Bison chasing after a man who seems to be completely oblivious of him until the last moment and it never feels like an actual conflict between antagonist and protagonist in comparison to the much more vested interest that Kyo had in his adversaries and those who followed Orochi.

>> No.3358202

FGC person here. Obviously there has to be SOMETHING backing the characters to hold interest, but it's not a main focus at all. I think characterization of fighting game characters comes best in the games themselves from intros, to loss/time over animations, and to just how the characters are midmatch. It's nice that arcade modes give more than that, but I myself and those I know don't give lore a passing thought.

Like I like Chun Li because first off I like playing her and second off she's the "strongest" female fighter as her short bio reads and how during a match she looks very calm and serious, but after a win she's playful and cutesy. Her being an interpol agent after Bison is literally "Who cares" tier.

Every fighting game comic is absolute trash ESPECIALLY if it's Udon made.

>> No.3358206

I wanna see Ryu with Oro training under his belt already.

>> No.3358209


Not him but I wouldn't have minded it so much if they were just throwing girls like Sakura, Elena, Ibuki, and Makoto in just to appease the III/Alpha crowd but it's another thing entirely to then shoehorn those characters literally into the story when they shouldn't have a place in that exact timeline just yet.

I don't know if dropping the story altogether is the answer though. I mean look at Virtua Fighter. It doesn't get talked about nearly as enough as it should, given that as a technical fighter it's very popular. And yet, there's not much lore involved.

Anything of story relevance you don't really get to see until the sequel where they sort of lay out what happened to each character really quick and then keep it moving. Simple and to the point, yes, and it's still supposed to be a very good fighter ( I don't know, I really can't get into VF )...but look how often it's talked about.

>> No.3358218


And this is pretty much why I gotta resort to playing vn fighters from ArcSys.

Not that I am complaining too much.

>> No.3358220
File: 123 KB, 700x694, Chun-Li-chun-li-2106216-700-694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


yeah and there's a reason why SF5 was a massive flop and disaster.

> It's obvious that Capcom is putting it's faith in the FGC before they worry a whit about the lore.

and look what happened.


Well naturally the gameplay should come first but even in those instances you can do a lot with the characters.

Chun Li being an interpol super cop is her whole driving motivation but the cheery aspect of her personality keeps her from being too one note. It makes her closer to Terry Bogard who despite having dead dad issues and is on a quest for revenge is still a friendly nice guy.

Us Story fags aren't asking for novels or rpgs but there's no reason not to give the characters some semblance of real personality and story.

It doesn't take a lot to make a character engaging and Capcom as of late hasn't even tried

>> No.3358230

I assumed no one has talked about VF because there hasn't been a new game in years. Why there isn't discussion on /vr/ however, I have no idea.

>> No.3358235


VF5 Final Shodown isn't that old. It's only slightly older than DOA5

>> No.3358243


Also I didn't get to respond to these posts but you got a very 80's action vibe off of this. The buddy action flick another anon mentioned works perfectly with this. Especially with Art of Fighting. It made me want this to be more than just a fighting game. It could've been a beat 'em up. The world of Southtown made you imagine that sort of gritty world where Ryo and his rich friend hit the streets and the streets hit back just as hard. You could see them both having paralell battles, imagining Robert going off against Mr. Big himself while Ryo desperately tried to stave off each powerful strike from Mr. Karate.

As I already mentioned, Ryu just seems to be floating in a pond just waiting to be plucked up by the seagull that is Shadoloo. He feels so oblivious.

>> No.3358269

>Capcom as of late hasn't even tried
I'm not denying that at all. SF5 as a game works, but the effort just isn't all there. Like I played story mode for the fm, but it was so fucking boring. The only exciting part was getting to play as Urien. The old arcade endings from 2 or 3 were much better and those are just a few stills with some text.

>> No.3358283
File: 24 KB, 400x386, 9vklLXJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3358342
File: 76 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Ryu can fight toe to toe with a guy who sunk an entire island and trains in the bottom of the ocean, I'm sure he is more than able to deal with whoever Shadaloo send to him.
He doesn't have to care for them because he's more than able to defend himself. And if he can't, who the hell is going to save him?

>> No.3358372
File: 30 KB, 446x547, luke-skywalker-end-of-rotj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


well that's not really the issue. The Ryu Akuma plot is so distracted from everything else that's happening it may as well be a different game entirely.

What's more your hero needs to be more than just "Strong" to be engaging. Why should we care about his training? Why does he seek more power? What is he hoping to achieve? "Perfection" and "Honing his abilities" are such a nebulous goal that it's hard to empathize with him without force of personality.

Here's a good example. Luke Skywalker. He has to deal with the temptations of the dark side much like Ryu does the dark hadou. But we get who Luke is. There's stuff at stake beyond his own skill. He has relationships, friendships that are explored. Plus there's that big bad evil empire that needs to be overthrown.

We have reasons to want to see Luke succeed. But Ryu's only friend is Ken who he barely talks to anymore because he's off training and Ken has his own life. And as much of a cock bag Akuma is he's not really especially "Evil" in the "Must be stopped at all costs" sense. If Ryu just said "I quit" Akuma would likely just get super disgusted but go back to his own business.

>> No.3358404


So you know, I'm not

but thank you for putting that example up in my stead as I really don't think I could have put it better myself.

As we have already seen, he is capable of protecting himself. The issue isn't the idea of him caring of whether or not Shadoloo can fuck his shit up, it's the idea of how we see the relationship between what is considered as the big bad, and the main protagonist.

Putting it like this and to take a page from >>3356240
characters like Guile and Chun Li have more of a connection and more at stake with Shadowloo than the protagonist does and aside from the obvious 'murrica, I think that's the reason why the west made the focus revolve around Guile in the movie and tv series.

He's got history with Bison
He's got friends and family to worry about with Bison
He actively wants to see Bison destroyed and the entity he represents.

All we have with Ryu is him in his own affairs until someone comes to try and fuck his shit up.

>> No.3358893

I wanna fuck King so bad

>> No.3361143
File: 255 KB, 608x648, win_09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3361312

To be frank with you: both are surprisingly bland to me. I guess it's a tradition in fighters to make the main characters as bland as humanly possible—see Akira…

Let's start from design. Ryu: just karate uniform+headband. Kyo: just school uniform + headband. Well, with some touches like longer hair and rolled up sleeves, but still literally the most average look possible in Japan. (and let's not bring up his lame jacket + jeans looks, please)

Now for personalities. Since Ryu has been discussed through and through here, I have nothing much to add. As I said in my other post: I guess Ryu was supposed to be the embodiment of a certain Japanese type, one who can devote his whole life to literally one thing. See Mr. Miyagi and how he devoted his free time to bonsai, for example.

Kyo was supposed to be a "snazzy" character. But really, he's just so generic. Just a Japanese teen with boy band looks. Slightly cocky personality, but pretty tame otherwise. Catchphrases like "I win"… And that's when we have Iori, Terry and K' in the same game.

As for fighting styles, I guess that's where you can't really compare them. SFII defined the fighting game genre, and Ryu/Ken defined shotos. Still, Ryu got some very neat additions over time: his 2-hit overhead and aerial attacks from SSFII, the ability to cross-up with Tatsumaki, then all those EX attacks, donkey kick, Shin Shoryuken and so on and so forth… Also, he got more balanced. It used to be Hadoken spam all the way, but Capcom addressed this pretty well.

Still, I think there's just some level of simplicity in his style carried over from 1991, but I guess in the series that's over 20 years old, its good to see some things unchanged. As old as they are, Shoryuken, Hadouken and Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku are iconic. Despite it's just three moves, they cover pretty much every ground in defense/offense while keeping Ryu balanced.

>> No.3361335

As for Kyo, of course he has changed more. He has some very interesting moves for sure, like his rekka chains, RED kick, and so on. But at the same time, for a character that controls flame, his moves have always seemed lame to me… I mean, use some pyrokinesis, big fireballs or something like that.

So his special ability seems kinda gimmicky—most of the time he doesn't attack with fames alone, just imbues his fist with fire or something like that. Orochinagi isn't half as impressive as, say, Power Geyser or Ryuko Ranbu.

Still, with all that said, in '98 he was really interesting to play. Ironically, as I said, many of his best moves don't even use fire.

And finally, some words about the plot. As with Ryu, Kyo pretty much has no plot now. His place in the spotlight has been stolen by K', than Ash. He literally was irrelevant for the whole NESTS and Ash sagas—remember that in 1999, creators wanted to take him away from the game altogether.

Both Ryu and Kyo have forever unresolved fights with their rivals. But at least Ryu has that Oro storyline which potentially opens some new page in his story. For Kyo, this is far less optimistic. Let's hope KoFXIV changes that, but alas I think it won't fare very well.

>> No.3361385

>Kyo, this is far less optimistic. Let's hope KoFXIV changes that,

that's as much a problem with Iori, maybe moreso given his whole reason for wanting to fight Kyo was having Orochi in his head. And since Orochi has been essentially dealt with there's really no reason for Iori to not just go back about his business

>> No.3361406

Yes, exactly this. I noticed this too. Both of them feel a little like stars of finished TV shows. They are still there but do nothing much, they're just for the sake of people who remember them.

SNK shot itself in the leg big time by finishing Orochi Saga that early. They killed of Orochi himself, New Faces Team and other characters. The rest were left with no real reason to fight.

Now they took away every Ash Saga character. Completely wiped away from existence (I'm actually a bit glad about this, I only miss Shen Woo).

>> No.3361429
File: 1.44 MB, 1280x720, kof13k-14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They are still there but do nothing much, they're just for the sake of people who remember them.

and you know that's fine in and of itself. When was the last time Terry and Ryo where really important?

But the games keep trying to force Kyo and Iori as super important when by their own personalities don't much like fighting. Hell it's even getting harder to come up with justifiable reasons for K' to show up time and again when he just wants to kick back and Nests is gone too. And I say that as a guy who really likes K team.

>> No.3361482

>But the games keep trying to force Kyo and Iori as super important when by their own personalities don't much like fighting. Hell, it's even getting harder to come up with justifiable reasons for K' to show up time and again when he just wants to kick back and Nests is gone too. And I say that as a guy who really likes K team.

Yeah, that's the issue here. But… Are you not tired of joke endings for FF and AoF teams?

That's what baffles me, you know. Games today have multimillion dollar budgets. KoFXIII sprites have been drawn for months. And they couldn't write decent stories for characters?…

I mean, c'mon. They didn't make Garou 2, but they could've put it into drawn cutscenes for Terry, telling the plot of the game. Is it that expensive to hire a writer and an artist?…

>> No.3361523
File: 147 KB, 640x480, kof11art-27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's something about her. It's that masculinity that's still very unafraid to show off it's feminine side too. And when she does? WOAH NELLEH!

>> No.3361541


My friends, I gave up on KoF going forward when they still referred to Kyo as boy like he was fresh out of high school. XIII is the best thing that could have happened to them because it wrapped up things in a neat little bow tie and technically...it allowed SNK to 52/Flashpoint it's own universe and compress time however they see fit. Why is Athena still not getting any older? Why aren't any of them?

If they had half a mind to bring them forward as much as they had intended then by all intents and purposes, Rock should be ready to fight by now.

Of course, I also recently learned some months back that the story of Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves doesn't have much connection to what goes on in the KoF storyline. So, despite there being a second southtown, the events of '00 never happened.

Anyway, as I said, nothing is going forward in KOF and it's obvious that Kyo's story is over. Infact, I thought team china was supposed to be the people with the heroes this time around. People like Kyo and Iori are there for the fan points, since SNK already knows what happened last time they tried to give them peace.

>> No.3361562

Yep. SNK stopped giving character ages since '95 I think. Since then, the heroes technically haven't aged.

Moreover, Geese is dead in Garou, but not in KoF. This completely fucked me up. And Rock doesn't appear in KoF because of the old agreement between Garou and KoF crews.

Now with 50 characters at once in the game, I guess we're bound to see SFIV-tier excuses and explanations.

>> No.3361564
File: 808 KB, 1280x720, hotaru hinako.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


At least KOF does in some ways attempt to push it's characters forward even if it takes a while. Terry still has his stuff with Rock so he is moving forward as a character

>Rock should be ready to fight by now.

It was really weird when they started adding Hotaru, Gato, Tizoc and Jenny

if they can't do Garou 2 then KOF is a good place to continue it. Adding Kain and Rock would probably make a lot of people happy

>> No.3361704


Pretty much. It's going to suck hard seeing the bullshit they come up with, and like I said, it's worse knowing they have somewhat of an excuse to do as they please with the story and hold back people or push others forward at their behest.

We'll have to see, so I hope you're right and that things get better but I've long since looked to other companies for lore in fighting games.

>> No.3361713
File: 49 KB, 140x250, kyo-12-win.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kyo of curse

>> No.3361730

I almost forgot that they put Nakoruru in KoFXIV… I wish I didn't remember it

>> No.3361731
File: 46 KB, 320x224, FATFURY1--Fatal Fury King of Fighters Garou Densetsu shukumei no tatakai_Nov30 18_50_23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While we're on the subject I gotta say I miss this from the first Fatal Fury

Sorry, I don't have larger images.

>> No.3361732


Ugh, yeah. "Another World" team or something or one other.

I mean, whatever. I should be happy that another KOF is even coming out but I'm shuddering thinking of what the writing is going to be like.

>> No.3362073

Ryo is one lucky son of a bitch

>> No.3362081

>implying Ryo will ever tap that

The dense MC syndrome is too strong with Ryo

>> No.3362084

Dude, we all know Roy's given her the Haoh ShoKoKen

>> No.3362198

>muh pure fighting
>gotta avoid temptation like some monk faggot

>realizes that it's all about fun
>devoted to his wife

>> No.3362383


Has he though? The whole point of that ending was because there is a definite will they or won't they vibe and everyone knows it but them. Yuri, Robert, and Takuma had to play matchmaker in order to make them do something.

With that said the manhua has no qualms about writing as they see fit and have written some interesting relationships throughout. Kasumi Todoh was something of a love interest for Kyo during '96 and by the time of '00 dudes went away with the teasing and outright portrayed Mai as being married to Andy. It introduced her as Shiranui-Bogard if I am not mistaken.

'00 was my favorite because it portrayed Vanessa as the conflicted MILF that she was, wanting K's dick. K' seemed like he might have been interested but that got ruined when she was outed as a double agent.

>> No.3362435
File: 1.31 MB, 1339x935, Team World Heroes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck happened with Richard Meyers face? He looks like a creepy doll.

Another World is a dumb idea. We should have got team World Heroes.

>> No.3362689
File: 773 KB, 780x1126, Mian 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't like all the pachi wank either and feel Nak is a bad fit but I really love everything else I see. Mian is looking super cool and I can't wait to play her

>> No.3363097


That was the women's team ending. The girls get into a huge fight at the Pao Pao and that's pretty much his reaction to it all.

>> No.3363128
File: 1.23 MB, 1280x720, kof13wom-11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Women's Fighters team are seriously a bunch of catty bitches and Im not surprised none of the other girls like them much

>> No.3363134
File: 1.61 MB, 1280x720, kof13wom-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just outright get into a fight with Xiang Fei, Malin, Kasumi and Jenny and there's probably a reason they don't team up with Marry often

>> No.3363136
File: 1.33 MB, 1280x720, kof13wom-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vanessa's too cool to give a fuck though

>> No.3363291


I sometimes wish she would have been a little older with the smile lines and all and still whupping ass.

>> No.3363404
File: 243 KB, 445x615, 1455918509333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW you're actually older than Vanessa now

>> No.3363460


Man I wish KOF XI would have gotten ported to something other than PS2. You could tell that there was a difference in polish between that and '03 and it was actually rather nice.

>> No.3363482

What I feel from Ryu and Capcom is that soon he will be a Clint Eastwood movie character: devoted all his life to do what he really loves and always felt was the best thing in the world (to fight to be the very best), becoming one of the if not the most capable guy to do that job (or hobby or whatever, in this case is fighting) but got older, retired and then, because of something very important that shook him very hard (let's say the villain has killed his best friend son or put Sakura in a hospital or whatever, really) he returned and lives now with the fear that, because of his age, he can't fight that well anymore.

That would rock, and it could happen considering Ryu is getting older on games like SF3 and apparently cares about people like Ken or Sakura to some extent

>> No.3363529


I don't think you have to have anyone get hurt but I do wonder what Ryu's gonna do when he gets older. Probably just live as a karate hermit or something, which is kind of sad.

>> No.3363546
File: 195 KB, 848x882, endshitposting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>karate hermit

It's not so bad.

>> No.3363590

>Feb 11

That's my Birthday

>> No.3363631

That's why I hope they turn him in Clint Eastwood as I said, but probably it'll what you just said

>> No.3364863
File: 8 KB, 160x114, large-terryhat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Terry's just the best

>Friendly outgoing personality
>lots of friends
>able to shoulder great emotional pain
>obtained skill via hard work and experience
>took his hated enemy's son under his wing so he wouldn't have to go through what he did
>All dat blue mary pussy
>Cool hat

>> No.3364883

I wanna fuck Blue Mary so bad

>> No.3365161

Domo arigato mister Bogado

>> No.3365279
File: 650 KB, 1641x1212, Andy-ffsougeki-bust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Wrong brother

>> No.3365896


Any, don't you have a sexy ninja to not be fucking.

>> No.3366690

That was just fucked up

>> No.3366697

We need more games about this spunk monk and her evil schemes

>> No.3366836

I don't think Rasputin can be in any modern video game.
But if only they would do this.

>> No.3366983
File: 554 KB, 917x681, rasputin-quote.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, Rasputin would "trigger" someone.

>> No.3367541


SNK isn't as pussy whipped as capcom it seems

>> No.3367627
File: 204 KB, 727x1098, rick__strowd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SNK needs to add new main to replace Terry/Ryo/Iori. Rock was a good attempt but it's just a mix of two existing characters.

Rick Strowd was great, he should spearhead new games. Vanessa wasn't even 10% of fun he was gameplay and personality wise.

>> No.3367884
File: 131 KB, 608x1344, sassy ryu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Credit to SNK, Ryu's dialogue in SvC was one of the few good things to come out of that game.

>> No.3367927

Why does everyone dislike this game? I had tons of fun with it

>> No.3367969
File: 21 KB, 600x467, kasumi 3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It being fun and it being busted as fuck aren't mutually exclusive. I had fun with it too but it's broke as fuck.

of course Im biased for any game that let's play as Kasumi Todoh. I wish she where more popular.

>> No.3368709

>Android port of Gunbird 2
>Aine's 2-players endings removed

>> No.3368730

Unrelated but I was just playing SFII and I was wondering something. Why are the inputs impossible to execute? For instance a lot of characters have an attack where you hold back then press forward and punch at the same time. Just played through with M.Bison and its ridiculous. It only works like 1/4 of the time and when im near the edge of the screen its pretty much impossible. Anything Im missing here? I do the input exaxtly as it says but it never works.

>> No.3368752
File: 19 KB, 152x210, gup_nishi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe you still don't get a hang for the time you need to hold back? Back then some cabs had really beat up sticks and charge moves were the easiest to perform reliably.

>> No.3368760

Remember that with charge characters, you can do normal attacks while holding the joystick, so you're not just sitting there doing nothing.

>> No.3368763

Im playing on a Sega genesis if that helps. The diagonal arrows on the controller will fuck me up from time to time because ill accidentally jump. Ive always been used to the Ryu/Ken/Dan controls because they are pretty straight forward. Sucks because I love Blanka and he has a lot of attacks that have a similar input. Its probably just the timing I havent got down but shit man its pretty sensitive timing.

>> No.3368770
File: 176 KB, 336x396, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3368773

I've never played Cyberbots but I've considered it just for this semen demon.

>> No.3368980


why are all major tekken characters such assholes

>> No.3369170

Well.... they are literally possessed by the devil...

>> No.3369386


I liked his moveset but is Rick really main character material? I never tried looking up his story or even trying to beat the game with him to check out his ending so all I know is he was a newcomer with Li. I bet the fanbase would cause a riot too. I'm pretty sure the only reason no one said anything about Rock is because

1) probably a hit with the girls
2) your boy Terry was there

>> No.3369390

lel no

>> No.3369395


I can't find that character. Who is she?

>> No.3369426

Girls und Panzer. Joke is her team's main strategy is to charge recklessly.

>> No.3369460

This >>3368760

Also charge characters are usually used by people playing very defensively so they're often walking back/blocking while charging a move at the same time.

Executing them shouldn't be hard though. Just hold back and then tap forward and the attack button at the same time. They should be some of the easiest moves to have come out.

It might help to practice in Mortal Kombat some too. That game has a lot of attacks that are back then forward and attack, but they tend not to have the charge part. So you can just get used to back and then hitting forward and attack at the same time. After that adding a charge to the mix will be easy.

>> No.3369671


>> No.3369972
File: 600 KB, 850x1200, nishi 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nishi's a sweetheart. no bully

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