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Doom or Quake

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Quake. Doom cant compete with true 3D level design and a CD soundtrack.

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I'm tempted to say Quake since I'm a huge fan of NIN and evil edginess, but Doom is simply funner

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Thats not a word anon

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They're both good. Why must we fight?

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Quake was too brown and repetitive.
Doom levels had personalities, but Quake maps are just different mazes with different puzzles.

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Doom, more enemies on screen at once = a more fun and engaging damage model.

The sheer amount of bullets you had to pump most enemies full of in Quake got repetitive.

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Anybody played ActionQuake back then? I played it with my father all the time

I wish I could still play it

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I prefer Doom because it's not as demanding to aim.

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Quake. Better level design, better gameplay, better weapons, better music.

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Probably Doom.

However Quake III Arena is my favorite game out of either series.

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Quake isn't even that good. Sure it can look pretty good, and the "music" is good, but the actual game is pretty mediocre.

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I wasn't aware there was an ISO standard for English.

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it must be quake 1

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Quake > Quake 3 Arena > Quake 2 > Quake 4 > Doom > Doom 2 > Doom 4 > Doom 3

Eat shit and die, Doombabbies.

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>Doom > Doom 2
I actually agree

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>Eat shit and die, Doombabbies.

Ow the edge

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Well, Quake is basically Doom except with worse weapons and enemies, and in 3D.

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Except not at all, you dumb tripcuck.

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Quake for multi Doom for single.

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Doom, never got the appeal of Quake

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Vanilla Doom > Vanilla Quake, but only by a hair

Non official Quake maps > Non official Doom maps

Doom mods > Quake mods (there are very few anyways)

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>Vanilla Doom > Vanilla Quake, but only by a hair
all that matters. The rest is by different people and outside of the control of the devs

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Doom 1 has better levels, but Quake's are much better than Doom 2.

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>Quake 2
>better than anything

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Quake 2 was the only Quake that interested me even to some degree. I think I even played through it. Quite a pretty game too

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Terrible taste desu, it has the most boring singleplayer of all of them.

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Quake team fortress was very fun.

Also in regular deathmatch you could make your character a naked guy. That was pretty cool.

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Alien Breed desu

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>with mods
>no mods

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Quake has better movement, which is the most important thing in a FPS, so Quake wins.

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Duake. Why choose one or the other

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Hey, Hey, what the hell you punks are discussing in here?

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Get off my train!

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I never really liked Quake.

Quake III Arena was alright.

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>Hey, Hey, what the hell you punks are discussing in here?
beat it euro duke

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>liked quake III arena
>Didn't like quake

I get the feeling you're one of the guys that helped kill good FPS gameplay

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only reason /vr/ likes doom more is because /vr/ is a casual little faggot bitch that cant play multiplayer

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Doom is good for fast action FPS
Quake is good for tight corridor shooting

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Blow it out your ass!

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Excuse me who the heck is this?

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While you're all here: best doom megawad?


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team fortress was better than any doom mod

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I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck.

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>no 'other' option
can doom babbies ever get anything right?

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>HR2 is listed
>HR is not.
Shit list, shit poll, shit you!

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For that to be true Quake would have to be good in the first place

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Stop with this meme.

If you consider ambient sound to be a soundtrack, then yes: it's a full fledged opera soundtrack. Otherwise, if you're actually looking for something with a recognizable sound instead of ambient_song_5.jpg, you're SOL. I like Quake, but the only reason the soundtrack get's any praise is because NIN (which is also garbage) was in charge of it.

Come at me, bruh

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>the only reason the soundtrack get's any praise is because NIN (which is also garbage) was in charge of it.
not even close. I loved the soundtrack long before I even knew who NIN were.

Ambient sounds are still a soundtrack, and a very fitting soundtrack for quakes dark foreboding ambiance.

The same way cheesy MIDI metal is perfectly suited to dooms cheesy overblown action.

Unfortunately MIDI loses out to a pre-produced CD soundtrack. The quality is far superior, especially considering most people are using their in-built GMIDI sounds when they play doom.

Other ways quake is better than doom
>Better ligthing, mood, lots of exploration
>Better puzzles
>Better multiplayer
>More interesting level design
>More realistic looking textures - not a mish mash of giger and D&D demons
>Better sound / voice acting / foley
>Episodes connected by a physical hub, which open into a boss level
>Great secret levels, Ziggurat Vertigo for example.

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Either Qoom or Dake.

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Honestly NIN is in my top 2 favourite band of all time, and I find Quake's soundtrack to be average at best. Only like the first half of the title song is any good, the rest is just Trent Reznor pressing random keyboard keys while high on heroine so he can get money to buy even more heroine.

I think it's obvious he didn't put too much effort into it because it wasn't a real NIN album. If you want something in the same style, by him, with some actual work put into it, listen to GHOST.

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lol. he needed female heroes?

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Best single player

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tbqh, not including mods/fan expansions,

Quake 3 > Quake > Final Doom > Doom II > Ultimate Doom > Doom 4 > Quake II > Doom 3

Never played Q4

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I've already played Doom, but I can't play Quake because the copypasta image told me to do things that were impossible.

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>No Doom64
you should probably go play it. get Doom64EX

Just get the original files from an old games website, run in dosbox and you're good to go.

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I played Doom64Ex briefly and didn't care for it. Boring, 2ez, etc

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True, I guess if you think Q3 is better than all other iterations, you probably just have shitty multiplayer-based taste

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>best looking game of all time
They can't be serious-

>> No.3341062

it's a review quote. And to that reviewer it probably was the best looking game ever at that time

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There isn't

However there is the OED standard

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>too shitty for MP
>thinks Doom64 wasn't ass
top kek /vr/ is so fucking pleb

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Quake 1 is the best multiplayer game of all time

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>Doom cant compete with true 3D level design

How about levels that are more than 200 feet across and are actually complex?

>CD soundtrack

Oh come on. It's just ambient grinding and screaming sounds. Quake 2 has soundtrack you'd actually want to listen to, not Quake.

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Doom > Doom 2 > Quake > Quake 3 > Final Doom > Doom 64 > Doom 4 > Quake 2 > Quake 4 > Doom 3

Quake 2 was shit

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>>Doom cant compete with true 3D level design
sorry but that's fact m8


whether or not quake's sp is superior to plutonia is debateable but I dont know how anybody can prefer the snore that is ultimate doom over quake

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>quake 2 was uninspired because romero left

Stop. Quake 2 was kinda boring gameplaywise but the Strogg setting was far more interesting and memorable than whatever disjointed mishmash of ideas for a theme Quake had.

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>quake 2 was uninspired because romero left

And Petersen. And McGee.

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Better level design
Better weapons
Better soundtrack

Better gameplay

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Give me a game that combines Quake's gameplay and level design with Doom's monsters, colors, music and weapons.

>> No.3342387

make it. The editors are all out there. You'll see it's shit

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OED actually referenced funner as a word but suggests to only use it in informal context. So unless you're posting a fucking verification of assholes in this thread wearing a fucking tuxedo you can fuck right off.

>> No.3342487

Also noting that the OED isn't even a good standard. For example they have the word Gaydar in it and it's not even correct.

They also have screenager which isn't actually a word. No one literally uses it and it's not even a good portmanteu and even if people did use it, they'd use it incorrectly 99% of the time anyway.

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People say Quake it's better because it has great mutiplayer, but I went through all the hoops to get Quake 1 multiplayer, and the list was full of empty servers, I only found 2 people playing in the whole list. so what's good to be a great MP game if no one is playing?

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I say Quake is better because it has better singleplayer.

>> No.3342523

I think the streamlined design made for a better game. Less key hunting and more action.

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I always hear it said that Doom has better SP and Quake has better MP but honestly I even prefer Quake's singleplayer to Doom's.

Maybe it's because I didn't play them back in the day, I played them in the last couple of years. So I don't have a feel for how innovative Doom was at the time. But Quake's definitely aged way better.

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>so what's good to be a great MP game if no one is playing?
No one playing the best MP doesn't stop it from being the best MP. Similarly millions of people playing games with awful multiplayer doesn't magically make it good multiplayer.

Popular and good are not synonyms.

Also most people either say Quake is a better game on it's merits overall than suggest that it's better outright simply because of it's multiplayer.

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>doom babby thinks this is a revelation
top lol. that video is total ass compared to the quake video and is utterly boring mechanically in comparison

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But Doom can be played one-handed since it doesn't has stuff like looking up or down which is a major advantage,

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>Quake 2 has soundtrack you'd actually want to listen to, not Quake.
I hated the quake 2 soundtrack. The whole game felt like a step back from quake. The soundtrack was just boring metal riffs. not even any cool solos. Quake 1 soundtrack gelled perfectly with the quake atmosphere. Much better than MIDI metal covers, which is the issue this thread is about: Quake is superior to Doom.

I mean its not even really a fair comparison. Quake was the evolution of doom, of course its going to be better in every way.

Eh I disagree. Quake 2 was boring techbase through and through. At least quake had some nice lovecraftian and medieval feeling levels, as well as the usual tech base. I personally think quake 1s techbase maps were far superior to Q2's anyway.

>People say Quake it's better because it has great mutiplayer,
Not me. Its all about the singleplayer. I only played multi a little, and while it was fun, I'm judging these games purely on the singleplayer, and quake still provides a much better experience than doom in that respect.

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>But Doom can be played one-handed since it doesn't has stuff like looking up or down which is a major advantage,

You're right that is a major advantage, I found it much MUCH harder to masturbate while playing Quake than while playing Doom.

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>Doom can be played one-handed
Why you would want to do this, I dont know. Unless you're missing a hand?

I would want the opposite: doom gameplay with quake weapons, textures, colors and music. Keep the quake levels though.

Thats one thing doom did well: balls to the wall gameplay of constant killing, backed into a corner with the finger firmly on the trigger, hoping you dont run out of ammo.

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>hoping you dont run out of ammo
yeah if youre a retard

>> No.3342831

yeah who am I kidding, doom levels were never that well designed to have you actually in danger of running out of ammo.

some mods do this, but not vanilla doom or doom2. Some sections of plutonia get pretty tight though. You will at least run out of ammo for 1 weapon at a time

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If stock Doom was as fun and challenging as the mapsets the community produces, I'd pick it. But unfortunately its not, so Quake gets my vote.

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Why did you bother to even point out general midi when the entire soundtrack uses general midi rather than GS anyway.

> The quality is far superior, especially considering most people are using their in-built GMIDI sounds when they play doom.
That's a piss poor understanding of midi or it's usage.

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Unreal still looks "good" for being from the early 3D era. It really has one of the most beatiful graphics i have ever seen.

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>people are using their in-built GMIDI sounds
ie. whatever shitty synthesizer their computer uses to intepret GMIDI data
reading comprehension son. fyi I've been working with MIDI for almost 17 years

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I was going to make a thread about this, but I just went through Quake soundtracks earlier.

>It Is Raped
>"Fuck U Up!"

Why are Quake track titles unusually edgy?

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>>It Is Raped
Doom and Quake after Id's key members leave?

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>>More realistic looking textures

You're kidding, right?

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Or this

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Not retro.

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More realistic than FireBlu lol

Everyone knows grey and brown is realistic. Most people complain about quake being all brown and grey. Thats because its more realistic than dooms garish bright colors and blue carpets.

>> No.3344670

>Quake track titles
at no point in the game or game data is this ever apparent. who cares what reznor named them, to us who actually played quake back in the day they were "Track2" "Track3" "Track4" etc.
Doom had a swastika room and exit messages that would make a serial killer cringe. Edge has always been part of iD anyway.

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I'm a big fan of Doom, but I lean more towards Quake.
Especially the first two, of course.
Even though they were not alike at all, aside from being a fps.

>> No.3344685

>I've been working with MIDI for almost 17 years
Coincidentally you seem to be bad at MIDI for almost 17 years.

Also speaking of reading comprehension you should get some yourself. Especially since you didn't even address or notice the point I made in the reply that you specified general midi as opposed to really no other well known standard thus your specification of GM is retarded, especially when Doom's midis were GM.

You also failed to recognize your faulty logic with your raw audio/midi argument.

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A pre-produced soundtrack is superior to MIDI data rendered by a 90s computers shitty sound card.

Its not rocket science.

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Easily DOOM

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IIRC he himself was frustrated with the result, wanting but failing to make it generative, so it changed and adapted to what was happening on screen instead of just playing on a loop.
So what we got was likely an afterthought after some failed experimentation then salvaged to meet a deadline.

>> No.3344934

Also had a better soundtrack.

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>Why would you want to do this?

>> No.3345069

Quake 2 soundtrack was awful. Forgettable meathead metal riffs with no interest. at leas the cheesy metal in Doom had guitar solos for some interest. Quake 2 was just bland through and through. The whole game was a huge step back from the atmosphere of quake imo.

Why would you want to do this though? If you want to get off, watch porn or fuck your girlfriend. If you want to play shooters, play shooters.

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Wasn't that a Half Life mod?

>> No.3345114

team fortress classic is a half-life mod based on team fortress which was a quake mod.

>> No.3345154

I think a few tracks are boring and I would never listen to the whole thing on its own, but a lot of it when coupled with Quake's violent gameplay noises sounds fucking fantastic.

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You're an inspiration for birth control!

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Why not both?

>> No.3345236

because it's a decision question, so you got to rank the two exceptional games. The question does not imply the other game is shit

>> No.3345394

The number of insanely great custom maps for Quake makes it still worth playing SP. ApspX, IKSP series, Zerstorer, etc etc

>> No.3346441

Tell that to the rest of the thread

>> No.3346501

most of the people in this thread understand it just fine and argue nuances

>> No.3346525

>most of the thread

Yeah, not really friend.

>> No.3346832

What's this, Ted Danson: The Videogame?

>> No.3346854

Doom: colorful environments with personality and fun gameplay.

Quake: the thing looks like every level was set in a mineshaft or factory and every weapon feels like a paintball gun. Blood and gore was also bordering non-existant

>> No.3346862

I guess this thread boils down to taste:

Some people like colorful, arcadey shooting with metal MIDI soundtrack, some people prefer realism and a dark atmosphere.

Quake is the technical evolution of doom, so while its far ahead and an actual "modern" shooter, some people just prefer to kill brightly colored sprite demons in a 2.5D environment. Just like some people prefer pac man over modern games. Bright colors, simple gameplay.

>> No.3346867

just had to troll, didn't you?

>> No.3346871

>simple gameplay
and another one I missed. Seriously, if you want to write a summary, don't shit it up with obvious trolling

>> No.3346878

Quakes palette is much more realistic than dooms. The physics are much better too. Actual lighting instead of sector based. Its more realistic than doom is what I meant.

>> No.3346886

Quake's gameplay is more advanced. Having to judge grenade bouncing, more dangerous enemies (the fiend versus the pinky for example) 3d environment to navigate during combat.

the standard doom iwads are a breeze. The only way they can crank up the difficulty is to have all monsters move faster and then respawn constantly.

Quake is the evolution of doom. Everything about it is superior. Not sure why you guys are defending doom. It was important, but its not a better game.

>> No.3346901

>Not sure why you guys are defending doom
then spend a second and think. You're coming off as a very asshole-ish troll at the moment, and statements like this are not helping your case. You're on /vr/ here, a board where people can recognize and understand that even direct successors are not necessarily the better games, despite them being able to do more and be more advanced. So, yeah, I suggest you actually take a moment to think why people might enjoy Doom, and enjoy it even over Quake. If all you can come up with is "not sure why" then kindly fuck off and go back to /v/. Your attitude is more welcomed there.

>> No.3346912

Bright, contrasting colors and being able to mow down hordes of weak and slow enemies are really important to some people.

>> No.3346969

Quake for obvious reasons...

>> No.3347074

>take a moment to think why people might enjoy Doom
I thought I already covered this:

>Some people like colorful, arcadey shooting with metal MIDI soundtrack
>Bright colors, simple gameplay.

>> No.3347079

>Gets presented with reasons why quake is superior to doom
>calls poster an asshole-ish troll
>doesn't actually refute any of the points
>"fuck off back to /v/"
good argument, you really convinced me

>> No.3347089


>> No.3347167

>I thought I already covered this:
those were trollish reasons, trying to paint Doom players as simple-minded people. You admitted yourself that they were trollish, because you don't have an actual answer, as shown by the "Not sure why" comment

>> No.3347242

In Doom you can't even jump or aim up or down

>> No.3347250

different movement options do not necessarily lead to a better game

>> No.3347254

Quake has better vanilla levels but doom has a design formula which allows for more replay value and better custom levels.

Cacoward tier levels dont compete anymore with quake, its like a marathon runner vs a fat kid. Quakes custom levels are impressive visually but not as fun.

Quake doesnt have slaughter but the kind of people who would mope about plutonia and call archviles a meme might like quake better :)

Fighting 1 maybe 2 shamblers gets old, but i shouldnt be too hard on you, you might get a vore too

>> No.3347262

Yes although it does add to the difficulty and maneuverability in Quake. In Quake the enemies greatly compliment the claustrophobic level design. Doom isn't that hard unless you're trying to complete a level as fast as possible. Quake is difficult even when you're trying to take it slow. The weapons are simpler, but some of the rockets are unique for it to be used in difference and the lightning gun, which takes advantage of the technology. Doom takes longer for you to switch weapons, but you also move faster which can make for a different strategy compared to Quake. The way I see it is, Doom is fun and is more focused on big areas and Quake is more meant for less spacious gameplay. but the type of enemies and actually taking advantage of the Quake engine (i.e. jumping and aiming) in addition with some unique weapons make it the better game. I'm not so sure about the level design though, they're both pretty good

>> No.3347265

>it does add to the difficulty and maneuverability in Quake
Quake and Doom have different gameplay

>> No.3347270

to explain on that stub, these controls do not add, because they are necessary for Quake's gameplay, while they'd be useless or get in the way for Doom's gameplay. Different goals, different controls

>> No.3347274

>Doom isn't that hard
Difficulty is not a proxy for game quality

>> No.3347319

Not necessarily, it's just the game had aiming and jumping in mind. If you take away all the "added" movements in Quake, it's pretty much Doom but slower movement and like I mentioned claustrophobic mapping. It's not different goals or controls, both function the same but Quake has these things that I personally think add to the gameplay compared to Doom. In Doom your only concerns are movement in shooting, where in Quake your focus involves 2 more concepts, jumping and a y-axis (and z for further away enemies or using a grenade launcher)

>> No.3347320

My point is it is simple compared to Quake, and while that's not a bad thing I don't see why having a more dumbed-down version I know I'm going to get slack saying thatmakes it better

>> No.3347332

>Not necessarily, it's just the game had aiming and jumping in mind
That's what I meant by
>because they are necessary for Quake's gameplay

>If you take away all the "added" movements in Quake, it's pretty much Doom
No, it's Quake without aiming and jumping. Doom has different mechanics

>like I mentioned claustrophobic mapping
which is a direct consequence of the games being different

>add to the gameplay compared to Doom
and remove other gameplay

>In Doom your only concerns are movement in shooting
that's a very dishonest and crafted statement in order to create a progression that's not necessarily there. If I take your statement and draw it to conclusion, Descent is the best FPS there ever will be, because it has the most motions. It's obviously not the case, so there must be more to a game than the number of movements at the disposal of the player. Likewise, a game like Pong would not become any more interesting by adding more movement. The game relies on its small set of movement options

>My point is it is simple compared to Quake
>dumbed-down version
Complexity is not a proxy for game quality either

>I don't see
indeed, you don't. That one's more difficult though. I've been in dozens of discussions regarding this aspect, and regularly get shit on for it. Cannot be bothered to do it at the moment. So, let's just say I do not consider your "point" valid at all, and leave it at that.

>> No.3347548

I see your statement, I still think Quake is the better game. I also won't continue this discussion any further.

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Both are shit compared to the best FPS of the '90s.

>> No.3347806

Doom All the way.
I've played doom pretty much every year for 20 years straight.
Quake I've played for a few months when i got it and that's it.
it's just... brown... and boring.

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Kill yourself, Macfag.

>> No.3348276

>original dark industrial soundtrack is "meathead metal riffs"
>cheesy thresh metal ripoffs are good

end your life immediately

>> No.3348605

thrash metal > industrial metal

>> No.3349416

according to your dumbass nostalgic sensibilities sure

>> No.3349552

Quake, mostly from personal experience. I spent hundreds of hours just messing about with quark making maps, breaking them, then making them again. map making for doom wasn't even remotely as much fun because of the engine's limitations.

>> No.3349557

Nothing wrong about wearing a tuxedo for shitposting.

>> No.3349561

>Quake 2 over anything
Get fucked.
That's a namefag, lern24chan.

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>> No.3349578 [DELETED] 

Resorting to insults now, I see.

>> No.3349586

>Why you would want to do this, I dont know. Unless you're missing a hand?
So you can masturbate to it, you silly billy.

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Eat shit and die.

>> No.3349596

Why are unrealfags allowed to live? Here we have a perfectly fine id software thread and they have to show up and ruin everyone's day.

>> No.3349607

Even disregarding this doom/quake discussion, I find Industrial metal to be a boring and uninspired form of metal.

>> No.3349617

I do like quake because of multiplayer. I was never the kind of guy who enjoyed exploring labyrinths, I find it boring.

Doom's soundtrack is superior though, no doubt.

>> No.3349730

Why do people hate Q2? It wasn't THAT bad, and still had good multiplayer.

Is it Romero fanboys?

>> No.3349754

no idea. It's the only Quake that worked for me. The original Quake (1) always looked so boring, I never even gave it a try. Quake 3 Arena is just multiplayer junk, no interest. Quake 2 though, was a nicely paced sci fi shooter, with a bit of a story going on. I played through it, and that means something, I rarely do.

>> No.3349764
File: 21 KB, 683x536, rangers_pissed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>worse weapons

Axe > Chainsaw
Doom Shotgun > Quake Shotgun
Nailgun > Chaingun
Quake Rocket launcher > Doom Rocket Launcher
Lightning Gun > Plasma Gun
Grenade Launcher > Anything from Doom

>> No.3349838
File: 1.36 MB, 800x800, 1456785156485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Axe > Chainsaw

>> No.3349869

Chex Quest

>> No.3350053

Chainsaw was OP. You could stunlock most enemies with it. Of course Doombabbies would like it though.

>> No.3350070

As a Id Software fan since Wolfenstein 3-D, I have to go with Quake.

>> No.3350189

A chainsaw it's expected to be more OP than an axe.

>> No.3350192

Axe is less casual, therefore it's superior.

>> No.3350267


Nightmare difficulty is a lot of fun compared to Doom's

>> No.3350294
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>ID software's fan since Wolf 3-D

>> No.3350320

EVERYTHING looks the fucking same

enemies are just "guy with a gun, another guy with a gun"

there's way more but im tired of explaining it every time

>> No.3350351

As an id software fan since Commander Keen, I have to go with Doom.

>> No.3350357
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>> No.3350456

I mean I prefer quake, but this is one of the stupidest things I've read.
I do prefer the look of the axe though.

>> No.3351063

>Chainsaw was OP. You could stunlock most enemies with it. Of course Doombabbies would like it though.

Err, what? You'd be retarded if you even attempted to chainsaw Knights/Barons, Arachnotrons, Mancubi, Arch-viles, Cyberdemons, or Spidermasterminds.

>> No.3351146

I actually like how you can't aim up and down in Doom, it makes things more streamlined.

>> No.3351162

Quake 2 soundtrack is meathead metal riffs.
Doom soundtrack is only slightly better due to having some actual interest
Quake 1 OST blows both out of the water

Like I said: Quake is the evolution of Doom. Better in every way.

>> No.3351163

I liked it, probably more than a lot of ghosts. It blends in very organically with the game world, being more dark ambient than catchy industrial rock anthem.

>> No.3351169

I've played so much doom that I'm pretty sick of it by now and prefer quake, preferably in software mode with a good sound system


>> No.3351971

thats a nice euphemism for 'casual'

>> No.3352053

Quake because it invented bunnyhopping.

>> No.3352115


quake 1 ost is just ambient background sounds except for one song

>> No.3352159

ambience is preferable to metal wankery

>> No.3352171

Quake is still fun without the BGM.

>> No.3352431


>> No.3352452

easily killed with chainsaw actually. try it.

>> No.3352458

The genre doesn't matter, for me the expertly made ambience of quake 1 was far better than boring metal with programmed drums of Quake 2.

I remember being very disappointed about the soundtrack in quake 2 when it first came out. The whole game was a step back aesthetically from quake 1. Techbase theme through and through, no darkness, no atmosphere, no variety. In that sense the music was pretty well suited to it.

>> No.3352580

>shitty game with shitty music
You're right

>> No.3353398

Since there's no other doom thread on here, is there some sort of mod manager that I can use for doom instead of just dragging what I want into gzdoom everytime?

>> No.3353421

>Since there's no other doom thread on here

>> No.3353454

At least the stunlock made the chainsaw situationally useful, but not OP since it takes time to kill anything with it and other enemies can still attack you while you're busy with your target.

In Quake I used the axe exactly once just to test it out then completely forgot about it. Unless maybe there's some Nightmare-mode ammo saving strategy that I don't know about, it seems kind of crappy.

>> No.3353465

check into global autoload. google it.

>> No.3353510

I don't play in zdoom, where they make it easier.

>> No.3353607


Nothing else compares to it.

For QvD, I'll go with quake.

>> No.3355625

New thread now.

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