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>I only play JRPGs

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>I only play WRPGs

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>I shit on the snes and only play genesis since it has all the hardcore arcade like action games

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I like this thread

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>rondo of blood is the best castlevania

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>I post on /vr/

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>I post on 4chan

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>Legend of Zelda OOT is overrated piece of garbage

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that uh... that looks like OoT fans actually.

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>animu grill on his fucking pants
I never noticed that until now. Damn that's awesome.

I wish I could escape reality half this much.

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why is the glass there?

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All Japanese games are shit

Prove me wrong

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Nah mate. Most OOT fans are normies.

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what in the fuck is a rondo

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a musical form with a recurring leading theme, often found in the final movement of a sonata or concerto.

That's where the theme naming started

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He better be using those monitors to play some Darius.

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>I only play games made by western developers

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>i emulate games

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>I only play Peruvian fighting games

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Nice thread dude.

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I mean... he almost has a cohesive style going there, and then he decides to bust out the camoflage pants.

When your fucking goofy-ass REPLICA KATANA goes with your outfit better than your PANTS do, you're in major trouble.

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>Playing anything other than erotic text-adventures.

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the gay sjw version of paper mario


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"Hello I am OP. I exclusively go after easy targets. I am the sort of person that sees a controversial video on youtube and immediately types in something about eating popcorn. I also happen to be the sort of person that applauds at everything said during Bill Maher when there's a break in sentences."

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>that uh...

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>I yell "not retro" when I see 6th gen discussed

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>WRPGs are good at being video games

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Fucking casuals made me laugh

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The best part is how the girl who took that screencap to mock the guy looks like hipster garbage wearing le thick rimmed glasses with hair dangerously close to covering one eye combo XP

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>Sonic was never good

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Fucking rekt

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>western games are so shit that nobody wants to pay a decent amount for them on the retro market

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Am I the only one who doesn't think Doritos and Moutnain Dew isn't funny anymore?

People have been trying to force that meme down our throats so hard since Halo 4 that I can't stand it anymore.

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> I only play brutal doom
> vanilla is outdated crap that aged poorly

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>tfw you use to watch this guy on Youtube
I was going to say he was less of a dorkus back then, but looking back he was pretty much always this bad.

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But those are Cheetos.

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>I only play stuff censored and screened by the government

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>System Shock 1 is SOOOOOO much better than System Shock 2. Only plebs like System Shock 2

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I had to have Doritos because the Funyuns got stuck in the machine.

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Maybe the goblet is the latest pretentious euphoric accessory.

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That one with the glasses... please tell me that's not Demi.

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I bet he's given himself a titwank on the mousepad before.

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SS2 is really good, but SS1 really is like twice as good.

Don't be salty because your opinion is shit.

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What the fuck is up with these terrible fucking threads lately?

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with cats.

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>dumb OP that should be deleted
>then /pol/ shows up and makes it worse
>janitors do nothing

and so it goes

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They deleted my posts telling someone who talked about redpilling to go away, but not his post.

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Makes sense. Most of /vr/'s janitors and mods are /pol/fags.

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>I only play competitive shooters

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Or rape fantasies.

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>This thread is still up
What happened to this place?

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Everyone and their dog got smartphones and internet access, that's what.

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How the fuck is this thread still here?
A year ago /vr/ was relatively untouched by 4chan shitposting and worthless meme posts. Now it's getting flooded.

Is it lack of discussion?

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