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Name a flaw

Protip:You can't

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1-Shitty Charactars nobody cares about
2- Graphics are abysmal
3- Gameplay sucks.
4- Playstation has only 2 controller ports, never can you play 3 player or more.

This thread is bait.

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>4- Playstation has only 2 controller ports, never can you play 3 player or more.

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That doesn't count, nigger. That costs money. I have to get off my ass to either find it in a thrift store, or buy one of ebay.

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The only flaw of this game is there isnt an easy way to play it online. Maybe the only complain i have is the design of the battle arenas.


your post is 100% bait

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You can't unlock Oxide

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The only characters they are missing are Nitrus Brio and Koala. Gameplay and graphics are both great as well.

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game is literally perfect

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1- this game isn't pic related
2- while mk64 had full analog control, ps1 was stuck with a shitty segmented d-pad.

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Legitimately great kart racer.

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Shit house characters that have been relegated to the dustbin of video game history.

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>1-Shitty Charactars nobody cares about
It has a lot of characters, but gotta admit that it fail to have
Koala Kong, Doctor Nitrus, Tawna and the Baby T-Rex.
>2- Graphics are abysmal
You blind?
>3- Gameplay sucks.
Your mom sucks.
>4- Playstation has only 2 controller ports, never can you play 3 player or more.
The only real problem is that you have to buy this:>>3327965

Over all Crash Team Racing is the best kart racer of its generation.

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Also the music is shit.

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no one to play it with

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It's sad how Playstation owners deluded themselves into thinking this was good just to not feel bad about not having Mario Kart.

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>Over all Crash Team Racing is the best kart racer of its generation.
Fuck no.

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The loading. That's it.

All this wrong (except the controller ports, valid point) but especially this one:
>Graphics are abysmal
>compared to Mario Kart 64
Nintendrones everyone.

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loading times

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DKR is not great bro.

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>4player mode makes some levels unavailable
>4player mode lags a bit more
>can't unlock oxide

That's it

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the best racing game ever


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It's got plenty, and it doesn't matter. That's the mark of a classic

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This is the best single player kart racer ever, but I don't think the multi is as good as CTR.

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> "Superior" hardware
> 2D sprites for characters

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Diddy Kong Racing is faster paced and has a higher time trial skill ceiling,


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I always thought it was weird that they used 2d sprites, especially since DK racing and F-zero X didn't, not sure what the logic behind that was,

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I believe the reason they used sprites for MK64 was because during development they had no way to estimate what would be the final polygonal capabilities of the console.

So they made the racers sprites just in case.

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Overall smoother performance afair? Also, remnants of the pre-rendered-3d-is-fine worldview from back then, and the fact that, while Rare could afford to tweak the -mostly- original character designs to suit the low poly count, Nintendo probably felt the Mario roster *had* to look perfectly on-model

Didn't DKR and Crash use sprites for the kart wheels, by the way?

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>sprites for the kart wheels,
CTR did, this I know for certain
not sure about DKR

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Tracks and ships in F-Zero X have such a ridiculously low detail though, they're practically weird abstract blobs, like in some artsy hyper-stylized game you'd see in Greenlight or whatever today

It was actually worth it, I think I read someplace this is the only N64 game that runs at 60fps

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>only N64 game that runs at 60fps
fuck, seriously?
What is the game's internal resolution anyway?

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There are others like Mischief Makers and Killer Instinct Gold. Dark Rift and Mortal Kombat 4 are an "I think".

F-Zero X is 320x240 like almost every game in that generation

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It did, see here >>3328221

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these guys know wassup.
CTR is the best kart racer ever made.
the only flaw i can think of is that jump/shortcut on sewer speedway. so bloody hard to do.

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I could always do that one just fine; it's the little Cortex Castle one that took me a long time to manage consistently for some reason

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>calling anyone who doesn't like something a nintendrone
Sonyponies, everyone

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Yoshi's Story is 60fps, but that's a 2D game.

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So it's worth the time to find it ?

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Where in his post did he mention Mario kart 64?

Your obsession is showing

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For single player: DKR
For multi player racing: CTR
For multi player battle: MK64

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I'd say so, especially if you've got friends but the single player content that's there isn't half bad either.

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I seriously can't. I stayed up overnight for the first time because of this game. Fucking Time Trials man.

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This. Beating the ghosts on all tracks has never felt so disappointing.

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Here you go. 60fps.


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Did you even play the game? Why would Tawna be a racer? Naughty Dog made the best decision possible to get Tawna and her slut friends to be race queens.

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>make 60 fps gameplay video
>add frame blending and ghosting
Jesus christ

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Crash "Poochie" Bandicoot games are all fucking garbage.

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It's a racing game.

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> find a flaw
Mario isnt in it
It is filled with literal whos
No blue shell

There's 3 flaws

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I have nowhere else to pour my molten rage, so I thought I'd just come here and bitch about the fucking retarded Save system in the first one.

I just beat pinstripe and the level after it was hard and I was literally on my last life... so I went back and got some lives, activated a bonus round in a level I hadn't beaten it in, thinking that it would save, and quit playing. I checked my save for safety's sake and... I'm back to where I was before, at Heavy Machinery.

What the fuck? I fucking saved. The game decided to remember that i earned the gem which unlocked the save, but forget that I had beaten a boss and 4 levels.

If this isn't fixed in the remaster, then there's literally no point to doing one.

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1. needs an add-on for 4 player
2. made the sequels look like shit in comparison

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This is probably the most overrated kart racer of all time. Why are sonyponies so insecure?

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this one is much harder than sewer speedway

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Not an argument.

Most people love this game its not even a matter of being a sony fan.

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No, most people love good kart racers, not this lukewarm shit.

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Crash looks like a meth addict

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I LOVE CTR but I recall reading that the character roster is less than perfectly balanced... something like how the high speed characters ultimately have the advantage.

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>the character roster is less than perfectly balanced
you mean like nearly every racing game ever made?

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it's not crash bash, the best crash game ever made

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>something like how the high speed characters ultimately have the advantage

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I got it off google image search, faggot. I don't care about filenames.

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suck an absolute dick you fucking faggot.

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>2- while mk64 had full analog control, ps1 was stuck with a shitty segmented d-pad.
not true

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There should be difficulty settings. I just beat the game without losing a single race.

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Deal with the fact that CTR is just mediocre and you only like it because you grew up with it

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Nice bait.

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Do time trials and race your ghost, or try to get an actual impressive time.

Stop being a lazy, uninspired fuck and create your own challenge.

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man this guys is a fucking retard

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I still see a shitty segmented dpad
I was just playing a bunch of PS1 games with a dualshock as well and god damn does it fucking suck. My thumb is just swollen and aching now, I can't believe we actually put up with that shit as kids.

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Still a big PS1 gamer to this day. I 100%ed this game a while back. I agree the characters arent the best, and I do think MK64 had better graphics but this is by far the most fun game I own, and everybody who comes to my game nights would agree.

but you can use the analog sticks, and the controllers aren't bad at all, shit you are a baby.

If you like other karting games over this one its completely understandable, still this is a PS1 classic.

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>getting paid by David Brock to shill for hill.

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It's actually unbelievable that people think the Dualshock's joysticks were better than N64's.

Sure, it's better if you like fucked up diagonals, massive deadzone, and an awkward physical location.

The only flaws with n64's joystick were that it had a plastic grip and wore down over time. The mapping and accuracy are unmatched.

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