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What are some great ps1 hidden gems

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Racing Lagoon. Pretty good street racing RPG.

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None of them

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What do you mean none of them

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Everyone knows about em, so they aren't hidden anymore. Are you slow or something?

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dracula: the resurrection

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Nothing. Every decent PS1 game was well known long before you were born.

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People here are assuming that you're old as fuck like we are.

Depending on what kind of games you're into there was a game called "Sentient" that I really enjoyed.

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Kept this from many a thread ago, figured that this is a nice time to link it.

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No, were not. We're taking the piss out of a kid whos asking the same stupid question >9000 other stupid kids have.

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At least this thread is on-topic and about retro games. Unlike 90% of the cataloge which is a witch-hunt over an Australian shitposter, communism, /pol/ country vs. country race vs. race shit and the forever console war.

So kindly get off your high horse you pretentious cunt, and take a long walk off a short cliff.


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Hidden gems, huh...?

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Steel Reign. An amazing and fun tank game. I find most people dont know about it, which is very sad.

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Shit, picture didnt load.

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A joint development between Konami and Atlus and was never released to the US. Should try it out if you like survival horror games.

Plot goes full retard about halfway through though.

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Ore No Ryuouri (all you need to know is how to use analog sticks to be good at this game)

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Tiny Tank
Cardynal Syn

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Spider and Roll Away/Kula World.

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>witty white knight to the wescue
top kek kid

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I don't know if it's a hidden gem or not but I got to play a bit of 'Ghost in the Shell' yesterday and it's really quite fun. The controls are great and it makes you feel like a badass climbing up the walls with your tank thing.

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you guys are assholes


Syndicate Wars

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Not sure why it's a stupid question. Kid just wants more vidya to play, man.

As for OP,
Geki-Oh is the ony thing I can really think of that's never mentioned that I really enjoyed, but it's pretty much a Raiden clone and is a DIRECT arcade port. And by that, I mean select is your "insert quarter" button.

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I just tried the Final Fantasey 15 demo so i thought i should try some older game in the timeline. This one looks pretty cool but wow!! Its different. Kind of boring and bad graphics, sound bad too. Id say like 5 out of 10 cuz it has a cool story and i dont think many ppl played it cause its only $10 on steam and no one talks about it

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>I got my covers pulled and embarrassed myself by being a whiny old cunt and thus I have no comeback
Y-yeah? W-well fuck you too!


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Jersey Devil

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>everyone knows all games because the question was asked by another person previously

good job having autism

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I guess I should have been a memebaby like you?
>tips fedora

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>hates memes
>uses memes
Take your sanity pills grandpa and go to bed.

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It's a novel thing to experience, but I wouldn't call it a gem.

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>can't tell when he's being made fun of
Take your tism pills and go to bed baby.

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>keeps trying to get the last word in after he got exposed like a punk bitch
Guess that's the ol' college try attitude, right you big gay bear?

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Would you two morons knock it off and contribute to the thread. FFS

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Aged horribly and not obscure at all.

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PS1 games have all aged like warm milk.

The graphics look fucking terrible. These games are unplayable.

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Silent Bomber.

Weird title, but very fun.

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>keeps trying to get the last word in after he got exposed like a punk bitch
Irony: The Post

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Fantastic Four.

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Star wars Jedi Power Battles is an awesome gauntlet style game most people overlook

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