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Was it the first example of artificial difficulty in gaming?

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Whatever the first example of "get good faggot" is

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git gud

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How is it artificial?

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thats totally doable and isnt 'artificial difficulty' you typical /vr/ pleb

I'll give u the benefit of the doubt and assume ur just fishing for (You)s tho lmao

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Can't not take a hit if you're big Mario.

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You don't have to get hit.

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yes you can, you just have to be quick enough and not complete garbage.

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thats wrong though retard

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Wow, ableist as fuck, shitlord.

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How are you supposed to win when every ducking enemy respawns

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This was posted so many time.
Can we just end this thread here already?

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You get the high score, bro.

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I want you to remember this moment every time you go into a thread and bitch that it's badly designed because muh 'artificial difficulty'. It's far more likely (99% probability) that you're just a shitter that sucks at the game, and pretty much everything else, too.

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Let this be a lesson to all the rest of you millennial shitters too - the lesson being you suck dicks.

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The jump in world 8-2 used to kill me every time until I understood how momentum worked in the game and I realized it was a leap of faith more than anything. The fact that you don't jump from the pipe but in fact jump before the pipe (and thus farther back) is a beautiful example of genius level design based solely on how counter-intuitive it is.

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It's tricky but if you build some speed first it's doable. Just time it right.

Also I say this as someone who fucking suck at SMB1.

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Every time.

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>artificial difficulty
I thought this term referred to fake difficulty (something that is just made to appear difficult on surface, but really isn't).

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Artificial difficulty refers to making a game harder, usually by unorthodox means outside that game's usual gameplay, because otherwise, at least in the eyes of the developers, the game would be too easy.
>this level's too easy, I know...we'll add a timer, that will make it more difficult
OP's pic is just regular difficulty.

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It's made for shitters who don't want to look like shitters.
>Look at this shit, it's not even hard but it's still impossible. fuck the devs and their shitty artificial difficulty

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delete this

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Isn't this frame-perfect?

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'artificial difficulty' is just a pretentious way of saying 'cheap'. it's usually spouted by people that suck at video games that can't accept that they could possibly be bad at something or that people are capable of playing video games better than them.

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Why do Americans think Mario was the first in everything? I've seen people claim shit like SMB is the first scrolling platformer, Donkey Kong was the first platformer, Mario 64 was the first 3D platformer. Do you realise how retarded you sound? Nintendo has never innovated anything. Get over it.

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>only Americans do this

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Australia-kun, go to bed.

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I personally do it to enrage nerds like you.

>Do you realise how retarded you sound?

It's worth it for the sound you make when chewing on that bait.

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Who else would do it? No other English speaking country had Nintendo.
You think it's good to shit up the board with Nintendo shit? Do you shit in your bed and tell your wife it was worth it just to see her recoil?

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no, but pretty close

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>You think it's good to shit up the board with Nintendo shit?

I bet seeing the sticky with the Zelda picture gives you actual seizures, australia. I love it!

Nintendo invented your mother.

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Nintendo did not innovate anything.

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Keep crying, bitch.

Kids in the future will continue to think Nintendo invented everything, and you will be revolving in your grave. Enjoy your existence.

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Pretty sure Nintendo made the first video game that wasn't shit

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it was doom.

just add more monsters

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What game was that?
Only because of faggots like Mike Magay and the Angry Nintendo Nerd.

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I think there's a grain of an actual valid idea in the term "artificial difficulty", it just almost never applies


Most of the examples given above are idiotic

But timers are totally legit, what's unfair about that?

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nobody gives a fuck about your shitty zed ex spectrum games

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Didn't you know? Orkarina of Time and Mary-O 64 were the first 3D games ever.

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Why do Americans assume that the Spectrum was the most important microcomputer in Europe and the UK? It was just the cheapest and it mostly just got scaled down ports.

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When did I say a goddamned thing about "importance"?

You need to stop trying so fucking hard.

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>artificial difficulty
are you people retarded?

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Final Doom had some pretty bullshit artificial difficulty tbqh.

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It seems to be your go to response, so I would imagine you believe it holds significance in the realm of 8 bit microcomputers.

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It's not artificial difficulty, you just suck at videogames.

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Wasn't Nintendo the first to do portable gaming with the Game and Watch games and the first to do motion based controls with the power glove?

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Enjoy your existence. You better hope the afterlife isn't real, because if it isn't over when you die, your soul is gonna suffer good.

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Coleco football predates the Game and Watch, many games used motion controls before the Power Glove. Most notably, Sega's Hang On.

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Not even edgy, your ghost is gonna suffer when all the kids in the future continue to think Nintendo invented video games. Poor sould of yours, it will be eternal torture.

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yeah? well your hole's gonna suffer good after i finish fucking your mom faggot

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Give me a break man, at least I'm not the one getting mad at video games.

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How do you even manage to tie your shoes everyday without accidentally amputating your fingers?

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No I'm just making fun of it because british people always talk about it, and yeah, we don't fucking care.

Why do americans not care about the history of the european video game industry? Because europe is a fucking ALSO-RAN in regards to video games. You don't fucking matter. Getting upset about it and saying "ugh fucking americans" doesn't change the reality of it. Europe was, and is, a tertiary contributor to video games.

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I can only smile when I imagine his autism when he sees your gif (it's a nintendo game so I bet his autism triggers him hard)

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What does that even mean? Games aren't real. They're all artificial

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They did neither of those things. Why do Nintendrones know nothing of video game history?

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Why do Americans get so triggered when someone posts about games from their own country? Is it because America couldn't handle a video game industry and had to be spoonfed by Japan?

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Why is Nintendo so based?

Because it makes people like >>3327628 mad as fuck.

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Maybe because they're based on the innovations of more competent companies.

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You haven't posted about any video games from any country other than japan.

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Nah, it's because they trigger autists like you. That's why Nintendo is based.

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So you only like them for that? That's understandable, they never did anything themselves that would garner such a response.

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Because I am merely responding. I've made numerous threads about domestic games.

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Yeah dude, I'm the same as you, I don't play vidya, I just shitpost about them on an anonymous taiwanese stop-motion film forum.

But at least I'm not triggered by Nintendo so I'm not that bad I guess.

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Why am I laughing so hard

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You think because I don't play Nintendo's awful games that I don't play any at all? Nintenyearolds are delusional.

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Yeah, and nobody's triggered when you post those threads, because nobody gives a shit about Nigel vs. the Batty Boatswain for the amiga.

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right, I know you're just here all day shitposting, why should I think otherwise?

AND you still get triggered by Nintendo.
So much, that you waste time talking about Nintendo.

And you know what? I love it.

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funny that people are bitching about skills based games, when there are legit cheap ass games to complain about. there are point-and-click games that have puzzles that are impossible to figure out. there are SNK fighters with final bosses that pull off moves with timing and under conditions that no human player could replicate. I mean shit like spamming super moves, or doing charge moves without charging. there are bullshit adventure games that require events be done in a specific order, at specific times, in order to pass. Looking at you, Castlevania 2. there are cheap arcade games where they just kill you if you take too long, like Gauntlet or Bubble Bobble.

then, there are just broken junk, like Battletoads.

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This thread is a perfect example of why /vr/ shouldn't exist.

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don't put all us europeans or even british people inside the same bag as this autist australia-kun.

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People clearly do, just not yanks. That makes the threads better. We can actually engage in banter without some retarded American either calling it shitposting or chanting USA like some chest beating idiot. Americans don't understand banter, humour, or retro computers.

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you really think your retarded (actual retarded, not buzzword retarded) memes can be qualified as "banter", australia-kun?

you are the disgrace of /vr/

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Why do Americans?

>> No.3327821

I don't banter with yanks, they don't get it.

>> No.3327827


I'm from Sweden though.

You are legit retarded.

>> No.3327846

So you're autistic? Banter is more of an Anglo thing.

>> No.3327849


You can't banter for shit, all you do all day is complain about nintendo and yanks. Banter is about being creative and witty, not repetitive and copying old /v/ memes like "nintenyearold".

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50Hz. Forever

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>Anglo thing.

Ah, no wonder you're retarded.

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>slow ass Green Hill Zone music starts playing

>> No.3327858

That's because you don't recognise my usual posts.
Nice meme.
Continentals will always be retarded.

>> No.3327860


Wait, you still have time to make posts other than the ones complaining about Nintendo and yanks? Impossible.

>> No.3327863

>Continentals will always be retarded.

can't you be a little bit more creative? I say autist, you say autist, I say retard, you say retard.

Stop being a fucking parrot.

Oh wait you're an anglo, nevermind, continue to be retarded.

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It literally is retro-themed /v/.

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Sorry, Sweden, I can't hear your tiny empire.

>> No.3327873


Sweden? what makes you think I'm a swede?

Face it australia, you're a noided, old guy who is obsessed with Nintendo.

You will die, and Nintendo will continue to be talked about and regarded as a video game legend, nobody will talk about the ports on Amiga.

You will die alone and bitter, as you deserve.

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People have shit taste. What do I care? They're the ones missing out.

>> No.3327879

>What do I care?

Evidently enough to shitpost like an obsessed autist all the time on /vr/

You will die alone. Just remember that.

>> No.3327880

You get really upset over opinions on the internet. Go be an edgy kid somewhere else.

>> No.3327882


Nah, not even upset, I enjoy your obsessive behavior, it's kind of entertaining.
Also not even edgy, but you are older than most people around here so I feel like I should remind you of the imminent destiny you'll have to face.

>> No.3327883

So do you, over Nintendo and Americans. Hypocrite

>> No.3327884

You sound pretty upset.
>u die alone
Top edge.

>> No.3327887


But you WILL die alone, what's wrong with that? I'm fine with you dying alone, aren't you?

>> No.3327891


Sounds like he's triggering you though.

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Come on australia, it's just banter, can't handle the bantz?

Although it's also true, who the fuck would want to take care of your old dying ass? you'll probably still be cursing Nintendo when you're on your final breath

>> No.3327901

My arse isn't dying. This is a reason why yanks can't banter, you always use nigger slang.
Edgy. Are you the Edgy Nintendo Nerd?

>> No.3327905

>My arse isn't dying

Not yet? Soon enough then. You're old already so it can't take too long.

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Question for Australia-kun (if this really is the same guy from other threads who always insults nintendo fans and americans):

Why do you do it? I have nothing against you, but it always kind of pains me to see people attack you and you taking it. It's not like you don't deserve it, but why don't you just stop?
You're just proving them right when they call you an autist and all that shit.... it kind of pains me because I know you're an Amiga and Master System fan, and I like these systems too, but you're always angry... why can't you just be a normal poster?

>> No.3327914


that's like asking a masochist why does he like to put needles on his penis

>> No.3327918

>Why do Americans assume that the Spectrum was the most important microcomputer in Europe
Because europoors
>It was just the cheapest
exactly :^)

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>mfw this thread

>> No.3327937


are you blazed right now, gackt?

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Nintendo made the first Nintendo game.

Checkmate, atheists.

>> No.3328256

Nintendo games are for kids and autists.

>> No.3328281

Not retro. "Artificial difficulty" didn't exist until a few years ago when some underage couldn't beat a kirby game. git gud 90s baby

>> No.3328360

The smb2j last choose-the-right-path puzzles were more aggravating imo

>> No.3328372

Why is it so hard for manchildren to admit that a game can just be hard? This 'git gud' shit has gone so far that no one ever admits having difficulties with games anymore. I recently played super meat boy (not retroHAHAHA) at friend's place and it was really damn hard. There I said it. Fuck you and your "artificial" shit and whatever you come up with trying to mask what a loser you are

>> No.3328397

Whatever the first game ever made was, that's the first example.

>> No.3328502

Artificial difficulty would be that large jump at the end of the Dennis the Menace game. The devs couldn't complete the game on time, so they added a large chasm that you cannot get across by jumping.

>> No.3328523

You fucking owned them. I mean it.


>> No.3328575

the goal post at the end...


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>tfw every game now panders towards self hating retards

But that's why we are here I guess.

>> No.3328614

Wtf does "artificial difficulty" even mean? It sounds like Millennial for "I wasn't able to 1CC the game on my first try".

>> No.3328630

Yup. Millennial for 'this game killed me waaaaah'

>> No.3328632

ur both millenials tho

>> No.3328643

90s born millennials are a whole other breed of cancer and are what people really mean when they say 'millennials'. If you're born in the mid 90s especially you might as well kill yourself srs.

>> No.3328649

nice try. all the same

>> No.3328652

Is this the thread for obnoxious gen-x'ers to complain about 'dem got dang youf destroying muh American culture!'?

Cool, found it.

>> No.3328656


Just say Gen Z.
Post-millenial is the term you're looking for.

>> No.3328657

no one on this forum is over 35. fact

>> No.3328664

You sure about that?


>> No.3328679

do you believe everything you red on the internet? they are clearly lying because no olds have a reason to visit here

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In these kind of levels I like to say 'nigger nigger nigger' along to the beat.

>> No.3328706


I do the same but with "gordi falu falu" instead

>> No.3328707

>believing only what you want to believe
What reason do they have to lie in an anonymous survey nobody cares about?

>> No.3328723

It's when a game throws a brick wall at you that wont be overcome without anything short of pure memorization or brute-forcing.

Imagine a timed quest where you have to collect 10 boar assholes, but only 10% of boars have assholes. You are purely at the mercy of the RNG.

Or a boss that fires unavoidable instadeath lasers with no warning unless you are standing in a very exact spot.

>> No.3328727


Hi /b/

>> No.3328747

>he wasn't here for the early days when there were no shitposts
Sad that this board has become like /v/

>> No.3328765

How about that bit in flashback where you have to climb up a ledge with a bomb trap. There's no way to avoid getting hit.

>> No.3328804


I'm 36. fact.

>> No.3328810

Healing comes at a pittance in Flashback. That's more artificial longevity.

>> No.3328813

This. All video game difficulty is artificial.

>> No.3328815

>tfw whenever you see porn you think of the enter pipe sound fx as the guy starts shoveing his dick in the girl

>> No.3329150

I'm over 40 and come here because it's better than reddit and facebook and other SJW gathering places.
I still like the old 90's (pre Web 2.0) Internet better though.

>> No.3329161

>implying every videogame is difficult
You're a retard.

>> No.3329194

I don't get it.

>> No.3329214

>only moment in the whole game that actually forces you to utilize the physics and control to their fullest.

>you get a free hit anyway

>artificial difficulty

lick a dick

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>confusing casual filter with artificial difficulty

I want all millennials to get cancer.

>> No.3329250

It's always a matter of perspective. The difficulty is arbitrary and some will find it unforgiving, while others think it's too easy.
Some games even let you choose the level of difficulty, but it's still arbitrary. Unless maybe the game adapts to the player, but those are few and far between.

>> No.3329292

This is how I play sonic games

>> No.3329352

37 here.

>> No.3329474


No. Might be hard to pull off on a laggy LCD display though.

There's also a crouch jumping technique you can use to give you a few more frames of clearance, in case you need the extra time and can trade ease of execution for a few more frames.

>> No.3329479

Kek and there's me thinking the solution would be an extremely precise movement, when in fact all you had to do was duck as it came past. Fucking hell, a monkey could do it.

>> No.3329481


Such scrub-level play that it triggers people.

>> No.3329487

Hey, at least they ran. The other day there was a Mario vid posted here where they didn't even do that.

>> No.3329501


Rather than making the game difficult through something like challenging level design or skillful AI, you take the cheap way out.

Like you have a boss fight that is completely unimaginative and the boss monster has potato-level AI, so you just give it a million hit points to force the player into an endurance match.

>> No.3329503

what do you mean 'ran'? the guy in that webm is not running you retard, he's using mario's jogging speed

i hope this is b8 lol. /vr/ is so useless

>> No.3329508

No there's clearly running. There is no "jog" speed - there's walk or run. It's not like the NES has any analogue controls. It's clear from the video that the run button is being used.

>> No.3329514

lol you dumb shit. he didn't duck. you looked at the obstance just before the one at 1:29:13

>/vr/ morons can't even tell when they're looking at different level design
kekeke. this board omg

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>It's clear from the video that the run button is being used.
You're wrong. You're so fucking stupid. that is literally the speed mario goes at when you're not holding the run button.

/vr/ is so fucking clueless it hurts.

>> No.3329519


Have you actually played SMB? That's literally the speed he goes when you press right on the D-pad and nothing else.

>> No.3329520

OH yeah you're right. Ho hum.

>> No.3329523

There was a video posted the other day where Mario clearly wasn't running. Unlike this one here.

>> No.3329527

No, there's clearly walking. You do know that running and walking use the same animation, right? The difference is the speed and he never leaves walking speed. Have you even fucking played SMB?

>> No.3329529

This is SMB2 you useless wanker.

>> No.3329535

I'm not gonna reply to you anymore due to the very high chance this could be b8. If it's not, I'd like you to know that you're utterly retarded. If it's b8, gg gl hf.

more b8 :^)

>> No.3329536

>No, there's clearly walking
Yes, there's both - as evidenced by the changes in speed.

>> No.3329540


The only way to make Mario move slowly is to tap the D-pad repeatedly, because it takes a second for him to accelerate. If you press and hold right, he'll accelerate up to and maintain the speed you saw in the video.

If you press and hold B, he will accelerate further to running speed, which never happened in the video.

>> No.3329541

I love you bb.

>> No.3329543

... You've literally never played SMB in your life, have you?

>> No.3329547

Um... this is SMB2 you worthless tosspiece.

>> No.3329553

ilu2 australia-kun

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Mario controls exactly the same in SMB2 as he does in the first one you dumb shit. The mechanics are the same.

>> No.3329556


You mean the second game in the series, released in Japan and using the same run/walk physics at the first?

No, I didn't notice.

>> No.3329558

*SMB2J before some other trollerino comes along :^)

It's SMB2J you worthless tosspiece.

>> No.3329559

Ok so I was wrong. Good for you.

>> No.3329617


If you can duck to avoid the first one, why wouldn't you be able to duck to avoid the second? The obstacle is precisely the same.

>> No.3329623

Take a closer look at the spot where he ducks.

>> No.3329629
File: 114 KB, 552x799, f74e94a76d35cfbadba620436b6f5632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jesus christ. just gonna copy/paste my shit.

>/vr/ morons can't even tell when they're looking at different level design
kekeke. this board omg

>> No.3329634
File: 11 KB, 392x243, 1445814954658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit this game looks fucking impossible.

>> No.3329642


Ah, thanks man!


Lighten the fuck up. We're on 4chan talking about video games.

>> No.3329665

mom telling me to go to bed

>> No.3329676

>We're on 4chan talking about video games.
we are? woah

>> No.3329737

artificial difficulty is dependable on numbers that can be raised or lowered (health or time limit, etc.)
this is still dependable on your mastery of mario's movements
but made me respond, so i'll give you a 5/10

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File: 263 KB, 800x600, E2M8_Battling_Cyberdemon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just described typical shoot'em up boss battle where he just spams you with bullets. Also, Doom E2M8 cyberdemon battle. He has 4000 hit points and you have to shoot him 50 times with rocket to kill him. However one of his rockets can kill you instantly, unless you have enough armor. And he's not smart at all, none of the Doom monsters are. Despite that, this battle was probably the most tense and rewarding part of the game for me, when I finally saw him go down. I'm not sure it would be the same now for people who play with modern port that gives freelook & aiming, etc. I was playing this in 1994 with just the default keyboard setup, because I didn't know any better (nobody told me about WASD+mouse, and I didn't have Internet). It took me around 10 minutes or so for that battle, so that really was an "endurance match". It wasn't for several years before I got comfortable fighting them, unless the BFG was given.

>> No.3330963

I fought him recently and I didn't find him that hard. Long fight, yes, but not hard by any means. I'm convinced quite thoroughly that a chunk of the difficulty in Doom is a result of the default controls being shit. The second you turn to WASD+mouse, it's like night and day.

>> No.3330989

E2 Cyberdemon is not 'artificial difficulty' by any means. In fact he's not difficult at all you fucking retard.

>> No.3331032

>You just described typical shoot'em up boss battle where he just spams you with bullets.

Yes, and?

I've beaten the CD by chainsawing and punching it in the ass repeatedly so I don't know if I'd call it difficult even with all its health though...

>> No.3331123

Either way, it's not SMB1 is it, you tossless worthpiece.

>> No.3331138

Dude no Ive cleared that shit flawless many times U just suck

>> No.3331227

Yeah the controls are part of it, and a lot of people didn't use mouse back then. I didn't know anybody who did, until I got on Internet and found out about the WASD stuff.

Yeah it's not so hard when you already played all the other FPS games that came after Doom. You're the retard here, because even the E1M8 battle was considered hard back in the day. Go on doomworld and read people's accounts of how they saved up their rockets in the last half of that episode, just because they were that scared of the bruiser bros. Now of course nobody bats an eye, but we're not playing the same way, and we have much greater experience, so they're not so tough unless you're stuck in a tiny room and have to tyson them.

Yeah it's easy now becasuse Doom isn't new and everyone knows the monsters by heart, and they practiced these maneuvers over and over. But even circle strafe was a new discovery for most people in 1994, and it wasn't something you could perform well withouth WASD+mouse, which a lot of people didn't learn about for a long time. The first time I learned about this and used it in a deathmatch against my friends, they were blown away by how good I had become at Doom. They were still using the old default keyboar setup (and no mouse), and I wasn't even entirely comfortable yet with the WASD stuff, but still they couldn't touch me.

>> No.3331235

If you can get past as little mario you can get through as big mario. You see, when you hit DOWN on the d-pad you'll crouch, which only takes up as much space as little mario.

>> No.3331361

is this the first example of artificial difficulty?

>> No.3331509

>Mario controls exactly the same in SMB2 as he does in the first one you dumb shit. The mechanics are the same.
There are a couple differences. For example, you bounce higher off enemies when you hold A.