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I have to say it: Ocarina of Time sucked huge hairy ball sacks. What a huge waste of time and money!
People even say it's graphics were great, but they were fucking terrible, and yes, I'm comparing it to N64 games.
It didn't get enjoyable until getting the Mirror shield, and by then you're almost done with it.
And before anyone says "hurr guess Zelda games jus rnt ur thing, go back to COD u pleb", I've never even played games past gamecube era and some of my favorite games are Zelda games.
So what the fuck? Why does this game get so much praise? Best game of all time my ass!

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Also, when I say the graphics were terrible, let me give comparisons:
Paper Mario had timeless graphics and did something unique.
The bomberman games looked great with their way of perspective and use of charm, especially "the second attack".
Just about every Rare game had fucking fantastic graphics for their time.
Even fucking Mario 64 used the TV blur to it's advantage for objects which used sprites, giving a depth illusion while saving memory and making it look better than it would with polygons.
Ocarina of Time doesn't do shit, and people say "it's graphics were beautiful for it's time". No they fucking weren't. Majora's Mask on the other hand though does have good graphics.

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>No they fucking weren't. Majora's Mask on the other hand though does have good graphics.

Those two games look nearly identical to me from a graphical standpoint

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your gay

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Arin pls go

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Here's your (You)

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0/10, way too obvious. Next time make it a little more believeble.

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Basically, it's a bunch of folks who grew up with just N64s not knowing any better, and young "nerds" (of the twitter and facebook variety) helping spread the meme, because "memes are cool", and simply because THEY don't now any better.

Games that actually shaped things to come, started trends, lead the pack and made major impacts on gaming as a whole never get the cred. It's always that ONE game that was "special" for whatever arbitrary nostalgic reasons that gets the cred. Weather it deserves it or not.

OoT is THE game in those terms. It did a few existing ideas a little differently or maybe even a little better than others, and it attracts a certain kind of person, so now it's the "best game ever", even though most people wouldn't actually agree with that.

I think the best example of that, is that 3 years ago, The Last of Us was ":the best gaem EVAR!!!" according to the false flag nerd crowd. But now gaming "journalists" are telling them differently, so all the same people are citing OoT instead.

It's literally a 20 year old flavor of the month. Nothing to really worry about.

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What happened to her harp?

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Low quality bait.

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OPs don't get (You)s, they get (OP)s, even for the OP himself.

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Holy shit, you have completely changed my outlook on life. I see things completely different now. I don't know what the fuck I was doing before.
Please tell me where I can subscribe to your thoughts and writings.

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Agreed. Fucking garbage held up on a pedestal by hipsters who remember it as "babbys first gaem."

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Finally, this needed to be said. Ocarina was a mess.

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In an alternate world where James Rolfe's parents had bought him a Master System instead of an NES...

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I'm tired of seeing you kids slaughter the same sacred cows all the times.

Don't you get tired of shittalking MGS or OOT?

Can't you find other sacred cows? there's a lot of "hidden gems" that /vr/ circlejerk about, why don't aim for those if you actually want to troll? Nobody gives a shit if you complain about popular games, you're just gonna be called hipster or contrarian, but maybe that's what you want.

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Doom is the real sacred cow.

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You made me see the light OP. I used to love Ocarina of [Shit] (I can't even say its original name anymore, I hate it so much), but now I am a

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Wow, an angry guy saying video games aren't good with generic dick references. Never seen this on the internet before

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My gay what?

I've never shit talked OOT or even played MGS before. Did you know that not every person who falls into a category of doing the same thing is the same person?

Look, I can respect that people enjoyed this game, and that's cool for you.
But exaggerating how "great" it is and trying to claim that it's the "best game of all time" is going a bit too far.
And when you start bashing other people for not sharing your opinion, it's crossing the line and becomes a pain in the ass.

I swear to god, you people who can't accept OOT criticism are worse than Narutards.

Thank you for making sense out of this.

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Another skiddie playing on an emulator with a keyboard

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Oh you were serious then. Are you new on /vr/? We get troll posts about OOT and MGS pretty much on a daily basis.

Well, don't feel bad then because there's a lot of people that share your opinion. There's an e-celeb that's pretty well known called Egoraptor who thinks exactly like you. Don't feel alone, anon.

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It's alright. Not great. I liked it when it first came out but it's aged kind of badly for me. I don't think Zelda was brought to 3D as well as Mario or Metroid. I love the 2D block-based overhead view.

Plus OOT relied way too much on the ocarina. Can't open this door? Play a tune, etc.

It was trying too hard to be cinematic too, IMO. Fuck that shit just let me play the game. I wanna find shit, have battles and solve puzzles not watch cut scenes.

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>even for the OP himself.
Really? I wouldn't know, as I've never made a thread that anyone replied to :(

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I don't like Ocarina. Like, at all. Never did. I do love the original 4 Zeldas, but anything else past that is a copycat of Ocarina, so the franchise is dead to me, really. I'll keep going back to the oldies, always.

But, hating on a game just because memes and not because you dislike the game/prefer the previous games is fucking stupid. Make your own decisions.

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Another obnoxious tween who has no clue about vidya,

You're probably oblivious to how utterly fucking broken 3D platforming and 3rd person adventure games were until Nintendo pretty much laid out the rules with Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time.

You're probably completely ignorant to the groundbreaking leaps in game design, gameplay mechanics and player/controller amalgamation featured in Ocarina of Time.

You're probably witless to the realisation that that Ocarina of Time not only redefined interactive entertainment, but that its influence continues to permeate the industry to this day and it's innovations have been ripped off by everyone for the past 20 years.

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>>3325607 (OP)


>Z-targeting is an ingenious and eloquent solution to real-time 3D combat. You could strafe, skip around your opponent, block, parry, backflip, use an item from your inventory - all without it ever becoming confusing. Go back and look at early Playstation games and realise how FUCKED 3D gaming was before ooT.

>The genius inclusion of the companion fairy, who would point things out, drop hints and offer comfort to the player (bearing in mind this was when playing in 3D was new and could have easily overwhelmed the player).

>Or what about the secluded forest opening portion of the game. A brilliant piece of game design which acts as a tutorial sectional making (at that time) a relatively complex control scheme as second nature as breathing by the time you step out into the full game world?

>What about the entire fucking control pad doubling as a musical instrument and weaved into the gameplay?

>Context sensitive controls. Every other game tried to include a button for EVERY action. Nintendo gave you ONE button to press - it's use changing depending on the situation. They even removed the need for a jump button. All of this is innovative design which frees the player's mind from doing the donkey work so they can concentrate on more complicated issues and just plain ENJOY the game.

>Even simple things like using the in-game graphics engine for cut scenes so that the player doesn't lose immersion.

All of this shit might seem obvious game design 101 now but thats only because devs have stood on the shoulders of giants for the past 20 years. It still doesn't excuse your complete fucking ignorance,

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These are great points, but no one in this thread is really gonna take them seriously.

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> Never even played games past gamecube era

Also, I'm in my fucking 20s and played Mario 64 when it first came out, which I never said I didn't like.

I can agree that Z targeting is great and was probably a big thing, but I couldn't care less about any of the other things you mentioned.

>The genius inclusion of the companion fairy


>Tutorial section

Fuck that.

>Context sensitive controls.

Are you for real? I can think of countless games before OOT in which what a button does changes based on situation. In fact, I'm having trouble thinking of games before then that don't do this!

>cut scenes so that the player doesn't lose immersion

Too bad I lost immersion from how boring the story is. It wouldn't be too bad if Zelda didn't tell you nearly the same god damn long ass story that the Deku Tree tells you.
Besides, the first game to use cutscenes was Donkey Kong. Maybe OOT did it first in 3D, but saying every game after it that used cutscenes wouldn't have thought to do so if it weren't for OOT is absolute bull shit.

Mario 64 on the other hand was, without question, "revolutionary", but nobody is debating that.

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Not him, but if you're in your 20's you must have been very young when OoT was released and, no offense, you probably don't appreciate the impact it had on gaming.

Nintendo didn't just move the goalposts with OoT. They put the goalposts in a rocket and shot them into space.

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Please delete this fucking thread for fucks sake


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>it's a nintodler can't handle criticism episode

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It's not criticism. It's the opinion of a moron.

You can't honestly claim to love video games - especially retro games - and call Ocarina of Time shit.

Sure, everyone is entitled to an opinion,. But not all opinions are equal. Some opinions hold more water than other opinions because they are backed up with reason and logic.

Just because you are entitled to an opinion, it doesn't mean that you are not completely wrong in every respect.

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It's an overrated piece of shit, second only to fucking Half Life 2.

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Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.

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>Ocarina of Time overrated
>Half-life 2 overrated

Well fuck me, all this time the entire world has been wrong. Good job you're here to set the record straight.

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No, u suck. You suck big hairy poopoo balls covered in peepee.

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Okay, I'll take your word for it.
So it's revolutionary and Mario 64 doesn't mean shit, so what?
That doesn't change the fact that it clearly hasn't aged well and just isn't even 1/4th as fun to play as people are making it out to be.

Take this guy for example:

>"You can't honestly claim to love video games . . . and call Ocarina of Time shit."

I wouldn't have been so upset if I hadn't gone in expecting "the best game of all time". I admit, the game was certainly not the worst game I've ever played, but it's very far from being the best.

Like I said, I can respect the opinion of people who liked it, but when you say shit like that, I can't help but think you clearly must be full of that shit.

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>it clearly hasn't aged well and just isn't even 1/4th as fun to play as people are making it out to be.

People tend to lose their shit on /vr about the whole "hasn't aged well" meme.

But yes, sometimes the passage of time is not kind to many games and they often feel dated when played now.

The graphics, textures and low framerate might instantly sour a young person's opinion playing it for the 1st time in 2016.

But those are just aesthetics. The core gameplay is still solid.

Ocarina was remade on the 3DS just a couple of years ago with virtually no changes to the gameplay at all. And it still received glowing reviews accross the board. You'd be hard pressed to find a better adventure game on the system.

It's a genuine masterpiece of game design. And I say that not as some unhinged Nintendofag, but as a level-headed gamer.

If the game doesn't click for you then that's a shame.

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OoT didn't invent any of that and the "controller as a musical instrument" is just straight bullshit. You're little just inputting a sequence of directional and button presses, it's nothing.

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>he doesn't know you can control pitch with the analog stick and d-pad

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>graphics were great
For the time, yes. This was 1998.

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Everyone posting in this thread is retarded

...yes, including me

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>that eh reh echo


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>now it's the "best game ever", even though most people wouldn't actually agree with that.

Except most people DO agree with that. Do a quick Google search for the greatest video game of all time and let me know what pops up.

Someone once said that true intelligence is being able to entertain an idea without
necessarily accepting it.

What that means is, while the game might not be to everyone's taste, you have to objectively accept that it is regarded as one of the most greatest and most important video games ever made and your dislike of it has more to do with you than the actual game.

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can't even aim up.
what a shit game.

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>So it's revolutionary and Mario 64 doesn't mean shit, so what?
The fuck are you talking about? Mario 64 is just a highly regarded as Ocarina. The reason why it seems that more people talk about Ocarina is that they feel that no Zelda game has surpassed it yet, while it's generally thought that Galaxy overshadows Mario 64.

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>Why does this game get so much praise?


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Excuse me, but wtf is this shit
Its amazing

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Some games will always be classics. OoT has stood the test of time. Especially as the 3DS remake improved the graphics, framerate and item management.

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I've managed to successfully put down Doom without getting swarmed by Doombabies.

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