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Best way to play pic related? MSX2 european port? Wii re-release? The version inside MGS3? (hope not, I don't have a PS2 and I can't afford shit right now)

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BTW by Wii re-release I mean the Virtual Console version which I think I could download for my modded Wii

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>(hope not, I don't have a PS2 and I can't afford shit right now)

If you desperately want to get into the series, start with MG2, the fan translation is pretty good.

If you're keen on starting with MG1 download a patched ROM which is the European MSX2 release with a bunch of restored stuff and play that.

Playing the ports inside MGS3 should take no more than a toaster (comparatively to the average rig today) and PCSX2 with the speedhacking cracked to eleven.

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Right now I only have a shitty laptop. I'll check MG2 then.

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Make sure to check a walkthrough for a sequence where you have to tap the walls in a morse-like code. Playing with a walkthrough isn't exactly the most fair way to play but it will help you shake a headache or two, it's not a walk in the park and definitely a lot less linear than the sequels. Make sure to frequently contact your team if you're clueless about what to do or if you need hints.

What are your laptop specs anyway?

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It used to be ok, don't remember or care enough to check, it ran Dolphin without much issues

Then it got a voltage surge or something and now it barely runs N64 emulators

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It may have something to do with this:


I wouldn't know the first thing about fixing it unless getting into your bios (there should be written how to at boot). Hope you can fix it some day. Take it to a professional.

Or maybe it could be an issue with RAM, I'm telling you this because I don't know if blueMSX can run on less than Pentium 3-tier PCs.

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>Take it to a professional.
Not sure if you can tell by my english but I live in a shitty town in latin america, I've been scammed out of my money for trying to do so, now I'm waiting until stuff gets better to get a new PC (and a new fridge, TV, etc...) Thanks anyway.

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Alternatively, you can try getting a MSX emulator for Wii (although you'd need a keyboard you can plug in), or if anything goes wrong you could always start with MGS (it's the main gateway into the series), and only then trying MG2. The only reason I don't suggest the VC release of MG1 is because that's the NES version, and it's not a lot of fun (less you should pay for it). You may also try MG:Ghost Babel (also known as Metal Gear Solid) for the GBC once you're done with the first two games, I'm sure the Wii can handle it, that game is not technically canon though.

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Is the PS3 collection a good way to play the MSX games?

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Sure, if you don't mind upscaled pixels.

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emulator, USE Fmsx and a Rom from doperoms.

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It's fine, but the screen has a black frame so it looks tiny if you're playing on a CRT. It's meant to be played on an HD screen I guess.

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Why the fuck would you be playing PSN games on a CRT anon...

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Because they aren't HD?

I played MGS and am playing VR missions now on my CRT; they look fine as they aren't HD.

I believe MG1 and 2 were meant to be played on an HD screen though since they're part of the MGS3 HD remaster, but I'd honestly rather play them on a CRT. I tried playing them on my LED by even though the image was bigger, I wasn't too fond of how pixels looked.

I will play the other HD games (MGS2, 3, 4, PW) on the LED though, since those were actually remastered.

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Does the PS3 even have a 240p resolution? I was under the impression that it upscaled all the original PS games to 480p.

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Probably not, but still the games aren't HD.

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