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Good idea OP. What's everyone's favorite Alex Kidd game?

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I like Shinobi World.

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I like it so much I forget my fucking image.

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Miracle World
Shinobi World
Lost Stars
in that order

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This is built into my Master System 2, with glorious RF output! Alex Kidd in Shinboi world was the best one, I still have my cart for it, everything else is trash.

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What a shit-load of fuck.

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I consider Miracle World to be the best. Enchanted Castle didn't feel as tight, and Alex looks dumber.
I also liked Shinobi World, maybe because it's built as a parody to another game... but the Lost Stars, High-Tech World (Anmitsu Hime) and BMX Trial aren't very good. Lost Stars is pretty bad.

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pic related is the first console game i ever played

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check out Ma Kai Quest hack of it. pretty fucking sweet.

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It's funny how usually threads pop out when some e-celeb play a specific game, but that's the first time I saw a thread about a game coming out right before an eceleb video.

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why are you keeping track of e-celeb videos?

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Because I already lost track of my life

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use alcohol. It doubles the available tracks. One of them has to be right, eventually.

Anyway, just asking, because I noticed the people outraged about e-celebs tend to have a really good idea what video was made when. Makes no sense to me to dedicate so much time to it. I'd rather play games

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I don't like this game.

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this game literally taught me rock paper scissors.

>high tech world
ayy lmao.

did you know the question about the light from the sun is wrong, NASA has since improved the calculation and its impossible without a guide now.

I have still yet to make it to that arcade...

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OP detected.

We know what you're doing, faggot. Play dumb all you want. The joke's not funny.

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James didn't like it either

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So what's going on exactly? I can tell there's some trolling going on here atm, is this thread related to the guy who is roleplaying as Sonic in the other thread?

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There's a guy who makes a thread about every game featured on James & Mike mondays. This week was Alex Kidd.

It's a dank meme, don't worry about it.

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The rock paper scissors bosses is what kills this game for me. It's just trial and error the first time you meet them, so there's no skill involved at all. You just have to lose, write down the wrong/right answers, and get it perfect the next time through. Really bizarre system.

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Hi mike.

Every Monday there's always a thread in /vr/ with the game that James and Mike play. It's mike or some cinemassacre autist self promoting the videos. It's like clockwork.

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THIS. Best game in the series. So much fun.

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Who cares what provoked OP to make the thread? It's here now so discuss Alex Kidd or gtfo.

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Has a fat ass or just plain fattest? This is important.

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You can get that weird item at volcano stage and is able to see what your opponent will throw next. You only need to pay attention to the end of the music and to what he's going to play, if you change quickly you'll at least get a draw.

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I might as well just come here instead of Cinnemasacre to find out what the latest James and Mike Moneys is

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It's not just James and Mike Mondays, it's basically every retro game video the Cinemassacre puts out, be it J&MM, Mike & Bootsy, AVGN, etc. It's a running gag that was never funny.

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So what? Stop derailing the thread and discuss Alex Kidd.

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Miracle world was wonderfull and the arcade version of lost stars was great.

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I still wonder why there was a rockabilly nude guy shooting skulls out of his butt. Or why Alex screams so high when he gets hit.

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Why assume that only Brazilians played the Master System? It was the first really popular console in every first world country besides the US and Japan.

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not op here. You seem to be the right person to ask though. Why do you keep up with what e-celebs are posting, if it bothers you?

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>first world country

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My sides are gone.

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that's not what he was implying at all, you fucking idiot

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>final level


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I know what you mean, mah nigga. Just the fattest.

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Anmitsu Hime

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>reading comprehension

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I'm the second guy.

It doesn't bother me, in fact, the persistence makes it kind of amusing. Like when the BANE? shit really took off on /tv/.

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you're probably not the one I mean that. In these threads there's always one retard not getting tired to turn out how the thread is directly related to a video of an e-celeb they loathe. Usually with plenty of namedropping. At this point I think it's either someone with an unhealthy obsession, or OP trying to perform some shilling-troll act.

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Because I'm a fan of Cinemassacre. I follow them and know when a new video is posted. You make a thread about Alex Kidd just for a lame joke because they posted a video about it. You don't really want to discuss Alex Kidd.

Your joke's not funny. And we all know what OP is doing.

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>You make a thread about Alex Kidd just for a lame joke because they posted a video about it. You don't really want to discuss Alex Kidd.
You do that on every single thread. Don't you ever get tired?

>Your joke's not funny
I'm not OP, and nobody's laughing.

Anyway, thanks for crawling out of the wood works. Should be easy enough to filter your posts

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You like high-tech world but not lost stars? what in the fuck?

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I'm glad he did though, I wanted to discuss alex kidd.

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He's gonna take you back to the ass
To play the shitty games in his ass
He'd rather have a buffallo
Take a diarrhea dump in his ass
He'd rather eat the rotten asshole
Of a road killed ass and down it with ass
He's the assiest gaymer you've ever heard
He's the Angry asshole Nerd
He's the Angry ass bunghole Nerd
He's the Angry Video Ass Nerd

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OPs post itself cool. That shill is just annoying, because they're trying to derail every single one of these threads into their e-celeb nonsense. If OP and that shill are the same person, they need to work on their marketing scheme, because this one's mostly backfiring.

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Oh, ok I see your point now, sorry about that.

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also, Alex Kidd is indeed cool. I think it's kind of the only game I played on that console, because I had it borrowed from someone else for a week or so. Don't remember too much of it, and I should probably fix that.

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Yeah, although I'd recommend you only play Miracle World and the arcade version of Lost Stars, the rest are kind of forgettable, or downright horrible... I really wish Sega had kept him around and done a proper sequel to miracle world, since that one was really the best out of all of them.

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I think it's funny.

I hope it becomes the next Bane posting. /vr/ has so little culture, let us have this. It wouldn't be a problem if people would just discuss the actual game and no spent 3 days arguing over Mike.

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more namedropping? Is "Mike" a common word in gaming discussions (any game titles, protagonists), or can I safely filter shitheads like you with it?

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Unless you're talking about parodius or the kirby ability I think you're good, plus There's common sense.

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>butthurt Brazillian detected

sorry, still not first world

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that outta nowhere egyptian riff at 00:40 is straight goddamn fire

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>I'm not OP, and nobody's laughing
Still not funny, OP.

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>playing enchanted castle


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Enchanted Castle did nothing wrong

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>Enchanted Castle did nothing wrong

>Ignoring the Janken being forced into everything as opposed to it being a small diversion for bosses

>Ignoring the shitty art direction that they went with compared to Miracle World

>Ignoring the lackluster music that takes no advantage of the Genesis' sound capabilities.

>ignoring the lackluster level design

I mean it was OK at best but nowhere near perfect or worth playing compared to miracle world.

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OK, just went and played enchanted castle again and his complaint still is the top one for me, How do you go from The top picture's shop to the bottom picture.

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My people

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Ew, why?!

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rock-paper-scissors in general is a terrible idea

i don't care if it's the meme of the series, it's fucking stupid

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The music was pretty legit, fampai.

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Why is Japan so obsessed with rock paper scissors anyway? I always find it wedged into the weirdest places, like the first village in Xenogears even had it as a minigame.

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>that MSX parodius boss

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why what?

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Miracle World is to Monster World
as Lost Stars is to Adventure Island

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well in miracle world it was cool because it was a small diversion and they were bosses so its not like you didnt know why you were doing it or the price of loss, but putting it in shops was when it got stupid

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why would you play high tech world?

>> No.3323362

I guess but that would imply lost stars is a seperate series... or that the console port was good

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I said lacklususter for a reason, not the best, but not the worst

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>if it's the meme of the series

you have no idea what meme is

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jesus fucking christ off the cross...

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thats why you dont play enchanted castle anon.

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Anmitsu Hime adaptation

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It's a bad game to begin with at that, why do people like it?

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Has anyone played this ROM hack? It's really good.

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Will we ever see an Alex Kidd anything ever again?

>> No.3324798

Alex Kidd in GTA World

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I hope so, if not I hope at least fantasy zone comes back.

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only when sonic truly dies

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I just played Miracle World(because in-built, never saw a physical copy) and Shinobi World because friend had it. Shinobi World was pretty good and the best.
Miracle World is loads of trial and error. Never finished that shit because this game is hard, not only because you need to be careful as hell when jumping, but you need to get and buy certain items and learn from previous mistakes to not die due to the fucking seals(actually ghosts) hiding everywhere. And why I never finished this? Because of the fucking final puzzle. You need to memorize a password or get a stone map with the password to finish the game. AND YOU NEED TO READ THE STONE FROM RIGHT TO LEFT LIKE YOUR FAVORITE JAPANESE MANGA. How the fuck would a western kid even know this shit without guides?
And fuck that later forest level without the motocyle. Most painful thing I ever done, be from the start or losing the motocyle half way.
Is not a nintendo game, what were you expecting? They even forgot about the pause button on the console.
This is a game he could have raged about a lot of stuff, but no, non-nintendo game not interested.
Well, he was in the Sonic Racing game... at least they didn't forgot about Kidd.

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He made a cameo in that Sega-sponsored anime last year.

>> No.3325765

If he were going to come back it would have been during that XBLA surge .Maybe an indie dev will ask to use the license but I doubt it.

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>beat the game
>didn't save Kidd's brother because there was a shitty pattern to remembert

jesus fuck you sega i already beat this game against king janken, fuck you and your spikes, fuck your ghosts, fuck your monkeys with invisible projectiles, fuck your second time boss fights with floating heads


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Only cool thing with Enchanted Castle was being able to punch projectiles that slam enemies, I kept laughing my ass off back then just because I could do it

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yeah I was going to mention that, i also liked some of the new items and those weird bouncy blocks.

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If Sega were to make a new Alex Kidd game what would you want it to be like? Personally I'd like to see Miracle World get a proper sequel, maybe even with some elements from Lost Stars.

>> No.3326786

>would you want it to be like?

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poor alex

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>implying miracle world or lost stars weren't fun

>> No.3326795

How do you read that?

>> No.3326798

well because they said they'd want it to be fun but I didn't know if that was just a thing about sega not making good games anymore or a thing about alex kidd never being fun

>> No.3326804

how about neither? Anon asked what a new game should be like. They did not ask about previous games, or Sega, or anything else.

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Ok, Nevermind. I guess I agree anyway since I would want it to be fun.

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>why would you play high tech world?
Because it has Kate. And she is the fattest.

>> No.3326854

That doesn't make up for anything.

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>This is a game he could have raged about a lot of stuff, but no, non-nintendo game not interested.

Actually I got the vibe that this would be a potential future AVGN episode. He doesn't just rail on Nintendo games and if it pissed him off enough, it could be a good episode