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ITT: goofy sprites and animations

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Mario falling from a jump in SMW always looked really off to me

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his hands are melting and his head is off center

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Ah, derplion.

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It's hilarious until you have to actually fight against it

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Let's just get it out of the way and say that just about all the battle sprites were terrible in Red/Blue/Green.

They did the best they could with a Game Boy game that had yet to become a global phenomenon

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whn you SWAGGIN

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Games before Pokemon had great sprite art.
And the Pokemon designs we know today had been present and published upon the game's development and release.

When I see the Gen 1 Pokemon sprites, I can only imagine they wanted to go for a heavily stylized version of what they already had, which was clearly a bad move that didn't work out the way they wanted.

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I found this terrifying as a kid, almost as scary as MissingNo using the Kabutops skeleton sprite

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I like most of the old sprites.

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The sprites in Yellow look much better though.

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All of these sprites are fucking awesome beside Articuno. I don't get why some people dislike it.

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>jap red/green yes

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It's the "over-the-shoulder" sprites that are bad though

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According to Ken Sugimori, the sprites were made before the official art. He perfected the designs and unified the art style when creating the official art.

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Early gen 1 sprites were more monstrous. They've tried to make Pokémon into cute cuddly looking pets.

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I never understood why Gamefreak didn't remove the original red/green backsprites and add new ones to the red/blue/yellow games.

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Because who cares?

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Has anyone made a romhack with these sprites?

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Maybe because red/blue backsprites don't match the front at fucking all?

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I fucking wish.

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There's so many weird things from Earthbound.

I wonder if Mother 3 ended up on the 64 would we have ended up with designs like this.

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literally every single sprite in cho aniki could be posted in this thread.

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every time

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>be me 3 days ago
>playing Sonic 2 & Knuckles
>already had all 7 emeralds at this stage
>speed right into this fucking hole
>mini panic attack
>Oh wait I can just climb the wall. Nevermind.

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My favourite sprite outside of a fighting game

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nah, the sprites in green sucked because the artist who translated concept art sucked.
They got someone who kinda copypasted concept art into the GB for yellow and the sprites are fantastic

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I don't really think they'd work on anything retro color-wise.

Plus no backsprites.

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I know we're focused on the dorky dinosaur, and damn, Bonk was full of weird sprites, but I absolutely cannot stand the early sprite of Bonk with the three hairs.

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>Shocker troops
I get it

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this area was the #1 cause of my panic attacks at 7 years old

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I agree. I originally was looking for an image with just Bonk but then I found this one..

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>blastoise is fat and has a broken arm

That's one where the Pokemon Green sprite is actually better IMO

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They'll jump around screeching Pi~!

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Oh no

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that was the scariest shit when i was a kid

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Blackface? In my Doki Doki Panic? Oh LAWD!

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I love the mario heads.

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Pac-Man 2 had the best animations for everything

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underrated post

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It's a great sprite, but what were they thinking with this pose? How do you even come up with something like this?

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How is he even staying balanced?

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His feet are stuck to the floor

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you know its best when kakuna has badass scythe arms instead of being a faggot paperweight like metapod

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ahahaha where is this from?

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Final Fantasy IV

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I am really surprised this game ain't more popular.

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That fucking onix though

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It's probably because it's a very... unique game. When they called it an "interactive cartoon" on the box, they meant it, but that also means that the feeling of being in control goes right the fuck out the window.

I'd imagine the majority of the people that played Pac-Man 2 ended up getting annoyed over Pac-Man being a stupid little shit that wouldn't do what they wanted him to do and just quit. And god help you if you were actually trying to find the secrets. It just turns the game into Retard Wrangler Simulator 1994.

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>that UNITINU kingler

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I think it could have worked if the controls were different. Replace the gamepad-controlled slingshot with a lightgun and it would have been a lot less frustrating. Then work out the rest of the controls so you can hit all the needed buttons with the gamepad in the hand that isn't holding the lightgun. Which could work on the SNES if its lightgun wasn't a huge awkward thing. Or on the Genesis if its gamepad wasn't a huge awkward thing. Oh, fuck it...

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It would be a good 3DS game. Touch screen for the cursor, d-pad for LOOK, hold L/R for the power pellet.

I kind of want to modify an emulator that would behave like that, like modify the cursor ram address depending on the touch screen position, but I'm nowhere near talented enough to pull it off.

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Oh man, that'd be great.

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I was going to post this, but I didn't save it and I couldn't find it on google. Thanks!

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I played and thoroughly enjoyed that game as a kid, but I can see why it wasn't more popular.

The controls and gameplay are very bizarre. The game certainly gets points for trying to be innovative, especially back in the 16 bit era, but it was just a strange concept for a game. The "LOOK" controls just felt very loose, and the slingshot was a strange way of interacting with the world. It was fun, as an "interactive cartoon" for children like that other anon pointed out, but it doesn't exactly have the makings for a mainstream hit.

Also, how did *THIS* game end up getting the direct sequel name of "Pac-Man 2"? With all of the other Pac-Man sequels that at least have a similar gameplay concept as the original arcade game, how is it that this is the game that Namco decided to call Pac-Man 2?

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I did not think this game is fit to be a super popular title, but it is so unique and charming that it deserves a cult following of sorts. Right now, it only gets mentioned in a context like this. Funny/weird animations.

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>Also, how did *THIS* game end up getting the direct sequel name of "Pac-Man 2"? With all of the other Pac-Man sequels that at least have a similar gameplay concept as the original arcade game, how is it that this is the game that Namco decided to call Pac-Man 2?
The "Tetris 2" problem. Companies believe if you slap a "2" on something it instantly will get marketability.

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>came to post the Darkstalkers gut hit smears
>see someone already did
Well done.

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I still really love that Scyther sprite.

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>non-integer scaling

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Suprise ghostsex?

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Is there a more literally cucked /vr/ character?

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I can't be the only one who interpreted Porky's sprite this way...

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Best one

Somebody get this freakin duck away from me!

Treasure Master guy's walk cycle is still the best in any game.

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How else is it interpreted?

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i always though it was like this

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This guy is so fucking cute. When his little snowman friends come like "YATTA YATTA" and he's all like "Hehe, I won!" all blushing that's pure diabetes.

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>tfw I think the JP sprites are the best

You can't say it's the GB either, since they pretty much got Sugimori's style into the games by Yellow.

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>he will never grab your face with his ass

Why live?

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look liek a dik lol