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I was chatting with a friend about who play/hack old games and consoles. I was tempted to say it is fairly balanced, but have nothing to back up my claim.

Mind sharing your age, gender?

40, male

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23, male

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25, demisexual genderfluid snailkin.

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There was a poll thread recently, if it hasn't been archived. I'm pretty sure age was mentioned, but probably not gender. I gather the average age was mid-twenties to just barely bordering on thirty.

Anyway. 31, male. Grew up with the third and fourth generations, but had some access to second-generation games as well.

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hehe i love these threads.
There is at least one every week.
26m here op

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What's it like being a snail?

I'm 26, Female.

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19, ftm

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19, male.

I grew up on the NES, and that was the only console we had until the Wii came out.

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28 in a bit less than a month, MALE VIRGIN LOSER

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36, male

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31, male.

First game I have memories about is pic related.

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23 male

Grew up on Warcraft 2, Super Metroid and Command and Conquer.

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23 male.

My older brother got a Genesis from our parents before I was born so I started playing that when I was 3. We also had a Macintosh which was pretty cool but couldn't play Lego Island that I bought at the book fair...
Eventually got a N64 a year after the rich kids got it, then same thing with a PS2.
Got into PC gaming after that and didn't really keep up with modern consoles after that.

I think if my parents had bought a SNES instead of a Genesis I would be a somewhat different person. I like fast paced and/or overwhelming music (hardcore, black metal, noise, post-bop, IDM). I think if I had the generally calmer games of the SNES without the gnarly Genesis FM synth I'd probably more into classical and pop music but idk, maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on it.

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28 in a few months

Male, but I sexually identify with an assault helicopter.

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21, male

I grew up playing my older brothers' NES and my parents bought us a genesis when they were dirt cheap around 1999.
I never had a ps2 or a gamecube like my friends did, but I did get a gba.

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28 Male Single and depressed

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23, male

At the age of 6-7 around 1999/2000 I was playing Age of Empires, Starcraft, Caesar III, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Smash 64 and Goldeneye.

For the last couple of years I have been hacking Heroes III.

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24 (soon to be 25), male

I play everything, I mostly look for gameplay in games though. Visuals and stuff are nice but who cares if it doesn't play well?

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33, male

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26, male.

Started out with an Atari 2600 my parents had bought my older sisters in the 80s. It was actually one of the Sears Video Arcade 2 machines. Manufactured by Atari for Japan I believe but rebranded and sold by Sears stateside. Moved on to a Genesis and then N64 since the Saturn was such a non-factor in the US. Kept gaming through the years on everything (never really stopped playing the old stuff just because there was something new).

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Most of this board is probably around 25.

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This describes me

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And white, straight, conservative male. Hence why there's so much Trump shitting and /pol/ crossboard shit anymore.

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male, 25

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It's just a few dedicated /pol/ - /r9k/ - /b/ trolls who bounce from board to board. Only reason they're here is because of /vr/'s spotty moderation. They wedge themselves into other slow boards as well.

But truthfully I'd rather hide their posts than have to deal with /vr/'s janny becoming active again. DC and other assorted on-topic threads got deleted with extreme prejudice, and random anons were often banned for literally nothing. I actually got a warning and subsequently a ban for "quality of posts," or some nonsense.

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know what a meme is...

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Male, 39, married with girlfriend, ten feet tall and covered in gold.

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I hope to god you are at least 6 feet tall if not you should kill yourself for choosing to become a manlet.

26, male.

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19, Male. Most of my exposure to retro gaming as a kid was through Genesis / Atari Plug-N-Play consoles and N64 spillover from the 5th gen.

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35, m
Started on Atari, more attached to the NES.

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36 m

Got a Spectrum +3 in 1989, then an Amstrad PC1512 in 1991. Played shitty home computer games for a few years, convinced games were supposed to be shit and fiddly to control, with no real firm, obvious objective (I even considered myself lucky when a game actually loaded).

Then I played a NES and got a SNES the following Christmas. Never looked back.

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18, Male

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19M. always been fairly interested in retro games and eventually lost most of my interest in more modern ones.

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22, male, grew up playing super Mario world and pokemon yellow

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32 Heterosexual human of male gender.
I started with atari2600, but most of my childhood I spent in front of a spectrum as for some reason I was enamored with Basic after my father showed me how to make a basic beeping text displaying loop.

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22, male

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24, Female

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15 male

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35, male ; bury me with my sega.

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30, male

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30, male

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Sorta related, I once talked to a member of my brother's wife's family, who was 17 at the time. He told me that he didn't really 'get' 2D games, which is a statement that still perplexes me when I think about it. For the record, it seems he mostly played whatever was popular on steam, and spent a lot of money on computer parts.

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29 F

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46, M

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19 M. Missed out on a lot of the classic retro games, spent most of my time on Crash bandicoot. It's only recent years I've started playing games like doom, quake, fallout

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19, male.

I found that getting old games was cheaper than getting new ones, and I enjoyed them about the same. Once I played a PS3, I had no interest in anything after 2007 aside from a few games.

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39, male
divorced parents meant 2 computers. yay for childhood traumas.
those machines were the atari 800XL at dads house and the amstrad cpc464 at mums.

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20, male

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18, MtF.

But I started playing with stuff that was retro at the time and I started actively searching retrogames since I was 11.

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47 male

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28/male/sexually/identify as a wig

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No one cares that you're trans, just say m or f.

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Haven't you heard the news? We're allowed to make up any gender we want and identify as it and everyone has to accept that. If I want to identify as the number 3 I can and you have to deal with it.
Also, you and I are probably the only ones here who don't care. Everyone else is fapping under the desk.

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22 M

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33 M.

Two of the most passionate old gaming fans I've ever met were female. One of them got me into shooters.

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OP here.

Thanks for the answers and the nice stories!

So far we have

Median 26
Max 47
Min 18

It's a nice range. But gender wise is not super balanced.

male 38 84.44%
female 3 6.67%
genderfluid 1 2.22%
mtf 1 2.22%
ftm 1 2.22%
unspecified 1 2.22%

Do you think it's typical or specific to this board (or the chans in general)?

Please keep on posting if you like, I'll update the stats as long as the thread is alive!

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>atari 800XL
>amstrad cpc464
fuck divorce, that's the real trauma cause right there

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I sexually identify as a single, Pringle, ready to mingle. Ever since I was a potato I dreamed of being thin sliced, covered in disgusting oil then heated in a medium oven until reaching climax at the micro second of golden-browness. People bully me, and say things like “what the fuck, you aren’t a Pringle”, but I know deep down they are just jealous of my inner beauty. I have already started hiding in cylinders all day, and now im improving my crunchiness by regularly burning my sides on the stove. I want you guys to respect my natural ability to instantly satisfy low salt carb cravings, and if you don’t you are oppressing me, and you should check your diabetes type. Thank you for being so understanding.

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That pic OP, it's flippin' sweet.
I would actually want that entire thing rigged up in my house.

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Grew up in NH, moved to Maine in 2006, lived there for seven or eight years, then moved to Florida (big mistake) and now I am in Georgia.
130lbs, single white middle class, pasty white nerd.

This feels like the old AOL days typing this shit.

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I identify with The Whig Party.
I'm the only remaining member.

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They always leave a trail.

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43 M 2nd gen atari 2600 & c64.
lol, who beings their groceries or briefcase into a video arcade? I never saw either in arcades when i was a kid.

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>who beings their groceries or briefcase into a video arcade?
people stopping by on their way home. Also, ad models

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30, male.

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34, Male, from Germany. Started with an Amiga 500 and a NES, played the shit of them with my older brother, his friends and mine. Friends had c64s and old PCs. Then had a typical 90s childhood with Gameboy, SNES, PS1 and N64 ..but also with a Philips G7000 my uncle gave me. I guess i'm kind of a retro gaming prototype.

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>Do you think it's typical or specific to this board (or the chans in general)?

4chan has gradually gotten more diverse as moot implemented new boards, so it's not uncommon to see cross-posters from other boards.

Besides, gaming has never actually been a "male hobby." From what I've seen of studies on demographics, men and women were usually always tied in terms of video game purchases. And they also tended to play the same genres, including sports and FPS.

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>men and women were usually always tied in terms of video game purchases
sometimes dad bought a game for their son, sometimes mom bought it

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Women are the largest demograph, they just happen to play on cellphones.

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21 and as of today i now identify as a neo geo
Also older people how does feel being around a bunch of people half your age almost? Jw

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to this day I'm quite convinced that the console and phone playing styles, and purchasing styles, and demands for these games are so different, lumping them together is not very useful

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39, male.

I think this board may skew your results though. Most of the older guys hang out on old dedicated forums. Apparently they get sick of shitposting. Not me though. I love you stupid mother fuckers. It's like having Biff Tannen and his cronies around to laugh at.

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Scroll down the first page before creating identical threads ffs.

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It's fine. We never grew out of the cartoons and video game phase of our lives anyways.

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wow, that thread is depressing as fuck

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31, male.

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35 m

First game was pole position on 2600.

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31, male.
Pic related was first game.

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Don't fuck with the arino weeb threads. I learned the hard way, just minimize them. There's nearly 1:1 correlation between drooling passive weebery and >doing it for free

The only plus side is they seem to hate filthy gaijin doing the same exact shit, so they've forced american e-celeb shit into the containment thread.

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22, male.

grew up with ps1 and dreamcast, but love all retro consoles, especially master system and C64

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OP here.

Stats update:

Mean 28.28
Median 27
Max 47
Min 18

male 47 82.46%
female 3 5.26%
genderfluid 1 1.75%
mtf 1 1.75%
ftm 1 1.75%
unspecified 2 3.51%
pringle 1 1.92%
neo geo 1 1.75%

I came across those stats, yes, and was wondering how relevant would they be to so-called retrogaming communities. I think in terms of age repartition /vr/ seems quite similar to general all encompassing stats about gaming in general. But gender wise it's very different, at least here, so far. I was expecting /vr/ to be more male, but not in such large proportion. But as I said, could it be also this particular type of gaming? It's funny though because I remember as a kid that when the coleco came out, we were all playing in my classroom, boy and girls.

Yes, you're completely right, but that's why I was more interested to ask here rather than on pcenginefx, nintendoage, chipmusic, nesdev, etc. That said I do not know which source would be the most representative, these venerable forums are also so much linked to a previous net culture, I do not know if people, say in their 20s, would go there as much as those who grew up with these kind of Internet forums. It's also a completely different mode of address. Myself I do not know behave the same depending on the board/platform.

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OP again

I find it super natural, personally. I grew up in contact with people of all sorts of age/background when it comes to computer/consoles. When I was 15-16, it was a 55 years old guy who introduced me to the Atari ST disk swapping and cracktro scene. It was also super common in BBS to interact with young/old people, this was also the same atmosphere in computer clubs. And if you're a bit into mainframe computing history and the early machine networks, you can quickly witness such age diversity as well. It's only more recently than computer culture started to be seen as some fragmented market. With some irony, I think that the late 90s democratisation and increasing marketing of consoles as something for kids and teenagers lead to this situation where "old" and "young" being mixed.

Nice to see such community thread. I went ahead anyway, because I wanted to have a lighter thread just about age and gender, the later not being asked in the thread you point at anyway. I do enjoy the anecdotes telling and discussion drift going on here though.

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Dude the late 90s is when consoles first stopped being seen as mainly for kids.

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You think? I would have said that the mid 00s were more significant, again in marketing strategies, in making video gaming an adult thing as well. But it's true that the PS1 was the one trying in the second half of the 90s to claim back the adult audience.

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All these fresh young males in here.
Oh baby.

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Are you a big horny bear looking to poz some twink's hole?

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33 Male
The Console wars never ended for me, Sega Genesis 4Lyfe

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19, female.
I bought a SNES for my 12th birthday off eBay, and that's where it all started.

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I actually won one of these way back in elementary school for selling more stuff than anyone in the whole school during a fundraiser...along with a bike and a bunch of other stuff.
Wish I still had it.

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Also, to add to that, for good or bad, this was the very first real video game I ever owned.

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37 Male

The people I personally know in my age-range, who are into games are 98% male. I think that's because video games in our western culture was considered a "boys toy" for the longest time.

I think you'll find a more even split in Japan, for instance, where it's more unisex.

There's also tons of new people arriving to the hobby as it become trendy among hipsters and nostalgiafags, which can be hard to account for, but anyone who is and 20-something currently really into the Nintendo 64 is probably not for the games themselves, but for nostalgic reasons.

Nostalgia is probably the only redeemable reason for being into the N64 in any capacity anyway. If you grew up owning the wrong console, but played it anyway with friends, it's the time spend with friends that you fondly remember. If you really want to feel nostalgic about the N64 experience without paying eBay scalper prices, then just dip your glasses in vaseline, find the most uncomfortable piece of plastic you can hold your hand and have someone scream "IT'S A-MEEE! MAAAARIOOOO!" at you until you get over it.

Then get a Dreamcast if you're interested in playing some real games.

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42 male my wife is 44 and doesn't play as much on average but will get really deep into some games or play them over and over. Like Plants vs Zombies about 15 times though, or many hours on Animal Crossing.

Also she's inexplicably good at puzzle games like Dr Mario and will kick my ass in multi.

In my experience growing up it's been about 90-10 male to female in video games.

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The Playstation was laser focused specifically at 17 year olds (which I was at the time) and just relied on general spread and the assumption that almost everybody wants to be 17 (or 19 in the US but same basic difference)

>> No.3320386

>The Playstation was laser focused specifically at 17 year olds (which I was at the time)

That's probably just you being a 17 year old and thinking the world revolves around you. I was 21 and it also felt targeted right at me and my fellow college buddies of the time. Certainly much more than N64.

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>SCEA's marketing company was Chiat/Day, the LA-based agency that had produced the famous Apple "1984" Super Bowl advert and had come up with the Energizer Bunny. Its consumer research had said that the golden age was 17, in that a 12-year-old wants to be 17, and a 25-year-old wants to be 17 again. So SCEA wanted to aim its message at that age group.


Literally every person with an interest in 90s gaming should read this amazing article it's probably my all-time favorite piece of video game journalism

>> No.3320424

Fascinating, thank you. I don't really agree that 25 year olds want to be 17 again on average, but it's interesting seeing where the thinking comes from.

It may have been perception, but Playstation seemed to me to be marketed more towards the college crowd than other consoles had been before that. That the N64 was still mainly a "kids" machine and that PS was what older gamers played. And Saturn was for the super hardcore nerds.

That might have just been how perceptions turned out as opposed to how they were intended.

>> No.3320437

I think they're still speaking kind of generally since in the pre-facebook days wide demographics couldn't be precisely calculated. For the record it was a friend your age that got me to look seriously at Playstation to begin with. I had come to believe I'd outgrown video games and that Playstation would be just another overpriced hunk of junk with nogamez like 32x, CD-i and Jaguar.

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It's mostly the 25 year olds wishing they were 17 again that I find dubious. Being 25 is better than being 17 in virtually every way unless your teenage years were unusually sheltered and easy and your 20's suddenly turned to shit.

>> No.3320453

I think it's more 19 that's the best. I certainly had way more fun at 19 than at 25. I also enjoy 19 year olds more than 25 year olds.

>> No.3320490

I feel the same about 19 than 17, but to each their own. I'm also happy to take 40something over 25 again though so I may not be "typical".

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no its because video games stimulate the brain in a way most males find enjoyable, we need stimulation thats why our toys are Legos and building blocks while girls play make believe with dollies. Not all boys are like that nor are all girls, just have to make that clear for any liberal retards who want to take offense to general observations

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>There's also tons of new people arriving to the hobby as it become trendy among hipsters and nostalgiafags, which can be hard to account for, but anyone who is and 20-something currently really into the Nintendo 64 is probably not for the games themselves, but for nostalgic reasons.

Then how come there are people who regularly come here saying they've discovered all these amazing N64 games shit-for-brains.

>> No.3320921

>just have to make that clear for any liberal retards

lol you are so triggered.

>> No.3320943

no I just have to spell it out for people because they dont understand how generalizations work

>> No.3320958

because they have shit taste, n64 games are pretty lame compared to previous gens.

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Antipsychotics don't work unless you take them every day.

>> No.3321723

20, grew up playing the SNES as my first console with my brothers, sad to say we've all gone our separate ways but those days were great.

>> No.3321727

I'm 28 year old male.

To be fair, I was a picky shit who didn't play anything that wasn't connected to Mario, or based on a cartoon I liked, until the Gamecube era. And I didn't get too deep into retro games until the Wii virtual console became a thing.

>> No.3321871


33M here.

Can totally confirm this.

The Ninty autism set in with the 64, and will probably die out post NX.

My friends who grew up with SNES' showed no signs of rampant Nintendo nostalgia and have varied tastes in vidya, and usually pick up Nintendo consoles for the jrpgs or non-11st party exclusives.

The autism wave really went 64>3DS>Wii-U after 64 kiddies realized how socially maladjusted they were and said fuck it, I'll wear Pikachu pyjamas out in public.

>> No.3321904

25 M

I'm not surprised at the average age being mid-20 to 30. I see the same every time there's retro game tournaments.

Holy shit, this is spot on. I feel like this is every time I hear people gushing on the 64.

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OP here.

stats update:

Mean 28.68
Median 28
Max 47
Min 18

male 53 80.30%
female 5 7.58%
genderfluid 1 1.52%
mtf 1 1.52%
ftm 1 1.52%
unspecified 3 4.55%
pringle 1 1.52%
neo geo 1 1.52%

>> No.3322297

>make a silly over simplified statement
>please don't call me out on being a retard or you're a liberal boogeyman!
>make amurica grate againz!!

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30, female

>> No.3322308

23, male.

Started with a genesis and a game boy, bought every nintendo system since. I'm really, really lucky my parents bought classics like sonic and pokemon for me before i was able to decide for myself.

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35, male

>> No.3322354

Male, 29.

>> No.3322356

30, female

>> No.3322359

27, male

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>> No.3322432


>> No.3322436

Soulja Boi up in that HO

>> No.3322446

The whole board knows you only use that trip for weak ass trolling, foolio.

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>tfw turned 30 a few days ago
>implying there is female on /vr/

>> No.3322461

>genderfluid 1 1.52%
>mtf 1 1.52%
>ftm 1 1.52%
>unspecified 3 4.55%
>pringle 1 1.52%
>neo geo 1 1.52%
please also make seperate stats excluding the retarded/unspecified shit as above

>> No.3322462

0/10 no one gives a shit about you being triggered.

>> No.3322468

You will respect my ceiling-fan heritage.

>> No.3322489

>pringle 1 1.52%
>neo geo 1 1.52%

Pretty sure those were just unfunny troll replies.

I'm not even sure about the MtF / FtM replies for that matter. Trans people generally wouldn't identify as trans and single themselves out, they'd announce themselves as whatever gender they identify as.

>> No.3322983

Unfortunately the left has been trying to push "trans as identity" for years now.

The left pushes "trans visibility" when most trans women don't WANT to be visible. Identity politics is seriously destroying the left's credibility; more and more fags and trannies are getting redpilled and joining the alt-right.

>> No.3322994


No. I'm quite certain it's just /pol/shits false-flagging on our board.

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tell me more

>> No.3323313

>>pringle 1 1.52%
>>neo geo 1 1.52%
>Pretty sure those were just unfunny troll replies.

>> No.3323423

20, pringle but I only mingle with trans neo-geo kin

>> No.3323426

22 man
Do you need more details on us like what our first /vr/ experience was or some shit

>> No.3323434

26 m.

Grew up with a Genesis and then a PS1. NES was something my older cousins would bust out once in a while.

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19 (20 in less than a month) Male

First system was a sega genesis, then got an N64 and later Playstation. Then 6th gen stuff, etc

>> No.3323549

38/m. First game was Pac-Man on an Atari 800 at age 3 or 4... Actually managed to finish the first board on my last life. Was told I did well by my parents who watched (and were apparently surprised I finished the first level), and I was immediately hooked.

Atari 2600 & 800 were my mediums for many years, didn't have an NES until I was 11 or 12, but we had like a hundred games on the 800.

Dad got rid of the 800, even after I offered to buy it numerous times to give it a good home. I still wish I'd gotten a hold of it... M.U.L.E. played better on that than it ever did on the NES (even though I love my NES)

>> No.3323561

25, male.

First console was a gameboy, but I didn't own a home console 'till 2000 though, so I was briefly introduced to the NES and SNES before my family bought an xbox.

>> No.3323613

33 male. Well adjusted, have a wife and son.

First console was a c64
Then got a sms, and after my mom flipped out and got us banned from the only store that rented sms games, I got an nes and was always really disappointed in the graphics.

>> No.3324763

20 Male
My first games were browser games specifically this point and click called Lenny in Space. I played Donkey Kong 64 when I was in a hospital and then later on got a PS2. Now I am just tired of a lot of modern trends so I look to the past for good games. Working on Mario 2 right now,

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24 male

>> No.3325292


30s, 2D-sexual south-asian manlet with a wicked sense of humour.

Enjoys long walks in shopping malls, and candle-light dinners. Favourite sub: Italian BMT because I am BIG MEATY and TASTY too!

>they've forced american e-celeb shit into the containment thread.

e-celebs are like beggars. They should be banned.

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21 M

Earliest gaming memories were of NES TMNT2 and Kirby's Dreamland.
The first time I beat Kirby I ran out of the bathroom from taking a dump to tell my mom of my "accomplishment".

A bit of an embarrassing story but hopefully y'all find it chuckle worthy.

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