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Couldn't find the e-celebs containment thread in the catalog.

Post your favorite reviewers or let's players of retro games.

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This is because not even containment threads are allowed here, seems it is a consensus they are for retards. Btw this thread has been reported.

Enjoy your stay in /vr/

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Take a chill pill, mate. There's nothing wrong with having a thread about this.

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e-celeb containment threads were a very clever thing for /vr/ to do when so many e-celeb threads were being made. I welcome it.

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>shit post
>someone replies to it
>shitposter deletes the shitpost

why are you doing this

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>not knowing about the over zealous vr janny

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Posting those faggots once is enough, what kind of useful (videogame) discussion is possible when talking about """""""celebrities""""""""? "HE LIKES MARIO I LIKE MARIO TOO HE IS LIKE MY OLDER BROTHER LOVE YOU PEWDY"

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The angry video game nerd. James is the hands down best.

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Paperboy was pretty great. Let's hope James has made a return to form.

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All vr janitors are faggots. That is all

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Lazy Games Reviews is probably the best channel on Youtube, especially if you're into retro computer gaming.

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Is "Mother's Basement" any good? I'm a bit wary of him mainly because of his one team-up video with that guy that narrates those awful videos that say the oxygen's like internet or something and that we'll run out of it eventually.

Also he does anime videos. That's most often not a good sign.

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the Arino of the Soviet Union

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the Arino of Mexico

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fucking die you piece of shit job stealer


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>comparing a speedrunner to Arino
I don't think you've actually watched GCCX.

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>tfw you'll never know what it's like to grow up with a YouTuber big bro
I guess RantTV was a thing when I was 14.

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Larry Bundy Jr. and Gaming Historian are pretty based.

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TMR is more than just a speedrunner

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Maybe, but the fact that he speedruns means he's at least apparently decent at games. The reason people watch Arino is for his blunders and charm.

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Oliver Harper and Luke Morse.

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Matthewmatosis is one of the few reviewers I can stomach. Intelligent and insightful, his lengthy reviews of the Zelda series are the last word on the subject as far as I'm concerned.

Gaming Historian is also good for sober, informative viewing.

AVGN was great back in the day. He's at his best when he's dealing with a game he genuinely had issues with as a child. When he's reviewing more modern games you can tell his heart's not in it. The Nerd is like an albatross around James' neck now.

JonTron is worth a watch. Occasionally found myself buckled in laughter with him.

Classic Game Room/Lord Karnage is also worth a look.

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Best AVGN episode?

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christian games.

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Friday the 13th

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Amongst all the others:
Nostalgia Nerd
Kim Justice
who covers a good amount of old ZX Spectrum stuff

Drink a beer and play a Game
are two almost unknown channels that I really enjoy, especially Ahoy

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LGR is great.. Wish I knew about him a long time ago, but at least theres plenty of great content on his channel now. I like the Tech Tails vids

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ikari warriors

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Megaman was pretty good too. His "story" videos can get a little out of hand but lately it seems like he's been putting more effort into his videos.

I think it could have something to do with him deciding to stop Monster Madness. He said in his announcement video that stopping Monster Madness will give him way more time throughout the year to work on other projects.

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Spider-Man objectively

Also fucking hated this episode. Toxic Avenger guy was the biggest try hard of all time.

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I love Monster Madness but I'm glad he's putting it on hold for awhile. It would be nice to see more videos with James in it in the future. All the Mike stuff is getting a bit stale.

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fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou was a shit cringefest of awful musc

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Do you bitch this much in the game center threads?

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Norm looked so sad in the vids where he was hanging out with gamechasers.

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I wish LGR would get better audio. All of his videos sound like shit adr.

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You mean the actual toxic avenger or llyod Kaufman?

Cause Lloyd is legit that way, thats why his movies are so crazy, dude has mental issues.

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/vr/ went from being under managed to being overly managed. I've seen perfectly fine posts be deleted, mainly jokes that might be considered offensive in spite them being hyperbole, as well as legitimate threads be deleted for tangentially being off topic.

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Pretty much this, he's creating some of the best content at the moment. Just saw this Need for Speed series overview pop up on my feed, which sounds great.


Ahoy seconded, very professional stuff and great voice. Loved the Quake and Doom videos particularly, even though by now I know everything he mentioned. It's just soothing.


Yeah, uses a damn Snowball, shittest mic around. He'd simply buy a basic USB-mic from Rode or even Samson and it'd improve a hundredfold. Ah well.

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Im not even sure its the snowball, unless its broken, plus ive seen a portable dual mic recorder in some vids. His audio just always sounds super flat. Its like he does something to it that he shouldnt be doing.

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I think he has a Zoom H2n (or H4 perhaps) as well, which I personally use but which isn't great either - functional though. But yeah he does something in post as well. The man's not a soundmixing natural, no. But I rarely listen to it on headphones, where it's more prone to be noticeable.

The older episodes are barely watchable because of horrible sound though, but that's another story entirely - they're probably recorded with some potato of some sorts.

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I dont mind the older episodes much because the bad audio fits with the poor video quality.

The disconnect between audio and video quality is what I find jarring.

Im not saying I rewatch his old stuff, but I dont mind watching stuff with poor audio AND video quality, like movies off vhs.

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Lloyd was shit, unfunny tryhard with james playing a role of an infatuated teenage girl.
Cringefest of music, more like a let's play

But I THINK it's NES accessories. I'm biased here cause that was my first ep, but I just love it when he tells how it was and explains shit.

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Oh yeah and from recent ones, Sea man was fucking great. But the game did provide a shit tone of material.

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> nobody mentions _THE_ _BEST_ vr reviewer





___IT'S___ Accursed Farms

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Classic James: 32X and Sega CD.

Modern James: Seaman.

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Tiger Electronics was really good too

>> No.3313964

First time someone posts "Tiger Electronics" and "good" in same sentence

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Rate my first review, /vr/.

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LGR talks about his memories with the older Need For Speed games https://youtu.be/zD4_BLk1AzE

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That was the worst AVGN episode. Pure fucking garbage I tell you.

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Pat the NES punk and his good pal Ian fergjson do some good reviews in his new nintendo guide book. You should check it out, looks really interesting and informative. I cant believe no one else has thought to do something like this before. Pat the NES punk is really innovative and most would have to admit the god of retro gaming. I mean he owns every single nes game...

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contributing with my favorite reviews of bad games:








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wut? I think his videos sound fine. I listen to all of his stuff on headphones too

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Omg ur so rite. Ur so smart, ian.

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Forgot to link the best part. Guess I'm not always winner.

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>Mother's Basement
Is mainly an anime channel.

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Theyre super flat, unnatural, and lifeless.

His voice sounds... almost monotone, probably not the right word. I dont know enough about audio engineering to know the technical terms.

I kinda thinks he does some sort of volume leveling or normalizing that messes it up.

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Pat plsgo shill your book somewhere else

>> No.3315771

Wat u mean? Thats obviously not pat. He didn't cry about his sub count.

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Do people actually find Pat the NES Punk entertaining?

>> No.3317005


Saw this on /v/ a couple years ago.

>> No.3317047

Podcast isnt THAT bad. His actual Pat the NES Punk videos are pretty cringe. He has his moments but he generally isnt that entertaining.

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Implant Games is pretty good

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>Angry Joe
come on dude

>> No.3317495

This has always been my favourite AVGN skit, so great.

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Who else here watches PeteDorr?

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Who else here watches PeteDorr?

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Glitch Gremlin

>> No.3317579


Get a better mic, it's not a must, but it would help you a ton. When I skipped ahead and heard the in game narration, I thought for a second that the intro was a joke and you actually had quality audio through the rest of your review.

You really need to script your shit, bro. You're trying to think of good stuff on the spot and you just can't work it. Improv is a skill and it takes a lot of time to learn, you might even want to consider taking a few classes (you sound like you're in school). But for right now, you don't have the skills and your review sounds like you ambushed someone at gunpoint and told them to ramble about Mega Man Legends for 15 minutes. Reading off a script has its own challenges and awkward delivery, but it would be an improvement.

You also need to watch other reviewers, even if they're not reviewing video games, but don't watch/listen to them as a fan and zone out. Instead, you need to watch their content like you're trying to figure out what was going through their heads when they chose to make their review the way they did. That will help you a lot, it's not called plagiarism if you're copying their technique, that's called getting better and learning how to make entertaining content.

>> No.3317596


holy shit, that actually wasn't that bad. Wasn't too good either but I'll take it.


he's a faggot

>> No.3317642

Pannenkoek proves that Mario fans are actually more autistic than Sonic fans.

>> No.3317649

Easy Allies: Game Sleuth is basically Popfiction/Popfacts reincarnated.
First episode here.

>> No.3317669

>he's a faggot
Care to elaborate on your opinion?

>> No.3317684


Is he ever going to get laid? How do you know he's NOT a faggot?

>> No.3317686

Der Juden!

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Is there any more pure kino series than Console Wars?

>> No.3317873

My Life in Gaming. They're the only ones who know about RGB modding.

>> No.3317875

Plumbers don't wear ties. The ending always kills me

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On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is AVGN and 10 is a review in a magazine, Ross is about a 3. Very entertaining, not very much review.

>> No.3318142


hard 4 games is awesome

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Title (Youtube Channel)

James and Mike Mondays (AVGN) - Something comfy about that basement and simple gameplay with cuts

Gaming Well Wasted (ProtomanGaming) - White Guy and a Non Nigga Black Guy played licensed IP video games while talking about their history.

>> No.3318157

After he was creeping on little girls at PAX, I think not.

>> No.3318163

GH is just too comfy, he sends me to sleep even though i really want to stay awake and watch him

I love Larry, its better now he doesnt put his big repulsive face in every video now too

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>Even if the whole movie is just the Ghostbusters sitting around and taking a shit, I'd go see it.
AVGN 2007

You sure about that, James?

>> No.3318383


Oh shit, maybe we were wrong. He's not a faggot, he just hasn't found the right girl yet... without pubes.

Anywhere we can find those stories about him at PAX?

>> No.3318405

I'm sure it still stands because the actual Ghostbusters arent even in the new movie at all

>> No.3318427

And why are you on 4chan?

>> No.3318430

I love how it feels like no matter what random shit I'm watching on YouTube there's a good chance that I will see Larry Bundy in the comments section.

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Start with his Twitter feed and how he exclusively took only photos of girls under 14 in cosplay with comments like "I'd still hit it"

He got a lot of shit for it and deleted most of it and turned off his Photos/Media on his Twitter account but you can still find most of it on internet cache sites.

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I watch The Obsolete Geek because the hardware is interesting

>> No.3318491

>sonic fanatic
>likes little girls
not surprised. I also like little girls.

>> No.3318493

Sure feels like every youtuber is a patreon whore now.

>> No.3318538

They pull off that schtick way better than Game Sack tries.

>> No.3318563

I can't find any of his deleted tweets cached.

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>That bit about his sister
I wasn't expecting feels, especially from LGR.

>> No.3318742

I like his reviews which are more constructive review than hyperbole anger. I recall he goes through stages to find a common ground but this is usually his sweet spot for me.

>> No.3318760


My sides.

>> No.3318769

I enjoy GameDave. Some of his stuff gets a little zany, but it doesn't bother me and he focuses quite a bit on reviewing the actual games.

>> No.3318812

Thats because youtube is horrible for money now. Unless youre heug.

>> No.3318838

Yeah even with James and his 2 million subscribers, his net worth is only 100,000. I dont know how Pat can even support himself with only 200,000 subscribers. Apparently he quit a pretty nice desk job strictly to do YouTube.

>> No.3318989

I cant believe pat only has 200k. Hes such a great personality. He should be well over a million by now with all the great vids he puts up, such as Flea Market Madness (the original retro game hunting series), Pat the NES Punk reviews, Ask Frank, highlights from his awesome podcast with friend Ian (whos a great person in his own right, he owns a game store called Luna, so you know he knows his shit), and many more. I really dont know why hes not more popular.

>> No.3318996

>such as Flea Market Madness (the original retro game hunting series)

Because that's suuuuch an original idea, up there with unboxing videos.

>> No.3319019

I never knew that. I don't know how anyone could think something like that wouldn't recieve any backlash. On top of it, that sort of "humor" is just really out of place for him.

>> No.3319038

Consider that one single review of his an honorable mention. I usually don't enjoy his videos. Also, that game is pretty entertaining no matter who shits on it.

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>Watch recent Gamesac
>I like DmC more than the originals

fucking hell guys, I defended you.

>> No.3319090


I'm unsubbing from them, their taste has gone from alright to awful.

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I wish /co/ would allow these threads....
Shit talking the Channel Awesome douchebags is so much more fun than talking about James, who I actually like

>> No.3319173


their taste was always shit. Haven't you seen all the shitty side scrollers Dave drools over just because they're on a SEGA platform?

>> No.3319184


He's really good at podcasting but his video production values are shockingly low for someone with a channel of that size. His humor is also very awkward and lacks any sort of punch line. I'm surprised he even got as big as he has.

>> No.3319192

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, Big Rigs or Atari Sports.
Also, I know this isn't /vr/ but I think the best Board James is DragonStrike. That episode is just as good as any AVGN.

>> No.3319201


Board James is better than AVGN in general

>> No.3319249

I think the thing I like most about Cinemassacre in general is how they aren't really video game nerds, compared to people who really get into the hobby and /vr/.

Sure, they try to do their research and you can learn a lot by watching, but they aren't autism-tier. In all honesty, I'd bet 9/10 regular posters here probably have more in-depth knowledge.

AVGN works (mostly, i think) because it captures the original feelings of being pissed off at video games, good or bad.

The main trio reminds me of three kids playing vidya back in the day, so their let's plays are pretty comfy. I didn't think I would like Mike at all, but he's a good complement to James in weird way.

Bootsy is like that one guy at school who everybody thought was the best ever at vidya. It doesn't matter that he isn't speedrunner-tier, just the fact that he's better than the other two is entertaining.

You can tell Mike always wants to beat him/win in general, which I find funny. I actually like James more for the random trivia on metal, movies, and horror. Plus he's pretty laid back and goofy.

Even if you hate all his stuff, the dude works his ass off and doesn't have an ego, so he's really hard to hate personally.

>> No.3319252

Movie James > Board James > AVGN >>>> James & Mike Play

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They're not allowed because there's usually an entire thread dedicated to one e-celeb and if one's allowed then several are allowed in the catalog which would be crossing the line

The way /vr/ is so brilliantly handling it is by keeping it all in one thread while there are 109 other 100% on-topic threads. This way we can talk about videos without holding back while still being a wholesome board.

It really is brilliant. /vr/ is so smart.

>> No.3319272

The problem with AVGN is that he's really just run out of shit to say and keeps picking games that are flat out uninteresting just for the sake of making videos.

>> No.3319284

But no one else did it before him. Hes a visionary.

>> No.3319289

109 minus the other off topic threads like gccx, bst, crt, etc, etc

>> No.3319294

Not that one.

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Don't bully the other threads!

>> No.3319349

We should probably find a way to integrate the Arino thread with the e-celeb thread so as to lessen the clutter on /vr/.

>> No.3319354

well aren't you a special snowflake.

>> No.3319434

I disagree. Arino's not an e-celeb he's an actual celebrity that's on TV and works for Nintendo.

>> No.3319480


I agree. Some of the recent stuff like that Hong Kong game were absolute shit and felt like filler.

>> No.3319492

It felt like that for awhile, but I think the last 2 videos Megaman and Paperboy were back on par with his earlier videos. I hoping he keeps it as entertaining in the future

>> No.3319502

>the clutter
Maybe there'd be less clutter if people comitted to a single thread instead of opening threads for every little thing.

>> No.3319528

Right, but it's still watching a guy play games, doesn't matter whether it's a TV show or an internet show.

Arino should be lumped into here.

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>he thinks being a TV celeb and working at Nintendo makes him special

>> No.3319554

I'd watch your mouth, the janny runs the gamecenter threads and he'll fuck your shit up if you talk shit about Arino.

>> No.3319565

Figures the shit tier new janny that deletes opinions he doesn't like would approve of a /tv/ thread being on /vr/.

>> No.3319568

This tweet is fake as hell lmao

>> No.3319761

>It felt like that for awhile, but I think the last 2 videos Megaman and Paperboy were back on par with his earlier videos

No they weren't. He had fuck to say about paper boy beyond pointing to what the game was and bitching over mild nitpicks

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Arino doesn't work at Nintendo.

Also, we've been through this before.

Arino fans don't shit up this board and they stay in their containment thread. Also all they discuss about is availability of new episodes and subs, no silly gossip about Arino being a cuck and stuff like what you see on e-celeb/youtube threads.

>> No.3319803

/vr/ introduced me to Happy Console Gamer. I kind of like it due to the fact that he's an older guy, but I have trouble believing he's genuine about a lot of the stuff he says, and the bromance he shows with his bald headed friend on camera.

>> No.3319806
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>No Kinamania

>> No.3319910

Chernobyl's try-hard retarded answer to AVGN

Arino fans shit up their own thread with infighting and drama, it's a weeb faggot circlejerk

>> No.3319921

>Arino fans shit up their own thread with infighting and drama

Example? I just went and checked the thread, it's all on-topic and related to the episodes, no infighting drama to be seen.

>> No.3319930

You mean the guy that heavily bashed Revenant for bugs because he couldn't be bothered to apply the patches for the modern systems (already built in GOG release)?

He also bashed the game's combat system (IMO the greatest combat in any hack'n'slash) without understanding it, playing it like a simple Diablo clone completely ignoring dodges, paries, combos and special attacks.

Screw that guy and high horse he rides on.

>> No.3319947
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That's because the fucking janny watches it like a hawk and deletes anything he doesn't like. Also it's only a new thread, gets on average 3 posts a week and only sees real action when they're arguing over who does the best subs or whatever.
And picture dumps of le wacky asian avgn playing PS2 isn't retro but still somehow flies

>> No.3320032

Sh-shut up, I like his videos and his accent

>> No.3320132

Gccx fans shit up eceleb threads.

Eceleb fans stay in their threads until gccx fans shit them up then they go shit up the board in retaliation.

>> No.3320148

>Post your favorite reviewers or let's players of retro games


>> No.3320202

Thanks for contributing. Here's your (you). :)

>> No.3320589


If he deletes them, they're still on the other archives (warosu.org, etc).

Care to give examples? So far I've seen the janny deletes actual shitposts, not opinions, but I'm open to be corrected if you can find me actual examples.

Any proof of that at all? Archive or otherwise.

>> No.3321080

>So far I've seen the janny deletes actual shitposts, not opinions
But people still complain

>> No.3321251

I never see this guy posted so whatever:

He deserves way more views desu senpai

>> No.3321273
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How do we fix them, /vr/?

>> No.3321364


>> No.3321391

Pretty sure we have a new janitor. Before we seemed to have none, or at least an inattentive one who'd let GBA threads stay up forever, but sadly the new janitor will probably turn out to be some opinionated namefag or the like who will soon be reduced to simply deleting content he doesn't like or finds offensive regardless of breaking the rules or not. I'd have to imagine that those types are the ones most likely to be accepted as janitors, if only because they are the most likely to religiously apply.

>> No.3321396

I've seen posts that said stupid shit like "shut up nigger" get deleted so I fear your probably right.

>> No.3321398
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>Console Wars

>> No.3321464

Dick Tracy. A good mix of warranted frustration and genuine nostalgia from James.

Also Fester's Quest.

>> No.3321536

Look in any eceleb thread.

>> No.3323521

Are pat the NES Punk and AVGN over?

It seems like they've run out of games from their child-hood to review. Here I was thinking the NES library was endless.

>> No.3324032
File: 97 KB, 197x239, le monotonous speaking guy with limited vocabulary man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is pic related the most boring reviewer out there?

>> No.3324043

Unscripted James Rolfe is worse by a lot.

>> No.3324093

I've been enjoying Fact Hunt by Guru Larry, if only because he tends to talk about games on the Commodore or Amiga. No a reviewer I guess, but retro.

>> No.3324120

Lord Karnage/Epic Game Room is the worst by far.

>> No.3324192

>"We sell Melee at our store for 60"
Fucking jewcunts I swear.

>> No.3325237

In the new videos they do at Too Many Games, what's Ian's deal? Is he like sick or something? Does he have lung cancer?

>> No.3325268

I think he uses his blandness well for sneak-attack jokes

bland bland bland bland bland bland joke bland bland bland

and it usually fucking kills

>> No.3325272

I'm happy about that.
The autistic smash community is going to keep the price high, which is great

>> No.3325275

Fact Hunt is great

>> No.3325290

He should try to hold still more.

My favorites are the longplay videos with no commentary whatsoever.

>> No.3325296

He just released another.

>> No.3325608


He's pretty good, way better than his neanderthal fuck buddy.

I like that he's so casual, he doesn't really have a genera he spergs out on and gives a lot of bias to. So if he says something sucks and you don't have strong feelings about it yourself, you can be pretty well assured you're probably not going to like it.

>> No.3325834
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>people actually like Dave more than Joe

Let me guess, yer a Nintendo fan?

>> No.3326593
File: 808 KB, 1017x765, Classic Game Room.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else like the Game Room from 1999 - 2000 way more than the new Classic Game Room?

>> No.3326603
File: 69 KB, 640x796, xxt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bob is finished

>> No.3326945


No, I'm a Sony pony. And Dave is less of a Nintenfag than Joe is a Sega .... uh... faga... yeah, that's it.


I keep hearing about him getting into shit, what's up with that? Links? He shows up on a lot of podcasts I listen to.

>> No.3326961


Dave just uses the "nintendo fanboy" persona on Game Sack because Joe forces him to complement his Sega fanboyism.
Dave just seems to like vidya in general, including Sega and PlayStation.

Joe is the autistic fanboy.

>> No.3326970

>I keep hearing about him getting into shit, what's up with that? Links? He shows up on a lot of podcasts I listen to.

Bob Mackey is known for being very anti-GG and kind of a douche. However, all he did was say that Dennis Dyack makes bad games (which is true) and ever since then Mackey has been Dyack's archenemy.

>> No.3326973

I dunno, Dave seems kinda ignorant and doesn't venture outside his comfort zone much. Joe on the other hand does his research and tries to be both entertaining and informative.

>> No.3326997


Joe's reviews are usually boring and uninformative too, in fact, both of them have the same kind of review modus operandi

>"This game is cool here, listen to this music [plays 30 seconds of music], it might have some problems but I enjoy it, [add some parallax scrolling babble and MEGA POWER memes]"

Dave just seems to enjoy more games in general, Joe cares a lot about the brands, but still he isn't as autistic as some of the the people posting on this board at least, he still enjoys games on non-Sega systems, but he's really biased.
Dave obviously doesn't care too much and just follows Joe's scripts.

Neither of them are funny or entertaining really.

The only good thing Joe does is these stop-motion videos when he takes consoles apart, he should focus more on doing that kind of shit instead of doing game reviews.

>> No.3327001

>Dave seems kinda ignorant and doesn't venture outside his comfort zone much

What comfort zone? dude likes a lot of Sega, PlayStation and even Xbox titles, in fact I think he's more of a Sony fanboy than Nintendo, but really he just doesn't seem to care that much about the consoles, he just likes games.

I agree the "nintendo fanboy" thing is just something he does for game sack.

>> No.3327016

Dave also loves what many people would consider to be "kiddy" games no matter the platform, and Joe comes off as the edgy "mature games only" dude.

>> No.3327029


That's part of their "fanboy" skit as well, but Joe loves "kiddy" games as well, Castle of Illusion being one of his all-time favorite games, Dave also loves modern shootan like CoD.

>> No.3327045
File: 34 KB, 400x300, GRsquirrel2.jpg~original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dave is hilarious and had great banter. They were very ahead of their time. They also had more fun and were younger out of college. I think Marks jokes became a little stale over the years but I still like him.

btw I just found out Dave has his own small channel.

>> No.3327086

eh I never liked those pickup videos and he talks about not retro games. Here is a better review video.

>> No.3327119

IIRC they were recorded with an old tape camera.

Not gonna lie, him interacting with other youtubers made me actually check out the channel, which I have written off as yet another lame toplist shit. I don't have any idea why either.

Also, not _exactly_ /vr/, but I like to watch Shooting Game Weekly at least on a second screen. And there is that guy who does Bullet Heaven (forgot the name of the channel). I only discovered it this week and I kinda like him. Kinda, because most of the reviews he does with a girl (I assume his wife or something) and it annoys me, because it's a scripted review and they seem to read paragraphs alternating. Wouldn't bother me if it was more of a conversation, but I don't think it fits in such a scripted format.
It's pretty annoying, but not a dealbreaker so far and at least some of the smaller vids (portable reviews, recent videos about his PSP shmup collection) are him on his own .

>> No.3327342

Anyone that covers more than just software, like Lazy Game Reviews and Obsolete Geek?

>> No.3327626

Are there any "character" reviewers besides AVGN, who aren't just AVGN copies? I know Jontron sometimes plays retro stuff, and is hilarious at times.
>The Nerd is like an albatross around James' neck now.
In a recent episode he decided to quit making AVGN episodes, then went back in time and talked to his past self, and it ended with a "moral" about how a series can go on longer, and without running dry, if you're willing to wait until you have something good to add to it, rather than force yourself to churn out garbage. I imagine we'll be seeing less frequent, but higher quality, AVGN stuff again.

>> No.3328084

Atari 5200.
I love how instead of a normal review, it's a comedy of errors about James trying to do a review, but everything that could possibly go wrong does.

>> No.3328105

Paperboy was good, so we'll see if he can keep it up.

>> No.3328210


There's an Australian guy with a channel called The Leftover Culture Review who does a punk rocker style character and reviews mostly Sega stuff. He's pretty good but doesn't produce stuff on a regular schedule anymore. Still good stuff in his archive though.


>> No.3328827

Is there anybody doing something similar to classic game grumps with jontron?

>> No.3328858
File: 181 KB, 632x588, 1462235763294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Mike the most. James isn't so good at games, and Bootsy tries too hard to be cool and calm and collected, though he is the best at games.

>> No.3328890

Ian doesnt own it, he is just a manager

Ian is also an insufferable cunt that holds pat down

If pat would cut his hair he would have more subs. He looks weird as fuck

>> No.3328903

>Bootsy tries too hard to be cool and calm and collected

I don't know, I think he doesn't try, he just is calm and cool.

Mike always screams like a whiny bitch when he loses, but Bootsy is always cool and that's why he's the best at games.

>> No.3328923

Mike also seems biased against anything he doesnt like.

>fucking SPORTS? What kind of a fucking loser would even remotely enjoy sports?! Everyone should be into retro video games

>> No.3328927

Mike is a total faggot who is ruining what James created.

>> No.3328932

Then there was the one where they're talking about snes/genesis and sports games.
James doesn't get that sports games can be a little different from each other, and Mike is trying to explain to him "It's like Mario. They might question why we need Mario 2 if we already have Mario" and James comes up with "well it's different, baseball is always the same game", and Mike finishes with "yeah but if you were into sports, you would be able to tell the difference"
so he was the voice of reason once
James is ruining it just fine himself, running out of games he has first hand experience with to "get angry" over. I like his passion in the Ninja Turtles videos and Ghostbusters ones, but you can tell he's just having more fun filming stuff in Paperboy or Mega Man. it's completely manufactured anger without a shred of personality

>> No.3328962

Where is the Game Center CX thread?

>> No.3328969
File: 213 KB, 750x750, trashbini-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where it belongs

>> No.3329006

great answer let's have another fifty Doom threads to celebrate.

>> No.3330090

Did it get deleted?

>> No.3330358

Is Mike responsible for the price hike on Ataris recently? Or is it just a coincidence?

>> No.3330361


probably had some influence to some degree.

by the way, what do you guys think of super bunnyhop?

>> No.3330364

I'm surprised that AVGN hasn't caused a rash of teenagers trying to collect buffalo feces.

>> No.3332649 [DELETED] 


>> No.3333724

>classic game room will most likely shut down this year due to losing more and more funding everyday

Feels bad man, but what you do. He had a good run.

>> No.3333782

If he enjoys what he does he'll do it without getting paid.

>> No.3333796

They always seem to have an infuence to price hike when ever they do a new Mike & Jamese Monday, but after awhile the prices go back to normal.

>> No.3333806

Thing is he can't, he does have a family to take care. Yea, he could pick up a full time job but then you will I'll end up either with no more CGR videos or very little. Don't know why people always go "you can do this for free!" when some people put in alot of time and effort. Life doesn't run on "free" like people think. What's wrong getting paid for something you enjoy?

>> No.3333816

I do something I enjoy, put a lot of time and effort into it and get paid nothing. A lot of people do that.

Maybe he'd make less videos, but that's the reality, unfortunately.

>> No.3334362

He hasn't been that great in a while anyways.

What's up with the shitty intro/outro?

>> No.3335530
File: 250 KB, 1042x1020, 1466578210882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See pic.

LOL, are we talking about the same fucking channel??

there are hundreds of youtubers in the retro scene who make content for free because they enjoy it, and they even make better content than Mark these days. I have no problem with people getting paid for something they enjoy, but it's not the same thing when you're ASKING for money from your audience. Plus, like others have said, his content isn't even worth paying for anymore. That turned out to be a fucking bust. He's just a whiny bitch now who wants your shekels.

>> No.3335610

Snowballs sound fine, so do his videos. You all bitch about the dumbest shit. Buy him a mic if its so unbearable.

>> No.3335615

This/ Ian talks too much in the podcasts though.

>> No.3335830


Channels that do it for little to no money:



My Life In Gaming

Pushing Up Roses

Gaming Historian

Clan of the Grey Wolf

Game Dave


Errant Signal

Steve Benway

Easter Egg Hunter

>> No.3335832


Kinaman is great.
One of the very, very few youtube stuff I watch.

>> No.3335841

Its wont help with whatever the fuck he does afterwards.

>> No.3335845


Nigga, you check out these peoples patreons?

>> No.3335853


LGR and Rerez are the best channels for rare gaming gear.

The demon gun

The super nintendo bikehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6qtGq-vqds

Mind controlled controller

Sega pod motion controller

>> No.3335859


Most of them don't have patrons. The ones that do make very little money. LGR being the exception at 3k a month. My life in gaming is at $200 and Rerez is at $125, and considering what kind of videos they make that's fucking insane.

Classic Game Room makes over 8K a month and produces the exact same videos every time. Where does all that extra money go?

>> No.3335875


Just as a comparison that how much money a channel makes doesn't meany anything for the quality of videos.

One of the new Classic Game Room epz:

My life in gaming's latest:

Rerez's latest:

Game Dave's latest:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCYBZ2g2SwI

>> No.3335915

I'd say /vr/ went from being under managed to adequately managed. They need to crack down hard to make sure this place never becomes /v/ 2.0.

Frankly, since they hired the new staff, this whole board has been way better.

>> No.3336302

nigga they are still making money

>> No.3336438

No, the new janny is objectively shit. He'll delete retro games-related posts while leaving up obvious /pol/ and /int/ bait.

>> No.3336448

>He'll delete retro games-related posts

Examples? You can use archives like warosu.org, they keep the deleted posts.
I've only seen shitposts get deleted so far.

>> No.3336568

Oh no, he's only getting 8 fucking thousand dollars a month. Truly destitute.

He has no employees, so there's barely any overhead. All he has to pay for is the rent for whatever studio space he has and let's be honest, he could just as easily do it out of his garage or basement.

>> No.3337817

>has $3,000 sonic wine glass that's probably more expensive now
>has tons of niche sonic collectables worth a good amount of money
>begs for patreon money to get better video equipment

I've never seen such a heavy backlash for someone opening a patreon. His fan base literally ripped him a new asshole. The only other time I saw that is when metal Jesus tried asking for vacation money.

>> No.3337860

>metal Jesus tried asking for vacation money.

How long have you been here?

>> No.3337873

>>begs for patreon money to get better video equipment

>12 patreons, $13 a month



Yeah, he started an indiegogo and wanted the backers to buy him a shitty RV to do some sort of tour. I honestly don't think it was a bad idea and he has some rabid homo fans so the failure was a bit of a shock. I remember he quit the Allgengamers podcast because he felt a sellout after asking for money.

>> No.3337970

I used to dislike Mike and James but Mike has really grown on me. I think it's the fact that he's so passionate about the games. Even James isn't just donkey-in-a-diarrhea's-asshole anymore, which is nice.

>> No.3338042

>base level reverse engineering is autistic now

>> No.3338075

A patreon with <200 dollars a month is fucking pathetic.

You see guys getting 10k+ from just doing their youtube show that they would be doing anyways.

>> No.3338094


LGR is king

>> No.3338339

What people don't understand you have to pay a ton in taxes if you are self employed, not counting he has to pay health insurance for himself, his wife, and their kids. That only a part of it, there still everything else has has to pay.

>> No.3338515


My Life in Gaming, Rerez, and Gamesack all cover hardware as well as software.

>> No.3340530

It's hard to make /vr/ related content you know. With so many people doing it and so many different opinions on what they want to see, it's hard to please everyone.

>> No.3340586


Ok Mark

>> No.3340601

>No CygnusDestroyer/LJN Defender.


>> No.3341120

There was a guy with some DIY boxes, what was it again?

>> No.3341125

Maybe he should get a real job then, instead of leeching off his fans.

>> No.3341446


that tryhard faggot isn't worth mentioning, that's why.


Ben Heck?


NO! It's youtube's policies that are keeping him down! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.3341659


Even though he's cringey as fuck sometimes he actually do his research and put some effort trying to demonstrate the good and bad points of the games he reviews. Haven't seem his videos in a while though

>> No.3341665

To whoever read this.
What kind of content would you like to see in videos? Or, what kind of content makes you go back to and watch more?

>> No.3341675


I like to see only videos about games I already played only to see if the complaints/praising is reasonable or if the guy is a faggot who don't know shit about videogames. Also obscure japanese/arcade games, love to find out about new things even though they're probably already more than 20yo

>> No.3341683

>How long have you been here?

Literally day one, but what does that matter? we're talking about the new janitors.

Show me an example of posts deleted that aren't shitposting. I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.3341705

I think the point is more the shitposts he chooses to delete. That Persian game characters or whatever thread was clearly poorly disguised bait using some tumblr-tier bait image and yet the thread and image remained, while the baited replies were wiped. Had the true goal been to eliminate shitposting, why not just delete the thread? Replace the OP image with a suicide bomber or some shit and the thread would be gone within the hour.

>> No.3341716

Seems like /vr/ is running out of topics to discuss. We should allow the rest of gen 6 to avoid this place turning into 100% /pol/ shitposting.

>> No.3341820


>8 gens in total
>there are 5 retro gens + DC to discuss about

Fuck off.

>> No.3341971

Dark Castle and Super Pitfall are my favorites

>> No.3342025

Nobody cares about gen 1&2, and gen 4's been done to death.

We need gen 6 on /vr/ now more than ever.

>> No.3342059


>I don't care about them therefore nobody cares

Sure m8. Now pls fuck off to wherever you came from

>> No.3342149
File: 53 KB, 250x219, Nintendo-N64-iQue-Player-FL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Also obscure japanese/arcade games, love to find out about new things even though they're probably already more than 20yo

Rerez has been mentioned a few times already. That channel is loaded with tons of obscure stuff.

LGR also has Oddware with a lot of gaming stuff. Mostly american PC things though.

>> No.3342185 [DELETED] 

>tfw this is Mike Matei's girlfriend

>> No.3342187

Hi Mike

>> No.3342196

>Implying everybody but the newest of newfags doesn't know who Annie K is.

>> No.3342203

So Mike and his girl hang with annie k

>> No.3342231
File: 974 KB, 1255x667, frenchpet plays a sega game of sort.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Frenchpet is bretty cool.

>> No.3342239

LGR sister died of cancer while he was young, and to take his mind off he played Need for Speed 3 which didn't played well because his PC wasn't optimized.

>> No.3342283
File: 26 KB, 640x480, fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the Virtual Boy episode. Genuinely interesting with a lot of information packed into 15 minutes, covering games I'd likely never see otherwise. Plus, genuine frustration and disgust.

>> No.3342562

This particular vid made me interested in Rerez

>> No.3342612

I'm really jealous of those LGR Thrifts videos.
Every time I go to Goodwill or Salvation Army, all I find is garbage like PS2 sports games or Sims expansion packs.

>> No.3342617

You have to go regularly, like almost everyday, and cover a few thrift stores in one day to get any good deal. Just make a habit of going out and doing it every week.

>> No.3342620

Yeesh. I already don't like spending more than a few minutes in thrift stores when I DO feel like going. The last thing I want is to make a habit out of going to them.
There's just something about the atmosphere of a thrift store that makes me really uneasy.

>> No.3342857

For me, its less about content and more about the person.

What I mean is you can do the same shit as people I watch, but I might not watch your stuff if your insufferable.

Thats not to say dont make shit, people like all kinds.

That said, the kind of vr content I like are
Lets plays (real lets plays, not edited to shit clip shows)
Flea market/yard sale/thrift store hunting videos

Then ill watch most other shit put out by the people I enjoy.

Shit that really sucks to me
"Read this wiki slideshows"
"Review this poplular/well known game"

>> No.3342858

Coooooooollllll (?)

>> No.3342860

Then it sounds like thrifting isnt for you.

>> No.3342987

damn what an alpha pose

>> No.3343095


He's got a lot of videos with good production values. Some are better than others. I still don't understand why anyone would put so much effort into stupid throw away shit like this though. He'd be better off doing reviews of new games and getting more viewers than this.


>> No.3343283

That's enough shilling, Shane. We get it.

>> No.3343538
File: 16 KB, 320x180, console-wars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else like watching these gay niggas?

Also, is Dan Mediterranean or Indian?

>> No.3343596

so why are people talking about atari maze craze lately? Did someone make a video about it?

>> No.3343630

James Rolfe


Mike Matei under any circumstances

>> No.3343652

Unscripted James is the most boring cunt I've ever had the misfortune of watching on Youtube.

>> No.3343814

>it's a Pat thinks any other YouTuber knows who he is episode

>> No.3343985

>it's a Luna Games episode

>> No.3344157
File: 76 KB, 1000x500, ga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3344182

No, Snowball sounds like shit. get some standards or kys.

>> No.3344197
File: 7 KB, 200x200, 0b25ba6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bob Mackey

Can we all agree this faggot is the cancer killing retronauts and should be hung?

>> No.3344304

Bores looks pretty Buff. He could probably kick a ghosts ass.

>> No.3344390
File: 65 KB, 480x360, shit my pants.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3344442


Season 1
Cronologically Confused
Bible Games

Season 2
Atari 5200
Ghostbusters trilogy of episodes
Atari Porn (anybody remembers that one?)
Nintendo Power

Season 3
Chronologically Confused About Zelda
DoubleVision parts 1 & 2
The Wizard/Mario 3 (But only the full episode)
NES accesories

Season 4
Plumbers Dont Wear Ties
The Castlevania Retrospactive (all 4 parts)

Season 5
Ninja Gaiden
Pong Consoles
Game Glitches

Season 6
NWC (with Pat)

Season 7 (Mostly shit but has 2 good episodes)
Ghosnt N Ghoblins

>> No.3344446


Literally like DAN OLSON!

>> No.3344453


Even if it was for shits and giggles it still drew us memories of us using the NES when it had problems due to dust or other issues.

>> No.3344457
File: 96 KB, 1376x1013, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This game fucking sucks ass worse than elephant diarrhea coming out of a dead raccoon's asshole.

>> No.3344503

Tech Tales by LGR is probably the coolest retro youtube thing and actually serves a legitimate historical reference for education about technology. I love hearing about the rise (and maybe fall) of a company with a relaxing montage of images to go along with it.

Any other channels that do something like this?

DidYouKnowGaming does the whole history thing but it's just a dude assaulting you with factoid after factoid, plus I'd like to hear more about western stuff since the Japanese shit is covered to death.

>> No.3344739


Gaming Historian and Noah Caldwell-Gervais do something similar. Also a channel called playvalue but they don't make videos anymore.

>> No.3344819

Someday my channel will be in one of these threads.


>> No.3344974

I think its the weakest thing he does since Ive already read the wiki pages about this shit.

>> No.3346467

why watch a movie when you can just read the plot online?

>> No.3346483


This, he seems like such a happy guy.

>> No.3347067

Thats not remotely the same thing.

Tech tales is basically paraphrasing wikipedia over a slideshow.

If a movie was just one guy reading a book over a slideshow, I would gladly just read the book.

>> No.3347364

Continue Show is a pretty good retro game show. It's just three friends playing vidya and getting hyped. But sometimes their editing can be a little stupid (or loud; Josh is kinda bad at normalizing audio levels) and some episodes it can feel like they're just yelling the whole time. Their early stuff is really cringe because they were hardcore into reddit memes, but they were young and they grew out of that shit and it's much better now. Their regular videos are usually ~15 minutes long, and their longplay series (Continue Quest) rarely go over a half hour. Almost all their stuff is really comfy to watch. Their dynamic is strong and they play off each other well, without having a bunch of in-jokes and zero explanation "remember-whens" like lots of other "best friends playing games" youtubers.

Episodes to watch: Super International Cricket and Incredible Crisis are both fun and recent episodes. Watching them try to figure out how the fuck to play cricket is pretty great.

Episodes to avoid: Either of the Drunkstravaganza episodes, but especially the JonTron one. They're all drunk (duh), which would probably be maybe kinda fun normally, but JonTron is there and WAY drunker than everybody else. You can tell the rest of the crew is getting kinda peeved with him for being a loud, shitty manchild. He ruins some of their stuff at one point. Paul looks like he's about to deck him a few times. Really uncomfortable episodes that don't match the friendly, "good times with vidya" tone of the show at all. Also really hurt my opinion of JonTron.

>> No.3347912

who was the first person in the parody video he parodied? LGR?

>> No.3347916

I don't like LGR he's a faggot just like you

>> No.3347923
File: 71 KB, 600x800, CPhEq6gWUAIFvuQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone watching SGDQ?

I really really enjoyed the following



Games you don't usually see being speedrun

>> No.3347929

Yeah, that's because they're legit trash. Not remotely worth running.

>> No.3347932

>watching SGDQ
Never post this garbage here again.

>> No.3347941


woah, didn't expect so much hate.

I prefer speedruns over youtubers who do reviews and show off their collections personally.

>> No.3347951

>come into e-celeb contaiment
>post no e-celebs
>instead post speedrun bullshit
>get bootynuked over thread not wanting your stupid shitty garbage in it

Get out you goddamn waste.

>> No.3347958


speedrunners aren't e-celebs?

>> No.3347968

No, they're twitch streamtards. That automatically makes them wannabe e-celebs, but not actual e-celebs.

>> No.3348059

>Lord Karnage/Epic Game Room is the worst by far.

Hardly. Mark at least keeps shit short. Gamesac will go on for half an hour about "I like/don't like this game"

>> No.3348068

Well, to be fair, Gamesack only does an episode bi-weekly, whereas Mark uploads a video once a day.

>> No.3348315

No. Happy Console Gamer. If you're not aware of him I envy you.

They're not. And becoming a dumbass suicidal tranny doesn't make you one either unless you become the latest news story in the obituaries.

Mark isn't the worst but he's sliding down the ladder real fast. His latest shit is terrible and overdone.

>> No.3348348
File: 742 KB, 200x200, laughing girls.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No. Happy Console Gamer. If you're not aware of him I envy you.

>He mentioned his buddy Rob got a MN9 Tattoo

>> No.3348558

I think Retronauts is killing Retronauts. Bob's shitty discussion style aside, the guys on Retronauts seem unenthusiastic about everything they do. Their latest Earthbound episode reeks of obligation, like their doing the episode because everyone expects a retro-themed podcast to do an episode, instead of them wanting to do an episode because they clearly don't.

I don't know what they want to do. Maybe they should stop doing the podcast.

>> No.3348563

Checked out a few episodes of the Noah guy. Shaky production values aside, this guy gives good analysis.

>> No.3348709

>>He mentioned his buddy Rob got a MN9 Tattoo

good fuckin lord

Now I have to see that just to find out what the poster child for retrofags looks like.

>> No.3348783


They didn't show the tattoo itself but he mentions it in a video he made shortly after MN9 comes out.

I really want to see it too.

>> No.3348787

>Not being able to play games at full speed when you were younger because your computer is trash
Holy shit, am I living the same life as Clint?

>> No.3349157

EVERYONE had that issue back then.

>> No.3350868
File: 98 KB, 558x587, bojack-margo-martindale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Henry Gilbert leaving Lasertime
>Bob Mackey likely to replace him

>> No.3352903


He already works with one of the guys on the chronological Simpsons podcast and I think the Lasertime guys visited Retronauts too.

>> No.3352918

Did anyone perchance watch the LGR video where he puts together a 480 PC piece by piece?

>> No.3352953

I saw it too.. real comfy vid

>> No.3353441
File: 275 KB, 1600x1200, swap meet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

copy paste from a post I made outside the containment thread, sorry for that

I really, really like to go to my local Flea Market just to walk all day and dig in the people stuff, even if I found nothing of my interest, it's therapeupic to me.

But by "local flea market" I mean a place 8 hours away form my house, so when I don't have the time to take a trip, I just see stuff like "Flea Market Madness" and there was another show run by a chill fat dude and his girlfriend, these two went to stores like Goodwill and similars and found good deals, I think their channel was shut down because I couldn't find their videos again.

So, back on topic, did you know shows like these on the internet? If so, please share your favorites ones, I need more like this stuff.

>> No.3353639

Jesus, is Dave Hester that bad that he needs to go to flea markets?

>> No.3353758

He actually run flea market booths instead of physical stores.

>> No.3355073

LGR has a series where he goes to Goodwills looking for random stuff like old DOS games, computer parts and retro games.

>> No.3355106

Agreed, it's also refreshing to have a channel with useful information that's not spoiled with bad acting.

>> No.3355863

I'll check them rn, thanks pham

>> No.3358498


Ive been watching a few James, Mike Bootsy videos and every time they point out how they don't read the manual or that no one does I want to clobber them

>> No.3358501


I didn't mean to quote

>> No.3358630

He was already mentioned in a post above, mate.
I also always end up watching his videos, it's very entertaining to see how vidya was for people on the other side of the world.

>> No.3359172

A few Lasertime guys have been on Retronauts many times
A hope they replace Henry with someone decent, though.

>> No.3359376
File: 57 KB, 960x960, 1459432157479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Noah Caldwell-Gervais, doesn't strictly do retro stuff. Excellent critiques

elbryan42, mostly LPs of old PC FPS's and their console ports. Has been LP'ing Daikatana, he almost makes it look fun

90sgamer92, found this channel via his 2hr video on D&D video games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgoonTyjKoc

Matt Barton.

>> No.3359704

I try to watch Gervais when I can but those hour long videos are tough to swallow.

>> No.3362079

I get not reading the manual, but dont bitch when the gun you picked up runs out in 10 seconds when youre spamming the attack button when nothing is around, not noticing the number next to the "A:" is going down.

>> No.3362090

I now understand what >>3358498
means. I did a blind run on Super Metroid and took some time to learn you needed all 5 missiles to open the doors.
Someone called me stupid for not reading the manual and they were absolutely right. It's fine if you're playing by yourself but if you have any intention of recording it, there's no excuse to not even taking a quick look at the manual.

>> No.3363506
File: 617 KB, 480x270, gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Rerez released a video on a motion controller for the SNES. I can't imagine these things were popular even in the 90s. I hate that he doesn't say how it works though.


>> No.3363812


>> No.3364087

For fuck's sake Shane.
How many times have you posted in this thread?
Isn't your subscriber count high enough?

>> No.3364158


I've read the manual on every game I own. Especially the old ones, what are they trying to prove by not doing that?


>Assumes it's someone posting their own videos

That video doesn't look like the kind of dog shit that someone needs to force share for e-fame.

>> No.3364171


>MN9 Tattoo

I'd fucking regret that now if I were him.

>> No.3364179


Streamers can't be e-celebs because nobody knows who they are. They get popular quick and usually can't hold onto the fame because they need to keep streaming constantly. Recorded videos get posted and people can go back and watch them and they become sorta famous that way..

>> No.3364247

I had a motion controller back then. For genesis I think. Got it for like $5 at a Big Lots.
It looked like a flight stick without a bottom.

They worked the same as any motion controller, via electronic gyroscopes, but they only simulated digital button presses (tilt so much to the left, move left), there was no range (tilt a little, move a little. Tilt a lot, move a lot), so they sucked.

>> No.3364252

Not reading manuals was a common thing back in the day because most games you'd play, unless you were stupid rich, were rentals and likely didnt have a manual.

Or, if you were into "retro" gaming in the early 2000s, you had a ton of cart only games because that was what the used games stores had.

What were they "proving"? Maybe that theyre old school. Maybe just stating they dont read manuals.

>> No.3364448

What was the video in which the nerd buys a game on a flea market from some collector?

>> No.3364748

You mean AVGN?

He did a "flea market" sketch thing in the Halloween episode I think.

>> No.3364853

>Not reading manuals was a common thing back in the day because most games you'd play, unless you were stupid rich, were rentals and likely didnt have a manual.

IF that was the case then they would have said as much. Instead what they said was basically "who reads the manual hur dur, reading's gay"

Yes it's excusable when you don't have the manual to start with but the way they act suggests they have them they're just retards

>> No.3364882

Theyre not scripting things. Its two friends chilling playing games. Mike thought it was funny so he kept it in the video.

"Readings dumb" is a common joke made by people when "reading manuals/instructions" is brought up.

Dont know why you are so offended that mike and bootsy dont read manuals tho.

>> No.3364910

I found it: it was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre video

>> No.3364920

>"Readings dumb" is a common joke made by people when "reading manuals/instructions" is brought up.

and it's not funny there either.

>> No.3364985

What about Chronological series? I haven't seen anyone talk about Chrontendo. Do you know the guy? He's playing every single nes/famicom game in order of release date and making reviews about them. He's been doing this since 2008 I believe and right now he's finishing 1989. Later on he began doing the Chronsega and Chronturbo series. I like that he also talks about what was going on in the gaming world at the time, in some episodes he shows the main pc and arcade games of the time etc. He also talks about the developers of the games, where they came from and so on. He's not like AVGN and his copycats, he doesn't shout and say the word "fuck" and "ass" in every 5 seconds but he has his own kind of humour which I find very good.

Other chronological series inspired by chrontendo are "generation 16" about the genesis and "game boy world" which are also very good.

I don't know others. I wish there was a snes and playstation series. Does anyone know any?

Also, what channel do you recommend for playstation 1 and 2 reviews?

>> No.3365002

What are some channels that neither review nor lp, but rather are about retro gaming in general?

Gaming Historian is an example.

>> No.3365031

Kim Justice also makes documentaries about retro gaming and her channel is very good

>> No.3365942

Is all her stuff good? I watched her four part series of Peter Molyneux and thought it was thorough.

>> No.3365968


>> No.3365986

I haven't watched all her stuff yet. I've discovered the channel early this year but, so far, everything I've seen is pretty good. She does a lot of things that were more popular in UK: spectrum, amiga and some british developers. That might put some people off but I also like to view these things that I'm not very familiar with.

>> No.3366004

I know what you mean. Stuff like the ZX Spectrum is very fascinating to me.

Speaking of European gaming, can anyone recommend a YouTube channel that deals with retro European games? It would be cool if I could find someone to do a retrospective on the Cossacks games or Haemimont's early days.

>> No.3366175

Can we discuss podcasts?

>> No.3366180


Is the podcast hosted by an e-celeb in the retro gaming community?

>> No.3366192

I don't know any retro gaming podcasts.... :(

>> No.3366207 [DELETED] 
File: 16 KB, 185x273, Sons of Martha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3366220

Norman is super chill and his content is great.
Also nigga you can stab someone with that widow peak holy shit.

>> No.3366475

Jeez why the hell are the Chrontendo videos so damn long?

I enjoy gameboy world and good nintentions as well

>> No.3366519


My Life In Gaming
Pete Dorr
The Game Chasers
Luke Morse

Some of these channels do reviews and LPs but that's not all the content they do exclusively. The top three are more like Gaming Historian than anyone else on YouTube.

>> No.3366916

Yeah, I thought it was a horror theamed 2600 game.

>> No.3366923

Most jokes arent funny.

>> No.3367207


>> No.3367212
File: 215 KB, 576x355, Ross's_Game_Dungeon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ross Scott (Accursed Farms)
His Nyet 3 video is a good one for people that havnt seen his content before

>> No.3367226

Lazy Game Reviews does some very good 80's - 90's hardware and game reviews.

>> No.3367305

Retrospective Perspective/Half Bit does his videos from the point of how he viewed the games and systems back then instead of how he thinks about them now. Are there any others who do their reviews like this?

>> No.3367352

Accursed Farms/Ross was mentioned before.

As I said here >>3319930 his reviews are incredibly biased.

He proved that again with his recent review of Chosen. He either ignored an RPG system completely (in a hack-n-slash RPG) or screwed up massivly, but he bitches for quite some time about how "artificially difficult" the game is and how bulletspongy the enemies are. He shows that some basic mooks take 17-20 hits to kill, and makes it a point (with montage and all) that a midboss took whopping 2k+ hits.
None of the other reviewers show anything like this. Gameplay videos show those same enemies dying in 1-3 hits, and that miniboss in 40-50 seconds
I myself dont remember anything hard about the game, though I played it back in 2006.

The comments where people call him out on bullshit? Mostly removed.
Any remaining credibility he had before in my eyes? Destroyed completely.

>> No.3367968

>The comments where people call him out on bullshit? Mostly removed.

Any evidence? Ross isn't really the type to just delete comments that call him out on things.

>> No.3368000

One of my favourite retrospectives:


>> No.3368174

Back on his revenant vid some people comented about how maybe he was not playing it right, and other comments that maybe he's intentionally portraying the game in the bad light for whatever reason. First type of comments were left intact ( I think), but I can't find the trace of the comments of the second kind, and I definitely remember them being there.

>> No.3368206

Holy crap this guys voice acting is terrible. He's just reading the script off a paper as fast as he can.

>> No.3368230

I went and rewatched the episode. I think Ross's problems were pretty justified, the technical / emulation problems were very real, and the magic system just may have downright sucked in his opinion.
And on the intentionally portraying the game in a bad light thing. Why would that even happen? I don't think anybody would even expect The Revenant to be reviewed anymore.

>> No.3368234



>> No.3368857

Yeah, Wikipedia Narrator is based indeed.

>> No.3369082 [DELETED] 


>> No.3369091

my favorite retsupurae

>> No.3369127

I dunno why he did it.

Technical problems are there because he simply didnt look in the options.Loading times? Because he had "Dynamic Loading" unselected. It's an option in the launcher, and you can customise how fast and how much the game loads. On modern systems you can crank it up all the way (on old machines this wouldve made your HDD choke and cause FPS drops) and have no loading times in the entire game whatsoever. Framerate issues/unlocked framerate? There's an option to lock FPS in the game itself.

He also installed a '98 game on modern system directly from the discs and did not patch it. Patches for the modern systems exist, they rid the game of ALL the other bugs he mentioned.

Magic system is very simple - game hands out scrolls to you with the list of spells and runes you need to cast them right as you progress. When you get the scroll you only have runes to cast the first few spells, but as you go on you get the other runes, and you get all the spells before getting to the other scroll. Runes and scrolls are all put in the static locations and are pretty hard to miss. And if you use magic in combat to at least some degree, you will always have enough skill to cast all the spells in your posession without fail. Since dev's knew where and when you are getting the spells, spells themselves are enemies are pretty well balanced, so your magical powers are always seem adequate. --->cont

>> No.3369149

Regarding first section. "Preloading Sectors" option he had selected? That's the one that forces game to load sections of the map with the pause. Unselecting it then cranking up the Cache size solves all the loading issues.

The no-weapons bossfight he had so much trouble with?You get "Might" and "Fist Mastery" spells right before that. Gee... I wonder what those do. He even has this spells before him at some point earlier in the review when he disses the magic system.
Also if you think with your head a bit (like replacing Fire with Ice in Fireball spell to get Iceball, or LIfe with Magic in LifeLeech to get Manaleech) you get even more powerful spells that may be a bit OP, but you would've earned it.

He also completely ignored the combat system (IMO the greatest combat system in any Hack'n'slash ever). He played it like a Diablo-clone, just pressing LMB for random combos. There are blocks, dodges, counters and combos in this game for a goddamn reason. Playing the game without those is like trying to play Dark Souls by running blindly towards the enemies then mashing attack button. Most powerful attacks by the enemies are telegraphed well enough for you to take action. His solution? Stock up on health pots, tank all the damage, bitch about difficulty, unfairness and how he has to look every nook and cranny to find money in order to buy all those potions.

Chosen got the same treatment. For half of the vid he bitches about how he can't kill shit, that was absolutely his own fault since nobody else seemed to have any problems with those enemies/bosses. So either he is completely inept at RPGs as a genre and hence should not be reviewing them (doubt that, since he braggs about his love for RPGs), or does this intentionally.

Maybe he thinks that videos where he bashes bad games are more popular than those praising good games, but he can't find bad games to bash that no one else has bashed before, so he chose to bash good, but unknown games instead.

>> No.3369498
File: 200 KB, 306x431, ASS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why does Joe suck so much? Even his precious Saturn "best controller ever" couldn't help him from getting floored by Dave, who wasn't even paying attention or playing seriously.
It was also funny when Joe was using the excuse of "not remembering the controls" and Dave was like "c'mon, you don't remember how to dragon punch?"

>> No.3369937

the only retro games podcast is Retronauts and that doesn't fly around here.

>> No.3370485

Wait, so all the people we talk about have to be famous in some way? we can't talk about any people who play and review games on the Internet?

>> No.3370967

i prefer Joe though.. Dave is laid back and cool but Joe has far more of a personality for talking about gaming

>> No.3371713

I think the problem was in using "e-celeb" for the OP.
Should have been something like "youtuber" instead. Or even "youtuber/e-celeb"

>> No.3371750

I don't get how game chasers don't pull in more views.

They're not my favorite or anything but their shows don't even crack 100k views while there are hundreds of white nerds talking into a bad mic over game footage that get the same or more.

Production values really don't mean a whole lot on youtube I guess.

>> No.3371772

Tell me about it.

>> No.3371805

The problem is they have a bad reputation for being scummy resellers.

Shortly after they started, there were stories of "the game chasers" going into small stores buying everything at cheap prices.

Also, many think they faked their biggest finds. They base their format on shows that are known to be fake/staged, its no wonder people think the same of them.

Finally, they also have a bit of low brow humor that is kinda off putting if youre not into it.

Oh yeah, and the "its a lets go gamechasing at a game store" episode are another big complaint against them.

>> No.3372274

Are there more series like Cygnus Destroyer's/The LJN Defender's INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty or That One Video Gamer's Defend It?

Idea behind both is basically the same: taking a game that is generally considered bad and either flat-out defending it or giving it a fair shake.

>> No.3372620


>Should have been something like "youtuber" instead. Or even "youtuber/e-celeb"

if you do that, the thread gets locked

>> No.3372647


There's Rerez's positives series that does this. Also Happy Videogame Nerd (or whatever fucking stupid shit he calls himself today), Hard4games and Leftover Culture Review have done this here and there to some extent.

There's also this guy but he doesn't make that kind of content anymore, but he does show off a good LJN game, Thrilla's Surfari

>> No.3372701

They both suck at video games like every jewtube let's play "reviewer" ever.

>> No.3375557

jesus that waas bad...I actually admire you for having enough courage to put this in a public place such as this...what the hell were you thinking?

But then again, I really don't that's you...

>> No.3375559

You are moron. He explicitly said 'the original ghostbuster' not the travesty made this year.

>> No.3375564

Rape Ian with a blowtorch and go back in time to stop Pat ever meeting this pile of cancerous shit.

Also, fuck the skits. That shit is cringy...

>> No.3375567

At least he knows it and he is not a try hard. But i actually like him. If I wanted to laugh I would watch a stand up comedian. I watch that show basically to have on more source of relatively new information

>> No.3376185

I didn't care much for him before but after listening to his podcast I grew to really like Pat, he's a lot more reasoned than I previously thought.

Other than that I really like Johnny Millenium and AlphaOmega because they're nice guys and genuinely love the things they talk about. I actually don't watch much of AOS' stuff though because I don't really care about news stories most of the time.

>> No.3376284

They're both retarded cucks.

>> No.3377002

Still liking these Fallout retrospectives

>> No.3379865
File: 173 KB, 393x357, 1365113409781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the real image you should be using

>> No.3380197

Dang, that commercial was 6 years ago.

>> No.3380601

Dunno if you guys saw this but they got that Nintendo-Playstation prototype working


>> No.3380639

>feminist co-host

i dont know how to feel about this. The Owner is such a reddit normalfag.
>leeroy jenkins

>> No.3380649

ok It gets better and more interesting nevermind.

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