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Which is the best of the original Mortal Kombat games in your opinion. Mine is Mortal Kombat 2 because of the varied stages, good music, and some of my favorite fatalities in the series(Kung Lao's hat slice being my favorite). Downsides for that game are lack of Kano and lack of Sub Zero ripping out spines. But what's your favorite?

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mine is MK3, cause nostalgia factor and it probably played the best for the original MK games.

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2 easily.
I never liked the dial combos and run button in 3 and it was much better than 1.

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UMK3 for me. Played a bunch of MK1&3 on DOS as a kid and never played 2, but loved 3. Then Ultimate came out.

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Ultimate's not bad. 3 had a lot going for it, but 2 is overall a tighter game.

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MK1 will always be my favorite. I find that the stages, music, and boss battles are the best of the series. It really feels like some ancient to death the tournament. MK2 did everything else better tho and I'm sure if I played that one first I would find MK1 archaic but I didn't so I have a huge nostalgia boner for anything mk1.

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MK fan here, I would probably feel the same. MK2 was part of what got me into fighters in the first place. I hadn't bothered with them or the first one before that. My step brother lent me MK1 for SNES though and I beat it with Sub Zero on my first try and tried to give it back to him that night but he refused to take it. And that's how I got stuck with a SNES MK1 cart. Only played it maybe a dozen times.

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Two. Best graphics, best music, best lore.

The gameplay is rather shallow, but its also the best, too.

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Is 2 the one with the pink girl that could jump off the bottom of the screen and reappear at top to kick?

Whichever one that is is my favorite. I used to piss off my friends with that. Nobody could beat me because of that cheese move.

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She's in 2 and each game after. Your friends must be genuine retards if they kept falling for that move though. Unless you're half asleep, watching her go under the screen is pretty much just a free uppercut.

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Gameplay wise, 3/U/T were the peaks, I enjoyed them more than the moderns. My only complaint is that they changed the aesthetic from kung fu film to sci-fi. I still enjoy 1 & 2 for the lore, but they were basically inferior SF clones, 3 was when MK came into it's own.

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MK3, even before Ultimate.

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9 is the best overall in my opinion. 2 is the best retro one though.

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>mfw we could've got HD remakes of MK 1-3 with new digitized actors and redone backgrounds
instead we just got the original 3 with online.

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That would have cost a fuckload of money and probably looked like shit in the end.

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>I kno dat feel

What little tidbits they released did look promising

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Aren't those from the C&D'd fan project, not the officially canceled WB one?

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Yes they are! I just like posting them because they look great :^)

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The arcade game i spent the most time and money on. The first game I searched online for codes

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Honestly MK9 ended up looking much better than those in the end. A new digitized game could be neat, but these days it would have to have extremely high production values to not come out looking like shit.

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Rain is still my favorite MK character. It's a shame that he isn't used often.

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2 is easily the best of the arcade games. Ultimate 3 would've been better if not for the dial-a-combos. Could've also used Johnny Cage.

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>Ultimate 3 would've been better if not for the dial-a-combos.

I agree with this. The combo system they added in 3 was the worst thing about it. It's still a good game, but should have been a step up from 2 not a step down.

Rain was pretty good in MK9. I used to play him a lot.

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You would be amazed how many people would play Mortal Kombat and never use the block button.

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It's not like the start button is reachable on a dime compared to countering with a special

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But you can't execute scorpion's fatality without using block.

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Actually you can.

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MK2 isn't that fast. If you're paying attention there's time to block. You're suggesting playing without blocking at all??

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I used to use Shang and my specialty fatality was to morph into Sub before the kill then do the first part of his freeze kill fatality and then morph into Scorp and taosty them.

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yeah at the time we all loved it becouse muh combos... but in hind sight 2 is pretty good except the AI is kinda fucking broken (ie): back spin kick = win..

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I think I just spent so much time with 2 that 3 never really felt right. But I'm one of the few who liked the story stuff and change of setting.

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imo MKII is the best one, MK1 is pretty good too but MKII improved on it so fucking much.
MK3 was really a letdown after the great colorful selection of characters in MKII,
UMK3 is decent, but is ruined by lame stages and too many fucking Ninja and no Johnny Cage.
Great fighting engine though, I would not have minded an MKII with that engine.

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>UMK3 is decent, but is ruined by lame stages
I can see how someone would think this if they only played single player. All of the MK3 stages are in the game but for some reason only the new additional ones show up in arcade mode.

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The fatalities in UMK3 are so lazy in comparison to MK2. When you cut someone in half in MK2, their upper torso is messily severed with flesh and a spine hanging out, whereas in UMK3, they just are in their "dizzy" pose and are cleanly cut with a little bone showing. Same thing with decapitations, where in MK2 the body slumped forward onto the ground and the head was its own separate sprite, while in UMK3, it's more like taking the rectangular select tool in Paint or Photoshop to the "dizzy" sprite.

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MK2 has unique animation for every character in nearly every fatality. You can pull peoples arms off, slice them in half vertically, get a birds eye view on the Pit stage, etc.

MK3 reuses existing animations everywhere.

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MK is hard. It is clunky and difficult. I always lose.

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2 is amazing, on every platform too.

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But anon.. MK3 stages are lame too!

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I dunno.. Probe somehow managed to squeeze out all the eye candy with their Genesis port.

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You can really tell that when they made MKII they were super excited and had so many ideas.

MK3 feels so rushed and empty compared to the details and colors of MKII.

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MK1 Genesis.

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>not liking the Subway, The Street, The Temple, The Bridge, the Soul Chamber
wow lad

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Yes, MK1 had a perfect "ancient, deadly tournament" feel to it. I wish they could make another one where not every stage has to be edgy. They really only had that in MK1 and MKDA (I always thought MKDA had amazing, beautiful stages).

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>not liking the Subway, The Street, The Temple, The Bridge, the Soul Chamber

Soul Chamber was okay, the rest was extremely mediocre.

>that stupid clonk sound when you get hit by the train

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So you're saying that modern Nether is shit. Thanks for letting us know that.

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Dude, there is a code that make Sonya naked!

I remember hearing shit like that at school all the time.

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>Honestly MK9 ended up looking much better than those in the end

MK9 did indeed look great, but then in typical NRS fashion they showed they again didn't know what to do unless it was based on the original 3 games.

>They need Tobias & Pesina so badly, next up.. MK TNG

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>in typical NRS fashion they showed they again didn't know what to do unless it was based on the original 3 games.

While that's true, I think in MK9's case it worked well. The series had been so huge and then floundered for many years. As a kind of reboot and final perfect version of that concept I think it worked really well. X was interesting, but I wasn't really interested in more MK right now. I'm just waiting for more Injustice. That was their best game by a good margin so far in my opinion.

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Anyone else gets a completely different feel for the physicality in each of the installments?

MK1 fighters feel like they're made of clay
MK2 fighters feel like they're made of paper
MK3 fighters feel like they're made of silicon

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Ehm.. ehm.. don't stop taking those pills.

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They all feel like paper to me.

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>Soul Chamber was okay, the rest was extremely mediocre.

This. The stages in MK3 were a big letdown from the previous two games.

I also dislike the upper cut transport to other stages. It's neat and I would keep it in the game but it should of been randomized. Having every first upper cut take you out of the stage(especially when you want to stay on that stage) gets old quick.

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I didn't like the new levels as much, but I appreciated them trying a change of setting. I agree on the uppercut transports should have been randomized to not change the stage every time. Though I liked that they were in the game anyways.

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>trying something different
Oh yeah, props to them for trying. MK2 was different and that gamble paid off tenfold. The modern day city theme just felt really tame tho after mk1's ancient island tournament feel and especially following up MK2's crazy outworld shenanigans.

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Yeah I liked the idea of them bringing the fight to Earth, it just didn't end up as cool as the other games.

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Mortal Kombat 2 had the best balancing and the best character select music. I still love UMK3 the most though because none of my friends know any of the combos.

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MK3/UMK3 because Stryker.

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>back to earth
Should of stayed a tournament also. In my fanfic imagination(warning: major MK fan autism incoming) MK3 would take place a generation after the events of mk2. After earth realm defeated Shao Kahn, Outworld(now ran by Kitana) is no longer a major threat so that leaves a power vacuum with new realms vying for earth realm themselves. This new tournament(with adjusted rules) takes place on the grounds on the newly rebuilt Shaolin Temple where an older Liu Lang is now in charge and the final boss. It would have new characters along with some old favorites returning. Sub boss could be some mythical east Asian creature.

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That is a pretty neat idea. I just also like what they actually did. The first two are Khan trying to use the tournament for an excuse to invade earth. But Liu is too good so he uses the loophole to invade earth. That was pretty cool in my opinion. It's just you can't make as wacky backgrounds when you do it that way.

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Best graphics: MK2
Best roster: MK2
Best Difficulty: MK4

I guess 4 wins because it's the only one I can play further than the third match.

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>I guess 4 wins because it's the only one I can play further than the third match.

How is that even possible? MK2 on the lower difficulties practically just lets you win.

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What Bizarro MK2 are you playing?

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Any version other than arcade where it has a difficulty setting. Even on hard MK2 isn't difficult the way say KoF single player is, but on easy it's a laugh.

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I think 3 has the best gameplay but I will forever be a slut for MK2

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Download Genesis mk2 right now and record your very easy playthrough and upload it to YouTube. I dare u

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I scanned the MK2 booklet a while back, if anyone wants I can upload it to MEGA.

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lol and what incentive would I have to go through that for you? If you find MK2 hard that's your deal, but it's pretty funny to me.

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I'm not >>3323272 and I have beaten MK2. I just know for a fact that you're bullshitting with this post >>3324246 and that you haven't actually done it. And I knew you'd back out of the dare, even though it shouldn't be a big deal to someone who claims the game 'lets you win'. You're just another lying shitter on /vr/ 2bh m80.

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Beating the game is one thing. Setting up video of me doing it, setting up a youtube account and then posting it all just for some random dude on 4chan is laughable though. You can believe whatever you want, but MK has terrible, terrible AI and is ridiculously easy on the non-hard modes. Hard only gets difficult because the AI cheats even more blatantly than most fighters.

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>that instant reply hours later
lol loser
>You can believe whatever you want
oh I will. I know you've never touched mkII genesis and are entirely full of shit. you're welcome to keep trying to convince me otherwise though shitter :^)

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UMK3 hands down.

^This vid is cool because the commentators are excellent at explaining the mechanics/strategy to newcomers
^another cool vid.

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You're trying real hard there buddy. You're not our resident fighting games shitter who complains about single player being hard all the time are you? I'm getting some real deja vu from your try hard trolling mixed with lol worthy belief that MK2 was ever a hard game.

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>baseless assumptions
>still no proof
>still trying to convince me

>> No.3324531

Hey man, you're the one who's talking like MK2 Genesis is impossibly hard to beat. I'm just here finding it funny.

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>> No.3324557

In your heart you know how bad you are. You can posture and act like I'm being a troll for not making youtube videos for you, but nothing will escape you saying you've never even made it past the third match in MK2.

On the off chance that you really, genuinely think it's a hard game and I'm just blowing smoke saying it's easy, then don't take my word for it. Go get a second opinion. Ask /fgg ( >>>/vg/146949606 ) or literally any other fighting community anywhere.

I would bet dollars to doughnuts that you know already what the response would be though.

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MK does the best female ninja designs.

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Reread this post slowly >>3324475
>still no proof
>still trying to convince me

>> No.3325282

I read that post carefully the first time. I don't believe you're not him. Only someone that bad would be insisting this much that me being able to beat it is some tall claim. If you are even semi decent at fighters you would be more than aware of how awful and easily exploited MK's AI is.

Which I suspect you are, and butthurt that you still can't beat it. Your many :^)'s remind me of the fighting game shitter we have around these parts who is always trying to play single player and then bitching to high hell about it.

Nice sages though, that's cute.

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I think the MK2 designs are just perfect all around

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>still no proof
>still trying to convince me

>> No.3326148

>A game design to steal quarters from children
>Not hard
I've owned MK2 since I was like 6 and still have never beaten it

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Simplicity rules.
These days they put too much shit on their characters, just because they can.

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I agree and disagree, I like a lot of the updated designs but I'm not very fond of new character designs.

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>BMX gear "ninjas"

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Better than literally all of the 'kid' characters in MKX

>> No.3326358

This. Honestly, if it wasn't for MK Trilogy, I probably would've sold my N64.

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Still no proof because I still don't care if you believe me. You've given me all the proof I need of how bad you are and that's all I need to snicker at you.

You should strongly consider another hobby.

In general I totally agree, I especially never liked Sub's new look in 3 and the cyber ninjas are goofy. It's really just the female design I like a lot. Though the original ones are cool as well.

I also always liked Sheeva as well, even though she sucks she looks awesome.

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>You should strongly consider another hobby.

I only tried to beat it when I was a kid, it was just getting stomped so hard as a kid by the CPU I never bothered to try again.

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>still no proof
>still trying to convince me

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My bad, when you said you'd owned it since you were six I assumed you wouldn't just get frustrated as a kid and then not try again for for 20 years. That's a sad tale.

poor baby can't even troll well anymore :(

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>Kung Lao's hat slice being my favorite
seconded MK2 has all the best ones

>> No.3327352


They put so much effort into those, too much probably cause by the time of MK3 they couldn't be arsed anymore!

Lazy Boon!

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File: 2.71 MB, 2292x2031, scan0010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Love me some Kung Lao

>> No.3327380

>that pic

>> No.3327415

>poor baby can't even troll well anymore :(
Yet you keep replying to him.

I've always loved that fatality. I don't think it's ever been topped.

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>I'm not nostalgic for it, so it's bad
>I'm nostalgic for it, so it's good

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>Yet you keep replying to him.
I'm 95% sure he is who I think he is. It's always funny to poke him.

MKII had a lot of the best fatalities. My specialty was playing with Shang and switching to Sub for the kill, doing the first half of his freeze fatality then morphing to Scorp and toasying them. Good times!

>> No.3327681

Competitive UMK3 is always awesome to watch.

You're both faggots. For what it's worth however you're the idiot who's been taking the bait. Please stop shitting up the thread.

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>still no proof

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4chan is all just trolls trolling trolls, brah

It'll always be Mileena's vore fatality for me, but that's mostly because it's the one my mom would always do.

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>pot to kettle
it's just you and me here, ]spoiler]friend.

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>pot to kettle
it's just you and me here,friend.

>> No.3327838

I think I fapped to that Kitana there aeons ago.

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MK II is best

pic to confirm

>> No.3327895

How much did that thing cost you?

>> No.3327903


i got kinda lucky ... only $400 back in 2014.

sat in a guy's home for 10+ years ... his kids were grown up and out the house and he simply wanted it gone. saw it on Craigslist and i was there ASAP with cash and a truck.

monitor is burn free. plays flawlessly. side art is a bit faded but is in excellent shape. i'd sell a few other of my cabinets before i'd sell this one.

>> No.3327916

Fuckin sweet

>> No.3328519

Totally agree with this. MK9 desgins are atrocius on that regard, look how busy and armor like Scorpion costumes are, how can he even move with all that metal and leather shit on him?. MKX got better. Look at the unmasked Scorpion costume, is really simple and looks a lot like the MK1 outfit, sans the mask obviously.

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MK9 designs are atrocious in general. MKX did so much to improve them.

>> No.3328650

I hated the women I'm mk9. They were literal traps with book jobs. Literal male skeletal structures. They look great in mkx.

>> No.3328724

Nice you meet you MK9

>> No.3328734


>> No.3329205

Mortal Kombat trilogy!!!!!

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Nothing beats MK3's designs

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