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Do you think the retro "bubble" is a thing, or are the massively inflated prices of old games here to stay? If so, have the prices plateaued, or will we really someday see a future where an NES averages $500?

Is this going to affect non-/vr/ consoles at some point? Would it be wise to start stocking up now?

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>Is this going to affect non-/vr/ consoles at some point? Would it be wise to start stocking up now?
Good luck playing DLC heavy games in the future, when discs go bad and their servers have been long offline.

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Well, I'm thinking more GBA/PS2 era. Maybe some PS3/360.

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Probably not for a long while and it'll only collapse to like what we're payong about now. We've got thevretarded Jew collectors and shit. Baseball cards stamps and comic books both dealt with this shit already. A few things retained their value but most went to shit at some point... But it was a pretty long ride

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I think there will be a crash in like 20-30 years when multiple people try and cash in on their 'investment' and everyone realizes theres no buyers left.

You know, just like comic books, and baseball cards.

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Even some retroish consoles with some amount of connectivity to the net (like the dreamcast) have content that is kind of inaccessible right now.
E-market places have come to stay too, so people will more likely settle for a convenient emulation that to track down complex and relatively fragile hardware and discs.

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I had a problem with that recently, I was playing Solatorobo and couldn't download the extra missions, so unless I want to buy an American copy and play through the entire game again I can't have access to them as the DS servers are long gone.

There should be an official organisation that backs up all this sort of shit, film and music have archives so why not have a real go of creating a game one?

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There's this. http://www.vghmuseum.org/

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The talk of a bubble is cus retro gaming is the hip thing atm, and sooner or later people will move on to the next hip thing. But ultimately gaming is much bigger than it used to be, shit like the virtual console introduced these games to a new generation. So now we've got a lot of people who to want to explore the history of their hobby and I don't think that will ever go away, they aren't here cus it's hip, they just love games. Prices will plateau, they might even go down, but don't expect a return to 2006.

And yeah, prices will probably go up for non retro games when the kids who grew up with them have some disposable income and are feeling nostalgic. Now's a great time to start collecting for the 6th gen consoles. My local pawn shop doesn't even price check their ps2 or xbox games, 50p a pop.

You don't need DLC, the core game is on the disk, even if you need a patch you can download it from a 3rd party site and install it manually, at least you can for the 360. Can probably do the same for DLC if you have modded console.

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>E-market places have come to stay too, so people will more likely settle for a convenient emulation that to track down complex and relatively fragile hardware and discs.

In 20 years we're going to see a lot of shit on the lost media wikias.

Shouldn't there be a way to emulate DS servers? I remember the Pokemon Community used to do some crazy shit.

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>Shouldn't there be a way to emulate DS servers?
There is from day one when DS servers went offline.

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>Solatorobo extra DLC missions now impossible to obtain

This horrified me until I checked to see what the missions were just now. Thankfully I must have downloaded them back when I got the game.

But yeah, the question of preserving older games (especially ones that weren't particularly popular) is troubling. It's good to see a handful or places make attempts to keep them around and available in some manner for people.

At the end of the day it's just going to come down to how much work fans put into emulation.

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I've upgraded my DS like 3 times since I bought the game, so no luck for me. Doesn't seem to be any interest in getting them back online though, just not enough PAL fans I suppose.

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Wait, it would save to the cart wouldn't it? Shit, IDK, I know all the DLC was on cart, I wonder if you could edit the save and put them back in.

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I don't think it can sustain itself much longer. Look at the beanie baby craze or tulip mania. We're currently dealing with a retro video game "craze" because it's the "cool" thing right now.

Once it goes back to being a weirdo's hobby (like beanie babies) we'll see prices return to reasonable levels. It might take a few years.

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>what is Pokémon?

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Obviously there's a limited number of hardware and games in circulation, but a lot of the price inflation is arbitrary. Classic gamers are aging out, and few people from newer generations are taking a serious interest in collecting for older hardware. A percentage of individuals from newer generations who can appreciate classic games may simply opt to play them through services like Virtual Console instead of sinking money into physical copies of the games and hardware because it seems more convenient or economical to them. So I don't think there's an ever-increasing demand for retro games. The demand probably remains fairly consistent, or may actually be decreasing.

As for why price inflation is happening - I suspect it's just a (greedy) miscalculation on part of the resellers. These guys assume that anything attached to popular brands like Nintendo is actually worth more than it is, simply by brand association alone. The availability / rarity of the game doesn't seem to be taken into consideration at all in some cases. For instance, copies of Super Mario Sunshine are going for USD $30+ in borderline defective condition, and some sellers are listing defective / non-readable discs around $20. (Seriously?) The game sold 5 1/2 million copies, so there shouldn't be any reasonable shortage of copies available. In contrast, Final Fantasy IX sold slightly fewer copies, but can usually be found for around just $10. I realize Mario may be a more popular IP than Final Fantasy, but we're talking about a GC game of all systems. The GC was blown out of the water by its competition back in the day. How many people are really that nostalgic for a GC game?

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You realise price is determined by both supply and demand? Right? It's fairly standard for a common item in high demand to become more valuable than a rarer item that no one wants. If people are paying $30 plus of Super Mario Sunshine then it's worth $30 +.

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Artificial price =/= value

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Comparing beanie babies to retro games? You are reaching anon.

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9/10 collectors don't play their games. They collector for speculation or to be "in". It's a fair example. Different anon.

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There's nothing artificial about it, you just don't like it

But you're right, price isn't value. Value is completely subjective, while price is determined by the markets.

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>There's nothing artificial about it, you just don't like it
Found the reseller.

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Right now a lot of this is being driven by nostalgia from people in their 20s and 30s. Eventually this will level off, but of course serious collectors will always remain.

Long-term, however, I think it will get even worse. These games will become genuine antiques before long.

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>There's nothing artificial about it, you just don't like it
A set price above market value isn't artificial?

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Would that make what I'm saying any less true? Reality is not determined by your feelings.

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>A set price above market value isn't artificial?

If it's above market value it won't sell. There's plenty of these games in circulation, people will buy the ones at market value.

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>If it's above market value it won't sell
Not how that works champ.

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>Not how that works champ.
It's exactly how it works, if one seller is selling a game for ridiculous prices then it's not gonna sell, not when countless other sellers are selling it for market value. And even if some idiot does buy it, what's it to you?

Of course if every seller is selling it at "above market value", and consumers are happy to pay that price, then it aint above market value. This is economics 101, my friend.

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Listen kid. There are countless examples of items selling above and below market value.

For example sugar has had an artificial price since 1789.

If ebay went back to how it used to be with true auctions where the market decide the price you'd have a point. But you're an underageshit who was probably maybe 10 years old at that time?

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>arguing about prices with economic illiterates
Oh shit nigger, what are you doing?

They're literally talking about "artificial prices". Don't waste your time.

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>For example sugar has had an artificial price since 1789.

This is due to government regulation, it's not relevant to a discussion about the price of used games.

>If ebay went back to how it used to be with true auctions where the market decide the price you'd have a point.
We don't need auctions to determine prices, simply competition among sellers.

Though if you feel I'm wrong then I'm interested to know how you feel market prices are determined? Let's go back to the example of Super Mario Sunshine, if the price it's currently selling for isn't the market price, what is? And why?

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>You realize price is determined by both supply and demand?

Thanks for not reading my post and replying anyway. That was truly constructive.

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Please explain child. How is EBay giving suggestion to sellers at what price they should sell their item not artificial?

EBay has no idea of the condition and other factors. They simply see the set price.

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I was going to say I regularly find great Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, DS games at car boots and garage sales.

Last Saturday I bought Fallout 3 and New vegas for £1 each. I'll never find Zelda for the SNES. Might as well pick up some great games now while they are cheap like SNES carts were 15+ years ago.

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>Please explain child. How is EBay giving suggestion to sellers at what price they should sell their item not artificial?

Ebay does not set the price, the seller does, also these suggestions are based on what consumers are actually paying. if Ebay suggests an over the top price then the seller is free to ignore it, if he chooses not to and charges a ridiculous price for an item in poor condition then customers will buy from other sellers.

I mean what do you do if you go to a shop and find they're charging twice what another shop does? Would you not take your business to the cheaper shop? Do you assume other people are too stupid to do the same? You act like consumers have no choice in this.

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Price Inflation Explained:

I'm now 30 years old. I make a good living in software and a few years ago I started buying SNES games on ebay.

For me £1 and £30 are the same thing when it comes to buying SNES carts. Of course £30 is 30x more than £1, but in my mind they occupy the same space which I call "loose change for discretionary spending". If I look for a game I want and one is in an auction, while another I can BIN for £25, I buy it now because I want the game soon, it's not worth the hassle of me bidding or trying to snipe it.

So that's the reason retro games are getting more expensive, disproportionately to the declining supply. People who want them have more money to spend.

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>what are outliers

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>Ebay does not set the price
Haven't used EBay have you?

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Is this the best you can do?

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That's how ebay works kid.

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You can charge whatever price you like on eBay.

If you want to sell your sealed copy of Stadium events for 1 dollar, that's entirely up to you. If you want to ask a thousand dollars for Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, you have every right to do so.

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>But reseller prices are fair!

Is there a sudden influx of reseller scum on /vr/, or are we just being trolled by these replies?

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>You're just a poor baby lmao
>N-no I don't feel bad for buying ALTTP for 60 bucks loose

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Listen kid.

EBay can and does set the price. You can go and give your items to ebay and they list them with out any other input.

You're proven to be underage or just don't have a clue how ebay works.

They call it eBay Valet now. Before it was just an EBay store center thing.

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>Now's a great time to start collecting for the 6th gen consoles
Gamecube's already seeing massive price inflation. Just look up any "popular" GC game. It's getting crazy.

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The difference is, the supply of retro games is only going down while the demand goes up.

Here's something people might find interesting. It's the oldest article I can find on retro prices going up:
(The article itself doesn't have a date, but the oldest comment is from January 5 2009, so it's at least that old)

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Yeah, thank god kept all my gamecube games from back in the day, I couldn't justify paying what Paper Mario TYT goes for. My only regret is losing my copy of Gotcha Force in a move, I loved that weird ass game.

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Why do you keep calling those that disagree with you kid?

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There is definitely a bubble caused by the feedback loop of Ebay and Youtube.

And I'm not talking about prices being massively inflated since 1997, when no one wanted their 16bit games anymore. I'm talking since 2010-11.

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Sadly, I completely skipped the GC in 6th gen. I regret it immensely. The only saving grace here is that Dolphin is an excellent emulator.

>> No.3305321

Giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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>EBay can and does set the price.
You're economically illiterate, you're ignoring counter arguments against your views, and now you're falling back to distortions and half truths.

No one said the markets are fair. Life aint fair, time you got used to it.

>> No.3305347

>You're economically illiterate, you're ignoring counter arguments against your views, and now you're falling back to distortions and half truths.

List you dumbass kids. It says it right there on EBay.

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Look it up. There are PS2 games that already go for extreme prices (Rule of Rose) and then there's the Wii and Wii U games...

>> No.3305386

>There are PS2 games that already go for extreme prices (Rule of Rose)

The list goes on...

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I don't really get the bitching about prices, if you wanna jump on the retro collecting bandwagon and build up a nice big collection right as the hobby is peaking in popularity, then expect to shell out.

If you aren't a collector then you have flash carts, repros, mod chips and emulators.

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>Life ain't fair, this justifies all forms of unfairness and if you dare try to change any of it you can fuck off
You are this retarded.

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he aspie

>> No.3305474

Is it worse than

>Everyone agrees x is worth 50 quid.
>No it's only worth 25! I don't want to pay 50! This isn't fair!

>> No.3305481

Well depends, was said x worth 25 at one point and then only went up to 50 because jews and hipsters flooded the market?

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File: 111 KB, 634x761, NOT FAIR!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Jews are cheating me out of of muh vidya games! IT'S NOT FAIR!

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There's the baby argument again, got any more?

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This. I got a retro PC with controller, good enough to play all the retro games I want.

Also, when adjusted for inflation even the super popular SNES games only cost like 1/3 of the original new price. And you can go online at any time and buy them. So really people are just complaining they can't hoard all the games for $1 each like you used to be able to with SNES games and that you can do right now with PS3 etc games.

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Well yeah, Rule of Rose is controversial as fuck. That's one of those games that will be worth thousands in a few decades.

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People bitch because the games people are charging out the ass for now were worth peanuts a few years ago. Of course people are going to complain about that.

For example, I bought most of the N64 games I wanted while they were still cheap. That doesn't mean I approve of the massive scalping that's been going on. I want people who are actually interested in this hobby to have the same good experience I did.

>> No.3305647

People have every right in the world to be upset about that, anon.

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I can't believe I'm taking the bait. I bet you're a riot at parties.

.Hack Quarantine ~$150
Wild Arms Alter Code F ~$65
DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 ~$70
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis ~$65
Futurama ~$70

And yes, the list does go on. Faggot.

>> No.3305834

>"EXTREME prices"

>> No.3305836

Holy shit, Futurama is rare? What the fuck caused that?

>> No.3305840

Sorry not everyone lives the luxury life like yourself.

>> No.3305845

>Futurama ~$70
you wot, m8?

I regularly see it for anywhere between 50p to a couple of quid.

>> No.3305851

Maybe on allowance money, champ

>> No.3305876

Is America just retarded or are you making these prices up? Aside from Wild Arms you can pick those games up for half of what you're quoting or less in the UK. And I'm talking Ebay buy it now/over priced game store prices.

>> No.3305973

ITT: /vr/ not knowing basic economics

>> No.3305993


ITT: Resellers with selective reading comprehension choose to regurgitate tautological nonsense rather than counter any of the valid arguments presented in any iteration of this thread.

Repeating yourself ad infinitum doesn't make you right, it just results in any logical individual disregarding everything you have to say.

>> No.3305994

Das hella tarded mane.
Just pick up a phat PS2 with an HDD, haha.

>> No.3306008

SNES games should cost at lest $200 a piece, why should I sell the carts I bought for at least $80 on release at a loss? if you want cheap games use a flash cart or emulate

>> No.3306012

I don't think you quite understand how the used game market works, or any used item market.

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Just follow the instructions here and you can download all the extra missions.

>> No.3306129

>being this cheap and greedy with your money

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mfw i hoarded copies of earthbound in the 90's and retards are now paying hundreds of dollars for them stay mad and poor

>> No.3306461

You must feel so proud

>> No.3306467

>i hoarded copies of earthbound in the 90's

>> No.3306475


Unless people start producing legitimate new copies of retro games for retro systems, I can't see the prices of these things ever going down.

I'm not bothered by this with digital re-releases being a thing, but it does make me upset for those games that have no chance for redistribution.

>> No.3306480

I love how people throw around "supply and demand" like it is the be all, end all answer to literally every market situation. we get it, you took econ in high school. Congrats.

>> No.3306528

It came at the tail end of the SNES era iirc? Some anon said that there were loads of unsold CIB copies but it skyrocketed in price because of e-celebs making it popular or some shit.

>> No.3306717

Thanks, I was not aware of this.

>> No.3306828

>valid arguments

Pick one.

>> No.3306832

Retro game prices will never go back down. They're just like old guns, they only gain more value with time.

>> No.3306843

You're literally on here whining about not being able to get all the toys you want.

>> No.3307008

They will probably stabilize, possibly go down some, but we will never get the lot boxes of SNES classics for $25 again.

It will probably be like what NES is already doing, with classics stabilizing around $20 a game. The rare games would of course be the outliers to this, as MegaMan is still $80.

>> No.3307018

>b-but supply and demand!
Supply and Demand works when you have rational actors, a clear marketspace, and the ability for new people to enter the market on a whim making new widgets

none of those things are true for retrogames, which is why ebay being the unofficial price guide for everyone has destroyed the market and made it so things can jump in value in a few days in reaction to a video, then hold the value when reactionaries disappear. The rate prices and bounce up is way, way faster than the rate they will fall down, because resellers would rather have 1,000 items sit in inventory and get 300% markup on them instead of selling all 1,000 at 115% price in a year or so, and because any hoarder with some spare piling space can afford to wait for the golden egg instead of paying rent.

>> No.3307105

You are one salty fucker, "champ".

Try leaving your mom's basement every once in awhile "kid". There's an amazing world out there.

>> No.3307108

Things aren't linear. They go in cycles.

>> No.3307110

>SNES era


>> No.3307113

That's the best analogy.

>> No.3307168 [DELETED] 

>I want people who are actually interested in this hobby to have the same good experience I did.

Well they aint. They missed the boat and if they wanna jump on now it's popular they gotta pay the fee. Hipster cred aint cheap.

If they just want to play the games then they have plenty of free and low cost ways to play, if they just want to have a shelf full of games then there are cheap systems to collect for. If they wanna show their hipster friends their cool collection of OMG SO RETRO XD Nintendo games they built up in a week, they gotta pay.

>> No.3307171

>I want people who are actually interested in this hobby to have the same good experience I did.

Well they aint. They missed the boat and if they wanna jump on now it's popular they gotta pay the fee. Hipster cred aint cheap.

If they just want to play the games then they have plenty of free and low cost ways to play, if they just want to collect something then there are cheap systems to collect for. If they wanna show their hipster friends their cool collection of OMG SO RETRO XD Nintendo games they built up in a week, they gotta pay.

>> No.3307326

ITT: Resellers who need to get a real job desperately trying to convince folks their 60 dollar loose Ocarina of Time carts are justified and honest through insults and 6th grade economics.

>> No.3307725

That's bullshit and you know it. It was already considered "hipster cred" when I bought them for cheap. Then a bunch of fuckers bought tons of games at high prices on eBay and jacked up the prices to the point that it's not even worth it.

>> No.3307767


Confirmed for never selling anything on eBay. You can charge WHATEVER YOU WANT for anything. I could charge 1 million dollars for a piece of grass if I wanted to.

>> No.3307949

If you can't get cheap games because of resellers, then where do resellers get their games? Why can't you get your games from the same place?

>> No.3307961

>then where do resellers get their games

They troll flea markets and yard sales and buy up as many games as they can find, then they hoard duplicate copies of them in their basement for years at a time. This artificially drives up the "rarity" of the game, so the reseller feels perfectly justified in raising their prices.

>> No.3307987

Yup. I've been buying games for years and have had a number of my old games pike in value, but that doesn't mean I think the current market is fair or accurate. I can guarantee that almost everyone who tries to defend it is either a reseller or someone who is desperate to see their precious "investment" go up in value. I don't give a fuck if my collection is worth $10,000 or $10. I buy what I want because I want it, not to flip so I can buy... whatever else people buy with their disposable income.

>> No.3307994

I only flipped a game once. I got a copy of Super Metroid from a pawn shop for 2 dollars in 2012. I already had a game, then I saw a kijiji wanted ad for the game. I sold it to a guy much older than me (I was 15, he was in his 20s) for 20 bucks, even then I felt it was fair since I paid 30 for my first copy.

>> No.3307996

And you can't go to flea markets or yard sales because?

>> No.3308006

I think the only things that I've successfully sold for cash in terms of gaming items were arcade PCBs that I decided I didn't want to bother fixing. I tried to sell another thing once, but I'm glad I didn't go through with it. As I said, I buy what I want to play. Still have a CIB RC Pro AM II that I got from Sam's Club way back when.

>> No.3308010

To be fair, it is probably hard for most collectors with other commitments to compete with people who are buying primarily to make or supplement their living.

>> No.3308015

I'm also thinking of buying up old NES systems at garage sales, repairing them and then reselling them for 40 bucks. I'll make sure every one comes with a Mario/Duckhunt and Zapper.

>> No.3308031

You want the prize you gotta put in the work.

>> No.3308070

Resellers buy whatever they get their hands on. I only buy games I want and I'm not guaranteed to find good Saturn games at a yard sale.

>> No.3308075

>I can't read

>> No.3308083

if you aren't some bandwagoning faggot you should already have all your old games

>> No.3308094

That's only really true if he's starting from nothing.

>> No.3308097

>And yeah, prices will probably go up for non retro games when the kids who grew up with them have some disposable income and are feeling nostalgic.

No it won't. Every single majorly popular game either sold truckloads of copies, or is available on steam for pennies. 7th gen games and up will be fucking worthless outside of a few super niche cult Japanese games that miraculously got localized.

>> No.3308108

So you want people to bring the games to you, but don't want to pay premium for that service.

>> No.3308114

Not him but any environment with actual competition and not artificial price bullshit like ebay generally has lower prices.
The main reason Jap games are so cheap for the big name titles like RockMan, etc. They have multiple auction sites with TRUE auctions. Not BiN shit.

>> No.3308120

Yeah, you can't.

>> No.3308127

I hope you're underage with reading comprehension that poor. At least you'd have an excuse.

>> No.3308129

I do think that high BiNs are a killer. While not all of them will sell, all it takes is one impatient and/or uneducated buyer to pull the trigger on an overpriced game, resulting in that sale showing up in sold listing and for the price to get factored into the trending price. If trending price is all you go by, and assuming ebay doesn't toss outliers, all it takes are a few inflated sales (or even fake sales) of a cheap game to make the price appear to go up.

>> No.3308134

I never said that. I'll pay whatever for games I want.

>> No.3308138

Are you a fortuneteller? Glad to know someone here can see the future.

>> No.3308159

How are you going to call someone out for making an assumption when you are also making an assumption that 7th gen games will be worth anything? You really think your copy of Halo Reach is going to be worth more than $10 twenty years from now?

>> No.3308172

Halo Reach? No.
Games made by Atlus, Nintendo, and Limited Run games? Not to mention the LOADS of special editions...


>> No.3308193

>special editions
You're an idiot. Different anon.

>> No.3308201


Condition is rarely considered when pricing games. I've seen earthbound with a completely ruined sticker going for 250+ at some local game stores.

I actually think this is part of the reason we see inflation, since there is no regulation system in place for the condition of games (and it seems that no one wants there to be) then resellers can keep getting away with charging full price for games in awful condition.


Stop calling everyone kid, it makes you sound like you're in grade 5 and obsessed with dragon ball Z still.


>Wanting a handout
Sorry, but no one give a fuck that you don't have the money for games.

>> No.3308202

Why, exactly?

>> No.3308205

Historically special/limited edition haven't been worth a damn. 6th gen+ those things are dime a dozen. Just about every popular game had one.

>> No.3308206

>Every single majorly popular game either sold truckloads of copies
Which also means a larger potential market to get nostalgic over them. Though really this is only true for the PS2 in the 6th gen, the Xbox and Gamecube had sales comparable to retro consoles, hell the game cube actually stacks up poorly to the main retro consoles. Probably why Gamecube games sell for significantly more than PS2 or Xbox.

Though loads of copies doesn't mean a game can't be worth a decent chunk of change, people ITT are complaining about price gouging of LTTP, which also sold nearly 5 million copies. Even on the PS2 only a handful of games broke 5 million copies. Then you have critically acclaimed games that sold much less, like Ico, Okami, and We Love Katamri which all sold around half a million.

Then with the 7th gen we see similar sales figures to the PS2.

> or is available on steam for pennies.
And most major retro games can be bought from Steam or Nintendo's virtual console, or from both. And of course most retro consoles can be almost perfectly emulated for free.

>> No.3308212

>Stop calling everyone kid, it makes you sound like you're in grade 5 and obsessed with dragon ball Z still

I kind of feel bad for him. I'm sure he gets called that a lot, living in his parents' basement and all.

I don't understand why there's so much anger in this thread. Why can't a bunch of people with a similar hobby get along? Why do people have to shit on people who collect?

That's true, but it's not going to stop the people who want them from buying them. If someone wants a Kingdom Hearts HD Special Edition with a plush Heartless toy, they're gonna pay out the ass for it.

And a lot of people really love Kingdom Hearts.

>> No.3308217

The reason for the retro game market is due to supply and demand, like any other market. However, to say that without qualifying it is a far too simplistic assessment of the situation. We must look at the reasons for the demand to try to predict which way prices will go in the future.

I believe that there is a retro games bubble, and that it will crash sharply at some point in the future. The reasons as to why prices have risen up until now are twofold: nostalgic thirty-somethings and speculation.

The former group are likely to lose interest as time goes on. In fact, given how long it has been since prices began to skyrocket, it is likely that a significant number already have. Rising prices will contribute to said loss of interest, as people will have more important things to spend money on than a €60 copy of Megaman. Most importantly, there will not be a sufficient number of younger people interested in retro games to replace those who have left the market.

The latter group, the resellers in it for the money, will leave the market next. This will be for two reasons:

First, flea market/garage sale finds will eventually be so rare that they will be unable to find a steady supply of retro games to flip. Remember, as resellers so often like to say, supply is limited, and that includes the supply of games from uninformed sellers.
Second, as prices rise, the amount of people willing to buy at those prices falls. Eventually, resellers won't be able to sell games for months at a time, partially because most nostalgic gamers have left the market. Resellers will begin to sell, slowly at first, then quicker as more resellers begin to notice that the trend is now to sell, and will want to make as much money as they can on their investment.

While this will mean that prices for common games will be cheap again, an unfortunate side effect is that games will be thrown out by resellers. Games that are genuinely rare will increase in value even after the crash.

>> No.3308218

No 6th gen console had poor software sale.

Melee sold like 8 million copies.

>> No.3308223

Yeah, and look at how expensive it is. I just don't get it...

>> No.3308227

Artificial pricing.

>> No.3308241

It was just over 7 million and it was the best selling game for the Game Cube.

The best selling game for the N64 sold over 11 million copies, the best selling game for the SNES, after Super Mario World (it seems unfair to count a pack in game), was Donkey Kong country which sold 9 million. On the NES Super Mario Bros 2 sold 10 million, 1 and 3 of course sold even more but were helped by being pack in games.

I'll accept poor was too strong a word, but it certainly doesn't match Nintendo's earlier consoles in terms of software sales.

>> No.3308248

Also have to factor in the best games on the system got remakes that are superior. The two Zelda's WW and TP.

Not a whole lot of reason to own a Gamecube. Few games.

>> No.3308259

There are tons of great games on the GameCube worth playing. Also the GameBoy Player. Playing GB, GBC and GBA games on your TV.

>> No.3308283

>There are tons of great games on the GameCube worth playing.
Not really. You're digging the button of the bucket at around 10 games.

Especially when talking about exclusives/best version of the multi port game.

>> No.3308329

I won't give resellers the satisfaction. I troll garage sales with a fellow collector buddy. He managed to find a complete Super Nintendo Jr. with Star Fox for $20 a little while ago. I have more luck at actual eBay auctions. I've sniped systems and games for a fraction of the "Buy it Now" cost. This last thing I do is my favorite: friends. Sometimes it's not how much you can spend, it's who you know. A buddy gave me a spare Super Mario Bros. 3 cart he had for free. I tried to pay him, but he refused. I bought a N64 for $10 with all original hook-ups from another buddy. Make some fellow collector buddies, and you'll be treated right.

>> No.3308358

Super Mario Sunshine
Luigi's Mansion
Eternal Darkness
Pikmin 2
Metroid Prime
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Twilight Princess
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Animal Crossing
F-Zero GX
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Wind Waker
Pokemon Colosseum
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Mario Superstar Baseball
Star Fox: Assault
Star Fox Adventures
Soul Calibur 2
Viewtiful Joe
Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

and much more

>> No.3308360

>Super Mario Sunshine
Word 3d Mario
Most the list is only good for the Gamecube library. Very few amazing games that are exclusive to the Gamecube.

>and much more
No there isn't.

>Star Fox: Assault
>Star Fox Adventures
Cmon man.

>> No.3308363

PS2 games are still fucking worthless now. Way too many units sold and it ha a ton of PC ports. Ports anon, not shitty emulation. If you can get a perfectly well optimized port on steam you would be a fucking moron to emulate.

So again, you're 7th gen games are going to be even more worthless than they are. Keep thinking you're sitting on a treasure trove though it's hilarious.

>> No.3308365


>> No.3308369

This false ilussion again?, Dont you realized that shit JUST, DOESNT, WORK ANYMORE!?

>> No.3308375

>Worst 3d Mario
Not really. That belongs to Super Mario 3D World.

>Cmon man.
They were good games

>No there isn't.
Tales of Symphonia
Mario Party 5
Wario World
Mario Party 4
1080 Avalanche
Viewtiful Joe 2
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
Mario Power Tennis
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Wave Race: Blue Storm
Kirby Air Ride
Baten Kaitos Origins

...and more

>> No.3308379

scraping that bucket.

>Not really. That belongs to Super Mario 3D World.

>> No.3308393

Yeah, your bait is pretty bad.

>> No.3308396

I'll give you Nintendo and niche Atlus games, which is literally what I said in my previous comment...

>> No.3308407

Anon I didn't say 6th gen wasn't going it expensive. It will, because it's the last generation of consoles where you can just pop a game in and immediately start playing. No patches, no DLC, no multiplayer only bullshit like Destiny or Battlefield.

PS3, Xbox 360 are going to not really rise in value. Outside of exclusives, 99% of games were multiplat and also came out on PC. Heck, the shear fact so much of the PS3 and Xbox 360 library is shared is also going to keep prices down because there's too much consumer choice. Retro games tend to be expensive because they remain exclusive to those old consoles officially, not via emulation.

>> No.3308409

Games are ok. That's how it is.

>> No.3308487

>I don't understand why there's so much anger in this thread.

It's a touchy subject for a lot of collectors/enthusiasts. I think a lot of us are frustrated that prices are rising as quickly as they are, and that they don't seem to be going down any time soon.

>> No.3308489

>The reason for the retro game market is due to supply and demand

The idea of scarcity for a lot of games is entirely artificial, and most stores do everything they can to keep that illusion going as long as possible.

>> No.3308515

I flipped once to. Bought pokemon soul silver CIB for 5 sold for 35. I regret it everyday. For at least a year now

>> No.3308519

>Sorry, but no one give a fuck that you don't have the money for games.

>implying I said anything about buying games
>projecting this much

>> No.3308549

Exactly. But once this illusion fades, panic tends to set in, and it is then that we see a market crash. The high prices of retro games aren't based on any stable demand that we can expect to last. They're built almost entirely on the idea that 'the prices of retro games can only go up' (not my words, I've heard plenty of collectors say exactly that, misusing supply and demand as justification).

>> No.3308564

>It's a touchy subject

No, it's just the toxic attitudes of resellers on /vr/ who keep posting the same misinformation over and over again, as if repeating a blatantly false claim enough times will make it true. I wouldn't doubt they're actually just trolls.

And I'm not even a collector. I've passed up tons of great deals on physical games because I generally just emulate everything for convenience. It's much easier to load up an emulator than dig through shelves full of games, plug in memory cards, etc. I don't have time for that stuff anymore. I barely even have time to emulate. At least with emulation there's the convenience of save states...

>> No.3308658

You are so angry. Try calming down and letting people enjoy themselves.

>> No.3308672

Not just resellers, but the people (though, I'm more convinced that it's just one guy) getting pissed off at the people who collect for gen 6 and 7 for literally no rational reason.

Does he think we collect these games so that we can sell them down the line? I collect games that I love. Even if it is a PS2 or PS3 game.

>> No.3308693

>An unfortunate side effect is that games will be thrown out by resellers.
They can't be that spiteful and retarded can they? Just drop them off at a value village.

>> No.3308701

Let's say someone got a group of buddies to all make repo carts of high demand/high supply games that have suffered from artificial price increase like OoT, and then released them by staged innocent looking garage sales, but in order to assure that once the market did crash that those repos would not go unnoticed in the aftermath and then reveal their secret signature to identify those fakes by. Would that be a smart idea?

>> No.3308792

I was poor as a kid. I only owned a few games, and I suspect many people are the same.

>> No.3308936

I'm with this guy. Was Always the poor kid that watch everyone play there games.

>> No.3309391

Yeah, I only had games on Gameboy because they were cheaper than N64 and PS1. My dad sold my Genesis and games for some crappy truck game on PS1. He thought that since it was 3D, it was better.

>> No.3309481

If you waited till now then you're a bandwagon collector.

The 90s to 2000s was the time to buy these games.

>> No.3309558

The thing is, at this point, every reseller will be selling all of the stock that they've hoarded over the years. The market will be flooded, and many games will be so common that they will be worth next to nothing. Resellers won't see it as worth the hassle of selling their 300 copies of The Legend of Zelda if they can only get 5c per copy. They'll want to be rid of them as soon as possible, as they have no appreciation for the games themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if we have threads on here about saving games from being thrown out or destroyed in a few years.

>> No.3309581

maybe these people didn't give 2 shits about vidya until they got a bit older and more nostalgic? Stop being a little faggot

>> No.3309601

>And yeah, prices will probably go up for non retro games when the kids who grew up with them have some disposable income
What year do you think is? There are no jobs; the Jews shipped all those to Turd World countries long ago.

>> No.3309614

I never counted nostalgiafags as real collectors. To me they're phonies.

>> No.3309615

You mean bandwagon collectors? Yes that's what they tend to do.

>> No.3309617

BTW, I witnessed it firsthand just the other day.

>see my neighbors talking to some (I assume) relatives outside
>it's the ultimate stereotype old fat beer gut baby boomer in a 69 Chevelle with a WUMWUMWUMWUM muffler
>he and his wife drive off after a few minutes

Fucking disgusting.

>> No.3309624

Nobody this age has any disposable income anyway.

>> No.3309643

>I'm mad people joined my not so secret club

>> No.3309648

Not sure how it was secret. Just the fact of the matter. If you only now are amassing most of your collection then you're probably a bandwagon collector.

>> No.3309654

>bandwagon collector

So if you bought your games from 2000-2009 you're somehow an "authentic" collector? Hahaha holy fuck dude get over yourself. Both you and people who are buying older games now are literally just hoarding children's toys. The only difference is you saved maybe $500-$1000 bucks which is chump change to anyone who actually got a college degree worth a shit.

>> No.3309669

What ever floats your boat, champ. Just saying how it is.

>> No.3309672

>"Beanie Babies are gonna be worth so much, dude!"
>everyone collects to sell later
>everything gets priced retardedly with fabricated inflation
>no one is willing to buy these common toys for stupid prices
>bubble bursts
>most Beanie Babies are now $5-$10 dollars except for a few that are actually priced to their rarity

It'll be fine in a few years. If you really want stuff now, snipe it on eBay auctions or frequent the usual places (flea markets, garage sales, pawn shops, etc.)

>> No.3309678

>wanting to be a hipster this bad

You sound upset your barista income isn't enough to afford retro games anymore. Maybe you should have done something with your life and gotten a real job that requires actual skills.

>> No.3309683

You seem fairly upset about being labeled "band wagon collector". Yet I'm apparently the hipster.

>> No.3309689

I'm not upset at all. Label me all you want. At the end of the day I'm enjoying the games I'm buying up today and you're sitting there bitter that other people have the same interest as you. Instead of being antagonistic about bandwagoners you could try making friends or some shit. Or you can stay in your little aspie cave. Your choice champ.

>> No.3309694

Except nobody but kids bought beanie babies to play with.

I buy and collect games because I want to play them. I don't care if they're worth $5 or $500.

>> No.3309707

What I'm getting at is the current market can't sustain itself. The market will get so small if prices go up high enough that not enough people will buy. Of course value is subjective, but everyone has a limit to their luxury money.

>> No.3309713


>> No.3309748

Generation X twat that takes himself too seriously.

>> No.3309757
File: 151 KB, 600x448, radical.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PS2 is 6th gen
And only the garbage shovelware titles have gotten PC ports

>> No.3309758

>And only the garbage shovelware titles
Pretty much the whole library.

>> No.3309765

>the whole library
No, we're not talking about the SNES

>> No.3309781
File: 441 KB, 500x379, 4chan Shitposters.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So edgy.

>> No.3309785

>only the garbage shovelware titles have gotten PC ports
Like MGS2 and Silent Hill 2? k

>> No.3309792

Truth hurts 6th genners.

>> No.3309809

you guys need to chill

>> No.3309813

It's just one guy trying to rile everyone up. I think he's been replying to his own posts as well in an attempt to make people think that his opinions matter.

>> No.3309825

no problems there, at least on ps3 people have dlc stuff figured out.

>> No.3309864

Also like Disgaea and FFX?

>> No.3309889

Don't feed the bait. Any idiot knows the PS2 had a huge library of excellent exclusives.

>> No.3309904

All the good shit had also been remastered.

>> No.3309935

>PS3, Xbox 360 are going to not really rise in value. Outside of exclusives, 99% of games were multiplat and also came out on PC.

This is why I don't have a PS3 or 360 but bought a Wii U despite the piss poor library. I have 90% of the games I'd want on PS3 or 360 on my PC which has better graphics/mods/input. Hell I have a wireless 360 control for my PC already. The cases are barely collectable. I have all the games backed up in a raid and can always download them again from my steam account.

Oh and loading times, 3 million times quicker to load on a PC than a console.

Part of me wants to buy them because they are giving away PS3 titles at carboots, last week I saw Fallout 3 and New vegas for £2, so tempting but 100% waste of money.

>> No.3309948

I hate it when people bring 7th gen "limited" editions into my store expecting them to actually be worth something. I've litteraly had to show people by boxes filled with "limited" editions I'm never going to be able to sell. I'll probably end up clearing them out as giveaways with system purchases around Christmas time.

>> No.3309972

I'd like to point out that value of games is subjective.

For example I bought Harvest Moon PAL for SNES for £65 several months ago. At first I thought that was a rip off. But it's my second favorite franchise after Metal Gear Solid. I'll easily put 100 hours into it. And when adjusted for inflation that's about the price it cost NEW!?

So I bought it and I've played over 100 hours. It's awesome playing it on rainy sundays, laying on the sofa and playing on the original hardware.

For me it was very much worth. But for someone who's just a completionist all these expensive SNES titles are a pain in the arse. But for people who intend to play the games they collect, they are still very much worth it for the number of hours you get out of it. People on this thread are complaining about Link the the past, that's a 40 hour game, you won't even spend £30-£40 on it!?

>> No.3310173

Why can't I buy Apple shares for $20 a piece? They used to be $20 before all these hipsters started buying them up and artificially driving up the price. IT'S NOT FAIR!

>> No.3310181

>buying shares for a dying company
Sums up resller's logic pretty well.

>> No.3310285

Almost as funny as retards buying gold and silver when it reaches all-time highs.

>> No.3310794
File: 405 KB, 1280x1102, 21ad84ab-4c9a-4088-a009-377b6541c69e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe someday, probably not though and all we can really hope for is as time goes on different consoles become more popular to collect for and retro console collecting becomes cheaper, that's pretty unlikely though.

I can't help but look at pictures like this and shed a tear.

>> No.3310927

I feel similar, I bought Dragon Warrior VII for PS1 for around 50 canadian, it didn't have a manual. I absolutely love DQ though so it was worth it. However if every PS1 game I simply liked cost that and for artificial reasons, like Crash, Spyro, Ape Escape, I'd be pretty damn peeved.

>> No.3310972

Nice strawman, mate.

>> No.3310982

I think another thing to consider is, as long as there are big AAA, high-end 3D type games, there will also have to be something there to balance out the market. So I think now more than ever, you need the retro-styled games to fill that part of the market. Back in the early 2000s or late 90s, 2D was losing favor, because that's all there had been predominantly. Now, you can make hyper-realistic graphics in real time and its common place, so there's a demand for the simpler stuff, do I don't think it will go away anytime soon.

>> No.3313013

I absolutely HATE resellers.

>> No.3313073

This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.3313081

I feel bad for you kid. Stop being poor and buy a home.
>inb4 shit reason and snarky reply on why you can't/wont.
fuck off.

>> No.3313082

You forgot to post a picture to back up your lies, kid.

>> No.3313102

Is this a new meme, or are you unapologetically samefagging?

>> No.3313172

Every time I read his posts I think of Coldsteel the hedgehog.

>> No.3313184
File: 163 KB, 780x770, h3DcUjW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this. spot on

>> No.3313569

Kid is an old meme.

Its meant to bait someone into a reaction by implying that they are young, inexperienced, and naive

>> No.3313579

It's such a dumb thing to say though.
>I think I'm smarter and more mature than someone else
>I'll call them a kid, that'll demonstrate my maturity!

>> No.3313651


>> No.3313659

Nah, they likely will DESTROY THEM.

>> No.3313664
File: 34 KB, 505x479, mr.meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Summfin about tulips
Ringing any bells?

but who knows they might get pretty damn high some day. at least some copies.

>> No.3315407

>Falling for the disc rot meme

I have original CDs from the 80s that still get occasional use. Not keeping them in lab conditions or anything.
Unless you're talking about cheap spindle CDrs from 10 years ago that flake if you look at them wrong, but they're hardly the same thing.

>> No.3315431


Electronics will never reach a high price premium, because component degradation is a thing.

>> No.3315606


Disc rot is an inevitable phenomenon for all forms of optical media, regardless of quality. It may take decades, but it will happen. It even happens to new-in-box games.

>> No.3316206

Even batches of pressed discs gan go bed every now and then. Disc rot wasn't a meme for a number of Laserdisc movies.

>> No.3316514

Can confirm the same. Unfortunately no amount of facts will ever memebabies.

>> No.3316608
File: 125 KB, 912x364, Idontwannabelieve.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not to mention, a lot of resellers nowadays have this horrible belief that "If I can't sell these games for what I want, no one will"

They'd rather destroy their stock than sell for less than market value and risk having someone else potentially flip it for more.

>> No.3316637

Like the other guy said, the supply of "hardware" is fixed or POSSIBLY dropping because of all the collectors. I've also met a lot of people (aka delusional/greedy) who are holding onto sizable amounts of games so they can "be millionaires" when they retire. I, personally, believe the price of most games is artificially inflated due to said delusions. People are only willing to pay so much for something when you can get a similar experience for free. The REAL question OP means to ask, is "what is the price ceiling of retro video games, given the widespread availability of free emulation."

In any case, I don't think your Beanie Baby analogy is COMPLETELY incorrect. I believe the original hardware will hold a value for dedicated collectors. The "CIB" market holds more potential due to its ability to be graded and "collector" quantified. No one can predict long term value of retro consoles, but at some point, the masses will move on and their supply will flood the market, driving prices down again. A lot of people on this very board (myself included) may be over and out of this video game market in the next 10 years. Retro hardware will still appeal to a smaller group. It's actual value will appear when we're on our deathbeds: "Antique Video Games".

As far as collecting newer gen games, many of these can be played on modern systems with zero reduction in quality, often with better quality. As far as banking on another generation of nostalgic children, I'd be willing to bet that children of hipsters are going to loathe nostalgia. Our generation is nostalgic about a LOT. Look at any popular media for all the "remakes" and revivals. Some nostalgia is normal, but our generation has taken it over the top.

I personally believe that "nostalgia" will be the hallmark of our generation, and our kids will naturally be opposed to it. So I wouldn't bank on that mint condition fat PS3 buying a house in Maui. Play for fun, then pass that fun on...

>> No.3316643

it was only really a thing on laser disc because the disc was fucking huge on normal cds it doesn't happen

>> No.3316660

Damn. I like it.

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