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What did they mean by this?

Also, point-n-click general

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Those games were silly

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I'm sure the original French was "Alors, vieille branche, on prend racine?" which would translate as "Say, old chap -lit. old branch-, are you putting down roots".

I guess they used "faggot", as in bundle of firewood, to keep with the tree puns, even if it might come as more offensive. You know, Cocktail's English translations were done by the French team so they always were kinda approximative.

I always prefered Lucas Arts' point-n-click anyway, even though Cocktail Vision's games were very popular here, because they were "Made in France".

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Does vr hate Monkey Island? It is strange how many mentions are there to Mario and Zelda, still not a singlee one to this classic

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Funnily enough, they do swap "faggot" for "pile of sticks" in the english talkie version, while keeping the text the same

I do like Coktel's canon; Bargon Attack is super comfy

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/vr/ loves monkey island 1 & 2. For some reason I see a lot of hate here for 3, which I don't personally understand because that one's my favorite.

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Casual millenial babies discuss casual games aimed at casual millenials, what did you expect?

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no this place is mostly 20-23 year old avgn fans who only play retro games on nintendo consoles.

I just got all the quest for glory games, space quests, kings quest 4-6, and the star trek ones of gog during their sale. Why is maniac mansion not on GoG though

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>What did they mean by this?

"Doy-dee-doy, diddy-diddy doy."

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Get DotT, it has MM within it.

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>casual games aimed at casual millenials
>aimed at casual millenials
How can a game be targeted at a demographic that didn't exist at the time?

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The remastered one?

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Why is the Darkworld equivalent of Mike Dawson's bedroom a huge balcony? Did the ancients really just insert the seed right on their balcony or something?

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when there's more narrative than gameplay, you can no longer call your game a game

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Millennials are anyone born between 1980 and 1999.

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Considering that Millenials were born between 1980 and 1999, a good enough number of them would have been around 10 when Monkey Island was released, which seems like a good minimum age group for a game like that.

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> Mfw I'm lumped together with kiddies born in the 90s

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Most of them are actually adults now

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Goblins Quest 3 is the only point and click adventure game I've ever played.

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i started playing it and its hilarious. if the rest of the game is as funny as the coversation with the old man I'm sold

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Monkey Island fandom usually goes through 3 stages:

>1 & 2 are the best, ones without Gilbert are trash, I can't believe they continued on without him RA RA
>No wait, Gilbert is actually kind of an SJW furry spastic and everything he's worked on since then is hot garbage
>Oh, actually now that I try it, 3 isn't bad despite the art style being such a departure, and 4 is playable, also the tales games have one or two laughs

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I played the first Gobliiins. Really fun, although too much trial and error.

If you think you'd like a platformer version of Gobliiins, I recommend The Lost Vikings.

I think 1, 2, and Curse are all really fun, except Curse had a meh finale by retconning the first game so much. Escape pretty bland. I remember having fun with the Tales games.