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Post retro games that are still 10/10

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>babby's first super mario

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Eh, Nintendo games are the only old games that are even still playable, even Rare's have aged badly

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Still the best

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Now these are some /vr/ tier posts.

Good luck listing games that are flawless while still being obscure enough to suit /vr/'s sensibilities

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And a /v/ tier reaction! This thread is off to such an awesome start!

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Basically anything for the GBA

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>not 90% shovelware and substandard ports with a few gems here and there
Now that's what I call bait

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There's a GBA thread the mods haven't yet deleted for some reason. Go be a fag there.

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Pretty much everything that came out of Nintendo's HQ during the late '80s/early '90s was god-tier.

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How many more months of summer do we still have to endure?

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They had pretty high standards but there are plenty of deeply flawed games that saw publication even during that peak period. AM2 on the other hand...

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All of them you fucking retard. "Ageing badly" is a meme of autistic newfags, who can't into generation they didn't have as kids. I just played Doom for the first time, the oldfag way and it was fucking great. This is after playing HL, HL2, Bioshock and even Far Cry 2.

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AM2 on arcades were the beast in the early 90s.

I think Nintendo was up to standards to AM2 during their N64 era.
Stuff like Wave Race 64, 1080 and F-Zero X are still 10/10 games.

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I dunno, when you put them up against games like Waverunner, Top Skater and especially Water Ski they look and feel pretty inferior especially if you play on real arcade hardware. F-Zero X kind of plays the franchise card but it does stand alone.

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>AM2 on arcades were the beast in the early 90s.
Nah look at After Burner Climax, Outrun 2 or VF4 those games are better than their predecessors in every possible way. AM2 never lost it's touch when it came to arcades. They literally pumped out instant classics all the time.

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I honestly think Wave Race 64 is better than Waverunner and Water Ski. The Sega games were still great and playing on the actual arcade machines, actually riding a jetski, was an experience that a home console couldn't bring, that's a given. But controls-wise, I think Wave Race had more to it. Graphics and sound is kind of hard to argue which had better. Sega's games had sharp graphics with better textures, however, Sega hadn't figured out or couldn't make water look as good as on WR64, so the water effect (a big deal in these kind of games) goes to WR64.

Anyway, this is just my opinion, you may prefer Waverunner and that's fine, also great game. But my point is, EAD during N64 times was at least on par with AM2.
I don't know why they didn't keep working on these franchises themselves. I think the F-Zero X director went on to work on Mario Kart, at least F-Zero GX was delegated to Sega. Wave Race didn't run such luck with Blue Storm, they handed the WR franchise to some western dev and it didn't top or even match WR64.

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10/10 Reporting in.

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Sure, I love the games you mentioned too, but I was talking about when arcade games were alive and AM2 made the absolute most advanced and impressive ones. Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing, those were revolutionary when they came out, the best experience you could get for a couple quarters at any arcade.

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Hoooolds up

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The SGI chip in the N64 does make water look a bit different than the Model 2's. Objectively neither one is anything approaching realistic but there's no shame in being accustomed to the N64's aesthetic since obviously exponentially more hours have been clocked on N64s than on arcade hardware. We might even be able to agree on a lot of points were Wave Race beats Waverunner and I respect your opinion too much to even bait you by bringing Jet Moto into the debate.

However, Sega took everything they learned from that particular battle, blended in Top Skater's tech and created what's probably the ultimate Xtreme 90s game with the retardedly titled Water Ski.


Just take a good look at this video. You'll be a believer.

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This game is fucking awesome but it's way way too hard for anyone who's ever looked at /v/ even once in their weak faggot lives.

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60fps youtube videos is the best thing ever.

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There's no reason Model 2 couldn't have Wave Race 64 style water effects. All you need to do it (and by need I mean, efficiently) is a z-buffer, which the Model 2 has hardware support for.

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what game is this?

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thanks anon <3

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9/10 1p
11/10 4p

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I'm feeling a strong 10/10 on this nigga.

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F Zero X is simply the finest racing experience that has ever been. I'm so glad they weren't tempted to follow Wipeout's lead and put projectile weapons in. That would have broken it (like it broke Wipeout if you ask me). Besides, if you like cheap, dirty racing games not based on racing skill, there's Mario Kart.

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Can't you turn off the weapons in wipeout?

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>not 90% shovelware and substandard ports with a few gems here and there
Every console is like that.

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Can you? I've only really played Pure and even then I only really did the time trials because the GP felt so cheap on account of the weapons.

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>F Zero X is simply the finest racing experience that has ever been
as /ovg/ here


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This and All Stars are 10/10 pick up and play perfect.

Any console that has Shrek 2 on it is shit, that's an easy rule of thumb.

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>not playing on a sharp twin

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Don't get me wrong, the originals are great but I grew up with the SNES game so it has a special place in my heart.

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>Super Mario Bros. 3
>Super Mario World
>Day of the Tentacle
>Fallout 1
>Fallout 2
>Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
>Sam & Max Hit the Road
>Donkey Kong Country 3
>Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
>Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons
>Secret of Evermore

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>babby's first super mario
that's not world though

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Imo snes, GC, Wii, DS and WiiU era nintendo is really meh. They produced maybe like two games worth mentioning.

NES classics will never age though

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>>Donkey Kong Country 3

I like you, anon.

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since there's only two games worth mentioning,

why don't you enlighten us?

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>dat pic
FUCK THAT. I got all the way there as fire mario and then you get just FUCKED
that level is completely broken.

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that's not from a real level, brohiem.

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Thunder Force IV

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it's in lost levels you fucking clown.

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you can get past that as big mario, it's not hard lmao.

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>What is momentum

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That's true. They rely too much on artificial difficulty and thus are too gamey hence they aged poorly.

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>including SNES
>the best console ever made, and I'm a guy who grew up with the NES saying that

yeah, fucko, I'd agree with you that there's maybe 5 (INCLUDING third-party) games per gen that're truly great in each Nintendo gen n64 and onward but theres at least 100 on snes lmao, more than nes, and I goddamn LOVE nes.

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>too gamey

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That's level C-4 in SMB2J.

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GX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> X

not up for debate, dont even bother replying fuckass

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They're both really good, I don't see why it wouldn't be up for debate.

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My nigga.
Space Invaders.

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>snes [...] is really meh. They produced maybe like two games worth mentioning.

Nigger, even this board that is composed of a Genesis fan majority talks about and praises several SNES games all the time.

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But baiting is 4chan's national sport.

Also defending childhood memories at the expense of calling stuff you didn't own "shit", too.

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>the oldfag way
with 12 fps, no mouselook, and output through a soundblaster card?

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>"Ageing badly" is a meme of autistic newfags,
No it's not. Everyone knows that mechanics evolve over time. Some old games like mario 3 are still 10/10 but those are rare.

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Someone told me Snatcher was 10/10.
I'm about 15 minutes in and bored as hell.

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mah nigga

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>what is momentum
you can't build up momentum in that spot. you have to know it's coming or you have to take a hit

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>I'm about 15 minutes in and bored as hell.
did you forget your ADHD meds today?

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You wouldn't give a book 15 minutes, and books aren't $430

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>you have to know it's coming or you have to take a hit
It's easy to know it's coming because you can see it ahead of you as you approach it. C'mon man.

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Of course, I used one of those non-mod emulators. Don't think it's 12 fps tho.
Doesn't mean that it makes old games unplayable, they are just as playable and often almost as fresh compared to new ones as new ones are compared to them. Name me THREE games that really have aged badly, even it's graphics. I still find toy story and donkey kong cool looking. And I didn't even play them back then.

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>le Slayers game meme

Major upvotes, friend.

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Best game ever, 13/10

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They do have that retro feel, though

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All the old 2D hockey games

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So's your mum¨'s pussy, but in the heat of the moment it feels like the best thing in the world

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Fucking this.

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Twin Bee
The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy

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I wouldn't give this 10/10.

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two obvious ones:
rollercoaster tycoon.

going through my rct phase atm (like i do every year). how did chris sawyer make such a good game...

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>substandard ports
The SNES ports are better

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What an embarrassing opinion.

Dark Seed has aged like shit, people raved at the pretty graphics and (official) H.R Giger art assets, but as an actual point and click adventure game, it really isn't that good (the sequel fixes a lot of things).
I still see people talk about it as if it's a masterpiece, but it's remarkably obtuse for even a point and click adventure, it's the kind where there is little real logic and you're kind of just supposed to replay it over and over until you stumble upon the right thing to do, progress is done less through logic and more often through attrition, you'll never really learn anywhere that you can leave three items under that one pillow and they'll somehow be in the Dark World (nor is it ever learned which need to put there, you'll kind of have to just replay the game until you hope you do), the game punishes you for taking the policeman's gun the first day, so it's easy to assume that it's just one of those traps.

I kind of want to say a lot of the King's Quest series, but given that those kinds of adventure games were completely new ground and nobody really knew what made a game like that good, I'm willing to cut them SOME slack (Leisure Suit Larry aged somewhat better and I'll give the early games points for making it funny and interesting enough that the shortcomings are kind of forgiveable).

I wouldn't say that Warcraft 2 has aged BADLY, but it definitely has aged, the two factions are largely symmetrical, except for select units, everything is a reskin (Starcraft was a monumental step up here), but I'll say that a lot of it is forgiveable as it's still pretty fun to play and it's so much better than the original game.

Marathon gets a lot of praise, but I honestly think it's very mediocre, I think it's an artifact of the fact that it was Mac exclusive. The level design is I think the worst part.

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Doom and Duke 3D I feel are games which have aged phenomenally well, they kind of get their gameplay and level design fundamentally right.

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taking my meds now as a result of this post

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Good Taste, though I prefer this one

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