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Hey guys, did you hear?


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>HD collection
ayyyyy lmao

Crashfags once again btfo

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Yeah now you can join Spyro in skylanders hell, yay.

Also still no FF7 remake footage, what the fuck is wrong with you Sony?

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That reveal in a nutshell:

>Oh my god this is the best thing ever
>Oh my god this is the worst thing ever

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JUST sleep tight dead franchise

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Pretty much this. I was never a Sonyfag growing up but having snagged the Crash trilogy recently and having been familiar with it beforehand, I couldn't help but feel like there was so much more they could have done aside from remastering 15+ year old games that sell for inflated amounts on the Internet.

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Imagine a world where they won't fuck this up.

I'm a true Crash at heart but I just don't see Sony making this nearly as charming as the older games.
Or it will be the greatest fucking thing ever, especially if they release it for the Vita for instance.

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Was it even hinted at that there was a new Crash game in the works?
Who over the age of 12 cares about Crash in Skylanders?

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>Sony digs up Crash's corpse just to announce some remasters of PS1 games and Crash being in Skylanders
>Sony fanboys still defend this

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theres any PS1 franchise that hasnt been raped by Sony? I dont think so

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there isn't actually a new crash game in development.

It's just remasters and him being in skylanders.

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where did i even hint i was talking about a new game lmao

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Jumping Flash, they killed it (and Exact), but at least they didn't rape their corpse.

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The leak about Crash coming back said remasters, Skylander, appearence in PSABR2 and a new game.

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>because this is a crime for some reason

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Not anon but explain how it isn't.

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Not that Anon, but at least they're using a Crash design based on the concept arts for Skylanders.

Young Conker is a crime.

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>week ago
>some dude makes a highly polished crash banidcoot video detailing whats wrong with the series and how they can get back to glory

>someone in the comments predicted correctly that it was probably commissioned by the rights owners

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fade away



y me la aguanto JUSTO

fade awayyyyy

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Looks like /vr/'s favorite game is finally back

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Stop talking about shit without posting links

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Does Crash Bandicoot really need a remaster?

This is the first level, of the first game, from 1996, and it still looks very good. Honestly, it's not really very fair. Other games need a remaster more.

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The controls and save system do need a remaster as far as the first game is concerned.

Other than that, 60fps would be very welcome.

There's also the uncompressed versions of all the music tracks, which sound way better.

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>The controls do need a remaster
Are you retarded?

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Are you a nigger?

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>and it still looks very good

because its from an emulator

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>Save system

What was the problem with it? The saves were every couple levels and you could always come back to them if you'd worked hard trying to get the gem in a level. I particularly liked that you got the choice between card or password save, although I always went with card.

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IIRC, you could collect the gem for a level, then save the gem, but when you came back to the game later, you only had the gem and had to beat the level again.

Also, if you fail the Tawna stage every other level, you don't even get to save.

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>This is the first level, of the first game, from 1996, and it still looks very good.
Here's what it actually looks like. Now blow it up to 1080p/4K.

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>now blow it up to 1080p/4K

Why would I ever do that?

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To play it on a modern display of course.
>inb4 but I'm a special snowflake with a CRT

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How is someone who has an old display device that almost literally everyone (who wasn't destitute) owned before the mid 2000s a special snowflake?

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Because it's not before the mid 2000s anymore.

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I play it on my LCD screen which is 19 inches and I'm on the other side of the room. It could be upscaled to anything and it wouldn't look that bad, really.

I don't understand why people bother with enormous TVs because usually it just means you can see how shit everything looks.

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Still, that's insane for 1996.

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Oh, it's not? I had no idea. I guess I'll just throw away this perfectly good CRT TV for no reason because your faggot ass said so

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You can do a lot when all you are rendering is a corridor that twists and turns to hide draw distance

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Yes, and games still do that.

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Uh, no they don't. When was the last time a AAA corridor game was developed?

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to clarify, I should say third person game, otherwise you'll be a smartass and say the new Doom

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God of War 3, if you're looking for something comparable to Crash Bandicoot.

Otherwise, there are still games that limit the player's view to show better graphics, such as the Uncharted series.

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But they don't restrict your camera's view

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It's even less than native resolution (512x224/256). Crash always looked good.

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no it's a remake

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Isn't it a skylanders thing?

why didn't they properly announce anything? it's all rumors on the internet and no concrete info about remake, remaster, etc.
They might be testing the waters in terms of wether it's profitable or not depending on internet social media reaction, but in the end I think it's better if they let the franchise sleep tight at this point.

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the horizontal resolution is higher in that picture (270) instead of the real thing (224 without letterboxing)

also it looks filtered / anti-aliased

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it's showing that you guys didn't even watch the press conference and talk out of your ass.

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the vertical resolution is higher in that picture (270) instead of the real thing (224 without letterboxing)

also it looks filtered / anti-aliased

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I was watching it, but i wasn't paying much attention, I just remember the skylander thing, was a remaster actually announced? Everyone online right now talking about Crash is fighting about it, some say it's remake, some say it's remaster, no official word afaik

Also, I wasn't talking out my ass (I asked uestion, didn't make statements) and I wouldn't be embarrassed of not having watched a shitty PR conference, in fact I'm ashamed I did.

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that's crash 3

that wasn't released in 1996

it looks a lot worse than that crash 1 picture

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Not all of us stayed in the stone age dickhead. Nor do we have infinite room for things we might use one day

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>was a remaster actually announced?

Yes, right before the Skylanders thing. Like immediately before, when they still had the crowd's attention.

He said something to the effect of "We're going to be releasing Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and Warped as remasters on PS4, but you can see him first in Skylanders, let's take a look at that."

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> generic af le animal in pants
> fucking apples
> fucking wooden crates
> le flying tiki taka
What a great fucking mascot!

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> le jumping on head and tornado attack

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Thanks, so it's remasters then? Why are people fighting over remaster vs remake?

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no they announced a remake. do you have no ears idiots?

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He said "remaster from the ground up" which is pretty much the same as saying remake.

They can't just take a PS1, slap some filters and call it a day like they did with PS2/3 games.

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>Wanting to play furfag games

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>calling Miyamoto a furfag

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See for yourself, then consider yourself the idiot.

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Reminder to ignore the hateboner autist.
He will eventually give up and make a thread on /v/.

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what shiggy's really thinking on that pic:

>hmm, I see, this is how u not make pratform geemu, too rinear, shitty contororu, I'rru meeku mario rokujyuuyon with betta and deepa contororu
>I'rr arso tell these hacks at Rare to make some furfag on pants character copying my game once I'm done

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funny thing is Miyamoto said that game played nothing like Mario. Also he was blew by the water effects.

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Wild Arms, but only because it died off rather than get raped.

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*ahem* no.
crash 1 has the same resolution, in game and on the map screen.

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sure but that previous picture wasn't crash 1

and that retroarch capture looked worse than that much earlier image

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anyway they both have the same native res.

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Sleep tight dead franchise

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Look at this tripe gameplay, no idea why people want to see the crappy trilogy make a return, the spin off games were way better than the mainline games

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That's just a tripe player. The fun partof Crash Bandicoot, and any platformer if you're not a faggot, is breezing through levels in one string of perfect landings and attacks. Crash has excellent flow in that regard.

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Thought it was a remaster "from the ground up"? Seems worse

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>no it's a remake
So is it a remake or a remaster?

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if you build something from scratch even by rebuilding the game 1:1 with new graphics it's a remake. if you just update textures and upscale etc, change a few things here and there.. it's a remaster.
and i don't think they will bring over the original ps1 engine of the game and just update the graphics on top of it. no its a remake of the original.

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the link is redirecting to nothing. you must be limited.

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It's working for me, simpleton.

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Sleep tight dead franchise

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Sleep tight dead franchise

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Can you fuck off already?
None gives a shit about your autistic hateboner

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Different guy, bro

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Nice proof
Yeah, a bunch of random posts that say the exact same shit, that are not replying to anyone, are always more than 1 minute apart, constantly bumping the thread are not made by the same autist.

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>I'm a true Crash at heart but I just don't see Sony making this nearly as charming as the older games.

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What do you guys think they'll do to the first to make saving easier?

We all know that minigame thing isn't going to fly.

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Autosaves. Fucking EVERYTHING autosaves, even games with savepoints autosave now.

I was playing Toukiden Kiwami the other day and for some reason I went momentarily retarded and told the game at the savepoint that I would not like to save my 3 hours of progress and that I did indeed want to return to the main menu; it autosaved as soon as I went into the room and rendered my retardation moot.

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Skylanders crash looks really weird. Still miles better than titans/mind over mutant crash.

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It still blows my mind that Naughty Dog made their own programming language.

>> No.3292763

>It still blows my mind that Naughty Dog made their own programming language.

Ladies and gentleman - Crash Bandicoot fans.

Typical of them to attribute an extremely common feature of game development (custom engine scripting) as some kind of genius innovation.

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What do you guys think of the trilogy anyway?

I only own the first game but I'm wondering if it's worth tracking the other 2.

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I expect the price of the Crash games to go up even more now.

>> No.3293063

Crash 2 is the best IMO, Warped is pretty good too. The controls were really improved with Crash 2, so I suggest you at least emulate 'em.

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Pretty sure it was uncommon to do it in LISP, though.

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>HD collection
Top Kek! Sleep tight dead franchise.

>> No.3293192


Why do people hate titans/mutant Crash? I get there are certain flaws about them, even without le tattoos, but they have many improvements over previous models. The really bad ones are from Crash Twinsanity and CTTR, and obviously Crash Boom Bang. Worst one is easily that horrendous one from that Pakistani McDonalds ad or whatever. Jesus, how do you make something that bad.

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Remaster *

>> No.3293246

HD Kollektion === Remaster
Build something from scratch be it the same game 1:1 or a brand new game concept === Remake

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Sleep tight dead franchise

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It's a meme you dip

I'm one of those posts but not all of them, nor am I originally the one who started it

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They said built from the ground up

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> It's a meme you dip

Nice meme.


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Why do you fuckers even know about this stuff? Are you actual high schoolers?

I knew Crash fans were young, but like, I thought they were 22 or 23 year old young, not 15 year old young.

>> No.3294072

Not a crash fan but some of us post on more than one board here and as such we mix and match silly shit between the boards.

Lighten up

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>Naughty Dog remastering Crash games
For just 25 cents a day, you too can show an unloved spinoff game love.

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CTR is loved by many

>> No.3294354

i believe there are more people on this earth loving CTR than CRTs.

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Owned crazy kong and scramble 64 from Interceptor Micros in 1983. Scramble was pretty tight though not as good as the Anirog version.

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How do you think the Trilogy could be improved?

First thing I'd do is extend the camera out in the chase levels. You only get a second to see what's in front of you and avoid it, so it turns into something of a muscle memory game.

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Jet Moto?

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What's this? It's Crash's 20th.

>> No.3297481

What is Feena holding?

>> No.3297525

But are you better than ever?

>> No.3297560

are we talking abe's oddysee remaster or silent hill hd collection remaster?

>> No.3297567

It's Famitsu's 30th.

>> No.3297651

>silent hill hd collection remaster

The funny thing is that everyone always thinks a remaster is going to suck based purely on the one and only remaster that did suck.

Aside from Silent Hill HD every remaster has been superior to the original - the only arguments I ever find to the contrary are "CASH GRAB! NO ORIGINAL IDEAS!" which are really criticisms of the industry, not the games per se.

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>It's Famitsu's 30th.
Yep. It's an artwork by Kimihiko Fujisaka of Drakengard fame.

They're those blob things from LocoRoco, a PSP game by SCE.

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>Aside from Silent Hill HD every remaster has been superior to the original
That's not true. Most HD remaster are worse because they couldn't port it correctly to PS3 or whatever sloppy reason.
> HD remaster of FFX looks better for most part, but has worse character models for some parts, video is cropped, worse soundtrack on ps3, good soundtrack on ps4
> HD remaster of Prince of Persia trilogy has worse character models and fx/shadow effects, video is cropped
> HD remaster of Silent Hill games has worse character models and fx/shadow effects + has a lot of bugs, video is cropped
> Heavy rain remaster has superior textures, but a lot of bufs
> beyond two souls remaster has superior graphics but motion blur
> the list goes on
basically most ps2 remasters for ps3 are a buggy mess.
now that we have ps4, remasters should get better, as it's a simple x86 architecture.
But I would always recommend to play the original the first time, and then save a hd remaster for a second playthrough because there is always something bugged or removed in the remasters, so you are missing out on something in 96% of the cases.

>> No.3298415


Heh, like Uncharted.

Is Jak and Daxter the same?

>> No.3298428

fact: the original jak and daxter is the only good naughty dog game

>> No.3298460

Much of what you're throwing down isn't true, and it's peppered with opinions to boot.

FFX is a fantastic example of an HD remaster done right. PoP is competently done and your "cropped video" criticism doesn't really apply because it's not the source material for these games were in widescreen.

Heavy Rain has less bugs than PS3 version, Beyond: Two Souls' motion blur is a stylistic choice they always wanted and has no impact on the game or presentation otherwise.

>the list goes on

Does it? You were already grasping at straws including Silent Hill games in a list of bad remasters excepting Silent Hill.

Contrast this with the decent jobs done with Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear, God of War, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, etc. Now MY list, MY list goes on.

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>trolling this hard
>telling lies

>> No.3298491

>his reals hurt muh feels!

>> No.3298496

Doesn't the FFX remaster have a fucked up and predictable RNG? And something about the music restarting after coming back from a battle instead of continuing from where it left off.

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File: 390 KB, 500x375, giphy ffff(1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i could write a page about how you are wrong, instead of wasting my time with trolls i advise you to google those things you claim, see they are wrong and then walk away in shame.

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I remember the HD remasters of MGS2 and MGS3 have some fucked up filler text on certain textures for some reason.

>> No.3298764

all new crash hypebeasts are setting themselves up for a disappointment

>> No.3299127

Trying to emulate the 1st game on EPSXE and it gives this error when I go to the machine level on the third island. What gives?

>> No.3299174

>giving a fuck about a PS4 port and Skylanders shit

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