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1 MB!! You won't be able to explore the world in your lifetime.

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1 Megabit was pretty small by '91 standards. Or did you meant 1 Megabyte (as in 8 Megabit)?

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I hear there's a secret room that no one has discovered yet!

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He said megabyte, megabit is Mb

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Dragon Quest 4 was 1MB, which for a NES game actually is impressive.

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>Pretends its 1991
>Pictured game wasn't released in the west until 1992

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Mama.... Ma... Ma

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No one spoke of megabytes regarding consoles. Spot the millenial

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Boy I can't wait to come home from pre-school and play some Circus Charlie on my famiclone.

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A guy from the future told me "George Bush will kill Saddam Hussein during his presidency".

So I bet my life savings on this guy. Fingers crossed for Desert Storm!

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There are literally ads that prove you wrong.

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Maybe he's japanese

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>Owning a current system

Can't wait to run home and play some Asteroids or Frogger on my 2600!!

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This. SNES/Genesis babbies need to fuck off to /v/.

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I can't believe Amstrad discontinued the GX4000, it had so much potential.

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What the fuck is a millenial? Is that the new Soundgarden album?

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>playing 2600 in 1991
If this board was around back then, the 2600 would be the console whose inclusion people would argue about.

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>Being this poor

Wow, and I thought I was poor not getting SNES until, like, 1997

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So Nintendo supports carnism?

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90s Nintendo was as try hard as you can imagine. But everything was. It was the 90s.

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The Mega Drive had much better advertising.

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>Spot the millenial
assuming bait post

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I was saw it as a response to the kiddie reputation they developed at the time due to how censorship-friendly they were. Nintendo desperately needed an image change after they fucked up with the Super NES port of Mortal Kombat and the Genesis version outsold it by twice the amount.

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No one thought that in 1991.

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>not knowing the difference between megabyte and megabit

4chan is 18+.

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Why is it in plastic?

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(you)'re a megabutt.

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No, he's right.

I mistook the prior statement as meaning "no one referred to rom size in the old days" when what Anon meant was "they said bits, not bytes".

This Anon fucked up and posted a sweet ass CIB chrono under false pretenses.

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What is pre release marketing?

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Perhaps anon is just excited and held down his shift key by accident. So he's just shouting MEGABITS, or MB.

Really, who wouldn't be excited? It's a new Zelda game! I wonder if it'll be even harder than the Adventures of Link...

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Didn't know it at the time but yeah my family was really poor back then. I did get a Genesis the following year tho so my childhood wasn't all early 80s console gaming.

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I really liked Soundgarden's most recent album. It was called Animal King or something.

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Don't feel bad, I might have gotten a SNES in 1997 but I didn't get an N64 until Christmas 2000, and didn't get a PS1 until the slim PS2s came out.

Wanna know the nice thing about being a 90's kid though? None of my friends gave a shit because it just gave us more games to play what with them all being dirt cheap and always at the video rental stores.

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You guys really need to check out what is going on in Seattle's music scene. Shits gonna exolode!!

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in my neighborhood I was the guy with the n64 while everyone else has PS1s. I remember being super jealous of them and always wanted to play sypro and twisted metal

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A friend of mine got quite a few consoles really close to launch. I always was jealous because his family most definitely WAS poor, but after I grew up it made sense that he was just part of a media family. His mom had a bedroom bigger than hers or his full of records and 8 tracks, they had boxes on boxes of CIB dos games, tons of NES games CIB.

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Savage Garden you mean

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Is a megabyte the same thing as a megabite?

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1 megabyte is equal to 8 megabits, just like how 1 byte is 8 bits.

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>things that literally nobody cared about in 1991

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I've read in some magazine about a so-called "Mode 7" that Super Nintendo has, and they said it was the shit.

What is that about?

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>he didn't lose friends in The Great Bit Wars

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512K (4Mb), which is also impressive considering how much crap they crammed into it. I think the 1MB thing came from a bad dump.

On another note, Kirby's Adventure is 6 Mb, and Metal Slader Glory (VN! ON THE NES!) clocks in at a full MB. FF7 NES comes in at 2 (!) MBs.

Also holy shit, did you see that Sega commercial last night after ALF?

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Off-topic perhaps, but having only played FF1-6, would I like playing FF7 nes?

Is it reasonable?

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can someone tell me what the different between save and continue and don't save and continue is?

does it just not add a death count to your name on the main screen?

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wow, Morphmation was the consumer term for Mode7?

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That was the only place they was discussed. In ads. We didn't care about that shit growing up. We just wanted cool games to play.

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My buddy in China claims he's working on a "back-up" unit that lets you copy games and play them from floppy disks. We're about to enter a new era in piracy and it'll be glorious!

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No, Yoshi's Island used the Super FX chip for some of visual tricks.


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Super FX 2 just to be a smartass. The only other ones I know of are Doom and Starfox 2.

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Shit no one said for 200.

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LttP doesn't count deaths. It counts the number of times you turn the SNES off during your playthrough.

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Really? What's the reason for this? Is this information actually somewhere used?

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Talking about game size in data as if it were related to world size in human terms of exploration is obviously retarded, so as was pointed out it's only really tried on millenials.

However with a good enough compression algorithm and simple enough levels and difficulty enough in defining "exploring" environment, it could well be argued that 1mb would be enough for a lifetime. For example try exploring 1mb worth of chess PGN games.

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>people discussing about the MB thing

Guise, if you actually lived in the 90s, you'd know magazines said just "Mega"
No bits or bytes or MB or nothing, just MEGA.

MEGAAAAA POWEEEEEEER*gets shot for e-celeb bullshit but proves my point*

I actually never cared about that shit as a kid, but one of my friends did care and if a game wasn't enough big in terms of "MEGA" according to magazines, he wouldn't buy it. But he's such a nerd.

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Actually that's not how it was at all.

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If it wasn't "mega" it was "megs"; same shit.

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What is a "Super FX"?
Nintendo is sure running out of bombastic slogans to shill their games.

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What is a "Super FX"?
Nintendo is sure running out of bombastic slogans to shill their games.
Face it, Nintendo is die. Genesis is the future.

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No, it counts the amount of times you die in each dungeon, dingus.

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>being this wrong

You can beat the game without dying once. You'll still end up with a number on your "death count" at the end of the game unless you play through the entire thing in one sitting.

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Do I look like I have ISDN speed?!
Use jpg goddammmit!

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Yes, each time you save and quit it counts as a death, because the game counts deaths. Go actually beat the game for once and see how wrong you are.

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I hope that your browser can handle GIF.
>implying you know what it is.

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literally nobody said anything like that in '91 you dumb millennial shit stain. kys

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This, because noone had computers so memory sizes were an unknown concepts to most people.

Scaling, Pilot Wings relied on it.

It can be used to zoom in and out on a map or rotate it, like in PW or the map in Zelda 3 or flying the dragon in Secret of Mana.

It may sound like nothing today but without it games would be pretty limited.

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If you save and quit from the meny it doesn't count as dying.

Source: I know because first time I played it back in 1992-93 I had 112 game overs. Next time I had 6. I didn't play the game in 6 sessions, more like 30+, I played it a few times a week for maybe 2 months.

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A lot of people seem to not know this, press select+start to bring up this menu.

For the european version it may have been L+R+select+start, I'm not sure.

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jokes on you im emulating and havent closed the rom yet

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I really didn't figure it did, but the other anon is spreading misinformation as far as whether or not it counts deaths.

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>telling the truth is "spreading misinformation"

is this the dank new meme?

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But the game DOES count deaths. How is saying it doesn't spreading the truth?

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>ITT: We pretend is 1991

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>because the game counts deaths


The thing is, it counts using a fairy as a death. It gets added as a "game over" in the list of dungeons.

You have to use the potions from the witch as the only form of healing if you want to beat this flawless.

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And to clearify further:

If you run out of hearts and the fairy auto uses, you get 1 game over.

Theorectically you can release the fairy and heal by touching it, but it's not very useful in a boss fight.