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What went wrong?

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"classicvania" memers

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Instead if clinging together, /classvania/ pisses on each other's legs.

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What was the last good to decent Castlevania game?

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Akumajo Densetsu.

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Adventure ReBirth

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Symphony of the Night

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That depends on whether or not you're exclusively talking /vr/ castlevania

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Circle of the Moon > Portrait of Ruin > Order of Ecclesia > SotN > Harmony of Dissonance > Aria of Sorrow > Dawn of Sorrow

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Circle of the Moon was shit. SHIT!

Portrait of Ruin > Aria of Sorrow > Symphony of the Night > Harmony of Dissonance > Order of Ecclesia > Circle of the Moon > Dawn of Sorrow

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Your post is shit.

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Are you triggered?

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2hard4u lol

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>if you dislike something it must just be too hard for you xD

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At this point I'm willing to say that Konami itself was the problem. The fanbase on 4chan is also autistic as fuck and don't belong in this world.

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Lords of Shadows 2.

I know it's not retro, but I had fun playing it. It was amusing to play as a moody Dracula who was not Soma in a modern setting. The story kinda missed the mark, but Castlevania didn't exactly ever have the deepest of lore and most splendid of narrative. It sure blew "I'll kill you and the night!" out of the water.

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Anyone here played Megamanvania before? Pretty fun for a NES game.

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I played it on Gameboy. It's at least better than Castlevania IV.

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completely different, but I'll agree it's at least better than Amigavania

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Agreed my man, Super Castlevania Bros. is a fucking shitstain on the series.

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what game is that? looks cool as shit

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Kid Dracula yo

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There's a GCCX episode.

It's basically a Mega Man game.

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hehe, there you are

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>Circle of the Moon

yeah, no.

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this, really it was lord of shadows, but the fact that Konami just bailed out of games is what makes them primarily at fault, they could have it recovered from LoS

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1.Ditching the winning formula and trying to be metroid without a fraction of the level design quality.
2.Trying to be metroid + anime
3.Trying to be god of war.

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Order of Ecclesia > Portrait of Ruin > Aria of Sorrow > Symphony > Harmony of Dissonance

Harmony isn't as bad as most like to bash it, and Symphony's a fun game but it is WAY too easy, even when gimping yourself hardcore. If you play it, play it with hardcore challenge mods or don't bother.

Ecclesia was a challenging game, Portrait was fun, and so was Aria.

Circle of the Moon isn't bad either but eh, I don't go to it for replay ever.

Dawn is...ok. The cookie cutter anime graphics kill it for me.

>Ranking Portrait/Circle as #1 over Ecclesia

How casual do you like your games? Jesus.

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No one is right no one is wrong. Everything is subjective.

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Order of Ecclesia was boring and dull. What did you like about it?

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Not him, but I liked that the gameplay was changed up and I liked the countryside settings. I also liked that they ditched the shitty anime artstyle hey had been going with for the last couple of games.

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The challenge.

Hard Mode Level 1, fresh game.

Outside the castle for once, exploring the countryside.

Different gameplay mechanics, not "equip whip, throw holy water".

How was it boring and dull? Would you have preferred another inside the castle only game, with Name Belmont, that changed or did nothing new? Ecclessia did a lot of things and if you don't find it challenging, I'm not sure what Castlevania you do find difficult or fun then.

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OoE = DoS > HoD > AoS > SotN > PoR > CotM
To be fair though I've only played CotM once and I played Dawn before Aria. Like >>3289137 said, SotN basically has no challenge aside from hacks.

Not that anon but I thought that there was little reason to go back to the other areas aside from item drops. It doesn't take too much away from the game though desu, I don't remember the castle being much smaller. Most of the changes were good in OoE though (especially having some actual difficulty).

How playable are the lvl 1 caps anyway? I might reacquire a DS since I've been wanting to play them again.

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I liked Ecclesia's shift in structure, and I enjoyed the bosses, but the combat wasn't any better or worse than before and the level design was overwhelmingly boring and forgettable.

As easy as they are, I much prefer Aria or Symphony. I like the Classicvanias much more in general, though.

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So what was the reason for this boss? It looks like a KKK member with a manji, not a swastika, on his forehead. He's even called a wizard, right? what would a proper manji symbolize on a figure like that?

Or was Japan just like "Haha let's just mash all these controversial symbols and call it a boss!" or what? A shame this wasn't the "America" level's boss.

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Literally wrong. It's a good game and GOAT remake. Also that music, on par with Rondo if not better.

I also like the new Richter and Maria designs more than original.
>Outside the castle for once, exploring the countryside
Haven't you played 2 or 3 or IV or Rondo?

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Not him but by Ecclessia didn't really do anything the metroidvanias didn't do better. Ecclesia had a really shitty skill system, you just double up on the weapon that has the overall best damage output and maybe get something with a curve for enemies at unusual angles. Heart abilities cost an absurd amount of resources making them essentially dead outside of boss fights.

If you want a huge variety of different attacks to play with the Souls games are way better. Portrait of Ruin had already played around with non-castle enviroments. In contrast something like PoR gave you so many ways to spend your resources and more interesting skill choices, spread out amongst two characters.

The big thing about Ecclesia is that it was the last metroidvania game but it really didn't add anything new. I donno about most people but as someone that had been through every other game at least 3 times I didn't even feel like finishing Ecclesia, it offered nothing.

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I wasn't talking about the originals, my list was for the Metroidvanias. Each one was basically in a castle, with Name Belmont and slightly different play mechanics, but majority of them were fun.

I've played all of them; I grew up on 1, 2 and 4 (didn't play 3 till years later). No one liked 2, and as a kid it was so damn rustrating. 3 to me is the best next to Rondo, I don't understand the love or 4. You can whip in 8 directions, whooo. Good game but nothing amazing.

Of the originals, Rondo> 3> everything else.

Level 1 Hard Mode on a fresh start is brutal. It's playable but it will test your skills.

To me, Ecclesia just had challenge and something new. It wasn't "I got some weapon, now the game is a joke" like how SotN or Portrait was. Granted, you don't NEED to use them, but the games are easy enough as is, and Castlevania needed difficulty, badly. Hence why Ecclesia exists.

Portrait let you explore outside the castle, but the levels were repeated. It was lazy. Every game has its flaws; I'm not trying to start an argument, just stating that challenge wise, Ecclesia has it compared to the others and it was interesting. I love Portrait, but it's an easy game. Same with SotN, but I'll only play it with mods.

Original, I can play 3 and Rondo anytime, all day. I miss games like those.

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I'm like half asleep, sorry. I meant 3> Rondo> all others. Rondo's a great game but 3 has so much more going for it. Both soundtracks too are some of the best in video games in my opinion.

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To add to this OeC had terrible level design. There often doesn't seem to be much ryme or reason to enemy placement. Sometimes they will give you a bunch of slow enemies in a big open area that makes kiting piss easy. Other times they will just throw you into a corridor swarming with crap. Combat very heavily favors kiting
which really fucks up the pace as it seems to take so much longer to travel the terrain. This compounds the fact that a lot of the level layout seems empty. The horrible quest system from PoR returns with avengence with lots and lots of backtracking, at times you are even encouraged to grind for crafting mats.

I think part of the problem with the combat is that there is no trade off between range and speed which makes weapon selection boring and shallow. Generally the rule is that since long range makes it easier to stay out of enemies danger zones they need to be slower so if you mistime something it matters. Or that if a weapon is fast and thus easy to maneuver with it must be low range. in OeC you are given weapons with good range and quick speed, this combined with the lock of recovery frames on just about everything makes combat floaty and feel empty.

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The game is somewhat balanced around being able to do a pittance of damage, I do agree with the quests however, fuck that bullshit.

Also the reason Shanoa can cancel like a motherfucker is because you could do it in SOTN, DOS, POR, and AOS, but in those it wasn't exactly "intended", but it triples or even quadruples your damage output without any downside. OoE was designed and balanced around that.

I do feel that Shanoa's MP grows too quickly though, even in a Lv1 run low MP is seldom an issue except in some extreme circumstances.

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The downside of canceling in for more damage out put in other castlevania games is that it tended to require using a movement ability. For example the recovery animations die if you are jumping. It's really a probably with too much mobility relative to the enemies aggression and never having to really commit much to an attack, there are hardly any frames where you cannot just zip away so you can attack pretty mindlessly. On bosses this is less of an issue since their attacks are so large and more nuisanced than just back dash. I think we can all agree the bosses in metroid style games are leagues beyond the rest of the levels.

Canceling and quick recovery animations is actually one of the things that always kept the metroid style games from matching the combat perfection of the classic games: in classic castlevania when you miss an attack you are often going to get punished so you need to mindful of every button press. There's no backdash to easily fix poor positioning and if you make a jump you better have thought about it because you are commited to it, right down to the last frame.

In this regard HoD and CoTM are pretty admirable since you cannot cheese things by just skating around enemies although these two suffer from being very early in the series history so they lack the toy-box feel of always having a new skill, weapon to play with: even the equipment system isn't very interesting. They also arguable feature the worst navigation in the series, something OeC and PoR perfected.

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>They also arguable feature the worst navigation in the series,
Yep specially Harmony of Dissonance.
Good posts, lads.

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HOD had awful pacing and direction in the latter half of the game. COTM was much tighter and allowed a pretty big sequence break a good bit into the game that let you skip at least two areas without breaking anything.

For posterity, Metroidvania size comparison. A "square" is defined as a single square on the map.

Symphony of the Night: 1,890 squares (both castles)
Portrait of Ruin: 1,846 squares
Harmony of Dissonance: 1348 squares (both sides)
Order of Ecclesia: 1,335 squares
Dawn of Sorrow: 1023 squares
Circle of the Moon: 980 squares
Aria of Sorrow: 928 squares

Super Metroid: 1409 squares
Super Metroid Redesign: 2849.

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Favorite Vanias

Bloodlines > X68000 > SC4 > RoB > 3 > MSX

NitM Saturn > AoS > HoD > CotM

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Sorry for non retro but aria of sorrow was my first castlevania game
which retro or modern castlevania game should i check out if i liked aria?

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Symphony of the Night was the first Castlevania game to do that style of gameplay. If you'd like to play something older, I would recommend starting with the first NES Castlevania.

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You absolutely have to play Symphony of the Night. It's a required PSX classic and the soundtrack is off the hook.


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Boku no pico ROB is pretty good

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Japan moved away from 80s Arnold with M60 to more of a "emo black spikey hair and pink dildo up the butt" kinda attitude.


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how did we go from this to that?

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Honestly seems like Japan in general is slowly moving back to their roots.

>hehehe.. we a little gay.. hehe bit of emo.. so tiny penis eh ;)
>bit more emo hair.. yes..

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It's a manji, The bosses' names are "Ghost of Halloween Past/Present/Future".

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Kabuki is pretty badass, which >>3293535 kinda remind me of.
>>3293481 just looks faggy as fuck, but I bet he scores bitches like a champ.

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I agree with you. Is an unpopular opinion, but I really enjoyed the Lords of Shadows saga, it was nice to have something new and diferent after a while.

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Ech, do you really want us to go back to beefcake barbarians and Fabio wannabes?

I get it, you like looking at bare-chested muscly men. I won't judge you.

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There's better ways to not be a stereotypical conan the barbarian-like man and not look like a faggot like >>3293481

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>wanting to play as male characters

lel, kek, and jej

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>mfw just 100%d Dracula X Chronicles
that Full Boss Rush 3 fucking times to get all the songs was tough

Dullahan and Bone Golem were the most frustrating because of their RNG spawn (B. Golem in particular) and actions

And I love that AAARGH sound Dracula does when he loses his monster form, so satisfying

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I'm still at 80%-something on DXC. The other day I just found some new music CDs I haven't found before (the one that's on the hidden path of stage 2', where you get on the boat and mermen start jumping around, and the other one in stage 3, in the hidden room with the boulders and the hunchbacks).

Not sure if I'm missing any others from the actual levels. I know I have to beat full boss rush at least 2 more times, I only did once.
Ever tried to play boss rush co-op with someone else? Always wondered how was it.

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Order of Ecclesia

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I believe you're missing a lot of songs, each song = 1% and you also need to finish each boss rush 3 times

I guess with two players it would be way easy to beat

Also try this guide, there are some well hidden songs

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The first one

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Anyone knows who the fuck is this in the distance? Alucard? Doesn't look like him tho

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Alucard is a possibility, although I believe he was asleep during Rondo.
But really, no idea.

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Konami Man. He appears in a LOT of older Konami games, either as icons or little details like that.

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Holy shietttt, it's true

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Aren't you so clever Mr hipster

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Probably an unpopular opinion on /vr/, but the DS and 3DS Castlevanias were all solid and probably some of the most fun you can have on a portable.

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Thanks, I was actually on 94% but I still needed to find some of the CDs on the levels, and beat full boss rush one more time. Now I got 100%.

Damn, they also included the unused Rondo of Blood track (the one from the first level of haunted castle), so nice.

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>Super Castlevania Bros
It..it doesn't exist..yet I feel an overwhelming need to play such a game.