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GIF thread?

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Holy shit what is this from?

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hang on

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Looks like Hang-On by Sega.

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Cheers, I want to play it now

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I've been hanging on for hours now, what's it called?!!

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That's not even hard, just go as soon as you can.

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What game are these from?

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Anyone have Black Widow's ending from Saturday Night Slam Masters?

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would bang.

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low poly + retro anime is the best shit

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looks comfy what game?

check out bimini run

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kof 99, there's another one just before the rain as well.

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Gee I wonder if the file name would be any indicator


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Double Dribble (NES)

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How do I make gifs like these?

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Looks like Deja vu

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Personally I would use Windows app called GifCamera, super lightweight and simple. There's many ways to do it though...

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Who said it was hard you fucking mong.

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Is this from Sonic Blast-man arcade?

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Wow, fucked him up good.

How much HP does the thing have? At only 11 dmg per hit he sure goes down fast.

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How is he not getting hit?

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abusing the hitboxes/collision detection

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This is nice I could watch those old Sega arcade super scaler racing games all day.
Have been playing a lot of Outrun lately it's such
an addicting game.

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Yes you have got to love that SNK sprite work all there games are beautiful like this specially
the KoF series.

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Best game

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Looks more like they are dancing

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The speedlines make the difference it seems.

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I didn't know you can kill him with fireballs.

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Fantastic game, one of a kind. Are there more games like this? (inb4 Policenauts)

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speaking of dancing, does anyone have the gif with the dudes and dudettes from the Tengen Tetris game?

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Excuse the ignorance, what game is this?

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Colonization I think.

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Cheating, on an emulator. The cop out name for it is called "tool assisted" speedrunning.

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the polearm is not even.

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Except that game had no animation.

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Hang On is awesome

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do webms count

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That doesn't look like porn to me.

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'Save-state' 'assisted' 'speed' 'running'

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Kirby likes 'em young.

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mah nigga

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He also uses the warp whistle on the warp whistle screen. I didn't know you could that either.

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Is this 2D and if so how would you program something like this? Like the way the road gets closer and how it turns.

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it is 2D, but there are a lot of tricks at play.

First things first, the road is not moving forward. The forward motion is an illusion caused by palette cycling the lines of the road. So, for the remainder of the post you can look at a still-standing road.

A major contribution to the illusion of forward movement is the stuff on the side of the road, signs and palm trees. They are sprites and just moved at the correct position of the screen at each frame. They can be scaled by hardware, but it's not necessary. If scaling is not available, you just have images of the objects in different sizes, and swap them out when the object comes closer. The correct position is determined through very simplified perspective math.

Next, the road is straight, right to the vanishing point. To do a turn, that image of the road is shifted to the left or right on each line, depending if you want to do a left turn or right turn. Of course not alternating. For example to do a left turn, the lines (from foreground to background) are gradually shifted further to the left. The amount of shifting is determined by regular perspective math.

The most difficult part of the whole thing is the hills. Earlier I said the road is straight to the vanishing point. That's not entirely correct. When looking at the raw data, it looks like an upwards slope, like going up an ever steeper going hill. The trick is, you don't use all the lines of that image. If you skip just the right ones, you end up with a straight looking flat road. If you skip a few more, it looks like going downhill (you can't see as far ahead), if you use more of them, you go uphill. That is very simplified. Just like with the turning, a bit of perspective math is used to figure out which of the lines to show when.

So, long story short: palette cycling, and fiddling around with a static imagine of the road, skipping and shifting lines. That's all the magic.

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Thank you anon-sama

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Read the 4-part indepth tutorials on this page: http://codeincomplete.com/posts/2012/6/22/javascript_racer/

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Damn, thanks a lot.

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What is this from?

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This post actually makes a case for it being "3D graphics", although with massive air quotes.

The static image of the road, is completely based on perspective computations as they are found in 3D graphics. Only, they're not done in real-time, it was precomputed. The sprite sizes, when not using hardware scaling, are designed to provide a consistent transition, but the decision what sprite to use when, is up to a perspective/distance computation, the same used to build the road, the same used in realtime 3D graphics. If sprite scaling is used, the scaling factor is directly determined using these computations. Last but not least, the computations to figure out how far the road turns, and how far it slopes up or down, are again the same 3D computations.

It's kind of what Yu Suzuki meant when he said "designs were always 3D from the beginning. All the calculations in the system were 3D, even from Hang-On. I calculated the position, scale, and zoom rate in 3D and converted it backwards to 2D. So I was always thinking in 3D."It's all already in there. Just using a shitload of pre-computations, to keep the amount of math that needs to be performed on the fly as minimal as possible.

Of course the final output is unquestionably 2D. It's all screen space effects and sprites. But the way to get to the numbers, that make it look 3D, is 3D, mathematically.

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"Borrowed Time" if I'm not mistaken...

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>Is this 2D and if so how would you program something like this? Like the way the road gets closer and how it turns.

It's a single background that is manipulated via palette changes on raster interrupts (ie. at specific raster lines, the palette is changed). The math controlling the palette changes is set up so the end result looks like a pseudo-3d ground, complete with turns, uphill and downhill roads, and in other games also forks, ceilings, even pitfalls.

Here's a longer explanation

Panorama Cotton takes this technique to insane lengths.

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It is truly amazing all the tricks they used back in the day.

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I remember getting into some argument with some punk bint kid because he reckoned Super Monaco GP on the Master System had better graphics than F-Zero on the SNES. I tore him a new one, though now I realise his game was not without its technical merits.

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name of this game? i rememebr this from arcade days

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I love this type of racing games

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If anybody reading this hasn't played Super Hang On, Outrun, and Space Harrier, now would be a good time

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I've always wondered WHY a musical note

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The legend dary moment.

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It must be a bit depressing the high point of your life can be contained in a GIF.

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>name of this game? i rememebr this from arcade days

Cruisn' USA.

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Let go by sega

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