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What is the absolute worst retro game you have ever played?

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Tbh everything on the NES. It's too archaic to be playable. If people would take there nostalgia goggles off for a while they'd realize the master system is 1000% more advanced and playable. NES had baby games like Mario and Kirby. Master system had Phantasy Star, a game for adults. There's no math there.

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Here's to (you)

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and here comes the mastersystem fag.
you are seriously terrible.

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one of those chinese war simulator games.
Like romance of the kindoms or some shit.

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>Master System
>better than NES

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You Europeans are so fucking annoying. Just play your precious master system then and shut the fuck up.

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>Martian Gothic Reunification
>Super Ghouls and Goblins
>Final Fantasy VIII
>Lost Levels
>Live a Live
>Lufia 1
>All Gex
>All spyros

All shit. All of them. For every gem of the pre-2000 era, there were at least 5 piles of shit it was placed upon.

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low energy bait

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>comparing platformers with a RPG

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This overrated piece of buffalo shit.

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Here you go, friendo.

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Thanks! *adds to my (You) collection*

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Super Mario Bros, inertia in a platformer just fucking sucks, and the arcade game is even worse.

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Original Legend of Zelda, but that might be because I never gave Zelda II a chance.

The game is completely unplayable without a guide. The only people who were able to ever play it and put it on a pedestal today are Nintendo Power fags. It was pre-internet era so you had to go out and buy a subscription or a guide to get through that shit and the payoff isn't even worth it.

Whenever someone tells me they were able to get through it without any help at all, that's how I know they're full of shit. Or they've got some weapons grade autism.

I'm not a Zelda/Nintendo hater. I think Link's Awakening is an excellent game and my favorite Zelda. But the original is so fucking unplayable it's amazing people give it so much praise. Go play it yourself without a guide if you don't believe me.

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Or maybe Hunter (pic related) on the Amiga. Technology just wasn't advanced enough for what it was trying for so it was a debacle overall.

I've read that it received good reviews at the time (and because it was one of the first games to take 3d seriously it was jerked off to) but I still think it was pretty bad. I played it near release and I still don't get the love it got.

I played it again recently and it was worse than I remembered. just my imo imho imo

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Street Combat. I have no idea why Shaq-Fu gets all the hate while this is ignored.


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I never used a guide and didn't suck at Zelda. I'm as not autistic as you can get..

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In Zelda 1 defence you do get a bow in the first dungeon which obliterates a lot of the early enemies i 1 shot, making exploration less shitty.

Zelda games in general usually have at least one "that part" where you have no clue how to progress and just scour the landscape for clues. Like Jabu Jabu in OoT or that rock that you have to transport in order to unfreeze Zoras domain in TP. Or using the Spell to get thunder in Zelda 2, or finding the flute in Alttp. It's kind of part of Zelda/nintendo design.

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Your mom.

I can't say I really remember all the bad games I played because I write them off as a waste of time and never play them again. The C.H.A.O.S. Continuum comes to mind as something I thought was shit.

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>thread topic has nothing to do with e-celebs
>thread picture does have an e-celeb but it's a reaction image and perfectly fits the subject of the thread

Could you be more salty? Did Pat the NES Punk fuck your sister or something?

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You see, back in the day we didn't feel the need to beat every single game a week after we started it. It took me forever to get through Zelda and I did it without a guide. It was a combination of boredom induced exploration and playground knowledge that finally got me through. I guess you just had to be a gamer in the pre-internet era to understand.

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TOYS on the SNES. Most bad retro games I can find some charm in, but this just flat out sucks.

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Hoshi wo miru hito (星をみるひと)

Look it up sometime. It's so bad, it's hilarious.

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Bebe's Kids

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>playground knowledge
>Someone telling you how to get past the impossible parts.
That's not really any different from using a guide.

Don't get me wrong, I love LoZ, it deserves it's place as a great classic, but >>3266890
is right. The game is impossible without any help. Having to bomb and burn everything systematically is absolute bullshit.

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>inertia in a platformer just fucking sucks
Imagine being this delusional.

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>That's not really any different from using a guide.

It really isn't, like I said, anyone born after 2000 could never understand.

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Fuck off doug walker

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Can't decide between Chrono Trigger and FFVI. They weren't terrible per se, but everyone praises them as the best thing since sliced bread while they felt kinda lackluster in many game aspects. Maybe i'm just not weeb enough.

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If you're not playing an RPG for the story first and foremost, you're doing it wrong.

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You can't enjoy the story with such dogshit grindy combat man. I would rather read a book than try to suffer through this again.

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Out of all the JRPGs to complain about combat you choose Chrono Trigger?

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>Chrono Trigger
>grindy combat


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"Catch the Money", a game where you played as an MS Paint-drawn net catching falling MS Paint-drawn bags of money. I made it when I was 9.

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I'd hate to see what you think of Phantasy Star 1.

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Fun fact: This was originally a Ranma1/2 game that got butchered for the pre-weeb murrican market.

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wtf? is it even possible to grind in chrono trigger? lmao

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Probably Lufia & The Fortress of Doom or Out of this World on SNES.

I haven't played a lot of bad games thankfully, but these 2 rub me the wrong way.

Lufia has atrocious combat mechanics, is grindy as fuck (gotta grind to hedge your bets vs. bosses) to kill shit and get equipment. It's long and it's all chasing McGuffins until the end when you finally get Dual blade and go kill the Sinistrals who you never see until the very fucking end.

Out of this World is seriously the most over rated video game in fucking existance. It's trial and error gameplay, a cinematic experience, and it's fucking horrid, yet all it gets is fucking praise.

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>Shaq-Fu gets all the hate while this is ignored.

Undeserved hate. A lot of its criticism is yet another case of retro game revisionist history aimed more at its "funny" title and association with Shaq.

I'm not claiming Shaq-Fu was a great game, but it was considered an average-to-above average fighter for the time.


There's so many more shitty fighting games from that era. Rise of the Robots, the home port of Time Killers, Way of the Warrior, and the game you mentioned, to name a few.

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Well, yeah.

You can savescum the jetbike race for 5 Full Ethers. Useful during low-level runs.

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>Street Combat. I have no idea why Shaq-Fu gets all the hate while this is ignored.

>One game has an (At the time) A-list celebrity shilling it. One doesn't.

It's a mystery

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cyberdillo by a large margin

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Yeah, I played this game too. By the way, did you ever find your dog? It should still be under the porch, right where I buried it.

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I actually own a copy of Superman 64. Luckily I didn't pay for it.

Suffice to say I've never passed the first ring race.

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I remember really hating this game as a kid

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Sonic Adventure 2

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I've played a lot of shit thanks to emulation, but the worst that I've actually willingly paid for was Bubsy 2.

I knew it would probably be awful when I bought it, and it definitely didn't disappoint.

>platformer with fall damage
>that horrible art making it almost impossible to tell the foreground from the background
>that camera
>that momentum
I want to get off Mr. Bubsy's Wild Ride

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It came with a manual that had a map showing a lot of what you'd need to know to progress.

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I liked the movie, but not the game so much.
Although my younger brother is pretty good at it, I hate it and have refused to play it again for years now.

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Respawning enemies, background elements damaging you, Bubsy's insane momentum...

Seriously, a physics hack would turn Bubsy into a decent series.

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Not sure if the original Wii is considered "retro" yet, but go check out Warmen Tactics.
It's a WiiWare game, and is without a doubt the worst of the worst on that console.

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I didn't think it was all that bad.. Monotonous and generic for sure, with bad level design, but pretty challenging. Although I have never had any idea where to go, and those weird paths like on Friday The 13th for NES are confusing

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At least Rise of the Robots has responsive controls. Shaq Fu plays exactly like one of Delphine's platformers, but as a fighting game. They were clearly way in over their head.

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Only thing I was happy to see go when my collection was stolen.

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I'm not sure if you have read the rules to ask that question but no. Wii isn't retro Patrick.

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This is a dumb argument. The game was fine on release, both versions. And was fairly popular back then.
It wasn't until hipsters started retro gaming that they started talking about it being the worst game ever.
When there are so many worse games on both consoles.

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Probably Bubsy 3D and Boogerman. I didn't really waste my time on games I knew I wouldn't like unless someone bought it for me, which was the case for those two games.

Thank god for vg magazines back in the day or I probably would have bought a bunch of shitty games.

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I never really liked King's Quest.

>Undeserved hate.
Eh, some parts of it are really bad, but it does get more hate than what it actually deserves, it's nowhere near as bad as Dragon's Lair for the NES, to name something fucking horrible.

>A lot of its criticism is yet another case of retro game revisionist history aimed more at its "funny" title and association with Shaq.
How do you mean revisionist history?
Also, personally, I like Shaq, yes, he's not a fantastic actor, but he's just such a loveable fucking guy, I can't resist his smile.

>I'm not claiming Shaq-Fu was a great game, but it was considered an average-to-above average fighter for the time.
It felt very average to me, but then, I'm not a big fighting game guy.

The worst part is that there's always that one guy around here who will come to Bubsy's defense as if it's actually good, when Bubsy never reached beyond mediocrity at his best.

It's not good.

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I'll fite you on Lufia, I actually liked the combat mechanics (mainly, that is has a dynamic turn system based on your speed and equipment weight. It IS grindy, and the part looking for alumina is atrocious (while also being the less linear part of the game, so I guess it's give and take), but I wouldn't call ALL of the story chasing McGuffins, there's a lot of seeking out people and places too. And the party banter is actually pretty good for a game of its time. Also, you see Gades very early, and Amon 2/3 of the game (unless you save that alumina piece for last), and Daos well before the final battle. Plus, you get introduced to them right at the beginning. There are lots of villains/final bosses that don't appear often in their story (think, for example, Breath of Fire I and II, Illusion of Gaia, Secret of Mana, just to name a few games from the same age). I'd say it's pretty common in videogames in general, and the Sinistrals are among the most present ones.

I won't say it's a flawless game, dungeons are kind of a drag and the characters move slowly, and you're forced to play endgame with one less character until the final battle, but I love the story and characters to bits and I played the whole game like 4 times.

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No, I clearly remember Shaq-Fu being shat on by gaming magazines when it was released.

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Ignore them, they're just jerking off their hipster boners by claiming a universally hated game isn't that bad while also bringing up some obscure game nobody cares about and claiming it's worse, thus "proving" their superior gaming knowledge.

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>insulting Hunter

That's like the first survival sandbox game.

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That picture is really fucking awful.

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Alex Kidd high tech world, Sega Master System.

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I dont get the "without a guide" meme.

Are there really kids who cant explore and try things?

Heres a hint kid. My first playthrough of zelda 1 probably took me > 30 hours over weeks, with the amount of random wandering and trying random shit I did. No body sat down and played it first time and beat it in 3 hours.

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Mhm, yeah, how did you find the 8th dungeon? How does anyone find that shit? You have to burn some random bush out of hundreds.

Don't forget that you can only use the candle once per screen.

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Gadget Twins.

The absolute worst playable game from my childhood. The sound is so loud and annoying in the game. The art is ugly as shit. It's difficult as fuck.

Just all around a god damn piece of unbearable shit.


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We litterally burned every bush in the game looking for secrets.

>> No.3269246

Also bombed every wall.

>> No.3269341

Isn't the 8th dungeon in a very conspicuous spot, however?
I mean the 2nd quest sure, but in the first one it isn't THAT hard to find stuff. You DO go around burning random bushes hoping to find something, and that one is a very obvious one to burn. I got the game when I was 7 years old, so my memory is foggy at best (although, I'm not american, so I didn't have Nintendo Power for sure), my main problem with the game was the point at stage 7 where a Goriya blocks your way and the screen reads "Grumble Grumble", and you're supposed to give him the bait to pass. I just couldn't figure out what to do. I'm not sure the bait even does anything else in the game.

>> No.3269343

That's part of why the game was designed around kids talking to each other. Nobody was expected to figure it out on their own, and it was in some ways designed purposely so that people couldn't figure it all out solo.

>> No.3269390

Basically try every item.

A hint was the grumble grumble indicating he was hungry. Its the sound of a stomach rumbling with hunger.

>> No.3269401

Came here to post this. Fucking Gadget Twins.

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Bart wanted BoneStorm but got Lee Carvelo's Putting Challenge (or whatever)? Replace Bart with me, BoneStorm with MK2, and golf with Gadget Twins. I wasn't an ungrateful kid, but godamn, this game is garbage.

>> No.3269532

Yeah but it's the first time in the game where you have to use an item in a room with a character, and as a non-native speaker small child I struggled to understand what grumble stood for. Plus it doesn't help that calling the bait with that name doesn't help. I seriously thought it was for luring enemies to a certain position to kill them more easily (and boy would that be useful with some of the enemies spazzing around in that game).

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I'm a native English speaker and I didn't understand it myself, I found out from a guidebook in the end. I played it first in 2003 or so and didn't have a computer or know anyone else with animal crossing so I was up shit creek for a while over that one.

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You needed a guide to get through the first few dungeons? what kind of retard are you?

>> No.3269936

X men on the NES, fuck that game to hell
Never played it but i heard you have to pray 100 times at a shrine to beat the game, that's just hilarious

>> No.3270507

I know of a bunch, but the only one I've not only just tried for 10 minutes and given up, but actually nearly finished, would be Jet Moto 3.
Dam that game is disappointing. Beautiful game but the physics are all kinds of disgusting. Some absolutely horrid track design to.

>> No.3270753


talking about beating the game you dumb fuck ESL faggot

>> No.3270765


that game is pretty fucking cool. It has so many absurd ways to die. You really just have to keep replaying it and dying until you learn the right choices, but it's fun the whole way through if you're into weird shit.

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Ducktales, Megaman, Master Blaster, Superman

>> No.3270797

Oh shit ! I want that.

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There is a place reserved for you in hell.

>> No.3270857

Guaranteed replies.

>> No.3270858

I dont get the complaints about Mega Man 1. Its a fun challenging game. Git gud faggot

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Probably a chinese bootleg version of some NES game. Hilariously badly translated, I remember It had something to do with Pokemon.

>> No.3271476

It's not Mega Man 2 (Babby's first, often babby's only MM game) and Mega Man's controls are SLIGHTLY more slippery. MM1 is one of the better ones.

>> No.3271696

Having played 1-2.3 as a kid in release order, I never understood all the praise for MM2. I mean sure, it's not a bad game by any means, but it's also literally nothing special. Going from 1 to 2, I was like "oh cool, more stages!" but the game also felt easy as hell. O guess it doesn't help, I guess, that at some point I knew the first game so well I started doing robot masters in reverse order for added challenge, my ideal order was fire-bomb-guts-cut-elec-ice, and I went ice-elec-cut-guts-bomb-fire instead. And I did the yellow demon the legit way since it was the only way I knew.
Megaman 2 was cool, and the weapons are fun to use, and it's a very good game, but that's about it. Also it doesn't have the platforming sections from hell the first game has. Gutsman's stage in 1 is insane if you don't know what you're doing. I remember being a little disappointed in 2, actually, because I had finished it the day after I got it, and fun as it was, I felt like the balance of low difficulty and low content was a bit of a ripoff. Afterwards I replayed it to hell, of course.

Personally my favorite is 3, because the slide was nice to have as it added a lot of mobility and possible tactics, the weapons are good with nothing as OP as the metal blade in 2, the initial stages are just the right difficulty, and the revisit stages with the clone bosses from MM2 were a really nice concept, with using the new weapons on old bosses and trying to figure out who is weak to what. Actually, was there ever another MM game with this kind of thing?

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I actually like Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle, but that might only be nostalgia talking - I played it before I had ever even touched Street Fighter 2.

Looking back, the gameplay is absolutely broken, but I still love the cartoony graphics and music.

>> No.3271821


Same here. It's the first game that ever made me throw my controller out of sheer frustration. In my defense, I was like six years old.

>> No.3271828


I still wonder whose idea it was to make a video game out of that movie.


"Let's sell it to kids!"

>> No.3271836


Oh God, X-Men... Even with a Game Genie, I wanted to snap that cartridge in half.

>hump sentient jelly donuts and pasta until you die from a radioactive meltdown

>> No.3271839

Dudes with guns
Kids like playing with guns

>> No.3271845

Yeah but Platoon isn't exactly "fun and exciting action", it's really dark and depressing, there's lots of better movies to make an action game with guns out of.

>> No.3271885


By that logic, they could've made a game based on the movie "Casualties of War."


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>B B B B B B

>> No.3271891

Sure, but with saving girls from some unclear danger rather than raping them at the end of the level. Kids, and parents, don't like that so it's a no-no.

>> No.3271917

Same here, I beat it using calls to the nintendo hotline and tips memorized from reading a gaming magazine at the nearby game store.

>> No.3271931

So make it about another game?

Die Hard wasn't a perfect NES game, but it's an excellent candidate for making an action game that can easily appeal to kids, you're the good guy shooting the terrorists (robbers) and saving the hostages.

Platoon has all this dark shit and gray morality, and I'm not saying you can't make a game about dark or serious matters, but the way the game is presented (at least on the NES) is as a generic shooter like any other, it didn't need the Platoon license.

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>> No.3271965

Wow this meme never got old.

>> No.3271985

ROTTK is based on Chinese history. Am I missing something here?

>> No.3272242

He doesn't know about stuff like RotTK and assumed he was doing that whole
>posting on a mongolian flipbook enthusiast site

>> No.3272253

Speak English.

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>Playing a game for story.

If you're not playing a game for the gameplay, you're not playing a game. What you consider an RPG, sir, is really a visual novel. Whcih is fine, if that's what you're looking for, but don't call it a game.

>> No.3272279

Why hello there, newfriend!

>> No.3273058

>implying you beat every nes game you ever played
Here's your reply retard, we both know you only mentioned Zelda to get them

>> No.3273081 [DELETED] 

I understood what you meant.

>> No.3273084

This is hard to read because the multiple "he" referring to separate people, but all in all understandable.

>> No.3273105

>Jabu Jabu
pretty sure you were told he liked fish and you were able to buy a fish in zoras domain. i assume that's the part you're talking about because the dungeon itself wasn't that bad.

>> No.3273117 [DELETED] 

>platformer with fall damage
Stop spreading this fucking JonTron meme. There's no falling damage in any of the Bubsy games.

>> No.3273154

I've never watched a JonTron video in my life. I've only played the boxed Sega Genesis copy of Bubsy 2 I bought for $10 on a whim at the local retro game shop. Kindly fuck off.

>> No.3273169


You must be autistic.

>> No.3273187

Dragon Quest II was objectively the worst game ever made.

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>Master Blaster

It's called Blaster Master and you are a bad bait

>> No.3274426

Not him, but the part that had me stuck as a kid was the room where you had to throw the princess onto the platform in order to start the midboss fight.

>> No.3274541

I can see why someone wouldn't like Final Fantasy VI, it's really grindy and I can understand why the slow (without Sprint Shoes), grid-based movement would get on someone's nerves endlessly, but what problem would anyone have with Chrono Trigger? The battles feel way more dynamic and exciting thanks to the superior graphics and animations, the story is fun and interesting, the time travel shit is awesome albeit a bit underutilized in terms of gameplay, there's a bunch of alternate endings (even if many of them are just slideshows), music's great, and best of all it's so much easier than FFVI that you almost never need to grind. Overall it definitely feels like a step or two ahead of FFVI in terms of gameplay.

>> No.3274550

>as a kid
>Going from 1 to 2, I was like "oh cool, more stages!" but the game also felt easy as hell
Who are you fooling

>> No.3274859 [DELETED] 

Metal Gear Solid.

>> No.3274872 [DELETED] 

Why don't you make a general about it

>> No.3274874 [DELETED] 


>> No.3274901 [DELETED] 

It's already up, but the wording had to be changed because the new janny hates /ogg/.

>> No.3274934 [DELETED] 

Maybe you should kill yourself.

>> No.3274947 [DELETED] 

Somebody's upset that someone didn't enjoy his shitty moviegame.

>> No.3274962 [DELETED] 

Fuck off, janny. Discussing the overrated games general isn't breaking the rules.

>> No.3274987

>unplayable without a guide

lol you must be young, tons of games were like this when I was a kid

>> No.3275068

He's being kind of a faggot, but games which are actually too cryptic to play without a guide aren't exactly what I'd call good.

A game shouldn't have to hold your hand, but it shouldn't leave you absolutely clueless either.

>> No.3275851

Big difference between Legend Of Zelda and say Milons Secret Castle or Simons Quest tho.

>> No.3275873


When you put aside its faggy weebo fanbase, there really isn't much separating Zelda from those games.

>> No.3275908

first game that came to mind was captain america and the avengers on snes

actually it's the only game that came to mind


>> No.3276049

I loved it when I was a kid. I'll never forget how badly the ninjas in the forest kept fucking me up though. Sms ptsd.

>> No.3276056

Are you contesting that I didn't think that 8 stages were more cool than 6 stages, or that the game didn't feel easy as hell? Because while I was genuinely happy with having more stages, I actually finished it the day after I got it and was kinda disappointed at how easy everything felt, there was no hard boss like Elecman or Iceman or the Yellow Devil. Or do you honestly think that "Airman is too strong" is more than a meme from a song? Airman is easy to defeat even with just the buster, dodging is tornadoes is nothing compared to dodging ice beams that hit you for 1/3 of your life on slipperly terrain.

>> No.3276071
File: 86 KB, 640x480, rimg0723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The worst one in recent memory is Mortal Kombat 3 for the Game Gear. I tried the ROM because I was curious about why the cartridge is so rare and expensive. The real reason it never came out in the US is because it's absolutely terrible. Horrible controls, no music, awful sound, ugly graphics and really poor animation.

What's perplexing is that the Game Gear actually got an excellent port of Mortal Kombat 2 that plays well and has very impressive visuals and sound for an 8-bit game. Mortal Kombat 3 feels like one of those Chinese bootleg rom hacks. I'm pretty sure if it came to the US people who bought it would have returned it to the store.

>> No.3276105

That's the most ambitious cover art I've ever seen.

>> No.3276120

Controversial opinion: Metroid, or to be more precise Super Metroid. Could be the fact that I got to play it when I was much older, since I never really had a console as a kid, but despite that, I never really appreciated the game, or the way it is played. I do dig the music and the atmosphere, though.

Nobody gives a shit edition: Alundra 2. Fuck you, game that has nothing to do in any shape or form with the original. Azure Dreams - fuck you even harder, game that takes you to level 1 each time you leave the dungeon, Monster Seed - what was even the point of this shit?

>> No.3276135

You go down to level 1 after leaving the dungeon, but its not like you become a fresh character. You keep things other than levels, and that's what its balanced around. I mean not liking the game's fair, just like not liking any other game, but I don't think the game's unbalanced or anything, just a different style of RPG. Personally I was hoping it would've been more difficult, since some roguelike players treat it like its... Well, an actual roguelike.

>> No.3276143

haha wtf, looks like a prototype

>> No.3276254

>OP wants to know the worst retro game you've ever played
>people keep posting good games that they don't like

Fuck off retard

>> No.3276260

End yourself, cretin.

>> No.3276263

You just have shit taste.

>> No.3276264

Sword of Sodan
Basically all of EA's Genesis library. Absolute trash games.

>> No.3276267

>Hot Opinions

>> No.3276272

Who's the guy in your pic? He looks like an autistic faggot who can't make a game outside of his FPS comfort zone.

>> No.3276274

Mortal Kombat

>> No.3276275

Carmack's input in the iD games has always been on the engine side, never in terms of design or gameplay.

For games he's made by himself, he's probably made more RPGs for the Apple II than any involvement he ever had with Wolf3D, Doom or Quake.

>> No.3276292

Heroes of the Lance for SMS, though each and every port seem to be as bad.
I expected a RPG as those are very scarce on the Master System, what with the D&D subtitle, and instead I got the shittiest sidescroller on the system, topped with tedious inventory managment. Went to the store the next day and they were kind enough to offer me a refund.

>> No.3276358

If it's any consolation, it wasn't any good on the NES either.

I think there might have been a PC title, but I have no idea if that was any better.

>> No.3276370

I've played a lot. Worst game I've ever played that I actually bought with my own money was Back to the Future on NES. God fucking dammit.

>> No.3276374

>OP wants to know the worst retro game you've ever played
>people keep posting good games that they don't like
Maybe it was the worst game he played, retard.

>> No.3276376



>> No.3276392

I tried playing it, got to that huge town with lots of locked doors.

It is by far the worst game I've played.

>> No.3276462

>Nobody gives a shit edition:
But I like Alundra 2 and absolutely love Azure Dreams. You're just too casual for roguelikes, it seems, Azure Dreams isn't even that hard compared to games like Shiren.

>> No.3276732

Jesus fucking christ that music.

>> No.3276747

Roguelikes don't reset your level every time you leave the dungeon. They reset your level when you start a brand new playthrough.

>> No.3277062


SNES version of Zoop.

>> No.3277203

The stories in Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger are shit though.

>> No.3277221
File: 182 KB, 856x800, Final_Fantasy_8_ntsc-front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its not objectively the worst. I think it has Uematsu at his 32-bit peak for the soundtrack.

But no other game has made me as angry playing it. I haven't played it in decades and I still get mad thinking about certain scenes and gameplay mechanics. Playing through FF8 all those years ago was like being betrayed by a loved one. I just can't fucking let it go.

>> No.3277240


>> No.3277635 [DELETED] 

avgn adventures

>> No.3277679

ET... atari, I was 3...
still the worst... forever worst.

>> No.3277729


If Super Metroid or The Legend of Zelda is legit the worst retro game you've ever played, then you haven't played any other fucking retro games and don't deserve to be on this board.


>> No.3278054
File: 1.80 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of these are good candidates but I think my choice would be the Hunt of the Red October.

>> No.3278057

Amiga tripe like James Pond and Shadow of the Beast.
Also stuff for the C64 like Platoon and the horrible arcade conversions for games like Midnight Resistance on the Commodore.

>> No.3278060

This. Though he was clearly baiting.

>> No.3278151

Anything from Ocean soft.

>> No.3278214

Ren & Stimpy: Fire Dogs

All licensed cartoon games were shit to some extent, but that took it to a new level. Thank fuck it was only a rental

>> No.3278374
File: 54 KB, 179x228, ryuuko sees something awful.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hunt For Red October is TERRIBLE, but it's also fucking balls to the walls insane, which has an appeal to it, in a retarded way.

I mean, it's about a submarine, based on a thriller, and the game plays like a high speed shmup, mute the TV or Emulator, then put on Highway To The Dangerzone in the background, and it actually gets you in the feel of a flight kind of game.

>> No.3278390

Time Lord

I would not say it's a bad game but I hate it since I borrowed it as a kid. Music is cool graphics are okay but somethings makes me have a love-hate-relationship with that game (my personal Dr Jackyl and Mr Hyde).

>> No.3278395
File: 83 KB, 640x634, dennis-titel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had one choice for a Game Boy game that year and I was in a pretty big Dennis the Menace phase.
And I had to choose this!

>> No.3279102
File: 32 KB, 512x480, gfs_35811_1_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've played frustrating games before but this one drove me to a breaking point.

>> No.3279140


Jesus Christ this game sucks. The controls are asinine, enemies basically just rubberband you to death. Objectives take way too fucking long to accomplish.

The music is the only good thing and that's only because it's copyright infringement covers of Beach Boys tunes and the 1989 Batman theme.

>> No.3280461

You seem to have only played casual roguelikes instead of Japanese ones that do reset your level everytime you enter a dungeon, or specific dungeons. See Shiren, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, or Izuna. Or Azure Dream, case in point.

>> No.3280462

I'm still kinda annoyed at how the 4th disc managed to be an even worse final disc than Xenogear's second disc. Like "Oh, here's the final dungeon, but you can't access 99% of the fluff of the game, I hope you there being no city."

>> No.3280463

Is it very different from the GB one? I remember actually liking the GC one very much.

>> No.3280487

Looks like a chucky doll in a link suit.

>> No.3280489

There isn't any copyright infringement in this game. The music was licensed from beach boys you fucking retard.
You'd know that if you had the box.

>stupid underage emulator fag

>> No.3280494

Beach boys and Prince's Batman theme? Sign me up!

>> No.3280534

I typically don't play games that are well reviewed as being bad, that being said
final fantasy tactics has to be my least favorite game that I can't seem to stop fucking playing. Seriously, 6 fucking hours of grinding just so I can beat the second boss is fucking ridiculous.

Also, since we're discussing unpopular opinions

I really don't like EVO as much as everyone praises it. I respect it for what it is and what it accomplishes as a game, I just don't like the game, or more accurately the gameplay.

>> No.3280537

People have Dennis the menace phases? Lol, did you grow up in the 50's?

>> No.3280541

Nah there was also a 90s Saturday morning cartoon type show on Dennis The Menace. I grew up watching it too. Didn't see the original that much

>> No.3280542

I don't remember it, I remember the Beano comics Dennis the Menace having a show, I had a british friend who loved that shit.

>> No.3281239


>> No.3281258

Please stop playing games.

>> No.3281413

one of my best memories is ssitting down with like 4 friends and passing the controller for around 5 hours. not easy but definitely doable and definitely fun.

>> No.3281415 [DELETED] 

i really want to watch him watch his wife get fucked by a big well-hung black stud

>> No.3281416

really hated lesters unlikely adventure, but I have played worse games on emulation, the obvious ones like ET

>> No.3282661

>not having the box to a game means you play on an emulator

Okay fag

>> No.3282662

>Seriously, 6 fucking hours of grinding just so I can beat the second boss

You just suck at the game.

>> No.3283240

Played M.C.Kids for NES on stream in 2011 or 2012. Also Raid on Bungeling Bay for NES and Kid Kool for NES.

The stream viewers were laughing at the games the entire time.

We were teleported backwards in MCKids a few times because that was a feature of the game. Raid was a terrible helicopter sim. Kid Kool is a premium example of how good a platforming game Mario was.

I probably have played worse games. But them three that night come to mind. 8 hours of no fun.

>> No.3283465

You haven't played many games if those even cross your mind as the absolute worst.

>> No.3283775

B-b but that game was good.

>> No.3283796


I really don't get you. The game does have a map overhead and if you look at it enough it's easy to get a general idea of where you are on the world map, which is only a few dozen tiles huge. There are some overworld puzzles with barely sufficient hints given out, but they're easier than some PC adventure game.

The only thing I hate about Zelda 1 is how there are a jillion enemies on screen, it's really easy to get killed, and yet you don't get to respawn back at the dungeon entrance with a decent amount of hearts. Why should we have to tediously gather hearts just to make another attempt to go through a dungeon room swarming with wizzrobes? It's fuckin' bullshit.

>> No.3283807

Shaq-Fu's gameplay was bad, but not any near the terrible margin. People tend to "forget" it has good graphics with really fluid animations and the character design is decent. The soundtrack is just as likeable. Also, you have to give it props for the presentation (not many fighting games of the time had a plot, overworld map, etc.).

>> No.3283823

Bundy for SNES. Mainly because it was solo fucking hyped and I bought it on word of mouth from the guy at Babbage's. Fucking hated it with a passion. Didn't have the finances as a kid to say "oh well" to a $60 purchase.

Runner up is definitely Home Alone for the SNES. God that game was fucking terrible. But I got it as a gift so the hit didn't affect me directly.

>> No.3283836

Bubsy not Bundy. Fucking auto correct.

>> No.3284047
File: 9 KB, 300x222, bundy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3284242

I still think Rocky and Bullwinkle has the absolute worst ending of all time. The "Fuck you, you're done, get out" factor of the last screen is worse than anything I've ever seen before. Oh and the game does indeed suck, but still.

>> No.3284243

uh, no peg

>> No.3284248

That too

>> No.3284275

Dracula X for the SNES is legit awful. Stage layouts are cut-and-paste from CV3 and that mud creature boss keeps spawning mudmen non-stop until the game slows to a crawl, being so shittily coded.

Why so many people excuse it being garbage like it makes them more "hardcore" is beyond me.

>> No.3284290
File: 15 KB, 236x258, aa58123791fd7848053550a5c9814c8f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I would have loved a Married with Children game, though I'm unsure of how it would have looked.

Maybe an isometric adventure where you control Al as he runs around the neighborhood (including old high school and super market) in search of his stolen copies of Big 'Uns?

armed with the Super Turbo Sock Rifle (made by Bud) Al takes on angry dogs, fat women, feminists, and bikers. (Kelly's ex bfs)

Find your Big 'Uns Al! talk to the members of NoMam for hints, or talk to Bud for different weapons or Kelly for extra lives.

or talk to Peg..

>> No.3284325

Kickstarter it

>> No.3285164
File: 35 KB, 300x300, 300x300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Player 2 would be Jefferson, and the game would play like Zombies ate my Neighbors but with more adventure elements.

>> No.3285207
File: 1.47 MB, 480x270, jon-money.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>horde mode bonus game where No Ma'am has to fend off hordes of shrieking feminists

>> No.3285230
File: 679 KB, 200x199, Al.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need this in my life.

>> No.3288206

There's Takeshi's Challenge that is a bit like that. After actually getting the ending is insanely difficult to begin with.

>> No.3288281

My favorite part is how you can tell the main character was supposed to be a chick

>> No.3288962

Didn't first Zelda come with a basic guide though?

>> No.3288989

Chrono Trigger doesn't need any grinding, unless you're going for sidequests? What the fuck are you talking about?
I had to grind more in Earthbound, for fucks sake.

>> No.3288992

There's already a Married with Children game out there. It's called Postal.

>> No.3289331

What if I love dungeon crawling, party building, and that feel when you're running low on health and resources and struggling to crawl back to a safe place? Besides, video game stories are almost universally trash so you're only embarrassing yourself here.

>> No.3289347

So many questions. Why does Link have that shield? Why is the master sword not in the Temple of Time?

>> No.3289990

is this bait?

>> No.3290060


If you have to ask...

>> No.3290226

Rockman & Forte for Wonderswan. One of the few games I ever sold that wasn't a spare. I've never played a Rockman game before, and given how popular the series is, it can't possibly play as bad as this game. My understanding is it was made by a different developer than on the Nintendo systems.

>> No.3290574

So is this game really bad like he says, or did other anons enjoy it?

>> No.3290983

Worst game I have just played:
Hard to say, a ton of the NES library is unbearable garbage

Worst retro game I have actually beaten:
Probably Zelda 2

>> No.3290987


Well mate you sort of owe it to yourself to check out Rockman to see if its any better than the one you played.

>> No.3290989


The majority of most game console libraries are garbage.

The NES has a lot of bad games but Zelda 2? pfft.

>> No.3291034

as a kid, there was a blockbuster and a mom & pop rental store near my house

blockbuster had the games you'd expect to have, while the mom & pop store had Heavy Nova, Fantasia, and generally much worse or older (and presumably cheaper) Genesis games for rent.

technically, heavy nova's controls were even worse than fantasia's. but there was something eerie and cool about heavy nova. it is a terrible game but I'm glad I got to experience it.

fantasia is unmitigated shit, and my answer to OP's question.

>> No.3291124

>The NES has a lot of bad games but Zelda 2?

He's not saying Zelda 2 is the worst NES game, learn to read please. He clarified that Zelda 2 was the worst game he personally ever beat. I believe him.

>> No.3291128


what'd you guys think of the argentinian version?


imo it's not as good and i prefer bundy over argento, but guillermo is still funny in his own way, he's just not trying to be Al at all, despite also working on a shoe shop and having a stupid family.

>> No.3292924

Zelda 2 is fine. Stop it you ass kisser

>> No.3292931

Double Dragon 1 or 2 on sega. Jesus fuck. 3 was fucking shit, but this is just pls kill me level.

>> No.3293087

Why do all you South Americans always feel the need to copy everything?

>> No.3293092

Good luck defeating Magus if you didn't grind to craft the best equipment in the prehistoric era.

>> No.3293226


Pocahontas for Genesis. Almost gave up on western 2d games after that one.

>> No.3293582

It's been copied by the Russians and the Mexicans too IIRC.

It's just a thing that 2nd world countries do for some reasons.
At least for Breaking Bad the Mexicans deliberately retooled it into a cheesy soap opera format, so that's at least interesting in concept.

>> No.3293613

FYI: The Nu makes that really fast.

>> No.3294996

i didnt know mr pregnant had a videogame

>> No.3295001

Crystal's Pony Adventure is truly the worst of the worst. Alfred Chicken is pretty close.

>> No.3295002
File: 968 KB, 1494x1991, doubledragon2600front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This game should never have been made.

>> No.3295106
File: 35 KB, 250x355, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this monstrosity

>> No.3295127

That looks really fucking awful.

>> No.3295130

It's Double Dragon on the 2600, what did you expect, arcade perfect quality?

>> No.3295132

I'm about to go to Gamestop to trade in some games. Does anyone know if they buy Sega genesis games? I want to sell Blades of Vengeance and some GameCube and Wii games. Trying to trade in for FF14. Blades is pricey af online but I'm curious what they pay for retro. Can't find shit online about it.

Alien 3 might be the worst retro game I've played.

>> No.3295139

Great, you guys are gonna spread this here now on /vr from /v.

>> No.3295142

just look at it though
it's also legitimately creepy

>> No.3295151
File: 60 KB, 500x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>learning the hard way that pc and ps1 version aren't the same

>> No.3295182 [DELETED] 

I expect a game to be playable.

>> No.3295192

I expect a game to be playable.

The age of the hardware is no excuse for shitting out an unplayable game, at some point someone should have said "this isn't gonna work" and canned the project.

>> No.3295801

I still can't understand how someone thought this was good enought when they could have slapped MK3 graphics on the Game Gear MK2 and get a Game 1000 times better.

>> No.3295906

Pretty ambitious in what it offered, plus 2 player mode too. But holy crap is it impossible.

>> No.3295919

Sunk cost fallacy is in full swing I'm afraid.

>> No.3296208

If this was worst retro game you ever played then I don't know what to say. Must not have played many. Yea maybe it wasn't best FF but certainly not the worst game someome could play.

>> No.3296396

Krusty's Fun House for Game Boy.

>> No.3296410

I thought they started selling retro games through their online store a couple years ago, so probably. But you're really better off trying to sell them yourself online. Gamestop is a rip off.

>> No.3296440

I still don't get the hate for this game. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two worlds.

>> No.3296457

i have the box for this
just the box

>> No.3297226

Yep. My brothers and I took it in shifts and systematically burned and bombed everything. No guides, just free time and a desire to be the one of us that found that next big secret.

>> No.3297238

the music sounds like atari music. very strange

>> No.3297243

LifeGenesis ... because what the fuck am I looking at?

>> No.3297246

Probably the most intriguing and thought-provoking part of the release. Keep it, anon.

>> No.3297262

If you consider the manual a basic guide.... It did have world map in it at least.

>> No.3297265

Vince Gilligan made that one too. The mexicans didn't retool anything, it was retooled to fit their tv culture. And it was brazillian, not mexican. sigh.

>> No.3297274

100% this, that wasted weekend with Eek the Cat rental haunts me to this day. Also, the weekend with Waterworld. And James Pond.

Man, fuck Ocean.

>> No.3297275

Nevermind, Pond is EA.

>> No.3297282
File: 35 KB, 493x387, 1450471946403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That game is literally Poochie, down to the "rastafy him by 10%" bit.

>> No.3297287

Wrong on both counts. Vince had next to nothing to do with it and it's Colombian.

>> No.3298121

All i remember when they showed the cinematic intro on TV back then is that it had a robot called Pipo or something.

>> No.3298168


Had one actually been made, for some reason I really imagine that it would've been a point-and-click adventure game.

>> No.3298194

First post, worst post.

>> No.3298732

Am I the only one that hated the sound in 1942? It's like a high pitch whistle screech the entire time you play.

>> No.3299646

Low G Man on NES

>> No.3301552

I didn't even know there was a 2600 version of Double Dragon, but I shouldn't be surprised. It has been ported to pretty much every console ever even when it shouldn't be.

The Double Dragon Advance is the best version, though.

>> No.3301559

3demon has to be the absolute worst puck-man clone.

>> No.3302965
File: 108 KB, 256x351, Super_Mario_Bros._3_coverart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This game is shit, plain and simple.

Oh, let's all get the warp whistle and warp to "big world"! Too bad big world isn't fucking fun, like the rest of this game. The entire thing is designed to anger and frustrate you. Oh, you get Kuribo's shoe on one fucking level! Wow, pardon me while I make the universal motion for a handjob. Kuribo's shoe fucking sucked. What did it do, exactly? It let you JUMP ON THINGS, something you were able to do the entire fucking game. Oh, also you looked gay.

There are some interesting power-ups in the game, such as Tanookie Mario, Hammer Mario, and Frog Mario. But guess what? You can get them on like 2 levels total, and if you fuck up and get hit ONCE, you lose them, FOREVER. Wow, that's fun! I love games that demand I play perfectly or have no fun, because I'm a fucking jap who strives for absolute perfection in gaming otherwise I kill myself.

Mario 3 may have been interesting or fun at one time, but the game is a worthless piece of shit in today's day and age. It's horribly flawed and full of punch-in-the-dick moments, much more so than it has moments that are just fun to play.

>> No.3302974



Needs more subtlety

>> No.3302976

this reads like a really shitty youtuber

>> No.3303007
File: 81 KB, 969x1080, Adventures_of_Gilligan-s_Island_-_1990_-_Bandai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stupid game, I could never figure out what to do

>> No.3303024

He's obviously making a joke about how AVGN can make a good game look bad.

>> No.3303041
File: 2.68 MB, 300x166, modern_games.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did anyone else read this in a James Rolfe voice and instantly lose any ability to take it seriously? "What a mothershitting piece of fuckass!"

>> No.3303546

If Gilligan wasn't attached to you the entire game it wouldn't have been too bad. Still would have been confusing, though.

>> No.3303568

Nah its copypasta. I've seen it before. I cant remember the source

>> No.3303950
File: 36 KB, 320x222, Yoshi's_Story.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So disappointing after coming from the fabulous Yoshi's Island.

I beat it in a day and never looked back.

>> No.3304360

To be honest while I liked the big world, I did really dislike that despite not being even that or OP, you only get so little frog suits and hammers. Personally I liked tackling the final boss with Hammer mario, but doing so required a huge amount of preparation, especially since you can't replay levels in SMB3. That said the game was great.

>> No.3304571


Sword of Sodan , so bad it deserves to be repeated.

>> No.3304573

temple of apshai

>> No.3304954

>beat it in a day
All the levels or just got to the end? It only takes around 15 minutes to get to the end.

>> No.3304960

Probably Yolanda. It kills you after less than a second and never stops doing that.

>> No.3305051


Look at him and laugh.

>> No.3305383

Roadsters for Gameboy Color
This was the only footage on youtube that showed up so pardon my french
This is what I got instead of Donkey Kong Country on GBC

>> No.3305408

Rainbow Six for the PS1. It is just pure bullshit. When you got a multiplat and the N64 version is better, you got some problems buddy.

>> No.3305424

Well my mum paid 40 english pounds for Dragons Lair on the NES


>> No.3305430

I'm so sorry anon!

>> No.3306407
File: 47 KB, 1112x654, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My first computer was a C64, which I got in '89 (well past it's prime) and almost all of the games were complete bullshit. The one game that stands out to me from that time was The Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils.

An enemy that was just some floating hands and eyes came off to me as something of the absolute laziest I had ever seen.


>> No.3306460
File: 259 KB, 475x347, home-improvement-usa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A challenger appears

>> No.3307496
File: 87 KB, 640x909, 47398_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad I rented it, I can't imagine the rage if I had actually bought this piece of shit.

Extreme shame that it had such a crappy engine, You'd think they could have asked for the Castle of Illusion engine source.

>> No.3307569

George Foreman's KO Boxing

>> No.3307596

I remember they recalled this game from stores at the last minute since it went against Walt Disney's last wishes to not commercialize Fantasia.

>> No.3308280 [DELETED] 

When I was a wee tyke my well meaning parents got me Deadly Towers as my first game with my first console, a NES. Decades later I still want to slowly torture each and every Data East employee to death.

>> No.3308293

Wario World (GC) made me feel robbed. So short it's beyond belief, no challenge at all. Took me only a couple of hours to beat.

>> No.3308294
File: 183 KB, 1090x680, Deadly Towers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I was a wee type my well meaning parents chose to get me a NES and game without bringing me along to the store. They chose Deadly Towers and the console did not have a pack-in. Decades later I still want to slowly torture each and every Broderbund employee to death.

>> No.3308364


This piece of shit. Only good part was the hard case re-purposed for a better game.

>> No.3308681
File: 8 KB, 640x400, temple-of-apshai-trilogy_3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck this shit game.

>> No.3308748

It took me 12 years to beat the original dragon warrior without a guide or the internet.

>> No.3308770

You stupid faggot

>> No.3308780

But i am currently playing that on the nes. What don't you like? Seems like dragon warrior with a party. Cozy as fuck. Multiple enemies? EXPLAIN YOURSELF.

>> No.3308872

Maybe he just hates Ultima games?

>> No.3308884

this, holy shit

i tried playing FFIV once and the cutscenes just wouldn't fucking end so i just shut it off and never touched it again

>> No.3308921

Why would it have to be in the Temple Of Time?

>> No.3308954

The Univited, only because playing a point and click game with a control fucking sucks balls.
the ones on the computer and Shadow Gate for the NES are still the tits.

>> No.3308976

new janitors are faggots and so is this anon

>> No.3309449

What's so bad about it? From what I've read it sounds like a pretty interesting game.

>> No.3309627
File: 29 KB, 480x300, 21723-BattleBeast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3309656

This, but on the nes. Actually, all of the dnd games are awful on the nes

>> No.3309660

I hated ffviii... Shit story and crap mini-story-puzzle-things like, 'match the colored aliens'.

>> No.3309667

Whoa, there is a Gameboy version?! I beat the hell out if the SNES version finally... Terrible game. No password, everything looks the same, way too many stages... Had no idea there was a Gameboy version

>> No.3309675

SNES home alone is so bad it's good. It's super easy, which helps make it more fun.

>> No.3309708

>2nd world countries

>> No.3309820
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>be kid
>it's christmas
>get a game as present
>sweet, it's zelda
>now have a few games (e.g. 5)
>play one of the games until you die or mom says it's enough (both frequently)
>continuesly do this until next christmas (game 6)
>you get better at a game and eventually beat it

What is this wizardry? People were actually invested in games as a kid back in the day and not autistic fucks like the kiddos nowadays with autosave and handholding.

Go back to your 500 steamgames and buy all the DLC you can to waste your meaningless life.

>> No.3309830


low level bait - please try harder next time

>> No.3309939

but anon..most RPGs have puzzles, memory games, hints, secrets doors, etc... Its not JUST press A to win. I would say press A to combat but not press a to win.

>> No.3309957

caveman games

>> No.3310023

Mario is missing for the nes, got baited by my beloved system which showed me the dark sides of life

>never again

>> No.3310027

Captain Novolin.

>> No.3310117


It is a bad action RPG with shit music, sounds, maps, and controls. It is very interesting in concept but the it is unplayable. There are dungeons with invisible entrances that are as pointless as they are impossible to get out of. The enemies are somehow random and redundant.

>> No.3310150

Final Fantasy VII.

>> No.3310153

Squeeze Box. Makes ET look like a masterpiece.

>> No.3310163

I seem to be the only one who likes Xmen on NES. it's fun with two players

>> No.3310176
File: 295 KB, 1110x839, al_bundy_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3310203
File: 53 KB, 475x324, Kelly Bundy Christina Applegate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my dick

>> No.3311153

the paladin shield and the X relic for Strego are the only 2 grinds in FF6...

>> No.3311414 [DELETED] 

I played Lone Wolf for the ps1. Never got past the first level because I dropped it so fast.

It's Rainbow Six, by yourself, with only 5 missions that can be beaten in less than 5 minutes each.


>> No.3311418
File: 53 KB, 500x485, R6_lone_wolf[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I played Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf for the ps1. Never got past the first level because I dropped it so fast.

It's Rainbow Six, by yourself, with only 5 missions that can be beaten in less than 5 minutes each. Get your asses ready for fun.


>> No.3311421

>It's Rainbow Six, by yourself
I haven't played Rainbow Six, but isn't the point of those games playing in a team of operators of some sort? A bit like SWAT4 I think?

>> No.3311424

Well it's a special unit and the plot is that you have to go on these mission alone to not draw attention and yaddayaddayadda but yes it would be like a SWAT4 game where you have to be solo.


>> No.3311430


>> No.3314548

I still love that slutty cut-off jean shorts look

>> No.3314563


They actually bought the rights, it's official.

>> No.3314652

there was a movie in the 90s that was hilarious

>> No.3314676

we get it, you were born in 1999

>> No.3314692
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This is a "worst" thread, not and "overrated" thread. If FFVI and CT are among the worst games you've ever played, I'm very curious as to what the best games are. You don't even have to like those games, but there's some truly cryptic, unplayable shit out there, like pic related.

>> No.3315345


"Rainbow Six" is the codename for the group's commander, John Clark

>> No.3315365


>> No.3315609
File: 1.93 MB, 550x304, rise of the robots.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3315658
File: 86 KB, 384x313, s4dTtBy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>video game based on an anime about a japanese princess
>localized in the west with alex kidd
>he suddenly is japanese
>not to mention that his father is there, while in the main canon he was disappeared until the end of Enchanted Castle
>the goal is to go to an arcade to play Out Run
But I guess the bullshit difficulty is not to blame on the localization

>> No.3315683
File: 3 KB, 480x480, Tom&Jerry_3_(NES)_02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably a bit cheating, since it's not a licensed game, but even back then as a kid playing this on a shitty famiclone and zero standards, I still hated it.

>> No.3315692

I still think MK3 and 4 for the gbc are worse, even though those actually have music.

>> No.3315808
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Dungeon Magic

Fuck that shit

>> No.3315816

Doesn't she tell you to throw her up there so she can get the sapphire?

>> No.3315829
File: 113 KB, 600x594, tiny-toon-adventures-pluckys-big-adventure-usa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As a kid, I had high hopes for this after playing Buster's Hidden Treasure on the genesis.

>> No.3315905

Phantasy Star 1.

>> No.3316931


>> No.3316943

Independence Day, PSX. The controls and camera were extremely bad. The game had a cheat code input screen in the menu but you had to rotate through a radial alphabet that moved at one letter per second. 0/10 would not rent again.

>> No.3317892

I wouldn't say the worst by any means since it was my first experience with the genre it created and I can appreciate that fact but the first metroid on nes was a fucking chore to play at times with serious bullshit game design and a map that's a real maze (didn't try to draw a map or use a guide for this one).
I'm gonna get called a casual but thanks save states.

>> No.3318223

I don't understand how anyone could call playing it a chore, really. I mean sure it can get difficult at times, but isn't exploring the maze-like map and finding secret passages and shit part of the fun?

>> No.3320886
File: 43 KB, 291x400, Gotcha_box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3320931

Super Ghouls and Goblins for the sega, I basically just fliped when the game trolled me at the end.

>> No.3320964

That's a SNES game though.

>> No.3321176
File: 267 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry I meant ghouls n ghosts