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All hail the game that started everything.

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I've been thinking about playing it, but I don't even know where to begin. I keep ending up back in the tavern with no party. Should I use a guide and go for it?

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Playing that game without graph paper seems to defeat the purpose

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Don't use a guide.
Just make a party and amend it when you find flaws.
Even if you have to rebuild a new team from scratch you have your personal experience to build upon.

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Which one is the best version without giving up the retro ?

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There are no non-retro ports.
SNES or PS1 if you want things like graphics, sound or options like automap. Or the Windows 9x port if you can get your hands on it.
PC98 for the old school experience.

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PS1 anthologies for sure.

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the only thing I don't like about the PS1 versions is that the enemies only appear on a black secluded battle screen but not in the dungeon area itself. talking about Llylgamyn Saga and New Age of Llylgamyn here.

therefore I'd recommend playing the GBC versions. they look really good. PS1 looks better otherwise though and the music is god tier.

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Is there an easier way to reroll skill points in character creation for pc98 ver?

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Save states

GBC has smaller maps and it uses a modified stat system.

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here? I totally destroyed Werdna with these guys.

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How did you start with a ninja and lord?
What level did you have in the end? Bishops need like three times the experience of priests and mages to get the same spells.

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It was fun to map the maze with Graph paper.

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Go Apple II or go home.

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isn't that japanese only?

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All the Japanese ports of Wizardry 1-5 (except for the PCE-CD) give you the choice between English and Japanese.
The only thing in Japanese in the later versions are things that weren't originally in the game such as spell descriptions, for which the SFC and Windows one have a translation patch.

Wizardry 6 on the other hand only has that option in the computer ports and 7 lacks it completely.

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You don't. You start with a high roll on another character and get lucky on level ups.

Then, alignment pending, you take your unit SOLO into a place like Murphy's Ghost where a combat is guaranteed and then fight/flee from friendly until alignment changes to evil/good.

Then you class change, gain a few levels, and repeat until back to previous alignment.

In all my years of playing, I've only found 1 armor of lords EVER. I've spend weeks on floor 10 killing all manner of poison/frost giants and will o wisps and everything.

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You don't want to play that shit. No human being in 2016 and probably many in 1985 would not have the patience for that.

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no item description patch for ps1 version?
i wouldn't mind playing the pc version even if i have to use virtual machine but i can't find that one anywhere

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What i did, at least with he apple ii version (i think it also works in the nes and ps1 ones) is:
>Pick ninja
>Enter the maze
>Pick your five good/neutral guys
>Enter the maze
>Pick the ninja
>Kick some ass
You can also do >>3267769, it's way more "legit" but you'll need a lot of time.

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What does patience have to do with it? It's the same game, is it not? How is it more patience trying?

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