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So I played Turok (the first one) a while back and again realized how awesome it is and how much I miss games like this.

Can anyone recommend me fps games like this? I mean should have big levels to explore, lots of powerups and secret stuff,crazy weapons and enemies and all that(so essentially very videogame-ish). Having to find the keys and Chronocepter pieces was also a big accomplishment.
I even liked the savepoint/extra life system that gave a tough but fair challenge. Anything that comes close to this? I know all the know retro shooters are great but its just not the same when I can save whenever I want and forcing myself to play without quicksave or play on ultra-expert-hard is just not the same challenge I had in Turok.

I even liked the jumping sections, eventhough I hated them, they made sense in that game concept.

Yeah of course I played 2-3, and also liked those.

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Recommendations and requests belong in >>>/wsr/

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Look no further than Unreal

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yeah only that Crysis, FEAR, SW battlefront, Half Life, Halo, Perfect Dark Zero, Jedi Academy, Deus Ex, Gears of War, CoD are nothing but Turok, but thx I guess?
Really helped.

well okay. Just thought other people would like to discuss this game concept which is quite unusual for shooters (big exploration, having to find key items not for a door thats 2minutes away but for later stages, having savepoints and extralife system with pickups etc.)

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Metroid Prime?

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Turok was just any old FPS like Duke Nukem 3d or Quake but with gameplay/controls designed for console.

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is seeds of evil the best one?

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it had a pc port you know

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