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Time for the occasional Daggerfall thread! Ask for help, trade characters, overall video game discussion.

Link: http://wiwiki.wiwiland.net/index.php/Daggerfall_:_DaggerfallSetup_EN

Daggerfall with all the official patches, unofficial patches(reccomended), and goodies such as quest packs and other languages.

Also eases installation and cuts out the dos command middle man.

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TES games are shit.

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opinions on daggerfall unity?

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Thanks for the contribution, familia

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it's dead, anon

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You obviously never played it back in 97. That shit was hella amazeballs.

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Does anyone ever do Arena threads?

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People usually talk about Arena too in these threads. Next time I make one I should probably drop the Daggerfall name and just say "Classic Elder Scrolls." I prefer Arena to Daggerfall in some ways...mostly the dungeons. I think Daggerfall with Arena's dungeons would be amazing.

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I killed a lycanthrope for the fighter's guild and now the cunt who asked me to do it won't talk to me. Journal says it's time to collect my payment. What gives?

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What? It's the one that's not dead.

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>Next time I make one I should probably drop the Daggerfall name and just say "Classic Elder Scrolls."

please do, that way i can discuss my love for battlespire with the two other people who actually played it

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Has anyone ever tried to make a Battlespire mod for newer ES games? I can see it working.

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What are the best/most useful monster language skills? Can you take all of them and not fight anything?

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All of them are situational and they're not a reliable skill to be used to not fight anything. You'd need to train them up to 51 for them to be somewhat alright, and even at max(which is very hard to get) it's not a guarantee. Orcish, Impish, and Daedric are the languages that you'd probably get the most mileage out of. The linguist class is a handicap class because you LITERALLY have to start with nothing going for you except skills that have a small use.

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Nah you got Daggerfall Unity mixed up with DaggerXL.

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>thaumaturge, for bard spells like calm and charm
>etiquette and streetwise combined are language skills for animals and npc enemies
>daedric and orcish are the most useful out of the specific languages

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H-Daggerfall when?

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Jesus fuck the uses on that firestorm sword. That damn thing can kill a group of plate guards in 2-3 uses. I got it in the beginning dungeon as well as 13000 gold worth of shit to sell.

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Bravo for trying Arena. It is the better game of the first two.

But what about Battlespire and Redguard?
Which is better and why?

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The hell did you get that sword? And why does Arena look so sleek?
I disagree, but I will concede that it has less bullshit and more straightforward.

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I got the sword in the starting prison, as well as 13000 gold worth of shit. Everything fucking dies with this thing.

>look so sleek

Dosbox ddraw output, scaler hq3x, better font mod

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How the heck do I find random dungeons? I've been wandering but can't find any.

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Also as a followup, do magic unidentified weapons show up as blue too? Or are they regular?

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Wander more


Blue weapons are magic

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I read that using the dagskills patch with DaggerfallSetup allows you to raise attributes above 100, but my speed caps out at 100 when using magic items. What gives?

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One more question if you're still there. Can enemies carry enchanted armor and weapons?

I think that mostly applies to leveling naturally and not fortifying attributes. Nevertheless that's definitely an oversight.

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Uh. Is there any way to get the artifacts from the Knight Order quests without kidnapping a little girl?

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>Dosbox ddraw output, scaler hq3x, better font mod

I see the picture is blurred by scaling, and the font is different, but what difference does it make what output you select in DOSbox.config?

Is it simply necessary for that type of scaling, or does it have any other effects on the image?
How do the different output setting affect performance/framerate?

It's hard to find good information on DOSbox settings so I ask here.

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Unity proyect

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Not that anon but wandering sucks ass for me. Hell, I have trouble finding a town when I go a straight line to it (According to the map). I even hear the town music and have trouble finding the actual town. I can't imagine wandering and finding a dungeon without great spans of time.

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That anon here who asked about dungeons. I just went straight, swam over water, and the dungeon was right there. But now being a terrible minmaxing faggot, I'm wondering if I should buy the gear at shops, or simply rely on loot. I got good Plate Armor, decent agility, and good torcs, amulets etc...but should I buy the stuff they sell?

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>mfw this finally releases
>mfw the mod support is actually pretty good
There's too many overhauls still in development, I can't decide which ones to look forward to and which to drop to not get disappointed

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Someone's remaking this in Unity? Cool

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Svn daum build, Google it. Right click and save as on the zip don't use the installer unless you want to manually set up arena/daggerfall. Just use the setup version and copy/paste over the dosbox in the arena/daggerfall directory.

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How to tell if someone has recently completed Life is Strange for the first time: the post.

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If you have a decent comp then framerate drop really won't matter, but I find certain taverns slow things down slightly.

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Who /bard/ here

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>There's too many overhauls still in development,
For Daggerfall? What is there, besides the Unity one and DaggerXL?

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I got the Anthology last year, and have had nothing but pain with Arena and Daggerfall. How does a 20-something fuck start this shit? What class/race is the most forgiving?

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Arena sucks ass, but daggerfall is actually fun.
>change the controls
>set mouse option to mouse look
>go to UESP and see how to actually make a character
The game is old-school. You need a manual. But Daggerfall's manual is completely inaccurate, so UESP is your best option.

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U actually like interacting with NPCs better in arena.

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but what class/race though? Argonians are made of tissue paper, and Bretons melt like a snowball in Dagon's Oblivion.

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Looks like I'm back on the rape train
Wish my lizard ass good luck

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okay... Mouse look is on, but now the attack animation fucks with me. wat do

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that's why you pump up speed. Unlike later TES games, SPD affects attack speed. For Arena it only affects bow attack speed though. Also Turn dosbox CPU cycles to 50k or less.

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I'm on a 2.80 Ghz Pentium 4 with 1gb of ram.
I hope it can handle this

also, how does one change how attacks work so I don't have to swing my head 180 every time I attack

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you'll want to get the download off the UESP instead of using the anthology disk btw

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What's the status on the Daggerfall source port?

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How to cast spells? I pick them from the spell list but it tells me to press some button.

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Ah, is the anthology ver. shit or something? Or are the CompUSA quests only in UESP?

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IS DaggerXL worth downloading?

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Getting some serious fucking lag here, how do I make Dosbox take less respurces?

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Morrowind, oblivion, and even skyrim is better than elder scrolls 1 and 2.

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r better*

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I disagree entirely. I waffle between Morrowind and Daggerfall being my favorite.

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This video in the beginning will go over the settings that worked for him, try those. Instead of Arena.conf though it should be dosbox.conf, and it's in the folder where you installed daggerfall, assuming you download from uesp.

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Forgot video

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>Skyrim is better than Daggerfall
do you also jack off to screenshots of Mirror's Edge?

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Thank's for the help, I've been teying to make this damn game work for over a year

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What the shit was that

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Daggerfall is prone to rendering chunks of itself unwinnable because of shit falling into the void.

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Daggerfall is my favorite game

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Reality-bending amge coming through


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Let me try again

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What the hell is this!?

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How many people here have actually beaten Daggerfall?

I mostly just derp around on side-missions and don't even bother with the main story.

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How is stealth? Is there shit to steal in the houses?

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Been years since I played DF, stealth is goofy iirc, but you can break into shops with spells and steal everything.

Also, how hard would it be to make a pure mage? Plan on playing again soon, but I remember magic being hard to get in to.

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I'd pick up a melee weapon of some kind. You don't have the spellpoints needed to rely solely on magic in the early game.

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Got it, thanks for the tip

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I'd recommend going shortblade and picking up the ebony dagger during the character creation. I admittedly don't know how to reliably get the choice, but it is a damn good weapon and should last you until you get enough sp to spam destruction spells.

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>shortblade and picking up the ebony dagger during the character creation.
Oh yeah that's the best starting weapon I remember, every game I started I made sure I got it. It carries you a long way doesn't it?

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Yes, it does. A lot of things resist certain weapon types, especially at higher levels. Adamanitium(i think that's what it is) is the minimum to damage everything in the game. The ebony dagger is a step above Adamantium.

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I'd imagine no, and there's not a lot of incentive to, 2bh.

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I want to get into DaguerFall, but i can't into the controls, they are ugly as shit. I always (Always!) get stuck with the rat and the bat-man.

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A pure mage from what I understand starts out hard(like really hard. You're better off sprinting through Privateers Hold.). Invest in intelligence early, make your own spells, and as the other anon said, be sure to get weapons. Intelligence gets priority, then Agility and Endurance. Enchants at later levels to close off any other gaps

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Are you too stupid to rebind controls?

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I got stuck watching a LP of Battlespire once. It didn't look like a game I'd want to play myself, and I was initially just curious what it was like, but then I just couldn't stop watching.

I'm really excited about this project, been following it off and on for awhile. Recently I was thinking how someone might just totally overhaul the minimap, because frankly it's utter shit. First thought was kind of a graph in 3D space, because when you look at the mini-map you only really care about the entrances/exits, and it's really hard to look at the existing minimap and see "oh I haven't been over there, okay now how the fuck do I get there." so an overhauled minimap should let you select some exit that you haven't taken and then plot a course to it (this is a small problem, choosing the path, but not a big deal.)

Anyhow, I could see Daggerfall for Unity revitalizing Daggerfall. I badly want that game to live up to my nostalgia but it always disappoints me when I actually play it.

I watched a LP of Redguard, again without meaning to, and it looked pretty alright. I'm a fan of adventure games (well in theory, none of them really live up to my expectations) but it's much different than TES games.

I love this

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Recently I've been going full Conan: Nord barbarian, with a specialty in hammers and other

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I'm making my way through Arena's main quest at the moment. Got the second piece of the staff and planning to level a bit before venturing further. The game is quite enjoyable and much easier to grasp than most RPGs of the time. TES 3-5 should have taken a hint from its quest dungeons, they are surprisingly unique.
Getting raped by spellcasting wolves seems to be a running theme so far.

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I agree anon, Daggerfall and Arena aren't the best.
I really like Daggerfall as an actual RPG, having dice rolls and actual timed quests is a fantastic method of doing things, and adding a small amount of challenge to any quest, regardless of how easy. My objective favourite (and second favourite over all) is Morrowind, as it has many things that Daggerfall did, but translated into a newer 3D less clunky game. My nostalgic favourite is Oblivion, i couldn't tell you why, I just really love the world call me a sucker for generic fantasy but eh.

Oblivion > Morrowind > Daggerfall > Arena > Skyrim.
I hate Skyrim.

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Can anyone help me with how to run a mage properly, I have quickly discovered that running a full mage is near impossible, just tips and hints would be helpful, In my past run through's i have barely dabbled in magic, and never had any magika restoration issues. (Yes I have set it to 3x Int)

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DF hasn't been helping with my gilf fetish.

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I'm going to start hand-modifying every location in Daggerfall, starting with the towns of Wrothgarian Mountains, wish me luck, be back in a few.

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Why? If you don't mind me asking.

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>be back in a few decades

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Does anyone else actually keep a log book, like physical of their character, maybe draw maps keep track of quests, I understand that the game has those features inside it but I have been thinking about doing it just for a little bit of extra fun

>> No.3270806

I used to write down my quests because my game kept fucking up and didn't record the relevant info

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Someone should make a mod for Daggerfall that adds in the rest of Tamriel.

>> No.3271370

With unity it's possible, but damn that would be interesting, albeit copy and paste like daggerfall

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Can anyone get this working? I can't get to the gameplay.


>> No.3271736

I'd like to see a mod that reimplamented some of the stuff they cut like customizing your furniture and the diminuition and animal morphing spells. I wish I had the know how to mod.

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Just get the daggerfallsetup version. Browser DOSbox is never playable with anything.

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I started a new character, rolled a mage (went destruction(yeah I know) and short blade with sneak) and I've been logging in as much stuff as I can, quests, small maps even a bit of character development (because I like to write my own character up a bit) and so far it's been pretty fun, not 100% immersive or anything but I dunno I guess if you like writing it's a fun little experience or experiment with a game you can do pretty much anything in.

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What premade magic class is best? Mage or Sorcerer?

>> No.3274476

As cool as this sounds in concept and has some awesome ideas this game is completely broken. Items you need either don't spawn or disappear and you're left going through giant chunks of procedural generated land and towns that are all essentially cut and pastes of the same thing. Daggerfall could in theory be modded into something GOAT but it would take a team of skilled modders years. As is this game is the most wasted potential of possibly anything out there. It's cool to play for 8-10 hours to see the scope and check out some of its neat features, but this game is frustrating I got preety near the end myself putting a good 90 hours in before quest items where missing and there was no workaround. I started a new quest and got about 40 hours in before the same junk sort of happened. If there was a way in the console to spawn the quest items I'd have used that even but the game won't recognize those as the quest items.
Tl:dr: This game is everything wrong with procedural generation and really only stands impressive in the sense of scope. It's a broken piece of tech you're best treating as a gigantic sandbox. Don't bother trying to beat it.

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Sometimes a quest object fails to spawn when the quest dungeon is entered. This is a lamentable situation and you are probably doing the very best thing that can be done: post a rant disguised as a faux review of the game on the internet.

Another way to address the problem is to reenter the dungeon. This almost always generates the quest target because the bug is uncommon. To get the location quickly, turn on the cheat/debug mode and just scroll ( ] ) through the quest locations.

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Mage. Sorcerer can't regen, but in terms of raw casting potential the sorcerer wins. However for more practicality, the mage wins.

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Bump. Glad I caught it

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is this game even possible to play without joining the mages guild?

>> No.3278272

anyone know why the sound in the intro/cutscenes goes kinda jittery when I use more than 30000 cycles?

>> No.3278678

I only joined the dark brotherhood.
Made an Argonian speed build and literally nothing touches me

>> No.3278827

The. FMV in the beginning is finicky. I had that stutter while the rest of the game ran fine.

Certainly possible, however if you use magic at all it's certainly advised considering the ability to make spells is great. Magic items aren't required though, and you can buy some from the guild without joining I think.

Enchantments in this game are god mode, really.

>> No.3279057

Don't the other guilds, like the Temple of Kynareth, have spell/item/potion making?

>> No.3279992

So any reason why I jumped of my boat and found a small island with the final dungeon on it?

>> No.3280147

its a known bug in dosbox

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I have a question: How would one find out about such things as witch covens and daedric quests without looking them up online?

>> No.3280617

You find such covens by taking noble quests and hope they send you to one. When you pay for summoning also, you get a random daedric prince. Sheogorath has the highest chance.

>> No.3281548

it was okay


>> No.3282417

when you play do you usually stick to a region or wander about the enire map?

>> No.3282469

I personally stick to a region and have a hometown in that region. sometimes i'll leave but i'll always go back because i've built reputation

>> No.3283208

Yeah, for me it is the Daggerfall area incase i want to do the main quest.Usually I base myself in Gothway Gardens or one of the other large cities in the west.

>> No.3283651

I usually have a "home" region, it's too big not to, but go on little adventures around for quests and just to explore

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anyone here ever jack off to any of the sprites in this game?

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Yeah I have a tendency to stick around the Daggerfall area, but sometimes I venture out and make a name for myself there. Really it depends on what I'm playing.

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ded thred is ded

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>When you pay for summoning also, you get a random daedric prince
It's not random, it's based on the time and date.

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i became a vampire and i regret it so much. lost my hard earned ranks in the knights of the owl and i dont seem to be able to get any vampire quests and im not getting any letters from vampire hunters for the cure. will i eventually get one?

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File: 1.40 MB, 3175x1684, DF-Map-Vamp-Bloodlines.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>will i eventually get one
yea just wait it out
you can at least do vampire quests and embrace the night

desu I think being a were-creature is more fun
though I like RPing as a vampire, once on my (only) wizard character I became a vamp and just stalked the dungeons under Daggerfall city for prey, coming out at night to kill

>> No.3286635

how do i find vampire quests though?

>> No.3286649

meet with the clan or otherwise your clan should send you secret letters with quests

how long has it been in game?
i think you might need to wait about a month

also you can still do other guild quests, really being a vamp translated better to sneaky/magic characters than fighters since the mages guild still loves you

>> No.3286656

it probably hasnt been a month.
do you know if i'll be able to get my ranks back in the knights of the owl or has my reputation gone to 0?

>> No.3286663

you can, you lost your ranks because you died and the guilds hearing of this dumped your membership

you just have to re-join and grind back up to the top, though some may not like you

>> No.3286761

Vampires are vile creatures who cast away their humanity for fleeting power. Allah is not unaware of what they do.

>> No.3286819

its definitely been more than a month now

>> No.3286834

also im pretty sure i turned into one on my boat, maybe because i wasnt in a region at the time the game doesnt recognize that im in bloodline?

>> No.3286865

ok yeah i think this could have something to do with it. i got the letter from the vampire hunter and they said i was in a bloodline from the other side of the map

>> No.3288857

>Page 10

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Favorite city?

>> No.3289158

Can you actually get anywhere without fast travel or it's an endless looping wasteland?

>> No.3289162

You can travel the endless wasteland until you find something.
But no the game is one of the few were fast travel won't take from the experience.

>> No.3289586

They're all the fucking same.

>> No.3289592

You can get to the town Gothway Garden immediately after you leave the first dungeon if you just go forward for a minute or two. That's the only real trick anyone uses, though, and it's just for fun. Fast travel is used for everything else.

>> No.3289661

it's unfun without it

>> No.3290081

Is that Sentinel?

Because Sentinel is badass.

>> No.3290092

I did this on my first playthrough.

The music when I entered Gothway Garden is still one of my favorite gaming memories.

>> No.3290120

i fucking want to play daggerfall but i cant because that fucking program you need to boot it

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>because that fucking program you need to boot it
there's a download where everything is pre-configured for you + a number of add-ons and you can just start playing


only thing I did was lower the cycles to under 50000

>> No.3290143

i'll try it, thanks m7

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>> No.3292157

>the mushrooms still look like bell-ends sticking out of the ground

>> No.3292165

isnt the unity project trying to stay *relatively* true to the original? i would assume most people on /vr/ would want the fidelity of the earth-cocks over some kind of remastered graphics set

>> No.3292940

any advice on a thief character. i cant seem to be able to break into any stores

>> No.3293198

Join the mages guild, make a skeleton key spell. Isn't lock picking broken anyway?

>> No.3293216

Lockpicking works. Pickpocketing from store shelfs during the day, and stealing from lockers in houses, does not work

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>> No.3296029

Are there any modern games similar to Daggerfall? I'm talking about the realistically enormous world, the insanely complicated dungeons, the in-depth character creation system, the fatigue meter that you have to rest to keep filled or else you might die, quests that you'll lose forever if you don't complete them in time, etc. I don't know of any other games that offer this kind of experience.

>> No.3296092

the other Elder Scrolls games?
they're the most "like" daggerfall for obvious reasons, just watered down massively.

Ultima Underworld games obviously
System Shock games
Wizardry games
Dungeon Hack
Might and Magic series, especially Dark Messiah
Dragons Dogma maybe?
Bards Tale
Paradise Lost: First Contact has some good exploration and is pretty fun but its not really the same as daggerfall since its 2D, more of a dungeon crawler

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for some reason when I ask people for news they give the description for strength. why is this happening?

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>> No.3298327

oh shit hey it dat boi whaddup fampai desu desu

>> No.3298328

ok let's do it

>> No.3298395

that's pretty funny

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>> No.3298794


>> No.3298954

i adore battlespire for being the clumsily scrawled love letter for ultima underworld that the other early games in the series never managed to be

kind of like descent to undermountain, it's a technical nightmare to revisit today but it's worth playing for anyone who just enjoys touring those early experimental 3d dungeon crawls

>> No.3298970

>xl engine ded again
>dfunity pretty damn slow

The dream will never be real, won't it? ;_;

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>> No.3301012

If you download off UESP it comes with all the expansions and mods, makes the game run and sound 100x smoother. plus it has dosbox built in so all you have to do is open an icon like every other game. this is available for arena and daggerfall and i, like an idiot found out after beating arena and halfway through daggerfall

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Nymphs when I was a kid and played it for the first time.

Oh the memories...

>> No.3303234

Yeah I love using the nymph skill so they don't attack me

>> No.3304743

It's fun when you get a dungeon full of them and you're just dashing through a ridiculous labyrinth slaughtering hundreds of naked ladies

>> No.3305485

>computer games will never have nudity in them again because of today's sterilized hyper-PC society

Those were the days.

>> No.3305526

Uhh.. if you mean Elder Scrolls games then you're probably right, but I guess you don't play many games otherwise

>> No.3305564

Witcher has nudity, pretty sure GTA still has near nudity (nipple pasties). DF would have had 90's soccer moms bitching about it if it was popular, but it was 90s PC so it was niche.

'PC Culture' has gone back quite a ways actually. Comic books were under flak for a long time for having scantlity clad women and such. It's really nothing new but a new camp for people to jump into and fight each other over.

>> No.3305580

fuck off SJW kike, you're just defending the status-quo because it's good for you.

>> No.3305648

Video games do need more nudity. Some dev out there needs to finally decide to stop being such a pussy and show a vagina for once.

>> No.3305656

I'm not defending anything you buzzword spewing meme-master retard, just pointing out the obvious. Learn to read before you go around screaming DAS JUDEN! in every thread.

>> No.3305660

fuck off SJW kike shill, seriously FUCK OFF

>> No.3305678

he's right
you're underage if you think the 90s Clinton era wasn't FULL of PC bullshit
arguably worse than currently since it was harder for small devs to get their product known outside the PC.

>> No.3305683

if anything more games have nudity now, or at least highly suggestive moments

though I think mainstream games are less violent and bloody.

>> No.3305695 [DELETED] 

Now imagine what happens with another Clinton in office... *slits wrists*

>> No.3305729
File: 1.35 MB, 1920x1080, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daggerfall unity seems to be promising in a modding context, it has plenty of tools. Here's how the game would look straight out of the starting dungeon.

>> No.3305737 [DELETED] 

It's alright, Hillary has too much criminal records to get elected. If anything, Joe Biden will be replacing her soon.

>> No.3305751

She's made it clear she wants to continue her crusade against games if she wins

>> No.3305765

oh god, i remember the last time that dumb cunt and her butt-slut husband was in office and it was a literal circus, and thats when bill was calling the shots and hes the more rational of the 2.
these next 4-8 years are gonna suck ass.

>> No.3305776

Question about this: Are they remaking the *engine* in Unity (ie OpenMW or DaggerXL) or just remaking the game?

Either is of course fine, but an engine remake means it's more likely to be 100% accurate to the original.

>> No.3305808

That's a feature. Get gud.

>> No.3305816
File: 911 KB, 1920x1080, 13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not entirely sure, but I believe they're simply moving all Daggerfall content to the unity engine. They've done the "easy" part of simply moving assets and getting the game to run in unity.
In it's present state, you can't open containers, talk to NPCs, trigger guards too chase you, there are no NPCs wandering the streets, and you get no quest related dialogues, nor can you rest to heal yourself or level up. All that leads me to believe they haven't imported much of the code for Daggerfall.
So now they have to deal with tougher things like UI and general scripts that run under the hood, which they may have to re-make if they can't find a way to directly import. Currently they seem to be focusing on tools for modders.
So in short, it seems they're using the unity engine to handle graphics, but they may have to re-make certain code related things by hand. Hopefully they can copy scripts directly in unity as well.

>> No.3305819

>these next 4-8 years are gonna suck ass.
Not if God-Emperor Trump has anything to say about it.

>> No.3305854
File: 1.42 MB, 1920x1080, 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or another less convoluted answer would be that they are re-making the engine to unity , and are trying to make 1:1 copy of Daggerfall. When they run into things they can't import, they just re-make as accurately as possible

>> No.3308510


>> No.3308646
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>> No.3308765


That guy needs to release the source of his XLEngine as it is and let the community help. This is getting ridiculous.

>> No.3310690
File: 508 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_9101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not having the original box

>> No.3310839
File: 254 KB, 568x253, 89748933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Close enough

>> No.3310873

Looks swag

>> No.3311089

I really wish they'd imported the vanilla textures using point filtering instead of blurring everything to shit like that. Also the grass sprites.

I want to be hopeful for this but I was also hopeful for DaggerXL and I don't think it's okay to be hopeful for anything anymore.

>> No.3311101

It has an N64 ad in the box?

>> No.3312121
File: 136 KB, 700x714, 1362703920176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is DarkXL really playable now or are the devs lying to me?

>> No.3314316

The guy just doesn't give a fuck anymore

>> No.3314534

I had this box but threw it away. Stupid me.

At least I still have the manual and original CD left.

>> No.3316969

Daggerfall XL is pretty much dead, along with any plans of making Things like Dark Forces, Blood and Outlaws

DFWorkshop is Pretty Much alive and well, and making a shitload of progress


>> No.3316972
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>> No.3317858


>> No.3317865


>> No.3317965

Anybody running Daggerfall successfully on QEMU? I've been tweaking it for 2 hours and it still runs like ass.

>> No.3319814

Use Dosbox mate. QEMU barely works with win32, don't even try with win16