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Lets talk about R.O.B

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...and the two games he can optionally be used with.

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you hurt my feelings

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Filthy name fag get out of the thread.

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no Josh Dean Roon

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Sorry Aaron Bradfrod

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Filthy frog poster get out of the thread.

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hhmmmm gimme some o' that good ol' cock

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Wasted potential imo, it could've been great to have the robot help you play coop games like contra or chip n dale. My only doubt is why this concept of an artificial second player hasn't been retaken? [I know the amiibos do something like that for the new smash bros but that's being limited to one game, which is the same as R.O.B.] Or at least some homebrew with the R.O.B. so he's compatible with other coop games

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''He's gonna take you back to the past.''

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What's the matter, froggie, can't accept that CHAD has GAINS by eating PIZZA while fucking your CRUSH?

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No that's not true, that's impossible1

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It was just an excuse for Nintendo to push the NES as a toy rather than a game system. The 1983 crash left people uneasy about game consoles. As soon as the NES took off, they stopped giving a shit about R.O.B

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He would push buttons on the second controller. Very slowly.
You queued up orders for ROB while the game was paused.
Then he did them. Very slowly.

I'm emphasizing very slowly because of the controller was used for.
He raised and lowered gates. This is fine slow when you're traversing puzzles,
but you also used the gates to crush enemies. Which is very time sensitive.

I'd say you were better off having a real friend use the second controller,
but frankly you were better off using both controllers yourself.

He was an unnecessary visual aid.
There was even a game mode where he was an unnecessary visual that supplied no aid.

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The music in Gyromite is amazing at least

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God, the thing was so damn slow, why did anyone even use it? You were better off just plugging in a 2nd controller.

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"To watch his wife get fucked in the ass"

He's the Angry Cuckold Nerd

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