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Are you a bad enough dude to name your all time favorite retro game?

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link to the past or castlevania 3

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Mine is ball-in-a-cup!

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Wow, thanks for the insightful post. Do you have any reasons those ar eyour favorite or would that hurt your brain too much? I could create a fucking bot that could write posts exactly like yours and nobody would be able to tell the fucking difference. That's how fucking worthless you are.

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j-jesus anon i'm just posting

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>Are you a bad enough dude to name your all time favorite retro game?
No Chad, I don't.

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Perfect Dark, idk why. I'm not particularly great at the game but it's so god damn fun.
Everything GoldenEye should've been (aside from the lackluster end boss and sightly underwhelming bonus levels)
Perfected multiplayer with the inclusion of bots, challange modes, slight character customization with the inclusion of Miyamoto as an optional head for your character or CPU.
Amazing music
Great Presentation
An overall perfect package that has last me so many hours.
I even bought the XBLA HD port of the game to play at 60fps on 4-player splitscreen.
It's the only N64 game I never switch out when I have cartridges laying around that I may decide to play and others put in a box.
It's definitely in my top 10 favorites.

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Did you asked for reasons in the OP? You didn't, right?


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That's not OP.

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R- Type

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OutRun. It's an action game that's fast and challenging, but at the same time carefree and relaxing. There's a very joyful and romantic feeling to it. It also got me into jazz fusion and I frequently drive around listening to Casiopea, Naoya Matsuoka, etc.

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>there are people who wouldn't have a burger with the President

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Illusion of Time (Gaia in the US)
No other game has given me so many feels.

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Donkey Kong Jr.

Why can't I quit you?

Is it the awesome controls? Is it seeing Mario for the animal enslaving scum that he is? Is it just that you were the first arcade game I ever really had a chance to git gud at?

je t'aime mon ami

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Street Fighter 3rd Strike. Preferably arcade.

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It might be Metal slug 3. Either that or star fox 64.

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Fantasy Zone II on the SMS.

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Fuck off, dumbass.

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Super Mario World!

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not the oldest, but it's the one i enjoy the most

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Super Mario Bros 3. Nothing sucks me back into my childhood quite like it. Just hearing the music play immediately floods me with memories of sitting on the livingroom carpet with my siblings around this big console television playing the game. I can't think of a warmer, more comfy game.

The fact that it's a fantastic platformer and all is just icing on the cake.

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Rockin Kats.

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you should be thankful for the bump on your shitty-ass thread

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Super Mario 64

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I was thinking of Super C just for the nostalgia factor but then I realised I've been playing this shit >>3240562 since release. So yeah, I'll be going with Doom.

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>Nothing sucks me back into my childhood quite like it
that's the most important value you see in a game? Yourself?

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Castlevania 4

>perfect level design
>perfect controls
>perfect bosses
>perfect music
>perfect graphics
>perfect atmosphere

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Not the same anon, but
>sitting on the living-room carpet with my siblings

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As someone living in Bumfuckirrelevant, it took me decades to figure out it wasn't some random "Ronnie".

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Descent. I had the demo for this game and doom on my moms first pc back in 1994 I remember being in kindergarten playing these games. Just needed to give the back story. Anyways in 1996 I got Descent 2 and I still have nightmares about flying through these mines on another in a spaceship. Fighting renegade robots and bosses that can cloak themselves. Also pretty awesome music.

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another planet.*

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Metal Slug, A donut shop in New Orleans had a cab in it. I went there every morning since the age of 5 - 18. they started with metal slug and then brought a Marvel vs Capcom in. I got good enough that a run through would only cost me 2 dollars...maybe. a short but incredibly fun game. it had the gritty comedy violence thing down pat and you could tell it was an SNK game instantly.

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Little Big Adventure

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Kingdom Hearts

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Shinobi 3. Perfect everything. Haven't you played it?

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I don't really have an all time one, it tends to fluxuate for me but it's usually yume penguin monogatari or alex kidd in miracle world

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TIE Fighter, also X-Wing although it's not as good.

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t. Super Alfred Chicken

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Ma nigga. I'd say Rayman 2 for me though. That or Super Mario world if hacks are allowed to contribute to love. Or maybe Ganbare Goemon. They're all great.

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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

If we're talking strictly gameplay, probably Super Mario 64 or maybe Contra.

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that feeling when you'll never experience the first day your local arcade got this again :(

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Funny coincidence since it's a tie between Megaman 2 and Bionic Commando.

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Played this game more than any other during my NES years

Blaster Master is a close second, but its also near impossible.

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I like ninja gaiden 2 on nes a lot. No one hardly mentions it

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you just blew my mind

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I don't think its hyperbole to say that Final Fantasy VI changed my life, back in high school. That game had more a better story and characters than most novels I had read, and the art and music are all legendary.

but, for the sake of a really retro game, its probably Metal Storm. I first played it at an uncle's house, where we rented it while visiting. I played it all weekend until I beat it. I have no idea how I did that, because that game is fucking hard

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fuck yes! Bionic Commando is a masterpiece! I will go with Mega Man 3, over 2. I played 2, but my parents bought me 3, which I have beaten over and over. I would sit down, some afternoons, and just play through MM3 to relax.

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this is one of the few games that change the level and objectives, based on your difficulty setting. A lot of games will skimp on the story, if you play an easier setting, but I have never seen one that withholds gameplay.

and I have NEVER played an FPS that allows you to screw with the levels, after you beat them. It is so much fun to run around the first level with a rocket launcher and unlimited rockets

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armored core, or Ace Combat?

what the heck with the acronyms, anyway? it won't kill you to put all the letters in

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Probably an underage that meant assassins creed

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Raptor: Call of The Shadows

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contra III. fuck all other retro games. this game is the best one.

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It depends on what would be considered retro to you.
Is PS1 era and before retro, or is PS1 too new?

If we're talking S/NES days, I'd have to go with Dragon Warrior 5

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>bought pic related
>seller had it listed as The Last Ninja
>it turned out to be Bad Dudes

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original hostile waters

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shit meant this

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monkey island...

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I'm one of those indecisive faggots who can never name just one favorite, I gotta have several.
Quake for the gameplay and nostalgia and cool enemies and atmosphere.
Tiberian Sun for godlike music and atmosphere. All C&C games have rockin' music though.
HoMM2/3 for comfy, nostalgia and music.
So many but those are the ones I liked, like and can still play.

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pls have sex or kys

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this or Ys book 1 & 2

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Nintendo world Cup
Love the tackling and smashing the opponents. When I kick the ball into the other teams player and they get knocked out. The build up to the goal along with the great music.

Fuck I had a lot of fun with that game.

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Chrono Trigger
Undoubtedly one of the best RPGs of all time, with an amazing cast of characters and features that even modern games can't compete with

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Jesus christ man, way to make me feel old.
I'll always see 3rd strike as perfect and new.

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SuperC for nes

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Right now probably Alien Soldier as far as fun action runs go. That game feels so fucking good on an arcade stick. Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is probably my favorite time waster though, and chilling in the Caribbean while alternating crushing my enemies and trading Art for Carpets is probably the most relaxing way to accidentally play a game for ten hours.

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10 9 8 7 6

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Tetris Attack.

Fuck Panel de Pon and its pedo fanbase.

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Legend of legaia

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young me was...

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Hey man, you seem salty. You should try this other board, called /v/. You'd get along with the other salty individuals there!

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>Tiberian Sun
I still get goosebumps when I remember the "KANE LIVES" part.
Peace through power!

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came here to say ffvi

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