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What was the hardest star in this game and why was it the Hazy Maze Cave 100 coin star?

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It's not hard, just tedious as fuck. Hazy Maze in general is a shitty stage. Mostly due to camera flipping out on you in closed environments.

Shifting sand lands 100 coin star is harder due to instadeath quicksand.

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i guess so. but one time i collected the last coin from the maze emergency exit mesh - the only string of coins left in the level - and the star appeared above the mesh completely inaccessible. then i stopped playing for a while.

last time i played through mario 64 the last stars i needed were the tick tock clock 100 stars and something from rainbow ride, i forgot but it was a pain in the ass

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I agree that the game has not aged well and is overrated 2bh, but there's no real challenge in the 100-coin stars. Coin max scores is where it's at

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One that annoyed me a lot was Big Boo on the balcony. When you fall/get knocked off and have to start again.

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wasn't there a coin whose point was underneath the level and people were figuring out how to get it for like a decade?

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I've never seen this screen before. Where is it?

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it's one of the options on the file select screen

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Lol how did I miss that? I've owned the game since 1997 FFS...

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Yup, #192 in Tiny-Huge island; somebody managed it a couple years ago, but it was probably tool-assisted. That level is a goddamned nightmare to max even without that last BS coin anyway

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Hardest star in SM64 would probably anything in Rainbow Road. That one gets the most complaints out of people seeing that falling is an instant death.

imo by that point in the game you should have complete control over Mario's moveset

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>Rainbow Road
Acchk, Rainbow Ride i mean

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Because you're retarded, like 99.999% of everyone who plays/owns this game and thinks they're good at it.

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what are some other annoying things that these people do

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whine about the camera even though it's piss easy to learn how to use properly.

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that's true

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Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad. Maybe I'm more concerned with the in-game experience than pointless dick-waving screens.

At least I'm not the sort of insecure shitbag who looks for feeble reasons to insult others and feel superior to them.

Christ, imagine that...

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>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad.

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Yes. That's right. Should I have speedran it in 8 minutes or something? Would I meet your exacting (and obviously very important) standards then?

Go and fuck yourself, pal.

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>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad.

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>pointless dick-waving

it wouldn't be 4chan without that.

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>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad

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Do you mean to say it's still possible to be considered objectively bad at the game after having collected every star? You're living in some kind of dream land, buddies...

But if this is how you get your kicks, then so be it.


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>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad.

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You're most likely replying to the same person using different reaction images you know.

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>hey guys, i passed every song on expert, i'm good at guitar hero!

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>100 coin star
Those are utterly unfun chores. Collecathon at its worst.

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if they were only shaped like pokemon

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>getting all 120 stars in the game doesn't mean you're a good player

alright nerds. how does one get good at sm64 then? what are the exact requirements?

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getting the watch for rolling rocks star with 0.5x a presses

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getting 120 stars in under an hour and 50 minutes.

SM64 speedrunning demonstrates total mastery of Marios movement.

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How can anyone call pretty much the only game that ever did 3D platforming right 'overrated', or 'poorly aged', or, not a platformer'?

If you disagree with this, nama some games you think did 3d platforming better.

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What the fuck would compel someone to "master" a Nintendo platformer

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It's fun and challenging. The game has a lot of mechanical depth and replay value.

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Probably one on Rainbow Ride.

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speedrunning is for the tismals though

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Rayman 2. 3D World if not retro counts.

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these webms are so rad

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I bet you loved Donkey Kong 64

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If I'm reading this properly then yeah, I absolutely adored DK64.

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All of the stars are harder to get than they should be, because of the terrible camera.

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Fuck. I did this just the other day. I had ever gotten all 120 stars on my original copy of Mario 64, so I decided to do that, and god DAMN.

But really all of the 100 coin stars are filler bullshit. Really, did we need 120 stars? I suppose it gave people something to do back then, but they could have cut all of them out and made the game have just 105 stars, and I don't think anyone would have complained.

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>because of the terrible camera
It's pretty bad, I admit. It's been a while since I've played the original version of the game. It would have benefited so much from a c-stick. Although Ocarina of Time's camera is infinitely better with just the Z-targeting function.

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>At least I'm not the sort of insecure shitbag who looks for feeble reasons to insult others and feel superior to them.

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Get good. You probably never even tried switching camera modes. It's incredibly easy and much more flexible than most give it credit for (especially the shitposting mongoloids who have moved in here recently). It's okay if you need to be babied, but it's not the game's fault.

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>the game has not aged well
games don't age m8. the problems the game has were always there, but weren't heavily analysed when it released because it was something new as well as set the standard for 3D platformers to come.
>is overrated 2bh
this I can agree with. While I may nostalgic to it, there are much better platformers now, and even on the N64.

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>whine about the camera even though it's piss easy to learn how to use properly
WRONG. Camera is fucking awful. And I've collected all 120 stars dozens of times. I'm a speed-runner.

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You know what's funny? By Galaxy they still had shitty camera controls because they are dumb cunts.

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I'm curious what platformers you like better. Not that I disagree with you. Just curious. Glover? Banjo?

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the camera was clunky at times (especially inside the volcano) but most of the time it was workable. if you think the camera ruins the game and makes it impossible, git gud.

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>inside the volcano
Just enter mario cam (R) and press c-down.

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Mirror's Edge

that's basically it, Mirror's Edge is the only game that has ever improved on Mario 64's platforming

Or I don't know, maybe some parts of Tomb Raider or something are pretty good too

Shinobi wasn't bad

I can't really think of anything else. I really like Ghost in the Shell but that doesn't mean it's actually better

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>if you think the camera ruins the game and makes it impossible, git gud
git a better game

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>shitposting mongoloids who have moved in here recently
Super Mario 64 having a shitty camera has been common knowledge for years, now. I've literally read and heard countless complaints about it.

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Mirror's Edge had cool movement, but it didn't improve on SM64. Not by a long shot. The whole thing feels too automated and contrived. Running on a wall feels like you're using magnet shoes or something. The controls don't feel 1:1 like they do in SM64. They almost feel like QTEs sometimes.

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I'll have to try this.

considering that mario 64 was a pioneer in 3d platforming, it's pretty well done. while the camera is an issue, it's not the showstopper flaw that whiners make it out to be.

>> No.3232151

>while the camera is an issue, it's not a showstopper flaw
It doesn't kill the experience. But it is a pain in the butt. And kids trying to experience Super Mario 64 for the first time, after using much better camera systems, are gonna be hindered.

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well that's true, if you're comparing it to later 3d games that ironed out the kinks, you'll notice the problems much more. that's why I brought up mario 64 being a pioneer. for what it is it's quite good.
my point is that while the camera is clunky sometimes, it's not a glitchy broken mess (which is how some people make it sound).

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Yeah like the way it suddenly decides to pan around you while you're walking along a beam as thin as a broomhandle. Yeah that's when you need a POV change the most.

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The only thing wrong with the camera is that it's unintuitive and people don't know how to use it properly.

Once you actually learn how to use it properly it's fine in nearly every area of the game. The only exception where it's always bad is inside the the igloo in snowman's land.

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Pictured to the left: Super Mario 64's camera.

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Pictured above: a shitposting faggot.

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>it's not a glitchy broken mess
I don't think the camera ruins the entire game, bu it does make simple tasks more difficult. Too many times while playing I got "screwed" merely because I couldn't see what I was doing.
I'll always love Super Mario 64 for all the childhood memories it gave me, but trying to replay it now, some of the magic is lost when I realize it's not exactly the gameplay perfection I once thought.

Nintendo should re-release it and fix the camera so this generation of kids can also enjoy it.

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Did it first try, gotta back track but other than that its not difficult

>> No.3232196

Top kek

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>Nintendo should re-release it
They did.

>> No.3232217

Did they fix the camera?

>> No.3232218

And it's a damn fine re-release at that.

>> No.3232223

No, they made it worse.

They also ruined the movement and physics.

>> No.3232227

>No, they made it worse.
Impossible. How much more broken can the camera in the remake be compared to the N64 version? The DS release must be unplayable.

>> No.3232232

>The DS release must be unplayable.
It's literally only good for the minigames. Otherwise you're either controlling it with a D-pad or the touch screen. Pile of shit.

>> No.3232252

>Coin max scores is where it's at
ayy anyone can do that.

>> No.3232257


Even though SM64DS only has 8 directions, it plays infinitely better with the circle pad.

>> No.3232267

all these a presses

>> No.3232294

Yeah, this. You can completely master his moveset, and still accidentally fall off that piece of fabric that is barely longer than he is.

The rest are just tedious.

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You know people make games so they can be beaten, right?

>> No.3232361

You know your mother didn't abort you just so you could be beaten everyday by your father, right?

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that's a really stupid comeback

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I feel like maybe this is just an issue of you being too used to something, it doesn't actually make sense that Mario is able to alter his momentum so instantaneously when jumping off a surface, there's no sense of compression and release of energy, his short little legs just spring him off like a rubber ball

Mirror's Edge just has you anticipating your movements because they need to be input and timed before the instant they need to be executed. Aside from that, I don't really think it's too much of a stretch that she's wearing some sort of high friction polymer ninja shoes, it is the future and all.

>> No.3232549

Mystical Ninja games are great, Banjo is okay a bit overrated as well, Rocket robot on wheels is pretty darn good.

>> No.3232574

That's insane

>> No.3232581

I wonder if the game was designed with this level of acrobatics in mind.

>> No.3232584

here's the whole video if you wanna watch


definitely not. people have only been getting this good in the past 5-6 years or so with the recent burst in speedrunning popularity. there's no way nintendo intended it to be this way.

who gives a fuck about developer intention though? it's an accidental masterpiece.

>> No.3232586

Nobody mentioned "total mastery". He never said he was a "total master" of the game - just that he wasn't bad at the game which, if you've played it enough to get all the stars, is almost certainly true.

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>hasn't aged well

SM64 set the standard by which all 3d platformers to this day are still measured.

The controls are absolutely rock solid.

The level design is superb and the difficulty ramps up nicely.

Music is 10/10 and the art style allows the graphics to still look nice.

The game has one of the biggest and most dedicated speedrunning communities.
I cannot understand how anybody could say either of those things. For me its the game from that era that has aged the best compared to every other game.

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Fucking retard

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>art style allows the graphics to still look nice.
Unlike a lot of N64 games, I think the textures still look pleasant.

>> No.3232637

>Tomb Raider

Have you played that game at all?
Some of the clunkiest movement ever.

Mirror's edge is good but in no way improves or matches SM64s movement

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pathetic comeback lmao

>> No.3232653

Then why are you so butthurt by it?

>> No.3232662 [DELETED] 

i didn't sense any butthurt in that reply

>> No.3233006

>muh parkour and collecting shit
That's fucking BORING and has nothing to do with what real Mario is about.

Bigger isn't always better.

>> No.3233125

>real Mario
oh please. real mario is whatever the fuck nintendo makes, like it or not.

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A lot of stars are filler. 8 coin stars are notoriously shitty as well. Also the 5 invisible trigger points that that require you to scour every inch of the level looking for that bullshit.

I wouldn't be surprised if devs meant for only 70 stars to be the legit ones. Probably less even. Force ejecting you out of the levels just added to the padding. Not to mention the fact that many levels were rushed as fuck, especially on the second floor. Tiny Huge Island, tal tal mountain, snowmans land and wet dry world are barren as fuck.

>> No.3233569

no, not
>Tomb Raider
it was
>maybe some parts of Tomb Raider

you fucking ESL mexican retard

>> No.3233578 [DELETED] 

Sup mongoloid

>> No.3233602

I no longer bother with 100 coins when I play through Mario 64. I get all the other stars, then erase and start again

my time is valuable. I'm not going to blow it on 100 coin stars

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>he doesn't know about the 121'st star

>> No.3234083

Sometimes when you need one star to proceed through a door, they're handy to have.

>> No.3234091

i like them except on jolly roger bay and dire dire docks where there are barely enough stars available on the course overall.

the "secrets around the level" stars on the other hand are all bullshit. as are stars like blast away the wall

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File: 1.03 MB, 290x189, I+needed+something+to+laugh+at+thank+you+_097bb0931296129f69a96f5df2e92f33.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad.

>> No.3234102

>where there are barely enough stars available on the course overall.
Aren't there the same amount on all courses?

>> No.3234105

there are sorry i meant coins

>> No.3234646

120'd = got all stars/100% completion

wtf is so funny about that?

>> No.3234754

The overlords were offended by someone claiming not to be bad at the game who isn't a world champion speedrunner. Or something.

>> No.3234863

>Some of the clunkiest movement ever.
but perfectly precise

just takes some getting used to

>> No.3234879

Did you know you can beat this stage with only half a jump?

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Why are Nintendo fans so autistic?
>Those in SM64 are are not bugs, they're FEATURES
>Smash is a deep, legit fighting game
>Zelda had a well thought out chronology pretty much from the start please hear me out, the first clue is in...

>> No.3234910

Pannenkoek is the most autistic youtuber in the history of video game channels. Everything he writes down uses the most complicated word possible for the sake of confusing people into thinking he sounds smart.

>> No.3234924

If you think that camera is bad you should play Sonic Adventure.

>> No.3234948

Not to say his videos don't have substance or effort put into them, but the point still stands.

>> No.3235098

>i'm useless at math and computer science but it's his fault for using math and computer science terms

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File: 212 KB, 1000x750, zelda_hyrule_historia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

b-b-b-but muh cashgrab

>> No.3235402

I find his explanations to be extremely simple. He's amazing at explaining complicated concepts. Have you ever thought that YOU are the problem?

>> No.3235407


I bet you think the same of Aristotle, huh?

>> No.3235413

Why is that in greentext? It's completely his fault for using computer science terms, even when it's unnecessary. Calling something like a random number generator 'deterministic and systematic' as opposed to 'not actually random' is entry-level college essay bullshit.

>> No.3235427

Spending hours doing impractical proofs of concept and revolutionizing the approach to logical reasoning aren't the same thing.

>> No.3235461

>computer science terms are not necessary
>whole channel is dedicated to analysing a computer program


>> No.3235470

>using jargon in place of simplicity where applicable is somehow better

I bet you like it if a teacher uses terms from chapter 10 on day 1.

>> No.3235478

>"float to short conversion" is too much for me to handle

>> No.3235502

>I know everything about a subject before I read or watch things about it
Why aren't you solving Earth's problems, genius?

>> No.3235508

>>I don't know anything about a subject before I read or watch things about it

what the fuck is your problem

>> No.3235515

You thinking that that is an unusual situation is one of the weirdest things I've ever read.

>> No.3235526

You thinking that that is an unusual situation is one of the weirdest things I've ever read as well.

>> No.3235650

I'm pretty sure this thread just became more autistic than pannencoek

>> No.3235697

>Those in SM64 are are not bugs, they're FEATURES
If bugs can be a reason to hate a game, they can be a reason to like a game too. I'm not even sure what bugs you're referring to though. The vast majority of SM64 speedrunning is just utilizing the moveset developers intentionally programmed into the game. You can get a good time in 70 or 120 star just by having good movement. No clips or OOB necessary.
>Smash is a deep, legit fighting game
Melee is a deep game for sure. If you disagree you might be delusional or just incredibly naive. Maybe put your money where your mouth is.
>Zelda had a well thought out chronology pretty much from the start please hear me out, the first clue is in..
I've never heard this one before. I don't even like Zelda games. Moreover, I'm not even really a Nintendo fan. I play PC games more than anything.

>> No.3236608

So if you aren't speedrunning something now, you're shit at it according to a bunch of random people? Imagine that.

>> No.3236639

>Melee is a deep game for sure
Oh boy, here we go.

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File: 437 KB, 1280x720, fyoufoxmeleefags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Melee is a deep game for sure

There's more to Smash than Melee. In fact, a game where the only valid strategy is going full aggro can't be deep.

>b-b-b-b-but muh wavedash

Wavedashers can suck my dick. Oh, how i enjoy destroying online retards that think they can play Sm4sh the same way they played Melee and still win.

>> No.3237302

>So if you aren't speedrunning something now, you're shit at it
No, you can be good at games without speedrunning them. RTA is just the easiest way to quantify your skill level in most single player games.

There are exceptions to this obviously. Rhythm games, shmups, and most competitive multiplayer games have ways to quantify your skill without the use of RTA.

>according to a bunch of random people
Not random people. People who are actually good at the games.

>> No.3237342

>8 coin stars are notoriously shitty as well
Disagree. I find most of the red coin stars to at least require a specific focus or challenge to get them.

The invisible trigger points are lazy, but really the only one I ever had a problem with was the one in the pyramid where you have to climb all the way to the top and blindly jump down onto those tiny platforms to hit the secrets.

>> No.3238472

>"good" = "not bad"
Nobody here claimed that. There is such a thing a the excluded middle, you know. If someone claims to be neither good nor bad at it, then they're so-so... half decent... call it what you will...

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Worst bait ever, but seriously why has 4chan always had such enormous autism directed towards Melee when it's objectively the best Smash game to enjoy on any level from casual to competitive?

>muh characters
>muh shitty fanfic-tier 1 player mode
>muh party game

Brawl and Smash 4 are garbage and anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows it.

>> No.3238962

>RTA is just the easiest way to quantify your skill level
Bullshit. There are a lot of speedrunners that don't even know how to play the games normally. All they do is memorize the glitches and spend countless hours doing the same thing over and over again. Give them a similar game with a different level layout and tell them to beat it without using a guide and they'll probably be shit.

>> No.3238978 [DELETED] 

Everyone got them 120 you fucking numbnuts

>> No.3239218

>Not random people. People who are actually good at the games.
Random people to me, I'll never meet them and they'll probably never meet me. Nobody cares about this as much as you do, keep deluding yourself. I've seen people argue over the pointlessness of speedrunning and the like. Do what you want, but don't look down on others because they choose not to dedicate an absurd amount of time to a leisure activity

I'm not saying there isn't enjoyment to be derived from it, but you look sad trying to wave your e-peen around

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>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad.

>> No.3239225

>Give them a similar game with a different level layout and tell them to beat it without using a guide and they'll probably be shit.
Speedrunners do this all the time with romhacks and randomizer races and they still finish the games fast. You're literally just making shit up. You can't get a good time in a competitive game without being very familiar with advanced movement mechanics.
>don't look down on others because they choose not to dedicate an absurd amount of time to a leisure activity
I don't look down on people for being bad at games, I look down on people for claiming they're good at games when they're bad at them. Most of the world are bad at games, and people who are good at games can bad at other things. Nobody is good at everything, and that's completely fine.

>> No.3239228

>I look down on people for claiming they're good at games when they're bad at them. Most of the world are bad at games
that's pretty subjective pertaining to this thread

stop being so autistic

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>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad.

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Please include chef boyardee in the screencap

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>the whole post

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As a mod I can confirm that almost all replies to >>3231345 are from the same IP.

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Remember a month or two ago when there was that thread whose OP pic was a boner and it stayed up for like six hours? Good times.

>> No.3241657

Give me 64s camera ANY day. Galaxy's camera was absolutely fuck all retarded in every. single. way.

>> No.3241665

Remember last week when someone posted vintage porn from the 20s and it stayed up for almost a day and a half? Good times.

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>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad.

>> No.3241917 [DELETED] 

replying just so i can be part of the epic meme screenshot with cropped shit and rescaled text and funny meme reaction images plastered all over

/v/ /b/rothers represent xD!

>> No.3241923 [DELETED] 

good samefag. /v/ legion /b/rothers are in the house tonight
we are anomalous
expecto patronum

>> No.3241928 [DELETED] 

>implying that it's remotely epic

what a fucking waste

>> No.3241934 [DELETED] 

good /v/ meme my legion /b/rother. epic memes for the win

>> No.3241938 [DELETED] 

based mods to ban all these fuckboys and pranksters, these raiders and invaders from /v/.

>> No.3241942 [DELETED] 

based mods to ban all these fuckboys and pranksters, these raiders and invaders from /v/.

>> No.3241946 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 422x367, because the TAZ man said so.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>poster claiming to be mod miraculously vanishes into thin air

>> No.3241957 [DELETED] 

based mods to ban all these fuckboys and pranksters, these raiders and invaders from /v/

>> No.3241963 [DELETED] 

i said fuck all these RAIDERS, and INVADERS

>> No.3241972 [DELETED] 
File: 106 KB, 358x477, 1464117528764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Well I've 120'd it so I can't be that bad.

>> No.3241973 [DELETED] 

get fuckin banned on you raider and invader from /v/

>> No.3241987 [DELETED] 

damn somebody cleaned house

>> No.3241993 [DELETED] 

looks like someone got mad

>> No.3241998 [DELETED] 

lends to the speculation that all those replies were one anon, tho

>> No.3242005 [DELETED] 

rumor has it there was more than one

>> No.3242013 [DELETED] 

damn i just refreshed this thread it is all KINDS of fucked up now.

I wonder why the post you replied to got deleted.

I bet this one will too

This shit is getting too meta

>> No.3242056

But first, let's talk about parallel universes

>> No.3242350

>uses the most complicated word possible for the sake of confusing people into thinking he sounds smart.
Sounds like somebody might be a dumb.
I'm pretty baffled by these expectations. The use of jargon is appropriate and expected when discussing such a niche topic as tool assisted glitching/speedrunning of a specific N64 game. Should Pannenkoek have written everything like it was for the local news? Should he have made a YouTube channel of computer science lectures before insulting your intelligence with his Mario videos?

>> No.3242923

>it's pannenkoek2012 again

how can one man be so based?

>> No.3243586

Wish he would do more videos

>> No.3243607
File: 311 KB, 420x420, Tiny_Huge_Island.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Replaying Mario 64
>Trying to get all coins in Tiny Huge Island
>Micro Goombas
>If they bump into you they'll disappear and won't give you their coin
>If you accidently jump on the Big Goombas (as they spontaneously jump) you'll be rewarded with only one coin
>Dumb fuck log on that tiny pillar island
>Shit camera in the cave where the 8 red coins are located


>> No.3243620

You're missing a coin in Snowman's Land. They accidently placed it in the big Snowman but you can reach it by blasting your ass into it.

>> No.3243815

Rainbow Ride 100 coins.

>> No.3244729

Nintendo seems to be really good at accidentally making technical masterpieces.

>> No.3244730

If only they ported this re-release with analog support.

>> No.3245565

Speed runnergasm

>> No.3245572

Wait, can you stomp on the big goombas to get a blue coin, or is it 3 coins?

>> No.3245621

This the perspective is fucked up in that stage.

>> No.3245628

The psychics of this game are godlike.

>> No.3245643

am I in /v/?

>> No.3245651

I remember having a hell of a time getting the Tick Tock Clock 100 coin star.

>> No.3245670

/vr/ has grown too popular for it's own good. It was inevitable, sadly.

>> No.3245673


Mario has just the right amount of acceleration to make it maximally pleasurable to control him.

They kind of fucked it up in Sunshine, by making him accelerate too quickly to top speed, which just feels wrong. Not that it's a bad game by any means.

>> No.3245679


Rainbow ride, 100 coin.

>> No.3245697

I don't think the movement controls in Mario 64 are accidental though. They literally designed the controller for the console specifically for handling Mario in 3D. You don't get much more deliberate than that.

If only Sonic were that lucky. Fuck Sega.

>> No.3246440

Nintendo has some tester employees who are godly at videogames.

>> No.3246935

That was the last star I had to get to get all stars in the game. What a pain

>> No.3247148


>> No.3248602

No, bro, it only show how autismo you can be.
Which is nott a good thing.

>> No.3249420

Half that stage was a tedious ride on the carpets doing nothing but waiting

>> No.3249450

This is kindergarten-tier humor

>> No.3249472


Play Sonic Adventure 2 and then we'll talk.

>> No.3249997

>SM64 set the standard by which all 3d platformers to this day are still measured.


>The controls are absolutely rock solid.
The controls have you move in relationship to the camera rather than being fixed. The camera can change at it's own will which in turn changes the controls at it's own will. This is terrible. The camera also fails to show you crucial threats unless you are constantly fiddling with it or have the levels memorized. Mario also some of the most unitinative moment ever.

>difficulty ramps up nicely.
What difficulty? It's 8 hits to die with healing items everywhere and essentially unlimited lives.

>The level design is superb
What are you talking about? There's constant drops in pacing, hardly any enemies (and the ones that do exist are terrible) and the aestetics bearly manage to have a coherent idea of what they are supposed to be depicting. The levels are also 80% filler as they have you running over the exact same piss-easy areas 6 times to collect all the stars, with only minor change in level terrain. This is because they boot you out of levels every time you get a star. Every other collectathon has you stay in the levels after collecting an item so it's not as tedious.

Look at Maximo: Ghosts to Glory if you want to see top notch level design. Every enemy has weight to it, every jump is potential death, health is actually limited, camera never has issues, and the environments are gorgeous.

>The game has one of the biggest and most dedicated speedrunning communities.

So? This is completly irrelevent to the game design, escpially considering that the goal of any speedrunner is to destroy the level design and glitch his way to credits screen as fast as possible. This is to say nothing of how much it wrecks immersion.

>> No.3250004

I always had trouble with the tiny huge island 5 secrets star. Everything else I can breeze through now, but that shit always gets me no matter what

>> No.3250008

Is this the worst post in /vr/'s history?

>> No.3250203

All that text and you never even said anything worth reading

>> No.3251939

what are some examples of the drops in pacing

>> No.3251982

There's no need to be rude.

>> No.3253152


Swordless Link?

>> No.3253778
File: 126 KB, 960x960, 1463980067526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how this thread devolved into massive shit flinging

>> No.3254515

>the goal of any speedrunner is to destroy the level design and glitch his way to credits screen as fast as possible.
>the goal of a 120 star speedrun is to glitch to the credits as fast as possible

>> No.3254549

Wow, look, someone else actually gets it.

I'm fucking serious, if more kids these days would understand that their precious little Mario 64 was actually garbage, I think we could at least start to undo the last 20 years of shit gaming finally.

>> No.3254560

>tfw /vr/ used to be one of your favorite boards

What happened?

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