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how interested would you guys be if I start remaking for modern pcs old school and ancient arcade games?

I'm a 1MA and have skills in everything, from music to 2D/3D, writing in tacospeak and coding.

pic related is my pixel art skill.

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Make your own game instead.

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>I'm a 1MA
is this some new gender you faggots call yourselves?

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lack confidence making something of the scale of la mulana and cave story yet.
wanna start with something small first, to not overflow my skills initially.

1 man army, a jack of all trades.

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Then do it.

Why the fuck are you asking this shit stain of a board if you can actually do it, in terms of skill and drive?

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I just want to talk about it, see how interested would be /v/ about it.

you can't properly "guess" that.

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What is wrong with his face?

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your artstyle is shit.

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your pixel art looks like you converted it from vector art

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It's more like doing the same as kof 13.

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he has zero ideas

people with great ideas spend most of their early life getting shit on instead of building a swiss army knife of skills, I really doubt this guy is good at "everything" unless he's in his 30s

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no, you tried to upscale it by copying the sprite from the psx game but didn't add any detail and fucked up the proportions in the process

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I started to do art by hobby in 2005 and in 2010 I started to use game maker.
now I use java.

I made a 3D model to trace.

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>I made a 3D model to trace.
is that why his right arm has 2 elbows?

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That looks like fucking shit. Also "HD" remakes are cancer tier.

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>How interested would /vr/ be in a Java version of SotN

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I'm not a professional artist yet.

I dunno anon, thanks for your vote of confidence, I'll try to make something better next time.

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>le huh duh java is slow maymay
>inb4 minecraft example
java is fine for 2D games anon.

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Look I'm definitely going to make fun of you whatever you do. This is 4chan. What you should do if you want to both highlight your art skills and not seem like you're taking yourself too seriously is to create little gaiden "gamelets" that take place along side, during or immediately before or after classic games.

Calling something a "remake" when you have zero low-level coding ability to tweak mechanics will get you the shitlist guaranteed.

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>I'm a 1MA
>pic related is my pixel art skill
Face is fucked up, arm is completely broken

Your post is bait for attention and compliments, you probably don't have the drive to be successful if you pull shit like this. I wouldn't be so hard on you if you weren't so far up your own asshole.

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It's not the speed. It's the physics.

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I dunno how to call them.

how would I call a zelda 1 inspired game that looks like an HD version but with original shit?

An spiritual successor?

>own asshole
I didn't claimed I'm a professional or I'm talking shit about others.


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You would call it something completely unrelated to the original game to avoid getting sued for IP theft, the connection would be communicated through the game itself. Between that and you not understanding the significance of physics tells me you don't really understand much beyond the superficial aesthetics of retro games.

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I guess a spritual sucessor is fine.

but what do you mean by physics?
using box2D, using a custom solution, minecraft physics.

what do you mean?

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Nobody cares about your shitty fangame remakes or whatever you want to call them. If you wanted to do it you would have already done it, but no you're just calling attention to yourself and sounding like a huge faggot in the process.

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calm down m8.
why so agressive?

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Do it so your faggot ass can get cease and desisted.

If you're truly a jack of all trades, then fucking make something interesting and original. Not making some shitty fanfiction tier remake of games people loved.

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Konami don't play dat.

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nobody called him out on this

wow /vr/ really is a cuck board

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lol wut

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>thinks that even the most minor of mistakes needs to be "called out"
>using "cuck" at all
the /v/, it is you.

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why the fuck would you care of us at /VR/ would be interested or not? This board is not the only place in the world that contains retro enthusiasts, just fucking make it for christ sake.

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I'm also confused by this. If you're doing some crazy AAA game with a custom physics engine I would guess it would be best to use C++ but the idea that Java somehow "can't do physics" is absurd.

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I agree, don't do remakes. If you want to reference existing franchises or IPs, do the gaiden thing, that actually sounds cool. And if you ARE using an existing IP, don't say a god damn word about it until your game is finished and on the Internet. Get the C&D after you release the game, not 2 months before.

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That looks like shit bro.

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I think that looks bloody awesome.

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your art sucks

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> Cool a SotN remake that plays on a browser
> Floaty jumps with no momentum
> Every weapon has the same range
> Collision detection is a joke

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you know that's not the fault of java, right?
java is not a physics engine or physics implementation.

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Thats not a nice thing to say to someone.
Why try to cut him down? whats wrong with you faggot.

>buts its true!

No it really isnt.

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So you think OP is going to create a remake authentic feeling physics engine from scratch? I guess he has skills in everything so....

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>expecting positive reinforcement on 4chan.org

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2D physics and specially 2D physics on nes and retro games are nothing more than simple equations that need high school physics and algebra.

Even using basic trigo for the physics is way overkill, unless it's for bullet trajectories.

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It's a waste of time. You can easily spend years remaking a game and for what? They can already be played on PC with an emulator.

Make a clone of a very simple simple game like snake or some platformer to build confidence and practice your skills. Then get out there and make something new that you can profit off of.

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>now I use java.

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what's wrong with java.
Java is a great language for 2D games.

the java slow maymay is about the 90's compiler, but last versions of java are pretty damn fast and heavily optimized.

there are some tests where java can beat c++ that are used to troll /g/

the only real complains now with current modern pcs (not some 2005 toaster) are that java seems ugly to write.

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It's a step up from game maker. That's respectable enough.

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Theres nothing wrong with Java, but there are objectively better tools for game development.

Java like almost died as a language until Android came along because it just didn't have a place to exist and be successful.

Apple used Obj-C, Windows has C# and Win32 and C/C++ works on uuuuUUUuunix as well as Windows.

You just gotta use the right tool for the job, the problem a lot of developers have is that once you've learned how to use a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.

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like you said, there's nothing wrong with java for 2D games.

I did a small fighting game engine as practice once in java.


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>remaking old games

Pros - you can directly discuss them here since they're related.to their counterparts.

Cons - You're shit is going to get shut down so fast.

>Make games "inspired" by old games.

Pros -
You can sort of sneak in discussion under tangential games by way of comparisons or similarity.
You create a new IP free to not have old ass badly written lore.
You can't get shut down.
You have that shit copy-written and stand to make economy breaking loot that no man should earn in a proper economic system.
You aren't locked into less than optimal mechanics or harassed by community if you stray from purity.
You can potentially breathe life into mostly dead genres.

Cons -
You don't have a large brand name to hype your game that will just get shut down anyway.

Whether you're actually not shit at making games depends on you but the decision is clear here for anyone taking that path. Don't remake games. Reboot genres and innovate based on existing games and concepts.

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I generally dislike when people try to do every aspect themselves because it just ends up being mediocre parts slapped together to make a mediocre whole. I can't judge you completely though.

I think the pixel art looks pretty good. I also think remakes are a good stepping stone to bigger more original projects if that's what gets you to start making games.

Good luck, anon.

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This. >>3230176

If you're up to it, I'd recommend going to the /vr/doom/ thread and asking around there.

Relatively recent release of GLOOMe evoked a spark in some modders, and right now there are several projects in dire need of an artist. (Ask around about "The Boody Project" - it's about sapce pirate - that one looks interesting)

The engine (they are basically one with a bit different fatures) is incredilbly easy to work with, and most of it's abilities and intricacies were explored in the past 15 years. There's even a mod in the works that would allow to make a first person point-n-click adventure on it, with inventory and actions system and all that.

If you don't want to work on anyone else's project, you can very easily make an FPS on your own, which what happened with Adventures of Square and Gun Godz.

Things you need, if you wanna make your own game:

1) Idea about what kind of game you want to make
2) A cornerstone concept(s) - everything else in your game should revolve around, or work in favour of one or 2 cornerstone concepts, that would differentiate your game from others.
3) A design document - a "blueprint" for the game, describing all your ideas and how everything should work and look, written in a structured manner.

I myself have several ideas, that I think would be successful if given flesh, but sadly,I lack any kind of artistic skill One of such ideas is a mix of Beat'em'up/RPG with advanced fighting mechanics (existing games lack depth)

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Who cares what this shitstain thinks. a lot of people are gonna tell you to fuck of at some point. Stop listening to the negative voices.

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I mean, I don't have any care for what OP is trying to do here, but Jesus Christ reading these replies. Truly, I am on /v/ or /b/. Placing "faggot" or "fuck you" in every single post is highly indicative that you spend most of your time on one of those two boards. Thank you for continuously raping this board. And thank you mods for being worthless.

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You'd get lawsuits up the ass.

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Not very interested, honestly. I can just go play those games whenever I want in their original form; a remake/remaster isn't going to add much.

OP, remaking simpler games could be a good exercise, but don't take it too seriously. Honestly, don't take any endeavor where you do all of the work too seriously. Large software projects where one guy does everything generally take absolutely fucking forever and are incredibly prone to failure. Games, in particular, are a really bad medium for one person to make alone. Yeah, it's been done, but people like Pixel are a statistical anomaly and Cave Story took five fucking years to make. A skilled team could've had that done in a few months.

Don't expect to remake something like SotN. You're not going to do it, and the project is just going to feel futile after a while, especially since it's nothing you can profit off of. Even the simplest games back in the day had at least 2-4 people working on them. I know this shit seems really romantic, but I've been there, done that. I'm also a programmer/artist/musician and have made a (shitty, mobile) game by myself and, trust me, working with other people is almost always a better experience.

The best advice I can give you is to make original works. Even if you're completely copping the base gameplay from another game, as long as the characters, settings, levels, music compositions and so forth are original, it's going to mean a lot more to you in the long run, and you're going to be way more motivated to polish and finish it.

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I have my own set of diferent reasons as to why I want to remake older and ancient games.

First reason is a matter of bringing such games, I've trying to make my nephew to play older games and he doesn't like them, he call them blocky and he gets angry when I show him by example Mario Bros from the NES.

Newer generations didn't grow up in the arcade era, many of modern kids will never experience something as pacman or defender or centipede or misile comander.

They will simply play garbage like modern AAA games and then ignore older games because of their graphics.

That's one reason.
The second one is because they're simple and easy to make.
I could make something like defender, with something comparable to professional quality (think of locomalito) in a couple of weeks.
So, they're easy to make and at my grasp.
I suffer from poor motivation and self steem, and making such games will be a boost to my self steem and motivation.

Also, there's a monetary reason, that is not the most important, but still a reason to make them.
They're cheap to make and being a modern remake/spiritual successor is free marketing.

Besides, it's hard to make a game, my plan y start with 2600, then move to NES, then to SNES and keep improving.

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inb4 op thinks he's too good to seize this fantastic opportunity to do exactly what he's claiming to want to do and is skilled at doing

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wow OP I remember you ... I have your improvement saved from years ago, goddamn

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>ignore them because of their graphics
>but then play shit like Minecraft

fuck these kids

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>o hi guis. i'm another drawfag who is going to pretend i can make gamez so i can get 15 minutes of attention on 4chan
Like the legion of other foollets who came before you this will amount to nothing.
Prove me wrong. Do something instead of talking about it.

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Funny thing is that if you show them your tits op they probably will fund ut for you.

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As people have said, lawsuits up your ass, mate.

Make something your own, probably "Inspired by classic" - this seems like all the rage now on Steam and GOG.

But until you actually made at least a working prototype, your words are empty and meaningless.

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If you have your own personal reasons then I don't think you need /vr/'s approval to carry out your plans.

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You're not going to do shit, OP.

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