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Pick one.

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>watch the videos
>see absolutely no difference

uhh ok

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are you blind? its always been a problem when emulating psx

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"yes it" whatever "it" is.
Whatever "it" is, is fucking invisible to non-autistic people.

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You're on /vr/ you know, right? Shitposting is boring here.

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WOW, /vr/ is shit.

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I'll wait for the epsxe devs to steal the code :^)

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there's no opinion here. it doesn't take a genius to figure out emulated PSX graphics look like shit, and this makes it look better.

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It doesn't take a genius to know people like side by side comparisons to see what you are even talking about either.

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I get what they're trying to do but it seems to only apply to certain games and choosing Silent Hill was a bad choice and I don't know why they opened with FFVII the camera's fixed it's all pre-rendered??? that was stupid

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You're on /vr/ you know, right? Shitposting is boring here.

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>been a problem when emulating psx
How can the designed behavior of the hardware be a problem? The hardware itself lacked perspective correct texturing.

I'm surprised it's taken the community so long to program a backend. It's a pretty much a freebie upgrade if you map the drawing routines to a graphics library and enable the right switches.

Btw, good devs designed around the limitation of distorted texturing by breaking their scenes up into lots of polygons.

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I thought I've heard about this months ago.
Feels like I've seen an article about it using Threads of Fate for comparison.

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>still no side by side comparison

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Maybe non autistic people just need to play a PSX game then.

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played them since 1997.
never had a problem with "lines"

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I think you just like starting internet arguments. That's like saying you played N64 games never never noticed any blurry picture.

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I dont even know where to begin with this. The PSX would warp textures incorrectly from certain perspectives, which becomes more obvious while close to a flat surface. Every example given is of some of the most noticeable titles that suffer from this problem. You are either trolling or 12.

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back to /v/eddit

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Thank you.

That is a huge improvement.

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looks awesome.

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That Ridge Racer vid looks almost as good as the PSP version.

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I love how everyone is falling for these HD emulator screenshots with xbr filtering.

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This is an intentionally extreme example of what this fix fixes.

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I think the original looks better

I want to see Bushido Blade with just no grit looking terrible with this shit

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Still can't tell the difference.

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dont pretend to be me nignog

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The plugin that fixes polygon flickering and the texture perspective shit also forces XBR on unless you specifically disable it.

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Is xBR filtering applied to OP's image?
I've never seen xBR by myself (only people bashing it for the most time). So I have no idea how it affects the image. But something looks not quite well. I can't tell what though.

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>Perspective Correction

I have zero idea what the fuck that is

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Hey man, I just found out about this new website that can lead you to things you want to learn about, it's called google I'm sure you've never heard of it but it's great trust me

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>don't discuss things in a thread meant for discussing things


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see the floor tiles

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Your question could be answered simply by pasting perspective correction into google, then you could have asked something like "how does this benefit the psx graphics?" and then you wouldn't look like an idiot

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Looks worse now.

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This is an enhavement. PS1 has no texture correction. This does.

Image is an example of what happens with ZERO texture perspective correction is done.

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This is actually a SEPARATE plugin. This is a closed source one made by EGBLA. But he never released it. We could have had this shit YEARS ago, but no, he had to keep it to himself.

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More videos:











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so now the textures of ps1 games dont shit via emulation? thats fucking amazing. I hated that about psx, to the extent that I didnt wanna play any of its games. it looked so fucking disgusting and nausea inducing. can't believe it was given a pass when they made their hardware.

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*dont shift

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I dig it. Might be worth it to emulate PSX now

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wow playstation games look beautiful now

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you could have simply answered the question and not looked like an autist and a virgin

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it looks great tho

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It... it's beautiful.

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how do I run this? It doesn't detect any rom, controller ports, or sound

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Someone test Dino Crisis.

The PC version has jittering. I'd love to see that fixed.


You download and run everything here:


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i fucking hate you guys

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I tried that but for whatever reason I get this. It is just blank even the list of options.

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Add pcsxr plugins and bios. Just not the graphics ones.

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why no metal gear solid video guys?

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It doesn't work properly with MGS, afaik

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shouldve been first priority

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There's a PC version of MGS without these glitches anyway.

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im speaking more of the nice unpixelated graphics

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It might work now. Try the latest build here:


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Thanks. If anyone wants to do a video. I'll give you a like. approximate value: 0.00 cents

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File: 2.98 MB, 320x240, Pepsi-man native resolution PGXP and TexCor.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Thank you.
I will be called names, but i really don't ever remember emulated psx games being all wiggly and shit like that.

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Dino Crisis works perfectly:


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looks ps2 tier

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Glad to see the work being essentially picked up where the bladesoft plugin left off.

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This would have happened YEARS ago if bladesoft dev had opened source. Instead he teased features, and then never released anything. Fuck him.

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And that just turned something else on, if you know what I'm saying

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I hope an actual underage wrote this.

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i agree, fuck him

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>not getting a boner from pepsi man
>not dreaming about blowing pepsi-man until he squirts that delicious carbonated pepsi max into your mouth hole.

wew lad

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>all that audio stuttering

>> No.3230103

how do you set up the cd rom?

from pic related

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Crap, that does not look like a PSX game anymore.

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>>all that audio stuttering

3rd worlder user shitty computer and Fraps at the same time.

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I thought the PC release of FF7 also had warping but I guess I was wrong. IIRC, in the PS1 version didn't the grating on the floor warp pretty badly.

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PC version also has really shitty shadows in battles.

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I didn't even notice, to be honest. My biggest problem in battles is that weird menu bug where if you press a direction and select too quickly, you'll skip to the next menu option and select that one. It's been pissing me off.

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It's because emulators running in HD make it look 100 times worse.

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This actually happens in Phantasy Star 4 as well.

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how the fuck do I download a link cable plugin I can't find one.

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This gave me a stiffy desu

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it says that I am missing render texture extention along with another pop up claiming that there is no pixel format. What do?

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Is anyone else's slow?

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Is there a way to implement this on real hardware through the expansion port, or some other addon to the system? Seeing this on a real PS1 would be aces.

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those character models wobbling when they stand

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So does this perspective correction _only_ fix the warped texture like >>3228030 or the corrected texture is the most obvious fix among other fixes? Tbqh, it's my first time ever hearing the term.

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It's perspective textures, and anti-jittering feature.

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Driver and Mega Man Legends would look great with this shit.

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Can someone post that image explaining why the textures warp in the first place. It's literally not on Google images.

>> No.3232258

Something like textures are rendered to two triangles wobbling right next to each other instead of a solid square

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You forgot to post the image I requested.

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well fuck you nigger I ain't yo bitch

>> No.3232273

too bad, you daft cunt

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oh , makes sense.

>> No.3232282

I know how it fucking works. I want the image because I think there are people on my Facebook who would find it interesting and I want to post it there.

>> No.3232286

guess you better find it then

>> No.3232290

Typical eh - when I didn't want it, there was no shortage of people posting it on here. Ho hum...

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>I hated that about psx, to the extent that I didnt wanna play any of its games. it looked so fucking disgusting and nausea inducing. can't believe it was given a pass when they made their hardware.

There's people like me who don't really care, guys who notice but don't also care because they'd rather play the game rather than focus on graphical imperfections, guys who are mainly annoyed because they can't unsee it, guys that really hate it because they're accustomed to modern 3D and wish they were playing those instead (probably the guys who brag about their "master race"), and then there's you. I hope you're happy being the king of your own retarded category.

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Excellent! Thanks!

>> No.3232305

What about the guys who see it, but are fine with it at native res because it's harder to notice?

>> No.3232316

That's jittering because of integer coordinates, texture warping is no less unnoticeable at native res, but I still don't care, else I would be complaining about the dithering too.

>> No.3232321

I know about the jittering, but a lot of the imperfections in general are harder for me to notice on a CRT at native res. That's more or less what I mean.

>> No.3232323

>at native res because it's harder to notice
that vr meme again
it's just as ugly and wobbly at native res. there is not a hughe difference.

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Then I'm on the same boat. To me the feeling of depth and the use of polygons was enough to create a 3D world in my mind and anything weird wouldn't have bothered me. I'm also near sighted so I'm not accustomed to seeing my surroundings in detail.

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Holy fucks

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Can't wait to try it on Twisted Metal

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>it looks great tho

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This is bullshit.
The artists knew that the perspective would be fucked up and designed the game around that. If you use perspective correction youre bastardizing the artists vision and arent playing the game the way it was meant to be.

>> No.3234113

yeah man that shit is like modern art, look at the colors and composition of the texture even as it distorts

>> No.3234119

>The artists knew that the perspective would be fucked up and designed the game around that

Yeah the problem is that in most cases you can't predict exactly how the textures will distort in all possible different angles so your "theory" doesn't hold much water.

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>The artists knew that the perspective would be fucked up and designed the game around that.

That's literally impossible. They just made stragith lines and hoped for the best.

>> No.3234313

If you aren't asking mom to drive you back from school in a '91 Corolla, you aren't feeling the real experience as the developers intended.

>> No.3234323

They usually just blur and/or thicken the lines.

>> No.3234383

>you can't predict exactly how the textures will distort in all possible different angles
yes, you can. Affine transform is pretty rigidly defined.
It also allows engine developers to predict exactly under which angles their visuals break, and design the camera position and level design in such a way, that these conditions are avoided

>> No.3234386

why? You'll only be playing Metal then. That's, like, half the game gone

>> No.3234389

>complaining about the dithering
I switched emulators to GET the dithering. It's so beautiful

>> No.3234397

Isn't it basically the further away from normal your angle of line of sight is from the surface, the more distortion?

I can imagine it being pretty restrictive if a game engine forced the camera to be near-perpendicular to virtually every surface.

I see what you mean but surely it's impossible in practice?

>> No.3234407

I said "avoid" for a reason. You can not necessarily prohibit all "bad" camera movement. But let me give you a simple example: racing games have a camera low behind the vehicle, generally leading to a low angled road. Raising the camera just a little bit can help avoid most of the distortion on the road texture.
Or you have a game with a top down camera. Instead of moving it rigidly, letting it get very close to walls, you can program a certain "minimum" distance. If the camera gets below that distance, it tilts, instead of moving closer to the wall. It looks and feels natural, and avoids the dreaded low angle.

>> No.3234432

Interesting. Do you know of any games that do this?

>> No.3234437


So basically, having to gimp the player's ability to control the game camera.


>> No.3234448

For the first time I actually notice whats fucked up about this

I wish I didnt cause now I cant unsee it

>> No.3234460

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

>> No.3235239

>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGnLRR9kyvc [Embed]

that's a mindfuck, looks like a bad trip

how do I get that on my N64 emulator?

>> No.3235250

Wow it's literally nothing. So some textures are marginally less wobbly. Doesn't affect gameplay in the slightest so who cares.

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>sonny nigger

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