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What is allowed:
Gunstar Heroes
Metal Slug
Rolling Thunder
Pocky & Rocky
Shock Troopers

What is Not allowed:

So, what shooters have you been playing lately, /vr/? I'm trying to 1cc Metal Slug 3.

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i fucking love ikaruga

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*run and gun games

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Working on Sega Adventures of Batman and Robin right now . Is there any reason to not use bolos in the game, aside from the one spot where you need to shoot down the little smiling copters all at once for powerups? Also, fuck all of stage 3, hope it ends soon.

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Always loved my Shinobi and Rolling thunder, even played the shit out of Rolling Thunder on the commodore 64 with its shitty conversion.

Metal Slug has all my love

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What about Ghosts n Goblins

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Games like that and Shinobi are more platformers that run and gunners.

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looks like these two faggots about to kiss

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If you think you are a run and gun fan and haven't played Alien Soldier, you are not.

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What about belt scrolling shooters like NARC?

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Need to get started on the Jap version. Is the only difference the speed?

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Would this be a run and gun or a shmup?

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didn't mean to reply to that other guy

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That's the Famicom hi no tori, the MSX hi no tori is this:

I guess it's a shmup but it also has elements that remind me of games like pocky and rocky.
It even makes me think of a 2D Sin and Punishment, in a way. You can jump to dodge enemy attacks.
Levels are also maze-like and you need to find keys in order to advance, it's a really weird but addictive game.

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Honestly I'd just call it a shmup and not bother muddling things with any further sub-classification.

It looks like a pretty straight forward vertical scrolling shmup. Just made to look like it's on the ground.

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Yeah I agree, I still think it's worth mentioning because even if it's a shmup, it has some hybrid elements, again being able to jump (not just forward/backwards but diagonally too) and the fact the levels are mazes and don't really end, but you need to find the key and the exit, make it a very original, unique game (although it's a lot like Knightmare).

There was another game similar to this on Genesis but I think it was more regular shmup, no jumping and straightforward levels.

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Er, to clarify, when I say straight forward, I just mean the core gameplay.

Yeah, it has some added gimmicks, but the core gameplay is quintessential shmup.

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>there is a good section of a level dedicated running over homeless crackheads at fullspeed in your cop car

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Yeah I see what you mean.

Also, think I'm gonna play it tomorrow. Looks pretty fun.

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This was one of my top ten favorite arcade games as a kid.

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Always obsessed with men's physiques huh mac

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You can't call yourself a real man until you've 1cc'd this gem.

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I no-missed that on Super Hard. It's not really that hard once you learn how to Counter Force well.

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This game is more Robocop than many Robocop games of the time (especially shitty NES one).

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>tfw Vectorman never gets any love on /vr/

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>tfw you didn't visit /vr/ this week and someone made a vectorman thread every day

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What is the best robo cop game on nes?

I know this isn't a shmup thread but I just olayed parodius and it is amazing

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Any game with scrotum guns is alright by me. Where did their hair go?

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Robocop vs Terminator

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You mean the run & gun genre.

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What was the first ever run and gun? Turrican?

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Ghosts 'n Goblins

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That's not run and gun. That's adventure platforming.

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Nope, it's a run 'n gun.

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You're a run and gun

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>there will never be an updated Alien Soldier release that includes all seven forms of Seven Force and the planned bosses that got scrapped

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