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Duke Nukem thread. All things Douk Nouk

How in earth do I play mods with EDuke32? I'm using Megaton Edition classic as the base game, but I don't seem to get mods to work properly. The official addons work perfectly straight from the start menu, mods that use the classic DN3D assets work fine, even WWII GI works.
But mods that have custom stuff like new enemies, guns, graphics etc. don't seem to work at all. If I somehow manage to get them launched with the EDuke32 launcher, the mods simply don't work as intended. The new enemies are just still billboards and there's graphic glitches etc. they just doesn't work all the way.

I unzipped DukeHard to "classic" folder, and it shows in the custom game directory dropmenu and works fine because it uses the default assets of DN3D. But when I unzip a total conversion mod like Naferias Reign to the same folder as a subfolder, it will launch all glitchy and messed up.

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Honeslty I think you're best bet would be to just check in at the Doom General, but good luck in finding what you need.

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Honestly* your*

Been drinkin a bit

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Mod support is broken in Megaton. Get original GRP files.

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Aww yiss
I love the game

But, why are custom maps so shit? They are worse than Doom's, and yet Duke has the potential to make much more interactive maps

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>not building a period correct PC just to play Duke 3D

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>Naferia's Reign
You're in for a clusterfuck anyway anon.

>EDuke32 devs are constantly neglecting adding proper multiplayer
>Instead we got a shitty unoptimized Doom3-like renderer which runs like shit even on cutting edge machines
>Dev of said renderer left
>A new one joins in rewriting it from scratch
>Makes it Windows10 and DX12 only
>The other devs are busy working in a cash-in android port

I just wanted to play (and mod) classic douk with no more graphical enhancements than maybe colored lights on certain stuff (projectiles, etc) and instead the devs keep trying to turn Build into ID tech 4. Fuck the HRP.

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>I unzipped DukeHard to "classic" folder, and it shows in the custom game directory dropmenu and works fine because it uses the default assets of DN3D. But when I unzip a total conversion mod like Naferias Reign to the same folder as a subfolder, it will launch all glitchy and messed up.

Try to use the "custom folder" feature of EDuke32. In your eduke32 folder, make a sub folder, drop the mod there. Then in the startup window of EDuke32, select the folder.

You can also try to use "EDuke32 add-on compilation" as it should pre-set with tons of user made add-ons from all periods.

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You've already unzipped stuff in the main folder, you're probably getting conflicts between different mod files. For instance if you dropped modA and it comes with .con files; then drop modB which doesn't come with .con files, the game will try to run modB with modA .con files.

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I managed to move all the files to one place, but the mods still won't launch properly or all the way. Mod called Attrition doesn't work when loaded from a folder, but it works if the files are dumped among eduke32 files, but that doesn't make any sense. It wouldn't matter if it was the only mod I ever wanted to play, but if I had to do that same thing with all the other mods there will be conflicts.
I created a subfolder called mods and it shows in the custom game directory dropmenu, but I can't do anything else about it or choose any mods individually inside of that folder. I can launch the mods individually inside of the mod folders, but that's not what I want. I want to be able to launch all the mods from the EDuke32 start menu which should be possible.

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I'd rather kick bubblegum than chew ass.

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I find it great that John St John is such a regular guy in person, and even his speaking voice, but then he switch to Duke and its great


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Alright, OP here. Got everything to work when I simply did what I did before, but switched the folders around so that all that everything is in the classic folder, except .grp files and mods. Now I can launch EDuke32 from steam megaton classic with all mods and addons and whatnot.
I even got high resolution pack, looks nice I guess but it plays like ass.

>mfw when trying out Life's a Beach with HRP and they're not compatible so it's a nightmarish mix of 3D and 2D

I also noticed that steam Duke Nukem 3D classic (the one that was in 3D realms anthology bundle) also includes Duke Zone 2, so I downloaded that as well and I'm going to try it out later. It has 3 new episodes.

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Where in earth do I get my hands on the contents of Duke Assault, Duke Xtreme, and Duke!ZONE? I know most of this content (if not all of it) is available on the internet because the people behind these sets literally just took mods from the internet and sold them on discs. It would at least be nice to have a manifest of the content.
I believe most of the mods are now long gone and unavailable due old servers dying, hard drives being formatted etc. but gladly they're immortalized in these collections.

It would also be neat to have the mods and maps in bundles like this so that I don't need to download every single one of them individually.

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Wow a 1000 levels thats gotta be worth $60

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I used to have that. Wish I still did. But 500 was SP and 500 was multi. Most levels were shit regardless. Wouldn't mind trying it again though. Anybody know where I can find a copy?

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I have the Duke Xtreme CD to this day.

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It's shit, don't bother. There may be a handful of "decent" maps.

I love on how the back of the box of Nuke It they proudly show how they're selling textures ripped from Tekwar....

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>quake-ravaged buildings
kek, seriously? p meta there pham

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Unfortunatly I bought that back in the day and I still have the cd

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That was cool until the end, that nerd laughter was so cringey.

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