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>Silent Hill:

>Need for Speed:


>Bomberman Fantasy race:




>Bushido Blade 2:


>Crash Team Racing:


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Does this remove that ugly distortion on the textures that happens at certain angles?

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yes, this is exactly what that is. It's proper Texture Perspective correction.

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there a before / after to better grasp what's changed? it's been a while since i've played ps1, but all these codenames in the youtube titles have me interested

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This is a feature for psxr for texture correction.

Notice the road lines? They get totally messed up the further from the screen. This fixes this.

Compare the road lines in this image to: >>3200705

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Thanks for posting this, I need to test on my games and see the improvement.

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Dem fuggin straight lines.

More images:



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i don't want this

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Thanks for commenting, make sure you don't download this.

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>i don't want this


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it's kinda weird to see psx games without this lol

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Crash Team Racing doesn't draw the polygons at the edge of the screen, what the fuck.

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A lot of surfaces in PS1 games were tessellated to minimize texture warping, which increased the polygon count. I wonder if affline mapping only was worth it in the end.

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Should elaborate on this: a flat plane, that on any other system would be just 2 polygons, could be 10 or 20 on certain PS1 games. The more vertices, the more data an affline texture mapper can interpolate between. It's not some technical feature of the PS1, but an artistic decision when making 3D models.

It's also useful for realtime lights, which are calcuated per vertex on the PS1. But they were on every console up to the Xbox, too.

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Perspective correction is pretty expensive though, you'd need a full divider in the GPU texture engine and increase the size of the commands coming from the CPU/GTE. I guess they prefered to have a very fast even if inaccurate rasterizer. Same reason for using integer coordinates in the GPU and no Z-buffer. Solving those issues would slow things down pretty significantly.

Many games managed to do really well with those limitations, Crash games look pretty good for instance. Besides those issues only become glaring when increasing the internal resolution which obviously was not a concern of Sony's engineers at the time.

I think overall it was the right decision. Compare with the N64 for instance, they had a much better GPU on paper but in practice the PSX managed to have the more impressive games overall IMO. I think Sony managed to strike the right balance for the 1st generation of 3D consoles.

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webms incoming.

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File: 2.29 MB, 640x480, 1461790965930[1].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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This webm looks worse than accurate though, you're supposed to have water deformation effects and MGS doesn't suffer too much from lack of perspective correction on average (except when you look around a corner sometimes).

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Someone explain to me how it took 23 years for someone to think of doing this?

Why has PS1 emulation been such shit until relatively recently?

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Yeah, I don't know what's going on there. It's all WIP. Maybe it causes problems with MGS.

And remember, these are all built ON TOP OF the ancient epsxe/pcsxr plugins. There's the one open source one and then they have to use work arounds to add to the closed source ones. These are not the best most accurate plugins to be using. It would make much more sense to add these to xebra, mednafen or something like that.

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The main PSX emu has always been closed source, I think that stifled innovation and experimentation. I think we can thank mednafen for shaking things up a little lately.


The problem with mednafen is that it uses a software renderer, adding perspective correction and subpixel accuracy is difficult and would end up being even slower.

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Mednafen-libretro has an experimental hardware rendering mode.

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File: 603 KB, 2048x1447, mednafen vs epsxe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Very experimental, there'll be quite some time until it's ready for general release.

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Wow, Spyro looks like shit, with all those weird, visible lines between texture sqaures, and the popin too.

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Yeah, it's very WIP and causing problems in some games.

The games it works for though, they look GREAT.


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>iCatButler: I think Simias and @tapeq deserve a lot of credit too. It was Simias' early implementation of the basic technique in the Beetle fork of Mednafen and Tapeq's adaptation to PCSXR that provided a starting point.


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I never got it to work though, but it's kind of him to say that. I have a better implementation in rustation but I can't test it very well in the current state.

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Holy shit this is a revelation. Low level improvement of the Playstation engine itself. Dramatic difference for the better without making them not look like Playstation games. This is what emulation is all about. Can't wait until all or 98% of the bugs are worked out. Great work!

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Now I can only hope that someone figures out how to run Crash Bandicoot in 60 FPS (it only speeds up with current overclocking techniques). Then I could die happy as far as retro gaming is concerned.

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He should at least have the decency of doing it on textured polygon calls only, because the gouraud shaded ones don't have any perspective issues and they can look awful when glitched so making a distinction would at least save them.

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This motherfucker can't even drive in a straight line

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Doesn't no$psx already do this? Or is this different?

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>N64 modders try to make its graphics more like PS1

>PS1 modders try to make its graphics more like N64

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>there a before / after to better grasp what's changed?

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>Should elaborate on this: a flat plane, that on any other system would be just 2 polygons, could be 10 or 20 on certain PS1 games

This is pretty much the reason that something like Hyrule Field would be impossible on the PS1. To texture such a large landscape without eye cancer warping you would need a ridiculous amount of tessellation.

I always find it a bit strange that people are critical of draw distance in N64 games when the affine texture issue literally makes large textured landscapes a physical impossibility on PS1?

>But they were on every console up to the Xbox, too.

In theory, as both Gamecube and N64 have a color combiner unit they can hardware accelerate per-pixel lighting. But you are right that the first console that saw a fair bit of it was Xbox, everything before that was per-vertex.

The problem for PS1 is that setting good quality (i.e. actually dynamic) per-vertex lighting for so many polygons is extremely expensive. GTE is a fixed function T&L unit that is significantly better at the transform part than the lighting part. Not to mention it puts more stress on the PS1's anemic CPU by enlarging display lists.

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>I always find it a bit strange that people are critical of draw distance in N64 games when the affine texture issue literally makes large textured landscapes a physical impossibility on PS1?

Because a majority of the offenders on the N64 side just don't give a shit and do it anyway. On PSX they tend to design within that limit, and you're deluding yourself if you think people don't call out the games that similarly don't give a shit.

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Here is your post basically in image form

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>Because a majority of the offenders on the N64 side just don't give a shit and do it anyway

Actually I'd argue it's quite the opposite. The problem is the developers did give a shit (although not the right kind of shit).

On N64 bad draw distance the developers felt ashamed about it and tried to cover it up with fog. This was a bit of a problem because the fog actually in some ways made the bad draw distance more noticeable.

On PS1 bad draw distance usually isn't even hidden, you just get blatant pop up. I'd say that on average PS1 games get pop up closer than N64 games have fog. But the irony is that the fog is probably more noticeable regardless.

That doesn't excuse the double standard though.

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Nah, and to be honest no$psx code is a mess (not using quads fucks up 2D graphics), and I hope he fixes some of the more apparent inaccuracies and bugs because it really is a nice tool.

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Fuck this looks terrible.

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>not using quads fucks up 2D graphics
That, I've noticed. HUD elements are completely fucked up. It's weird because it seems like 3D wobbling is gone, yet 2D HUD elements were turned into 3D tri's that had leaks and warping in between.

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File: 2.59 MB, 640x480, PCSX-R No Enhancements.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Without texture correction, for comparison.

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Yeah but the funny thing is 2D (hud and stuff) isn't even rendered with tris but using a 2D function (rectangles, you can check looking at the VRAM DMA calls) that can't be be scaled/rotated so it will always look right, it's a definite fuckup in the code.

What would be closer to this perspective correction hack is his GTE division setting, but I could be damned if I found any practical difference from the accurate option.

As I said, I hope all of this gets fixed along with the debugger glitches and general inaccuracies, and I really mean it because as far as the audio goes this thing is spot on and doesn't require a monster computer.

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I dont care about the game but what an improvement! It's actually a little jarring at first but its so much better.

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This is pretty neat, almost looks like Dreamcast quality graphics. However I have no problem with the original textures, I find a certain charm to them but some games do look worse than others

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Would still play with rather than pic related.

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File: 2.28 MB, 720x540, 1462826509395[1].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another example.

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Huh. Looks like someone just ported Yabause's AR-ST-V "quibble" fix into the PSEmu plugins. Looks identical to the Saturn version of Daytona USA CCE.

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Doesn't Pete's OGL 2 already do that for ePSXe?

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ePSXe changes were all very recent, no$psx had it long before.

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No. This all totaly new. Nothing else has had them before.

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>rolling around at the speed of sound

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Okay, I looked through the thread, and am I on the right board? There is no purity fags saying that texturing distortion is "how the game was intended to be played", call the concept heresy, lay exterminatus on the thread, and then proceed to discuss filters that will emulate authentic look of greasy cheeto dust stains on the surface of CRT tv?

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It's just Sony taking short cuts to produce a system that can be 3D but without costing 600 dollars. It's not like improper texture correction is used for artist merits. If devs could make straight lines they would.

I have no problems with upscaling the PS1 3D models. The problems come from the parkinsons characters and texture warping. Remove those and suddenly I like PS1 3D.

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Nah man. You can nitpicky about filtering on sprite work on 2D games maybe, but texture distortion never looked good and it was never the way a game was intended to look as much as it was a side effect of the hardware. When these game models were designed I guarantee they weren't simulating that texture distortion on the PCs they were developing these things on.

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Fin stupid the entire appeal to PSX graphics were the crazy ass textures going whack.

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Ironically, you're probably shitposting the hardest in this thread right now. I bet you feel great to be above it all, don't you, anon. Tell me how the view above the clouds looks while I roll around in a sty of Doritos and Mountain Dew.

This one is an excellent showcase of what the fix does. The original can barely keep the lines straight right in front of the camera.

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The only real issue with this is the game it creates seems with. Any idea of why that is? Is it correctable?

>> No.3203092


It's WIP so it creates some problems in some games. It's always being updated.

>> No.3203106


I tried messing with it earlier, but wasn't quite sure I was grabbing all the necessary files. In order to get everything up and running like in the video what should I grab from:

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Now turn off the filtering

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Are there any PS1 games that intentionally used texture warping for effect?

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You can turn off xBRZ in /inis/gpuPeteOpenGL2Tweak.ini

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try vagrant story next.

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wow it's fucking nothing

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The wobbling and warping is a huge problem with PS1 graphics in HD.

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Does the ps1 have hardware purists? I mean, I understand the argument with the saturn or 64 because the emulation is generally terrible, but the ps1 has had solid emulation for years, hell the modern sony consoles have them inbuilt.

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I actually kinda like the bad textures and parkinsons geometry. Not because I'm a purist, but because it's silly and sort of charming. That said, If I want to play a game with high graphical fidelity in mind like in emulation, I'd probably use the warp fix. Otherwise I'd just play on the original hardware.

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I wanted to learn 3D modeling just to be able to copy the wobbling of PSX polygons.

>> No.3203756

I think people who can't like PS1's 3D for its common traits just wish they were playing modern games or are huge spergs who are easily distracted and can't look past simple rendering flaws.

I got a PS1 in 1998, before I have only seen 3D on DOS/Win9x FPS or racing games, most of which ran with their software renderer (even though dad got a 3D card so he could play Jedi Knight with hardware acceleration and all that). From that time, I specifically remember not giving a fuck about Duke3D's distortion when looking up or down, I found it an 'acceptable approximation' and just had fun with the game because I could wander in 3 dimensions. I'd personally take PS1's wobbling over that if I had the choice.

When I finally got to play my first PS1 games, I've never, EVER given a damn about the parkinsons (which is tamer at native res) or the wobbling textures, I must be autistic about other stuff than 3D rendering, because I totally enjoyed each game I played and I never even questioned if something could make more sense environment wise, I just thought it was something unavoidable, an aftereffect limited to the best of what they could do, and I was right. Why is differing color fidelity on 2D consoles not a big deal as much as incorrect 3D rendering? That said I can play EGA games without blinking an eye, CGA not that sure and I'm enough of a SEGA fag to look past the Genesis 64 color limit. Why is it only the distortions that bother you so much? Is your suspense of disbelief that low? Of course it would be great if all the games ever ported with current technology and could express themselves as close as the developers wanted, but if that was not achievable until now, why couldn't you just suck it up and make your own mental image of what was going on on the screen instead of constantly being fed 3D inaccuracies that your mind refuses because they don't make sense?

>> No.3203814


I mean, you could have just said it doesn't bother you. Obviously it didn't bother people bad enough for them to not buy and play Playstation games at the time. People just want to see what games could have looked like without the warbly textures that's all.

>> No.3203825


Some games were built around that limitation and made use of it for different reasons. So in some cases the games would actually look worse since the visuals don't account for "fixed" texture.

>> No.3203831


Then turn it off for those games? You do realize this is all optional right?

>> No.3203832

Post screenshots then nigga

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Playstation's wobble was a lot worse than other contemporary platforms though.

Look at Quake software mode, it's got a fast approximate perspective correction that never warps 99.9% of the time. Or Saturn where the quad rendering isn't as susceptible to wobble. Or N64 where the wobble doesn't exist at all due to full hardware perspective correction.

PS1 was able to push a lot of polygons but this came at the cost of having more violently unstable 3D compared to everything else. Whether this was a reasonable compromise or not is up to the individual.

>> No.3203841

stop posting any time

not a single PS1 game used the wobble for artistic purposes, developers did absolutely everything to try and minimize it

recognize it for what it is, graphical errors caused by taking too many mathematical shortcuts to reduce processing load, errors that are always better when gone

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File: 1.14 MB, 1280x1024, 13199277_608588145960634_914412764_o.png?oh=80fbb8f9204ace77484cdac0032c69a2&oe=5734B667&__gda__=1463016870_eaa0138025a8e67eef99fb0054fe2511.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a time to be alive. I tried it with Gran Turismo 2, the wheels are buggy but honestly that's all that's noticeable. Also should mention it made my FPS drop quite a lot, the game doesn't run buttery smoothly with all 6 cars on screen. I hope it will work with ePSXe. I'm full hype for this.

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>Guys on /vr/ repost my screenshots from /emugen/ rather than link to them

>> No.3204457

>he doesn't know how OC works

Greetings newfriend.

>> No.3204505

People do bitch about color in old CGA and EGA and the Genesis not being able to color as well as the SNES was a big issue at the time. For CGA there was actually a composite output fix where artists would color games in a way that would make use of the shitty composite signal to create interpolated colors. Obviously some people gave a shit back in the day about texture warping because other companies minimized the problem when Sony didn't. Basically, if the devs probably wanted their game to look as nice as it could and the texture warp was just getting in the way of that. If they had a workaround I'm sure they would have tried if it didn't cost performance, so there's no reason not to use the hack if what you desire is visual fidelity. Texture warping isn't really the way it's meant to be played, and those of us who lived through the system's heyday knew and accepted the problem, but that doesn't mean we liked it.

>linking to images on an imageboard

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Seems like a good time for me to emulate a bunch of PS1 games I never got round to. Which of these is still worth playing:

ape escape,
colony wars & vengeance
r type delta
rollcage stage 2
metal slug x,
vigilante 8,
die hard
siphon filter
spider man

>> No.3204579

If you want to play Rollcage Stage 2 get this http://www.codemonkey.me.uk/rollcage_extreme.php

>> No.3204738

What's all this stupidity, original PS1 doesn't have the kind of problems you show here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKHPxpNZ8_s

or is it only on emulators ?

>> No.3204782


I'm seeing it all over the place in the video, just not on the road. It's quite visible on the buildings in the San Fransisco-type level. The effect is supposedly lessened somewhat by running at native res but it's a well-documented issue.

>> No.3204841

Whose the scrub that can't handle a corner on flash

>> No.3205042

BTW Quake was perspective correct every 16 texels.

>> No.3205843

Boy that's pretty beautiful, I might try it.

>> No.3205856

>got places to go gotta FOLLOW MY RAINBOW

>> No.3205965

Textures are filtered when they're enhanced, dumbass autism!

>> No.3206008

New vids:

Vagrant Story:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJqBVn5MkM0 [Embed]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVQSbhiBvcg [Embed]

Tomb Raider:

>> No.3206517

I remember some russian guy tried to implement full z-buffer for ps1. Is this the same?
Also, what about wobbly animations, does it have a fix?

>> No.3206520

>I remember some russian guy tried to implement full z-buffer for ps1. Is this the same?

Yeah, he posted some vids and then NEVER released his plugin. This is entirely some other people working on something new. So yeah, we could have had this YEARS ago.

Thanks closed source.

>> No.3206536

Implementing a z-buffer for PS1 would be a 100x harder than the perspective correct texture mod. You would essentially need to create an algorithm that dynamically changes how a PS1 game sorts its polygons in a scene (which can vary hugely from game to game).

Implementing a perspective divide for textures is trivial compared to that.

Also the wobbly animations is caused by a lack of sub-pixel precision in calculations. Theoretically it shouldn't be very hard to implement it in HLE.

>> No.3207325


Many thanks for that.

I tried colony wars and it's like a (very) poor mans Freespace. No thanks.

Tenchu, R-Type and Einhander seem fun as fuck though (tried each for 5 mins to check they worked.)

>> No.3207340


almost all of them, although personally, I suggest Ape Escape, Einhander, Tenchu, and R-Type Delta

>> No.3207359

>almost all of them
Which aren't worth playing then?

>> No.3207369


you can play Metal Slug X on any console, so I don't see why you'd want to play it, I don't know the rest of those games, except Syphon Filter, which is cool

>> No.3207579

>Also, what about wobbly animations, does it have a fix?
Yes, PGXP is higher precision GTE and helps wobbly polygons a lot.

>> No.3207861

>He should at least have the decency of doing it on textured polygon calls only, because the gouraud shaded ones don't have any perspective issues and they can look awful when glitched so making a distinction would at least save them.

Go tell him that in the thread since he's not going to be reading your comment here:

>> No.3209783

I tried Rollcage extreme, it's quite cool - although for some reason boost chevrons don't seem to do anything...I drive over them and nothing happens. Am I supposed to press a button or somethng?

>> No.3210801
File: 321 KB, 1956x712, 1463122666302[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Unfortunately that's due to the unfinished nature of the code, there isn't anything you can do to resolve it yourself. The only way to remove the effect would be to disable PGXP, which would also disable perspective correct texturing.

>What you're seeing are seams appearing between vertices that have been successfully captured in high precision and ones which have been lost and so the plugin has fallen back on the low precision data. This causes neighbouring triangles to have slightly different positions for the same vertex, opening up a seam between them.

>If you run the 1.78 plugin and press F11 you'll be able to see a visualisation of this as high precision vertices are coloured blue and low precision ones in red.


>> No.3211368

I haven't really played Extreme only Redux but they should work. It's just not that obvious they do anything.

>> No.3211378

>It's just not that obvious they do anything.
There is no change in speed when I drive over them. That's not a subtle effect, it's no effect.

>> No.3211415

I'll give a report to the developer then.

>> No.3213021


the yellow are 2d areas btw.

>> No.3213427

I don't understand. You make a post called PS1 Texture Perspective Correction and don't explain what exactly is performing the correction. Some background? Details?

>> No.3213430
File: 22 KB, 617x228, post003-perspective.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3213470

See >>3202131

>> No.3213479

I don't know much about graphics. Why are there gap lines in the road?

>> No.3213501

>I'm so mad about people using this completely optional thing to emulate 15 years old games!

If people consider it a problem is because PS1 was the only console with this issue, and it looks terrible on any non crt screen so if people have a chance to fix it why they shouldn't? and why someone shouldn't be excited to play a game they like with fixed visuals?

There's a reason every NES emulator has the option to switch the sprite limit on/off, it is more or less the same case here.

>> No.3213508

Final fantasy 8 and megaman legends 1 and 2 must look great with this.

>> No.3213536

That looks so beautiful for Ridge Racer, can't wait to play it like this

>> No.3213928

Anyone know how 2 enable the mod? I just click on nice on pcsxr but i dont know if its working im on mobile atm so when im on pc i post screenshots

>> No.3214045


You download ALL the files from here:

Run them. They should work by default. Check Run 1.78 and hit f11, should show debug mode. You should also see xbr on textures.

>> No.3214262

Yeah I'm aware of the problem but is this thread about some fancy new emulator that sorts it out? Or a plugin for an existing emulator? Or even a knockoff retro console with better 3D hardware that fixes it?

Literally what is this thread about?

>> No.3214304


It's a tweaked version of PCSX-R with tweaked plugins.

>> No.3214305

not really into reading are you?

>> No.3214318

Couldn't be bothered. The thread was quite large and, to be frank, the OP should have described it.

>> No.3214354

They're trolling you, its really a chip you put in your playstation that upgrades it.

>> No.3215223

Don't be afraid to make vids or screenshots and post them here.

Crash Bandicoot:


>> No.3215279

What's with the audio skips? Sounds annoying. Also, Crash never really suffered from warping because ND did a good job.

>> No.3215525

>What's with the audio skips?

The guy is some 3rd worlder. The emulator taxes his system pretty hard.

>Also, Crash never really suffered from warping because ND did a good job.

Better than most, but it's still there.

>> No.3215532

Someone do Medal of Honor, it's a first person shooter so it warps itself to hell pretty hard with that FOV and the short distance from surfaces.

>> No.3215554

>Crash never really suffered from warping because ND did a good job.

It's not as bad in Crash because the environments use baked 3D data preprocessed on workstations so they've been tightly developed to minimize visual errors. Excluding the environments are Crash, a few enemies and crates. Most of Crash and his enemies are composed of gouraud shading which doesn't suffer from perspective errors.

But it's not perfect, you do occasionally see a tiny bit of environmental warping (maybe a couple of places ND overlooked). I've actually seen the most warping on crates (which are not part of the bake) because they are fully textured on all sides.

Crash still has the lack of subpixel precision inherent in all PS1 games (wasn't very much Naughty Dog could do about it) which results in a bit of wobble. And even though Crash's baked environments are pretty much perfect when it comes to z-sorting, there are a couple of places (mostly around doorways) where you can get Crash misdrawn on top of a wall when he's actually standing behind it.

But overall a pretty good job by ND to avoid the typical PS1 distortions.

>> No.3215569

>Someone do Medal of Honor,

Echo Night 1/2 would be good too. Especially 2. First person adventure. Very detailed pretty graphics.

>> No.3215581

man this is amazing
so i just download a plugin and it works? does it have any downsides?

>> No.3215585

emulation + this fix = make any PSX game look like early 2000's PC game haha awesome

>> No.3215586

>does it have any downsides?

like op said, still WIP so not every game works atm

>> No.3215590

look at Spyro

>> No.3216359


Code base if you want to look at it.

>> No.3218317


yeah, a few of those games have problems.

>> No.3219470

OP came to my house and wiped my tuckus. Jealous?

>> No.3221061


very much so. eys

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