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Belt scrollers thread.

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bumpy & lumpys*

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>inb4 triggered nostalgiafags who grew up calling them beat 'em ups and are too set in their stone to learn the actual correct genre name

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Walk'n Punchers.

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>the actual correct genre name
You mean strolling donnybrooks?

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Is Sonic Blastman 2 a good game, /vr/?

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Every day after school

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Does this count?

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All day erryday

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I prefer girdle scrollers.

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I'd say so.

Its a damn good one.

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>RPG elements
Into le trash it goes.

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Beat 'em ups are seriously the worst fucking genre. No technical execution depth like SF2 style fighters, no challenging levels to traverse like in platformers. You just walk forward until the screen locks, press the punch bottom when enemies close in until they die, and then walk forward again until the next screen lock area. It's trash.

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>Final Fight: A belt-scrolling action game that appeared in arcades in 1989. The Super NES version was released in December 1990.

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It's this copypasta? I'm sure someone posted this before.

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here's your (you)

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You also think platformers should be referred to as "scroll action"? Stupid weeb

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Reminder to NOT respond to a certain you-know-who.

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The genre that changed Tetsuya Nomura's life forever.

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I'll call them belt 'em up scrollers instead.

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Platformers are just side-scrolling action games (横スクロールアクション). Why are they even called platformers in the first place?

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You mean sash bashers?

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This is the same board that misuses the PSX name and gets triggered when you correct them.

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>learn the actual correct genre name
I've literally never heard the term "belt scroller" before. They've always been called beat 'em ups.

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It's mostly a Japanese term that was invented recently.

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It was advertised as PSX in the west before being renamed back to Playstation, but the ads stuck, and were reran with the old name for some time. That's why it was called like that years before "PSX" came out and introduced the confusion.

the fact that you don't know this shows that you are a newfag.

I bet you also call DMC-likes "Hack'n'Slash", faggot.

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I admire your dedication to trying to get this term to be a thing. How long has it been since the first time you posted "belt scroller" 6 mos to near enough a year? Let it go mang.

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Good list for multiplayer but it lacks tons of 2-player only games, like Double Dragon, The Punisher and the first Dynamite Deka for example.

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The only things Google gives me about "Belt scroller" or 'Belt Scroll game" are acrhcives of these retarded threads and 2 pages from 2 obscure gaming wikias. Both wikias are completely retarded in the terminology they use.

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Have the version that wasn't bastardized by the SoR 3 shitposter.

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this is bait

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Here comes the SOR2 shitposter, right on schedule.

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Because the core gameplay challenge is jumping between platforms, and there are lots of platformers that aren't yoko scroll for that matter

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>tfw beat 'em ups are the new autistic niche of /vr/ replacing shmups

Not sure how feel...

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>It was advertised as PSX in the west before being renamed back to Playstation, but the ads stuck, and were reran with the old name for some time. That's why it was called like that years before "PSX" came out and introduced the confusion.
I was actually well aware of this before you left your dad's nutsack. Point is that SCEA never actually used the PSX abbreviations officially after the original PlayStation hit retails. Only magazines did as an informal shorthand.
>the fact that you don't know this shows that you are a newfag.
Projecting much?

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It's recent in the sense that ベルトスクロールアクション was never used in a gaming magazine (such as Gamest and Famitsu) when the genre was still relevant. They were just side-scrolling action games. It's only online that I've seen the term used.

Yeah, but who invented the term "platformer"?

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You are /vr/'s version of the barneyfag, seek help.

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>Doom (typeset as DOOM in official documents)[1] is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) video game by id Software.


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I kinda like this. The dual meaning of "belt" makes it work.

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No idea who coined the term but it's been in use since the early 80s

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>No X-Men
>No Growl
>No Vendetta
>No Captain America and the Avengers

Shitty list is shitty.

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growl is there though

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>Due to cultural and language differences, something has a different name in Japan
See how retarded you sound?

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I never liked the "platformer" since I always associate "platform" with the hardware it's running on.

>I justify my opinion in a normal rationale kind of way
You're not making a good case for yourself.

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it's always been that way, it just seems like everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon of shitposting because they finally explored the genre and think they're vetted.

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Shit tastes 2bh familia

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I prefer a strict genre distinction based on common core gameplay features over a vague unofficial term that does a poor job at defining a genre.

You read "Platformer" and instantly know that there going to be platforms you gave to jump
You read "First Person Shooter" and instantly get that you gonna shoot stuff from pov.
You read "beat'em'up" and you instantly get that you get to punch a bunch of foes with next to none long-range combat or firearms involved.

You read 'belts scroller" ant it's a ... umm.. Belt that scrolls? What?

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It's hardly unofficial, seeing how Nintendo.com used it in an interview. See.>>3187075

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I'm gonna make an OpenBOR based game and define it as a Conveyor Masher. Will that make "Conveyor Masher" a legit genre?

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Jesus christmas dude, those Iwata asks interviews regularly do literal translations of the Japanese interview, including the notes. They regularly use Japanese titles in the notes for games that have official U.S. titles. They are not the fucking bible of terminology.

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If the term is popularized enough for a major company like Nintendo or Capcom to recognize, it might as well be.

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Point is that the term is widely used in Japan and (let's be honest here) all of the relevant contributions to the genre were by Japanese developers. I'm just curious to know where the term originated from though.

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Belt scroller = games with so little effort and soul put into them it's as if they were assembled on a factory conveyor belt

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How about that Jackie Chan?

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Their size and lack of danger of the sentinels always bothered me. They might as well have been the puttys from MMPR

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Not a belt-scroller.

They're practically foot clan ninjas, since every Konami belt-scroller is a clone of TMNT.

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I thought a belt scroller was one of those in which the stage loops like a belt. Like Odin's Sphere. Where's the belt even supposed to be in Final Fight?

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True. Its repetitive and only fun when played with someone else, but even bad games are fun this way.

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They're called Walk'ems 'n Pop'ems you swine

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My nigga.
Never seen the show, never read the comic, but drained more pocket money from me than Metal Slug.
47th Street's my ringtone.

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Hell yeah it counts.

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This here is a belt scroller.

I'm not even disappointed by your ignorance; it's expected because it is simply your lot.

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That's also not a videogame.

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Neither's pinball.

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>no challenging levels to traverse like in platformers
This statement is just as retared as the hori-fags that bitch about vertical shooters lacking "level design".

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He's right though.

>hori-fags that bitch about vertical shooters lacking "level design".
Don't they? I mean, the only thing that distinguishes most vertical shmups from each other are bullet patterns and enemy placement.

>> No.3188157

if you pay attention enemies do interact with the backgrounds, that's how you know where they are coming from

>> No.3188165

ground troops, maybe, but that's inconsequential, and besides you never have to interact with it

>> No.3188176

not just ground troops, ships take off, come out of larger ships and stuff.

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The levels are designed around enemies instead of walls retard, jesus how is that hard to understand. If you restricted verts to have tons of wall they would much slower like old horis.

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The Shikigami no Shiro series (first one is retro) has one gimmick level with blocks that work as walls. It works pretty well.

>> No.3188193

So does Radiant Silvergun or Image Fight, they are exceptions however. I personally enjoy both styles

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Aleste too.

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>enemies instead of walls
What if I want both enemies and walls?

>> No.3188320 [DELETED] 

You can have both, but horis are more about walls than enemies, it's about memorizing an strategy and a route and you are ready to go.

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You can have both, but horis are more about walls than enemies, it's about memorizing an strategy and an specific route and you are ready to go. Verts meanwhile tend to be more demanding because they are all about manipulating the enemy AI and RNGs to your favor, rather than static walls, leaving a bit more space for improvisation.

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Big kids were always on it,I had chance to play only 3-4 times.

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I have almost all of these roms loaded onto my phone to kill time during my 90 minute commute to and from work. ( excluding the 3d fighters )

using retro arch

however, if anyone can link me to a working rom that will load on retro arch for:

golden axe death adders revenge
night slashers

i will be forever in your debt, these are the only ones i've had no luck loading so far on retroarch on muh mobile

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and Ikaruga.

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