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Compare specs, graphics, post pics, etc. Which was more capable? Which had the best games?

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Visual capability:


SMD > PCE > SNES (lol, 64k sram)

SMD (6-button) > PCE (6-button) > SNES > SMD (3-button) > PCE (2-button)

Overall winner: Sega Mega Drive

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This is kinda debatable, sure the PCE doesn't have many slowdowns, but that's mainly because all the games have shittons of flickering.

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Visual Capability:
NeoGeo > SNES > SMD

NeoGeo > SMD > SNES

NeoGeo > SMD = SNES

NeoGeo > SMD > SNES

Length of singleplayer
SNES > SMD > NeoGeo
SMD had fucktons of arcade ports but also rocket knight adventure wich is my favorite SMD game and is pretty long i think

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Does the 6 button PCE controller have a different Dpad than the 2 button PCE controller?

How do the differing Dpads on the 6 and 3 button MD controllers compare?

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enjoy 90% of the library being snk games and 95% of those games being rehashed fighters, lol

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theres not that many fighters, those numbers are outright invented and a product of your imagination

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Neo geo doesn't have that many fighters like you think. There's a decent amount of shoot em ups, beat em ups, puzzle games and platformers as well.

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I'm a hardcore PCE fan, however let's be honest, there are barely any 6 button capable games

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>Neo Geo beat em ups

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I can only think of Blue's Journey.

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SNES had some cute graphics but was complete garbage in terms of games that were actually fun. Streets Of Rage series, Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Thunder Force IV, etc. None of these were possible on the SNES.

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Baseball Stars Twoooooooooooo!!!

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Are you a weenie? Or a real hot dog?

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>comparing an arcade board to home consoles

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They're good at different things.

Genesis will lose on colors to SNES, but will win on speed (throwing sprites around quickly with less slowdown).

Genesis can do matrices on sprites better while SNES can do matrices on backgrounds better.

Sound's a completely different kettle of fish. Genesis will win on the techno beats while SNES will win on the pseudo-orchestra.

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What does it mean to do matrices?

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Scaling and rotation.

Mega Drive could do sprite scaling on the horizontal axis, SNES could do none. However, it had a far more powerful background tilemap.

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>babby "opinion" from babby youtube parrot

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which babby youtuber said that?

maybe it's just that guys dumb opinion

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>However, it had a far more powerful background tilemap.

Only in terms of colour count, and the mode 7 rotation. Genesis wins in everything else (more planes, more windows, larger resolution).

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ignore penguinfag forcing his stupid meme

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magician lord
nightmare in the dark

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My favorite meme.

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SNES only had better sound on paper. In practice, it all sounds like muffled compressed shit with bad instrument samples. Neither has the clarity of chiptunes nor the quality of CD.

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I'm not trying to start shit here, but what were the standout titles on Turbographx? I know SNES was known for its Mario games, platformers and RPGs. Genesis was mostly about Sonic, shmups, and other fast action titles.

Where did the Turbographx sit compared to those two? I only grew up around Nintendo/Sega so I never got exposure to TG16/CD until much later in life. Now I hear so many people calling it their favorite system of all time, so I have to wonder what it brought to the table that was so compelling. Of course, most of them are probably just hipsters, but it definitely has its following. I'm legitimately curious.

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It had the best versions of Hudson games of the 4th gen.

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TG-16 only had an 8-bit CPU.
SNES had BY FAR the best sound.

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>SNES had BY FAR the best sound.
no it didn't you retard

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>SMD > PCE > SNES (lol, 64k sram)

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Hi, Autismo.

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Yes, it did - and it also had by far the best music composed on it.

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Check Youtube for some snes/genesis game music collections to see it by yourself.

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>Yes, it did
Enjoy your low-bitrate reverbed songs because the DSP couldn't handle decent quality sizes.

>and it also had by far the best music composed on it.

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The fuck do I care about hardware specs? I know what sounds good, and it wasn't anything on Genesis.

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not our problem if you have shit tastes family

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I'm pretty sure the consensus is Genesis sounded like shit (in comparison to the SNES). Calling it Genesis triggers you, doesn't it?

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> our

Don't fucking talk for me, nigger.

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The Genesis sounded like shit because very few people knew how to program sound for it.
Most games sound like a nigger hitting an anvil with a giant hammer, but there's a few games that had a fucking amazing soundtrack.

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>I'm pretty sure the consensus is Genesis sounded like shit (in comparison to the SNES).
I'll take chiptunes (you know, real videogame music) over Stupor Nintendo's MIDI-tier garbage.

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I'd agree with you... but "niggers" (as you call them) who play instruments usually make good music.

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I gotta clearly say that tbxgfx 16's gfx are superior to the genesis.

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>I cant take other peoples opinions

off yourself

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An obsession with ranking and cataloging things is a literal, medically diagnosed sign of autism.

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Any good Turbographix 16 emulators?

Agreed. I dont get the butthurt arguments over these 16 bit systems. Who gives a fuck

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>Agreed. I dont get the butthurt arguments over these 16 bit systems. Who gives a fuck
Because you're too underage to understand.

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I am 35 years old you fucking dumb cuck. No one cares about console wars anymore. We did back then, but now it is irrelevant.

Keep acting like you're "of age" when you're probably some dumb ass 21 year old idiot

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I am 40 years old and you're factually incorrect. Console wars are as relevant now as they were in the '90s.

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Yeah, we totally believe you're 35 and not some underage lying retard.

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Like I have to answer to some dumb fuck libtard underage. Go fuck your mother faggot

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Any more memes you'd like to throw at me, Mr. 35-year-old that thinks he's too good to partake in console wars?

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>People still believe the SNES sounds superior meme

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>25+ year old console wars are relevant

whatever you say loser

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On a board about retro games? Yes, they're very relevant, unless you just want to ignore that part of history.

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Turbografx had a tiny library with only a few gems. It's rising sun counterpart, the PC Engine, had a nice fat library full of great shmups, puzzlers, Bomberman, Bomberman, Bomberman.

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