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Hands down, the best 3D retro platform game

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>Poochie of video games
>corridor simulator: the game
>best 3D retro platform

oh /vr/, you and your nostalgia

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I agree.
>muh openwurld
>muh mindless collectathon

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Tekken 3 sucks.

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Personally I enjoyed Spyro 2 most of just about any 3D platformer Sypyro 1 and 3 were also freaking awesome!

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>muh valid points

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>every platformer that's not a narrow corridor path is an "openworld" and a "collectathon"

I'm sick of this argument.

Crash lacks any sort of depth to its platforming, you just go in a straight narrow line and jump whenever you see a hole ahead. The game lacks any depth, you don't need any calculation, it's just automatic holding forward and jump, there is no cadence to it, might as well play fucking Hugo.

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>only the N64 had real platformers! Crash Bandicoot is a fake one!

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>If someone criticizes Crash, it MUST be a N64 fanboy!

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>Super Mario Bros 3 lacks any sort of depth to its platforming, you just go in a straight narrow line and jump whenever you see a hole ahead. The game lacks any depth, you don't need any calculation, it's just automatic holding forward and jump, there is no cadence to it, might as well play fucking Hugo.

So you're effectively saying that any platformers that isn't a collectathon lacks depth? Because you could apply that critique of yours to every game of the genre. Absurd reduction

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Burning Rangers is the best platformer of the generation.

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Better than Mario 64, imho.
Plus those post-game rewards were great. Way fucking better than Yoshi giving me a bunch of lives before telling me to fuck off.

...Now if only Sony would get off their asses and make it vita compatible. I used to play that shit all the time on my PSP.

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>leave /v/ to get away from PS4 fanboys
>/vr/ is filled with PSX and PS2 fanboys

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I'm obviously talking about the 3D segments, it doesn't apply to 2D platformers where you do have to calculate how high and far you want to jump or you might fuck up and fall. Not on crash, you just run forward and press jump.
When there's some sort of platforming action going on, it boils down to jump from platform to platform and in the end it just feels like pic related. There's no real depth to it.
The sidescrolling sections are better but there's many, so many better 3D sidescrollers than Crash's. Tomba and Klonoa both make Crash look like some amateur work with wonky hitboxes and repetitive design.
And and there is still nothing interesting about Crash's controls and physics even on side-scroller sections. It's the same shit. The taz-mania devil twist move gets old fast and is overpowered, enemies are never a threat in this game.

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If all you see are "fanboys" then maybe you should find a hugbox. There are plenty of Nintendo threads if you actually bothered to use the catalog.

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>Better than Mario 64, imho.

The funny thing is that Spyro is more of a "collectathon" than Mario will ever be. What abilities does Spyro have other than glide, headbutt and breath fire? How is he doing 'platforming'. That's fine for a 2D platformer, but for true 3D platforming you need a bigger range of moves like the kind Mario 64 provides.

BTW I put Banjo in the same boat as Spyro.

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You mean besides the parts where you're required to double-jump and even combine that with an extended aerial spin in order to cross an absolutely long pit, as well as numerous other elements that completely destroy your argument of simplicity, such as having to think about how to go about smashing boxes over a pit in order to receive the gem without falling to your death?

Please. You don't like Crash, which is fine, but your argument for why is weak.

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This game was amazing.

Of course Mario 64 is the best, but I fucking loved Jumping Flash

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Crash isn't even really a 3D platformer. It's pretty much a 2.5D platformer like Pandemonium. Mostly 2D gameplay with 3D graphics. Nothing like Mario 64, Jumping Flash, Spyro or other real 3D platofmers.

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>I put banjo in the same boat as spyro


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There's fanboys from all sides. You've got Dreamcast fanboys and PS2 fanboys arguing with each other. SNES and Genesis console war threads. PlayStation and Saturn fanboys bitching at each other. And unsurprisingly no one gives a shit about the Atari 2600, Celecovision, or Intellivision. If they did care then we'd be seeing console war threads about those as well.

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>shit tier floaty first person collectathon

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People who actually cared about Atari and other 2nd gen consoles are too old and too busy with actual responsibilities to argue with each other on Chinese image boards.

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A Jumping Flash hipster, that's even worse.

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Few people actually owned multiple 2nd gen consoles.

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Could be even worse, what about a mid-90s/00s kid with nostalgia goggles for Poochie the dog?

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>le nostalgia goggles argument
>reference to some Simpsons character

Whoa, watch out Crashfags, this guy is pulling out the big guns!

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nostalgia kids are more real than "hipster" boogeymen

>reference to some Simpsons character
That perfectly fits Crash Bandicoot's character.

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Hey, don't be coy, being a hipster isn't a bad thing anymore. You need your e-cred. So how bout that Bubsy 3D? Best platformer on the PS1, amirite?

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No? In what way does he fit Poochie? He doesn't even talk.

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Wait, what are you even trying to do here? Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

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Better than your genuine shitposting.

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If anything, Sonic is the perfect personification of Poochie.

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Not great but at least better than that 2/10 Mario 64 garbage because at least CB forces a camera perspective on you and controls aren't floppy analog shit.

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If you're talking about the bastardized American Sonic, then yeah.

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>That perfectly fits Crash Bandicoot's character.
But The Simpsons had an actual reference to Crash.
This Poochie analogy is the most retarded and pathetic comparison I've ever seen.

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OP here, I feel so dumb that I posted the wrong image and didn't even notice until now.
Here's the real answer.

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Collectathons are objectively shit, so Crash is already better than 90% of gen 5 platformers.

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Not really. The poochie analogy doesn't fit anything in this thread because the point behind the poochie episode is that he fucked with something that already worked. Crash didn't enter a preexisting franchise and ruin. People also liked the character.

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>weeb shit
>not enjoying superior american games

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