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so who thought this was a good idea?

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Gunpei Yokoi.

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We will never get vb warioland port/remake because Nintendo is still mad/ashamed vb failed.

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it was great until it came out early

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Sony, Samsung and Facebook apparently.

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None of those are a red on black retinal abortion

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I rented one from Blockbuster. It wasn't bad. I don't see why people hate this thing. The lack of games killed it, not the tech.

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Causes Eye pain. Being in red and black. Hard to use comfortably. Not really portable.

I think there was more but those were the mayor ones.

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Here is an moving image for you're future use my friend!

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Gunpei Yokoi, and he got killed by Yakuza.

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Bullshit. There was nothing wrong with the idea, it would have been fine if they waited until they could make it duochrome.

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hey, this shit is pretty awesome

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Virtual reality gaming is a great idea. It was just horribly implemented and maybe something too advanced for the time.

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Also because it's incredibly difficult to replicate the actual visual field the Virtual Boy produced. It's not just 3D.

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and not virtual reality

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That sounds like a challenge!!

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And what games took advantage of that? The only one would of been Red Alert. The rest were just you're average 2D game with depth thrown into the background, which isn't very impressive.

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So, what would it actually have been if they waited a bit...

eg. another year - amber screen, 40 pixels more in both dimensions, 4 more mhz, 25% more fill rate?

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I can't actually explain it. You can't just watch Youtubers or Memers and understand the Virtual Boy.

It had an incredibly unique look. The graphics were crystal clear and bright red with solid blacks. It was incredibly hard to describe. Depth was incredibly apparent in anything you were playing, whether or not it was "taken advantage of" everything had a very clear field of view and distance.

You have to play one to understand.

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I had one too bro, it wasn't anything amazing. Like I said, Red Alarm was the best game that brought out its abilities since it was actually 3D.

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>it wasn't anything amazing

I didn't say it was amazing.

I said it's visual style can't really be replicated by just using 3D.

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Did you play Red Alarm? It was trippy as fuck.

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The most common complaints are neck strain and eye strain, both which give you headaches.

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Don't forget Teleroboxer, that was the bees knees.

It strikes me that the games themselves were probably better than the system, and this system held them back mostly.

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No idea but I can't wait for the same thread in 20 years with Rift/Vive/Sony VR pictures.

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Seriously, this is such a silly question. A vastly more understandable one would be "how better would the VB have been if nintendo waited a bit to release it".

Not to imply that the choice of red LEDs must have been natural back then, I bet it wasn't the only good diode type.

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Are there any stereo pairs of Virtual Boy screenshots? Couldn't find any on Google and it seems like something someone might have made for curiosity's sake.

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I find something so pleasing and calming about old amber displays like that.

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You're not alone, amber CRTs were often seen as a healthier alternative to harsh green displays.

All the more reason to wonder how well amber LEDs would have worked with the VB? At least they were known to be more efficient, that would have been great for the VB's struggling portability.

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But Teleroboxer wouldn't be the same if not on the actual VB. I'm a bit of a VB fanboy (although I recognize its design problems), but I always loved the "feel" of the VB. It's feels like being inside a small red-lighted theatre, all alone just you and the game, can't get the same feeling when you play on regular screens. That, and the 3D effect which is impressive although not all games needed it.I consider the VB more of a prototype than an actual finished product. So, from a regular consumer standpoint, the VB is ridiculous. Not really just because of the red-black thing, or the fact it used 6 batteries (although it had a SNES AC adapter). The bizarre thing was the thing itself. The tripod, the big helmet-like VB set, and the fact that you have to break your neck (or nose) in order to play with it.
Scrap the "VB gives you cancer" meme, it should be "VB will break your neck".
But from a hobbyist/enthusiast standpoint, it's a really interesting piece of hardware with some clever/unique design choices. I for one love the controller, its symmetry, it's grip, it's really comfortable to hold and having 2 of these amazing d-pads (maybe Yokoi's best designed one) is a huge plus. Teleroboxer is a game that benefits from the double d-pad. It's not the same to play it emulated using a regular controller.
The library is small but most of the stuff in it is interesting.Most of the games are fun to play, although many are simple arcade-style games. I think the only turd on the console is Waterworld, but the rest is solid. The japanese catalogue is even bigger with some games like Gundam DW.
Plus rarities like the first Megami Tensei-related games localized for the west, Jack Bros. Actually pretty good game but has gotten hella expensive.Hardware-wise, the micro is the same one as NEC's PC-FX. It's a 32-bit micro so even if the games are in red and black, the sprites are all pretty big, detailed and gameplay goes at constant 60fps, it boasted a pretty good resolution

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I remember a friend had bought one after it bombed. He was gonna try copying roms of more expensive games onto carts of cheaper ones to get the whole library to play on it.

Also, when friends and I went to Japan, we all played the one in Super Potato.

It was just as shitty as I remember playing the demo in ToysRUs.

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Op have you actually played the vb? Because its fucking awesome. Hating it is a meme. If i can find one for cheap i will definitely pick it up

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The same guy who made the gameboy

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I'm not a big fan of the VB but I agree with your general sentiment. I miss those wild west days when Nintendo could afford to experiment with stuff like that.

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>Hating it is a meme.

It's not. It has plenty of problems as listed in this thread and such a failure it was only sold in us and japan.

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>Legs on backwards

This meme is retarded.

Anyone with half a brain can see that if the legs went the other way the system would be unable to stand.

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Incorrect. While he did design it, Yokoi was trying to delay it's release, while the Nintendo executives were instead trying to just get it out the door.

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Are you a fucking retard? The Nintendo logo faces you, not the fucking screw.

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Looks like yours is about to tip over

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>so who thought posting this again was a good idea?
A faggot

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>It makes more sense to have to peek or reach around the stand to adjust while you're facing the viewport
The post.

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This. >>3184824 is a dumbass.

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>Teleroboxer wouldn't be the same
True, but my fucky eyes won't let me appreciate 3D like that.

I genuinely think it's pretty cool, but the flaws were also very real.
A head and/or shoulder strap/brace would probably go a long ways towards making it more comfortable to play.

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What I would generally do is take it off the stand and lay down with it face forward. A lot more comfortable.

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You have to wonder what plans Nintendo had for the VB if it had been a success. It really doesn't seem like they could have really pushed the hardware too much more so it seems like it would have had a relatively limited lifespan regardless.

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