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>in 1993 this was the best platform for computer

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>pc gaming
>not a meme
ayyyy lmao

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wow i want to be the guy ripped off this game

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Bitch please.

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Who the fuck still played platformers when there was Doom?

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Me, although I still played the shit out of Doom 1 and 2 as well.

>being a mono-genre fag

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>actually liking generic FPS tripe

CoD kiddies are that way kiddo.


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looks cute
I want to play

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>Doom's graphics are so good consolefags think it's not retro
Proves just how great PC gaming really is tbqh famalamadingo.

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Oh my freaking gosh really dude? Are you really gonna act like this? Yeah bro you're so dang clever with that statement.


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It was a funny report to the toxic "go back to >>>/v/" shitposting that has been hard at work poisoning the well of this board since its inception

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>I'm so insecure in my sarcasm I need to literally state that it's sarcasm in a disclaimer
Goddamn, I bet your faggot-ass rectum is loose enough to store Neo-Geo cartridges.

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Eh, the "tbqh" is on the same level of shitposting, really.

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>Goddamn, I bet your faggot-ass rectum is loose enough to store Neo-Geo cartridges.


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>for computer

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It's a good game. What's the problem?

Superfrog was originally for the Amiga, and platformers do not constitute the entirety of video games.

It's ironic that you would call someone kiddo when you're obviously underage or at best around 20 years old yourself.

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>16 colors
>no smooth scrolling
>in 1993
Sonic, SMW and Commander Keen we're blowing this game out the water.

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Some Amiga platformers (besides Superfrog).


Consoles were better at platformers, but computers weren't terrible.

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1987 called, it's the Great Giana Sisters, the C64 wins.

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Platformers are however the only genre that actually matters, and only butt-ugly loser nerds who are bad at video games would argue otherwise

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Yes, because PC players gave two shits about platformers when Doom was out.

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>peesee gamers

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you people are all teenage morons that don't realize that over in euroland 8/16 bit computers were their games consoles. Having platformers on them were not that uncommon and Superfrog was originally an amiga game. Now fuck off. Though all that being said Superfrog is a massively over rated game

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Really, I think the Amiga would have been great for platformers, it's just that most of the people that programmed for it were literally glorified amateurs. I don't mean that as an insult just so you know.

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>FPS shitter talking down on platformers
oh the irony

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I don't even like retro FPS games but you need to go the fuck back to /v/ kiddo. Doom and the like are no where comparable to the CS generation.

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retro fps were even worse, you couldn't look up and down and you could carry 9 weapons, totally unrealistic

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I find it funny that you are already getting lazy, I'm wondering how much longer you can keep this troll going.

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I am impressed. They all look great.

I hate the name Amiga though why would they call it that? At least they didn't call it Novia

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from wikipedia
The name Amiga was chosen by the developers from the Spanish word for a female friend, because they knew Spanish,[78] and because it occurred before Apple and Atari alphabetically. It also conveyed the message that the Amiga computer line was "user friendly" as a pun or play on words.
Also the wording on this is so shitty. Why does it that wikipedia crys and moans over minor grammar problems with most other articles but they don't seem to give a fuck when it's gaming/computer related.

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oh, and the thing with Amiga platformers, is that they LOOK ok, but there is always something off about either the handling of the controls or the level design. They usually have either overly floaty controls, overly tedious pixel perfect platform jumping, overly long/complex levels, or an autistic over-focus on insane collectathoning, or a combination of those things.

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It sure had potential, though. The graphics and sound aren't bad at all. I mean, turrican II was from 91, right? Very impressive

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>in 1993 this was the best fighting game for Amiga

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you were saying?

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>Though all that being said Superfrog is a massively over rated game
Like.. every fucking game from Team 17, even Alien Breed, dat shitty gauntlet clone

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Sonic 3&K > Jazz Jackrabbit > Super Mario bros

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THIS was the best platform for computer

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>shitting on bodyblows
no you

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nobody liked that slow, clunky shit

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It's Linus Torvalds' favorite videogame.

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Wasn't the Street Fighter II port for the Amiga pretty good though?

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yeah they did, it's PC platforming's FF7.
By that I mean that it was massively popular in it's time, aged horribly, and it's fanbase will defend it to death even though in hindsight it's not that great of a game.

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he isn't even a video game developer though, so I fail to see why that matters.

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wait... there are people that actually defend body blows? I assumed the person was trolling when they made that post... didn't think there was anyone that actually thought that..

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Goog God NO
It was horrible

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>muh videogame feuds
This thread is depressing. Do you guys actually enjoy this shitposting? I thought /v/ was a containment board for this kind of shit.

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I don't if this is a troll thread or not, because I'm sure that considering how the majority of "retro gamers" are console gamers, some of them would probably seriously think this to persuade themselves that they're not missing anything by willingly leaving out PC retro gaming.

But just in case this is not a troll thread and/or that someone is actually taking this seriously, both console and PC had their pros and cons and their fields of expertise. Obviously consoles arguably had the better platformers, but there are many other genres that PC did better.

This reminds me of a Ocarina Of Time thread a while back and one of those "retro console gamer" kept going on on how revolutionary and innovative OoT was, while most of the points he'd brought up had already been done YEARS before, except you know, on PC.

The other thing I know is that in 1997/1998 I was playing NES emuation on my 486 with a SNES pad replica; including famicom only games.

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nice goalpost moving, anon

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it's just bantz m8

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If the developers were amateurs then it would affect all games, not just platformers.

You don't understand what a big deal Doom was at the time.


The amount of people who grew up playing consoles games massively outnumbers the amount of people who grew up playing computer games. Many people are only dimly aware of computer gaming before the late 90s.

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doom is a meme game

its some of the most barebones, basic, generic boring trash

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What is the Sharp X68000

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>Implying Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure didn't come out in '92

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>It's a good game. What's the problem?
This is what Amigafags actually believe.

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Superfrog was fucking excellent, the HD remake for PS3 etc was nice too.

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>15 fps animation
>still uses EGA graphics in 1992

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Not to mention that the two episodes of the registered version were awful.

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>The amount of people who grew up playing consoles games massively outnumbers the amount of people who grew up playing computer games
I grew up with both, but most of the games I played were Adventure games. As a result, even playing on a PC I'm only vaguely aware of a lot of its games.

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Like all Euro home computer games, it doesn't play half as well as it looks.

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Did you even play it?

>> No.3180637

Is there even a single pre-Jazz Jackrabbit computer platformer that's not laughably bad compared to SMB1?

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Fury of the Furries?

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OP had to pick platformers and 1993, because by 1994, consoles got BTFO on everything.

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Was the HD remake any good?

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>what is Another World and FlashBack
>"buht they came out on muh consolees too!"
>they still looked better on Amiga and DOS.

Also this >>3180648

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>another world and flashback

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What happened in 1994?
oh i get it
another underage who has rewrite history

>> No.3180706

I'm curious as to see what you would call them but I'm worried you might break your keyboard with all the drool you would spill trying to think of an answer.

>> No.3180716

They're adventure
let me guess, for you jump =platform

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Sony Playstation was released and PC gamers got cucked again

>> No.3180724

>uses the widest term possible, "adventure"
It's classified as a "Cinematic Platformer". So yes, platformer.

>> No.3180726

But the best cinematic platformer didn't come out until 1998.

>> No.3180745

Abe's Exodus? I'm assuming you mean that because Heart of Darkness is a very meh game even compared to the Oddworld games.

>> No.3180748

Was really well constructed and fun though, and I say it as someone who had played SMB 1-3 and tons of NES platformers before (I played 16-bit ones later).

Besides the game was made by a company with not much experience yet, and in a platform obviously not designed for it (but with more potential, that's why Doom on consoles sucks and in PC looks even better than in PSX/N64, don't even mention the snes version... years before).

If your point is that consoles had more and better platformers I don't think anyone is delusional enough to deny it, good look with 3D games though (like FPS and racing games), they sucked in both the 4th and 5th gen even compared with the same game using the software rendering on PC, shitty resolution, shitty framerate, only slow games like Resident Evil were ok on consoles (because of the tank controls).

>> No.3180749

Tell me more about that console with no hardware acceleration running games at 320x240, it must be fun to run NFS 2 and Quake at 20fps looking like shit.

>> No.3180752

HoD was the best cinematic platformer though.

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Yep, another underage

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>I'm a console-only fag with no arguments or knowledge about how this systems worked
>Didn't even bother to compare versions and I call names to others because it makes me look old and smart
>I call others underage XD

Back to >>>/v/ and don't forget your middle-school homework.

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I don't understand why the programmer would do that to himself. VGA Mode 13 was infinitely easier to use than the planar EGA graphics.

>> No.3180791

>what is Amiga

>> No.3180794

Didn't help matters that they included parallax scrolling either. The characters move in 8 bit increments on top of that so it feels so choppy. I did enjoy it back in the day but now it's hard to enjoy as much.
Little tidbit, they upgraded the engine for it and it became the engine for Duke Nukem 2.

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Name of the Snezz game please?
It looks funny.

>> No.3180958

faceball 2000

>> No.3181193

coming from playing hocus pocus and bash, at the time i thought it was a lively colorful game for EGA.

>> No.3181285

Only one button, so no

>> No.3181319


This game is amazing. Totally recommend it to all platformer fans.

>> No.3181327

You're bullshitting. Prehistorik 2 is an amazing game.

>> No.3181331 [DELETED] 

Let me guess, you got stuck on one of the levels and couldn't find the keycards so you think its "trash" to compensate for your shitty problem solving skills?

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It's like I'm really on /v/

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What are you smoking?

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it is literally the best mix of difficulty in platforming skills and intuition. all other platforms pale in comparison to the 1989 release of prince of persia.

>> No.3181706

Prince of Persia is shit. Low framerate, grid based motion. It's far inferior to most of the NES library.

>> No.3181945

The only reason why it might seem generic to kids like you is because it wrote the book for the FPS genre.

I've played it to completion and I think it's a good game. What are you going to do about it?

The Sony Playstation was released and then PC hardware and software continued their relentless march forward and left the PS1 in the dust soon after, and have been doing the same to all consoles since then.

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I want /v/ to leave.

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Turrican 2 is absolute crap. The only good thing is the music.

I love the Amiga, but let's be honest. The platformers on it were (mostly) rubbish. The devs just did not understand controls and level design.

>> No.3182010

I think most of the control issues for Amiga (and other computer) games come down to the devs "streamlining" the controls for the one-button joystick users.

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pls respond
i'm tempted to get the HD remake on steam

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Not the best, didn't play that much of it, but it compares well to many popular examples of PC platformers, including some in this thread.

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ITT: desperate console kids with no purpose or prospects are desperately trying to provoke others into making a list of interesting console style PC games.

>> No.3182184

I think it looks like shit and that's reason enough to stick to the original.

>> No.3182231

Its a casualized piece of shit, get the original on GoG.

>> No.3182270

So... This the the fabled Ancient Console War...

>> No.3182331

No! And that's exactly the reason why they actually bothered to make a vs-fighter for amiga in the first place!

>> No.3182415

>not being able to appreciate games no matter what console or computer
>being mentally so underage that you still have to define your identity over something as laughable as your favorite video game platform

>> No.3182830

Probably for compatibility's sake. it must be easier overall to go for the lowest common denominator.

Consider modex-360x280, it felt like a nice improvement over plain old VGA, but hardly anything supported it because it was totally not lowest common denominator.

>> No.3182854

You are being so wrongheaded!

Sounds like OP must be able to appreciate platformers across many platforms!

>> No.3182901

Think this one counts

>> No.3183303

At least half of those are shit or meme games.

>> No.3183307

Dude, all new PCs in 92 had VGA cards, in fact it had been standard at least two years at that point. No commercial games at that point even still supported EGA.

>> No.3183325

>programmer art with shit color palette: the games

>> No.3183382

Mostly trash. And the good ones got source ports or engine re-implementations.

>> No.3183391

>100 replies / 57 posters

>> No.3183404

It's pretty good, and you unlock the original versions of the maps as you play through.

>> No.3183491

[underage intensifies]

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File: 131 KB, 800x1013, 48844-cool-spot-dos-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, they made some pretty decent platformers in 1993.

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File: 18 KB, 320x200, Worms-dos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come on, now. It wasn't all bad.

>> No.3184043

What, you find it bizarre to conceive that apogee catered to poorfags, people with multiple computers(like with laptops) and kids getting hand me downs?

That's quite a natural fit for the shareware model, even if they don't buy the games, at least they help spread awareness of them.

>> No.3184067

You missed! The PC version was made in 1994, just like Jazz Jackrabbit, and the american version of Megaman X, so it was part of that slew of PC platformers that was too late to count!

>> No.3184089

played the snes version, loved it

>> No.3184128

>Playing computers in 1993 for their platformers

>> No.3184132

It's also shit compared to the console versions.

>> No.3184134

I give them credit for the parallax scrolling; trying to do this with frame buffer graphics and especially EGA modes is pretty brutal.

>> No.3184150

It's ok, but compare with the Genesis. Check out that framerate difference.



>> No.3185512

Skyroads must be on the podium, and gives PCs-as-of-1993 a quite neat platformer lineup.

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File: 21 KB, 425x266, tiefighter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, right?

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File: 103 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the main idea of this game was genius. No boring lives/continue system, just you and the race against time.

>> No.3186049

It literally is a cult classic that spawned a extremely succesful franchise that lives to this day (how many retro franchises can claim that?) and was adapted into a movie, and it spawned entire genre of "cinematic platformers" inspiring highly popular classics like Another World, Flashback, Blackthorne, Heart of Darkness, Oddworld: Abe's Oddyssey (and modern games like Limbo, The Fall, Deadlight and Rocketbirds)- and its concept eventually moved into 3D with Ico (which spawned Shadow of the Colossus) and Tomb Raider - which also had TWO movies (and it inspired Uncharted...) ... And of course, 3D installments of Prince of Persia series created genre of parkour platformer that spawned games like Mirror's Edge...

Like, dude, I can barely track all the direct and indirect creative influence this one game had on the gaming world. It's IMMENSE. Videogames wouldn't be the same without Prince of Persia.

It's slow because it's as much action-adventure as it is a platformer - but hey, you could say the same about Super Metroid.

It's like saying that noone liked Dragon Warrior because it had too much grinding - gamers back then had completely different requirements from a game, and just because you dislike it now for what seems to be dated design decisions, it doesn't change the fact that it was mindblowing killer app back then.

>> No.3186054

... You do realize that IBM PC don't have a single standardized setup and framerate depends on the hardware, right?

>> No.3186103

Another world and Flashback were novelty, not good games.

>> No.3186108

>but hey, you could say the same about Super Metroid.
No you can't. Super Metroid isn't slow. So you can't say it's slow because it's as much action-adventure as it is platformer. Both statements are clearly fallacious.

>> No.3186229

>Super Metroid isn't slow
Well, it sure as fuck isn't fast. Rhytm of exploration - regularly stopping to look for secrets, to check the map, to try to think what you possibly could've missed - no offense but Super Metroid is MUCH slower than e.g. Super Mario Bros.

In fact from my experience exploration of level architecture in Prince of Persia and Super Metroid happen at simialr speeds - I guess Prince has short action segments with a lot of short thinking breaks for traps and puzzles, while Super Metroid has a lot of longer action segments with longer breaks for trying to think where to go next or how to apply next upgrade.

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Flashback beat the shit out of Superfrog.

>> No.3186958

They aren't the same kind of game.

>> No.3187459

But we're not talking about strictly one very specific kind of game, we're talking about any platformers, so even weird ones count.

>> No.3188435
File: 911 KB, 1000x876, flasback-hd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flashback is a fucking masterpiece, shame the remake was awful. All they had to do was redraw the maps,

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