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>the Sega Saturn was great at 2D!
>play symphony of the night on it

Yeahhh nah. Playstation version shits on it apart from no Maria.

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The game was developed for the PS2 and it actually uses a lot of polygons to make the graphics. Yes, even if the game looks 3D, it was programmed as a 3D game with flat textured polygons. (there's also some visible ones like the coffin on the save room, for example).

The Saturn port was made from the PS1 version, it's not that they both were being developed at the same time. The port was made by a small team within Konami, not the same dev team from the PS1 version.

Compare virtually any other multiplat, especially ports from arcade to console, and 99% of the time it will be better on Saturn.

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>it's another thread bitching about Castlevania

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Are you drunk?

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No, I just wrote PS2 and meant PS1.

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I'd rather they just get sotn right. Name one good 2D game apart from sotn on the system. It's most popular games are 3D.

I can feel you getting defensive so feel free to just let the ad hominems fly.

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>and yet here I am

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Valkyrie Profile
Legend of Mana
Strider 2
Mega Man 8

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you did your best

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That's okay, but the Saturn is still better at 2D.

Nobody really argue that Saturn version of SOTN performs better than the PS1 one, although some people prefer the Saturn one because of the extra stuff (extra button for items, extra items like the speed boots). Also the Saturn d-pad is fairly better than the PS1 one, it's easier to pull off spells on Saturn.
There's also the new areas that while not too big or amazing, it's something.

I personally prefer the PSP version though.

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>Yes, even if the game looks 3D, it was programmed as a 3D game with flat textured polygons.

For the hundredth time: so was the Saturn.

The problem with SOTN isn't that it uses polygons. The problem is that
1. the game was specifically written around the special effects the Playstation can do (and the Saturn is poor at, such as heavy sprite transparency effects), and
2. the team who ported it did an awful lazy half-assed job, barely utilizing what the Saturn could do.

Compare Radiant Silvergun instead: the Saturn version looked so much better than the Playstation one that they canned the port during development.

>Name one good 2D game apart from sotn on the system

Skullmonkeys, Vib Ribbon, Tomba, Strider 2 (although that one was mostly 3d except for a few sprites).

It's an unfair comparison though: Playstation had 15x as many games.

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Valkyrie Profile
Legend of Mana
SaGa Frontier 2
Adventures of Little Ralph
Vib Ribbon
Harmful Park
Tales of Eternia
Mr. Driller G
One Piece Mansion
SRW @ Gaiden
Megaman X games
Suikoden II
London Seirei Tanteidan
Summon Night games
Gundam Battle Assault games
Breath of Fire III/IV to an extent.

I won't count Strider 2 because there's more 3D than 2D in that.
And even so, PS had way too many games compared to anything back then, so any kind of comparison is worthless, for a good looking 2D game on Saturn there are at least 3 on PS which are just as good looking.

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>2.5d scrollers

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And what has Saturn to offer?

A few exclusive SHMUPS, arcade ports of SHMUPS and fighting games which generally look marginally better than the PS ones, a couple of sidescrollers and surprise surprise, JRPGs.

So what game are we going to play now Anon?
Because if you're going for the absolute best version of games then Saturn loses even the advantage it has with arcade ports and it's left with a literal handful of good looking 2D games and the PS still has it beat simply because of the colossal advantage in terms of library.

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>A few exclusive SHMUPS, arcade ports of SHMUPS

Often the best ports of the generation, some of them the best ports that still exist.

>fighting games which generally look marginally better than the PS ones

2d fighters all look significantly better on the Saturn, some of them are again the best ports to exist. 3d fighters are as good as on the PS for the most of the time, other than there being less of them due to the smaller library.

There are plenty of exclusives for the Saturn though. And yes, it has many good looking 2d games.

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But the Saturn in the end has literally next to no games.

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Except that it has.

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>Japanese exclusives
>almost all of them have next to no translation patches

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So because you can't read them, that means they don't exist?

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they don't mean anything if no one can understand them

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Why do you need more than like 20-30 games?

Oh right you bandwagon collectors like to fill you shelves with games you'll never play.

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Let's see the PSX handle this game.

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The Playstation can actually push more sprites than the Saturn.

It could easily "handle" this game. The only thing that would be reduced is a few frames here and there due to less RAM.

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>a few frames here and there
So it wouldn't be able to handle a 1:1 conversion then, thanks for proving my point.

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Yeah, yeah, you won with SotN. Big whoop. It wasn't even that good of a Castlevania game compared to its predecessors like IV and Bloodlines. Now take a look at Silhouette Mirage. They had to remove a whole fucking background layer just to get it to run on PSX.

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But it would look much better on the PSX.

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And 3D when you meant 2D.

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>I base my opinion on a single game

I guess NES, SNES, and Genesis were shit at 2D because there's hundreds of terrible games on these systems.

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>They had to remove a whole fucking background layer just to get it to run on PSX.
So why didn't you show us a pic of that?

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>good CV
It's as bad as SotN. I'd say even worse because it has no secrets or anything worth seeing after completing once - which you will on your first try because it's as easy as SotN.

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>le sotn is bad meme

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Symphony was a mix of 2D and 3D while also being a rushed port from another team.

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>they don't mean anything if no one can understand them

The fuck do you need to understand in a shmup or a fighting game? Or even in a 2d platformer?

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The main bad thing about SotN is that's it's too easy. That's all.

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>The Playstation can actually push more sprites than the Saturn.

It can physically draw more of them, true. The gpu has a higher bandwidth.
But the Playstation does not have enough memory to actually animate those sprites so smoothly. Even to get SOTN, which abuses rotation effects, procedurally generated shading, and tweened animation, they had to use the absolute minimum resolution the Playstation can do - in order to fit the amount of animation into the game that it has.

>The main bad thing about SotN is that's it's too easy.

If you don't grind or go for the 100% exploration, the difficulty is actually well adjusted.

It only gets easy in the bonus castle, where enemies can drop insanely overpowered items and you have enough mana to spam soul steal any time you are low on HP. And they put Galamoth in there exactly so autistic players can have a last challenge.

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why do you faggots insist on console-warring over twenty years since it actually mattered? the war is over, the playstation won. who cares? the saturn's worth having for the excellent controller, the huge library of import titles, and just the overall aesthetic of the titles on the system. the playstation is worth owning because it was the dominant console, it has a massive library, and it has a ton of experimental titles. it's stupid arguing about it these days anyway because you can own every console from the generation for less than one of them back in the day.

love princess crown, hope it gets a translation patch one of these days because it's such an underappreciated game.

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Princes Crown feels so clunky when you've played some of the newer Kamitani games.

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>Except that it has.

[citation needed]

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>no secrets
What about the coffin secret or the ballroom secret?

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Oh go fuck yourself Australia-kun, Super Castlevania IV was a good, if not great CV game.

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Already got your 3-day ban lifted up Australia? Welcome back.

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gradius gaiden
donpachi and dodonpachi
darius gaiden

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lol darius gaiden runs like fucking shit on psx

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Saturn version of Silhouette Mirage is way better

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>[citation needed]

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Then get it on PS2 newfaggot.

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Imagine if /v/ was around when Castlevania 64 was released.

>mfw Sonycucks are defending a console that LITERALLY can't do a 3D Castlevania

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There's one in the works. IIRC the set release date is early June but

>set release dates for fan-translations

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>set release dates for fan-translations

fooken kek. Good for them if they meet that deadline but this usually doesn't work out well.

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Street Fighter Alpha series was renown for running better and having more frames of animation

Just to add to the others who have clearly proven you to be wrong. Now get back in your fucking box, cunt.

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To be fair, Castlevania 64 is garbage

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And yet it's still better than Super Castlevania Bros. and SotN.

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Australia-kuns opinion: discarded

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Eat shit mate.

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>Those generic anime voices
>lack of Blaustein script

but why

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>missing frames
>Vanillaware game

No, no it would not.

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>There was going to be a playstation Radiant Silvergun

Thanks anon, learn something new every day


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Xenogears is heavy on 3D. Suikoden 1/2, Saga Frontier 1/2 would have been better answers.

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Don't you have crocodiles to wrestle?

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