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post games you think are overrated beyond belief or don't live up to the hype

pic related

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Metal gear solid

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Your favorite game.

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Post people don't like the game

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this post is overrated

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So you basically don't like JRPGs.

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super memetroid

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gotta disagree. ff8 did some interesting things,
9 is good if u like jrpgs but it has the biggest circlejerk online right now which makes it overrated.

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>people actually download the cover art of games they dislike just to shitpost

I never got this

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This. CTR was better.

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thanks for your valuable input

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DKR was better.

But despite DKR being the epitome of the genre back in 5th gen, and CTR being a bigger game than MK64, I still prefer the simplicity of MK64.

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If you like hardcore games i think pic related is harder than mk64. i like diddy kong racing but havent played it in a minute

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Mario Kart 64 is unbereable

It baffles me that people shit on Mario Kart Wii and enjoy 64 even though the latter is probably the only N64 game I've played that's so early-3D-ish-awkwardness. Awful controls, unispiring graphic, hyper-cheating AI.

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Pleb detected

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Say what you want, but F-Zero was on the same fucking console and so was its predecessor, so Mario Kart 64 has no excuses.

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>hyper-cheating AI

Get good.

The prerendered sprites look great on a CRT TV, much better than the ugly lowpoly shit on CTR and DKR.
Controls are just fine and the AI doesn't cheat, git gud.

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It does, look it up.
Nothing like teleporting, but it does speed up to keep up with the difficulty as good as it can.

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And that's bad how? If it keeps the challenge without breaking the game then I'm up for it.

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>F-Zero was on the same fucking console and so was its predecessor
F-Zero started on the SNES. Why would you even compare the two series? They aim for totally different types of gameplay.
No shit, F-Zero has rubberbanding too. You sound out of your depth.

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>without breaking the game

It is a race, if my enemies and only them have the magical ability to go faster to catch me up when I'm doing really good for extended periods of time it kinda breaks the point of a racing game.

I can understand how Mario Kart 64 is sort of a racing-party game (items duh) and it doesn't take itself too seriously, but that's not good balancing to keep up the challenge, that's cheating the rules to make up for bad AI.

I was just saying I prefer F-Zero on both Snes compared to Super Mario Kart and on N64 compared to Mario Kart 64, but I didn't mean to make any specific comparision.

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N64 has four player which is the shit.
no better console to play socially to this day

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mario kart also started on the snes so idk what you're getting at

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Nice ROM hack.

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it's the original japanese version

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>its one of these stupid ass threads again

All of the games posted here so far are amazing and you chucklefucks are stupid hipsters.

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The single player mode is admittedly pretty bad, but once you get good enough at it, there's really no point to playing single player anyways. This game is still one of my go-to games for N64 multiplayer; it's simple to pick up and play yet still tons of fun. Plus it's the best Mario Kart for drinking games.

I would argue that the Gamecube is better. It has the best Smash, the best Kart if you can get four good players together, WarioWare, Timesplitters, Super Monkey Ball, Soulcalibur 2, and Mario Baseball. That's just my non-retro opinion though.

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Zelda Four Sword on gamecube was the cake, shame the setup is borderline impossible

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I think we can all agree beyond any reasonable doubt that Diddy Kong Racing > Mario Kart 64

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MK64 is not a good competitive game. 007 Goldeneye works well as a competitive game. Like you could have skilled guys who would slaughter all other ones, despite the other guys practising for weeks... and get slaughtered again. MK64 isn't like that, if you get remotely good then it's all about the luck of the items and the fact you get better ones when behind make it even worse. I've heard of non-item games being set up, but it's really not the spirit of the game.

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I guess this is where we sort the plebs from the patrcians

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>MK64 is not a good competitive game

This is true. Double Dash is honestly better in that respect as characters are more unique(they have specials on top of different stats) and you're encouraged to try out different combinations of characters and karts.

Out of all the Mario Kart games, I can safely say that if you're good at Double Dash it doesn't really matter what items your opponents get. Any time I've played with people I pretty much always get first. Though, that could be just because I'd play as Diddy/Paratroopa in the Toad kart. Giant Bananas for defense and triple reds for offense.

But of course, Double Dash gets shat on be mouth-breathing MK64 fags.

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I like Diddy Kong Racing anon but something about the package feels less cohesive to me. Driving isn't as tight, the characters aren't as interesting, the music isn't as good, the items aren't as good, etc.

I like it for the single player and the Land/Sea/Air gimmick though, I really do. It's a great game.

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I enjoy Mario Kart in the way I enjoy Mario Party but the items and random bullshit really kill any serious level of competitiveness in those games. Diddy Kong Racing on the other hand is a simple kart game with enough variety to keep it interesting but doesn't go overboard to the point where it becomes silly and frustrating. Different strokes for different folks I guess

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nothing 8 did was interesting but it's now in that nostalgia phase

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and all the writing was either incredibly stupid or cringe worthy.

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Loved it when it came out and love it now.

>b-but my opinion is absolute!

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These games look pretty but the gameplay is horrible.
Now time for the influx of angry euros.

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heheh someone made your topic for you

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wait... FF8 is over rated now? Last I knew the internet hivemind said it was horrible.

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the majority of FF games are overated to hell, 7 was definitely better than 8 but I cant call it anymore than OK

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Chrono Trigger is about as barebones as you can get and Earthbound is either hit or miss depending on who you are

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Racing part of it is overrated. SNES, DS, and arguably Wii had better tracks. Battle Mode was legit the best in the series though.

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For racing:
2. MK8
4. MK7
5. MK64
6. MKWii

For battle:
1. MK64
900. MKWii
901. MK7
902. MK8

They fucked up balloon mode for good starting with MKWii. Also I haven't played Super Mario Kart or Super Circuit so I can't rate those.

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>best racing

yeah sure was fun abusing the shit out of snaking, and then all the hacking online.

Awesome tracks but good fucking god was that game broken

>> No.3180270

>he couldn't snake

The hacking was annoying but there's nothing wrong with having techniques in a game. You probably bitch when people wavedash or meteor cancel in melee

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overrated as fuck, but still better than Doom 3 or the new one.
the control scheme was very wierd in the metal gear games and the cinematics took so long

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why did you have to respond to metal gear solid spammer?
it was the third time he posted it, and he does this all the time. He also makes spam threads about how over rated the game supposedly is or how much he hates solid snake or what ever. It's ridiculous. Go search of Metal Gear Solid in the archive site.

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no one really likes the original Street Fighter that much, it's all the other versions that people have orgasms over.

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>MK64 is not a good competitive game.
Sure it is. Time trials are still being improved today, 20 years later.

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Why do I remember the Yoshi 1 banner as a kid?

>> No.3180754

Are you talking about the original STII or some turbo shit here, like your picture suggests?

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>You probably bitch when people wavedash or meteor cancel in melee
Not that guy but I don't even play melee, possibly in part because exploiting bugs/design oversights in games aimed at five year olds is not especially appealing me. Did you know that racing games that don't require you to drive sideways 90% of the time also involve "technique"?

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this isnt the original street fighter
this is one of the versions of street fighter 2.
all iterations of SF2 seem kinda overrated to me
they are just so slow compared to Alpha series or 3rd strike wich are way more fun and nobody talks about them for some reason

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ff7: >No good music i could remember after 7hours in the game
>those ugly-ass character sprites
>beginning of "le edgy dark boy with anime hair" in the ff serie

Secret of Mana
>childish ambience , can't take it seriously
>no noticeable music after 4hours into the game
>buggy AI

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It's not bad, but it's nothing special.

>> No.3180821

>it's nothing special
well i dont knowother 3d games with linear corridors like that. you know always exactly where you wanna go
its the most linear thing but i love it

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More like overpriced.
Every copy I find is over $40, but the fucking Japanese version I found on eBay is less than 20. What the crap?

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DKR was shit anon.

>> No.3181756

This anon gets it. Would party with/10

>> No.3181762

Diddy had 3d models, better tracks, the multi Kart gimmick, and a great adventure mode.
MK had better balance, characters, and I honestly liked the personality of the game better.

>> No.3181772

Its a must play in burgerland.
I got super famicom mario kart for 10

>> No.3181789

I went to Japan and noticed this shit too
Earthbound=200 bucks
Mother 2=20 bucks
Chrono Trigger-250-300 bucks
Chrono Trigger jap=10-15 bucks


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Most of us can't read moonrunes. For RPGs that's a dealbreaker.

>> No.3181810

That kind of pricing is pretty common for first party Nintendo games on the N64 and GameCube.

>> No.3181823

But they can read it.
I think the pricing is because it's more common to find a Jap BBC opt than US, don't quote me on that thougb

>> No.3181825

still didn't answer the question on why American versions are more expensive, dumb fuck

>> No.3181834

>BBC opt
That was supposed to be "copy". Fucking autocorrect.

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Agreed with most posts here

Except metroid.

>> No.3181851


You make it sound like it actually requires effort to download a fucking image

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Shaq Fu. It's a bad game but everyone jizzes over how bad it is just because it has Shaq on it

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The whole series is a meme

Never got the hype for survival horror meme where the only horror are the clunky controls.

Plebs haven't played Shadowman.

>> No.3181881

I appreciated how it was creepy and confusing scary, but never jump scares

>> No.3182498


no, he's absolutely right. If you get a star or a single/3 mushroom boost and use it, the AI will be right on your ass the second he boost expires

>> No.3182503


>ff7 has bad music!

ayy lmao

This thread is shit. Every single "overrated games" thread on /vr/ is filled with reactionary opinions. I really do not understand why someone hates something for being popular.

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>awful controls

say what you will about the cheating ai and your opinion on the aesthetics but the controls are fine my nigga. its likely you thats bad.

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Anything post 2000 pretty much is highly overrated. Gaming peaked in the 4th gen

>> No.3182606


A Link To The Past

>> No.3182681


>insert your favorite game here

It's probably overrated too. "Overrated" is literally just a catch all term for "anything that is too popular for my super refined tastes".

>> No.3182683

The word overrated is too overrated for my refined tastes.

>> No.3182690


Words are too overrated for my refined tastes.

If only I was a 4 dimensional being.

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You want to be a Neo Geo game?

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bruh how the fuck did you know

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This. Played it tonight, fucking thing sucks.

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The entire N64 library.

>> No.3182794

Mana is an overrated series in general.

>> No.3182795


You're thinking of 6

>> No.3182808


don't forget the entire PS1 and Saturn libraries as well.

>> No.3182818

No, those had some variety.

>> No.3182821


Nah, they are overrated.

>> No.3182823

Your shitposting could use a little variety.

>> No.3182824

Said the shitposter

>> No.3182827



Where do you think you are? This whole thread is for shitposting.

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Any game by this company, especially Ikaruga and Mischief Makers.

>> No.3182845


That's what I'm talking about.

Shitpost about, my friend.

Did I mention Metal Gear Solid is overrated af?

>> No.3182848



really shitty gameplay and story.

but the modern schoolboy theme, quirky dialogue, basically the games strong personality blinds people to its material flaws.

>> No.3182852

MK 64 was all around a better game. And the music was a lot bearable compared to DKR.

>> No.3182853

>really shitty gameplay

So you don't like JRPGs.

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>tfw I liked Mario Kart 64 and figured I'd get the cartridge out for old times sake
>realize I never actually owned it

>> No.3183050

Because memory is fallible and your life is a lie.

>> No.3183308

Is this going to be the new meme around here? First it was Earthbound then it was Metal Gear Solid.

>> No.3183364

Because all your friends owned it, right? I was that way with Goldeneye. I only finally got a copy of my own last year.

>> No.3183370

I had the same thing happen with Mario 3. I had played at every one of friends' houses and years later I was digging out my Nintendo and realized despite it being the NES game I played the most I never actually owned it.

>> No.3183397

Even as a kid, I could tell this pandered to the suicidal emo teenagers.

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A lot of people are trolling, but my brother and I tried to play through Secret of Mana a couple of years ago, and we just couldn't do it.

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This shit, and every other Konami belt scroller. No real depth to speak of and gets repetitive quickly.

>> No.3184030


Reminds me of Earthbound in a way. Notable SNES JRPG with a great OST, charming aesthetics, and boring gameplay. Unfortunately for Secret of Mana, it was also translated horrendously and thus makes zero fucking sense.

>> No.3184048

Nah thats a classic and was pretty fun to play back in the day. Prob still pretty fun to play with other people

I'd say the T2 arcade was more overrated back then. Every arcade you'd go to they would have them in the front, that game where you shoot the screen with the Uzi. It was only fun to put quarters in and shoot the fuck out of the screen and feel like you're shooting a real Uzi until your time ran out and had to put more quarters in

I know no one cares anymore but it was ubiquitous in the 90s

>> No.3184049

For me it was Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Mario 64 and Super Metroid. I played those games a ton but never bought them, because I was either playing them with friends or borrowing them. I still need a copy of Mario Kart.

>> No.3184127

Not a fan of MK or any racing game where you can get shot. Racing on Monkey Ball is alright but that's just a minigame. But MK, Wipeout, etc just fuck me off when I get ahead via actual racing skills (as opposed to red/blue shells, etc) and just get blow away on the home straight.

>> No.3184198

Y did they change these, it was clever as hell

>> No.3184410

Almost every Rare game besides Banjo Kazooie, Tooie, and the DOCTOR trilogy. ESPECIALLY Conker and DK64

>> No.3184419

*DKC trilogy

Fuck auto-correct

>> No.3184508

Every game you've ever played is over rated. I'm so hard core I only play games you've never heard of designed by people you've never heard of while listing to music you've never heard of by a band you've never heard of. The rest of you are sooo mainstream it disgusts me.

>> No.3184621

if you think this is overrated then you donĀ“t have a good relationship with your friends.
And also a piece of shit.

>> No.3184636

mk64 feels timeless

>> No.3184642


top comfy

>> No.3187119

Because they didn't want to get into legal trouble over clever parodies, and people would go ballistic over having a cigarette brand reference in a game that would mostly be played by children

Also an overrated game would Super Smash Bros., and Melee if you also want to count gamecube. Sometimes I want to play a multiplayer game that isn't Smash, but no, everyone has to be "It's either smash or nothing!"

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