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We already have a thread about most otaku console, let's have a thread about anime retro games in general. Let's talk about all of them, no matter how old. What do you like /vr/?

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Been playing Sailor Moon Super S on SNES lately. I actually played this as a kid but I haven't played it in years. It surprisingly holds up pretty well, it's a fun fighting game.

Other anime fighting games I really like are DBZ Super Butouden 2, Gundam W Endless Duel and Yu Yu Hakusho Makyou Toitsusen

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I got these over the years.
Magic Knight Rayearth was the first game I got for my shiny new Saturn in 1995, and my first ever Japanese import game. (The PC Engine ones I got later.)

Nadesico ~the blank of 3 years~ is an awesome adventure/novel game up there with YU-NO and Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright.

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This game is a lot of fun. Jupiter is a beast. Plenty of over the top violence in the most girly of settings ever.

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I think I played that Gunbuster game for PCE; it's the one that's basically an interactive story, right?
It was funny getting some of the "wrong" scenes, had some semi-lewds too.

And Super Robot Wars F is fantastic, I actually played and finished it recently. Now I'm looking for SRW F Final (you can transfer your save from F to it)

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I haven't played Jupiter too much yet, but she has some pretty cool electric attacks, though I can smash her spamming Mina's Venus Love and Beauty shock. Actually so far I've mainly been playing as Venus, she's my favorite plus she has the chain, I feel like motherfucking Simon Belmont playing as her.

Chibiusa has an awesome aerial butt attack, too.

This is a pretty awesome game, I'll be playing it for a long time now that I rediscovered it.

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>I think I played that Gunbuster game for PCE; it's the one that's basically an interactive story, right?
Yeah it's basically just a conversion of the OVA with some bonus choice stuff added.

>SRW F Final
I lent that to a guy before even getting to playing it and then he moved away.
But playing the first one I found I didn't really like SRW gameplay all that much so hopefully he enjoyed it.

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>I lent that to a guy before even getting to playing it and then he moved away.

Sucks when that happens. Did he even play the first one though?
Anyway I have no idea how Final is, but on SRW F you get only cock teased with Gunbuster and Ideon, they appear on the cover, but in the actual game they only appear during a short time at the very end of the game and you can't even use the units. But I still enjoyed the game greatly, had a good selection of robots.

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I enjoyed playing the beat-em-up on the Famicom as well. But what I really want to do is play Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Looks gorgeous.

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You mean the Super Famicom right?
I played the beat 'em up on Genesis, which I think is not as good as the SNES version (I think it's missing a level or something), but it still gave me my fix of sailor moon vidya back in the day. I have fond memories of it.

Only recently I found out that it has a secret true final boss if you beat the game without dying or something, too hard for me though.

The arcade looks amazing but I still never tried it, does it emulate well?

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>Did he even play the first one though?
I'm thinking he must have or it wouldn't have made sense for me to lend him just the second, but I don't remember too well now.

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>Anyway I have no idea how Final is, but on SRW F you get only cock teased with Gunbuster and Ideon



Yeah, they're playable in SRWFF.

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Yeah I imagined/hope so!
Not watching the videos because I don't want to spoil myself.

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Why the fuck would anyone want to be an otaku, anon? Even the Japanese think you're a faggot.

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No, it's weeaboos you're talking about. Not saying otakus are respected, but they're far more respected than weebs.

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Better start stretching your anus.

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Will I like Xenogears if I love Evangelion?

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For Japanese men? I don't think any stretching will be required, anon.

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you're an otaku if you post on /vr/

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You're an otaku if you come to 4chan

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You're an otaku if you are aware about the existence of a country called Japan

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sexy young boy taking care of otaku console

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Gotta rock that flannel shirt aesthetic