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>You will never enjoy another game as much as Paper Mario
I have played good games, but nothing compares to Paper Mario.
I refuse to play TTYD cash grab.

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I thought TTYD was better.

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>ttyd is a cash grab!
>I never actually played it though
Better then the original in my opinion, play it dumbass.

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I saw a walkthrough though

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I'm with you. Nothing compares to the 64 version.

Creatively it's just in another league. RPGs could learn from Paper Mario.

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TTYD is not at all a cash grab, it's a worthy successor to the original. Sticker Star is the soulless cash grab.

I totally get you on Paper Mario though. That game was absolutely magical when I was 10. I played through the whole thing 4 times in a row.

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I played it first when I was like 16 and it was good still, despite the pj64 glitches and bugs.
I just replayed it a few days ago with my 750ti and glide, and the game runs almost flawlessly now.
It is a vast different experience.

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>TTYD cash grab

TTYD is widely regarded as superior in every way because it is objectively so. 2/10 bait

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I emulated it all fucked up like that when I was like 10 and I still became my fav game. It was basically what made me love videogames so much, AND motivated me to learn English. When I got the Wii downloadable version 10 years later I saw that star effect when a battle starts and I had honestly never seen it before. I enjoyed that playthrough so much.

Fuck, I'm so nostalgic now.

But yeah, stop being a cunt for no reason and go play TTYD, OP.

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Similar to how Melee is regarded as superior to 64.

Also not true.

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But people is saying TTYD is different already, so why bother?
I really just want more of the same.

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>I refuse to play really good games


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Out of all the games in the world that are not Paper Mario, TTYD is the game that is most similar to Paper Mario. Seriously, just go play it.

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Well I guess, it is just that when it is over, I know that Super and jam aren't gonna be any good.

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TTYD is more of the same.

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>You will never leave everything behind and live a comfy life with the Yoshis in Lavalava island

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It's a bit different in style (one of the reasons I still like the original better, TTYD feels... snarkier) but gameplay is basically the same but better. More refined.

Like c'mon anon, are you being serious?

Super is just alright. Its heart is in the right place and its got an amazing ost but that's about it. So much lost potential.

I legit wanted to live in Shiver City or a similar place as a kid, those houses look so comfy and warm. And the music of that whole chapter is so nice and atmospheric.... Man, these games have some really pretty and comfy locations.

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Shiver city is pretty easy, just move to Canada anon.
Living in a jungle isn't as easy as it seems though.

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I was a huuuuuge Super Mario RPG fan. Massive. I was so excited for a sequel and then they announced it. And it was Paper Mario and I was super disappointed. I saw this photo and I was just crushed.

Then it came out and I actually played the game. I devoured it, I don't ever remember playing and beating a game so fast. Then I played it so much that I tried to archive every single thing in the game onto a series of looseleaf.

Then the exact same thing happened to me when I saw the trailers for Wind Waker. Played the game and fell in love.

So I learned that when I am disappointed about a sequel to something beloved to me.....play the damn game and you might fall in love with it!

Play Thousand Year Door if you like Paper Mario!

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>that pic

i jej'd hard

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>and now we're talking about which Paper Mario places we want to live in

I wanna live on that island in TTYD where you recruit Bobbery. Set up a little resort town on the beach... I could get into that.

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Well it is better than letting the thread die so early.

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>a resort or town
C'mon anon, you already got a sweet ass shipwreck camp, don't be so picky.

Actually, Andorra is way closer to where I live and I remember it being very much like Shiver City on winter, cold but beautiful outdoors and warm and cozy indoors. I love that place.

I'm so glad that "WNID WAKER IS NOT TRUE ZEDLA" meme died so fast. When people actually fucking played it. It was so obnoxious before the game's release, I remember seeing people actually upset about it on magazines. So yup, you're absolutely right and know where you're coming from, we were all so fixated on that stupid SpaceWorld 2000 video or in Super Mario RPG's visual style, and these games were even better than their predecessors in some ways.

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>nothing ripped off SMRPG so closely

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I like SMRPG so much too.
Paper Mario battle style is vastly different though thanks to the badge system and the reduced item inventory.

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That and the action commands are plain better, and involve you much more. And they just got better in TTYD and M&L.

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OP, I'd ask you to stop being a faggot but I understand it's not something you wake up in the morning and choose to do- it's ingrained in your psyche.

Jokes aside, both PM and TTYD are great games in different ways. TTYD's story and combat are fucking amazing but it's pacing lacks, while PM is solid in every way. TTYD improves on the original but feels just a little padded upon repeat plays.

Here's hoping color splash is okay.

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I prefer M&L. Paper Mario's partner and guarding system don't feel as good as M&L.

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M&L is just so boring aesthetically, musically, and in terms of narrative.

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>Hoping color splash is ok
Anon I...

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OP here I have bee lurking the whole thread so far.
I guess I'll give TTYD a go.

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The way I see it, there is no way it can be worse than Sticker Star.

Depending on how they handle cards it could be pretty fun.

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I didn't really enjoy TTYD at all. It felt really boring to me and I didn't like any of the partners minus the bob-omb. I dunno, it just didn't feel as genuine to me as 64 did.

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>he didn't like Goombella, Vivian, or Ms. Mowz

African-American, you are homosexual. but yeah Bobbery was cool

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Replaying right now. I havent booted up my 64 since i moved and i had made a nice shielded svideo cable at work today. So far im thinking of going straight badges and Fp

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I liked Sticker Star

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Danger mario run?

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