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Let's have a thread for the best handheld line: Gameboy, Color, and the rest.

What are your favorite games on them? Played anything on them recently?

Virtual Boy is also welcome.

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GBA a best.

I played zone of the enders the fist of mars recently
it was fanastic.

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gtfo, troll

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Let's not. GBA isn't retro. Sage, hidden, reported.

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GBA's are retro because you can play GB and GBC games on them.

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On the Gameboy, probably Tetris, Wario Land, Legend Of Zelda, Dr. Mario, etc.
I largely remember my Gameboy Pocket for puzzle games and Pokémon. Of course, also those pirate multicarts that listed way more games than they actually had.
Me and my brother had a different one each, they featured some of the same games, and they both boasted featuring "32 in 1", but it was more like 12 in 1 (which isn't too bad still).

On the Color, Wario Land 2, Pokémon again, Resident Evil Gaiden (though I know full well it isn't actually good), Duke Nukem.
Whenever I play a new Gameboy Color game, I'm always amazed somehow by some kind of neat feature or graphic that I never really thought it could do, it was a pretty capable piece of hardware for it's time.

The GBA isn't really retro yet (though it can be used to play or emulate retro games, as well as featuring ports and remakes of retro titles), but the Castlevania, Metroid and Pokémon games were great and the port of A Link To The Past is really nice, I love having such a great adventure in the comfort of my pocket.

The Virtual Boy interests me, the library seems really interesting, but the system itself seems like it would be terrible to play on.

So the Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Virtual Boy aren't retro now?

Nyyeeeeh, debatable. But yes, you can use it play a variety of retro games, in a variety of ways.
The console is like Schrödinger's Retro.

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PS3 is retro now :)

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I guess 3DS, Wii, and Wii U are now also retro!
And XBox One because of Rare Replay!
Let's not forget our friends from Sony, a lot of older titles were re-released on that system, too!

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Because meeting shitposting with shitposting is the mature and effective way to handle things.

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I'm sorry, Anon.

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I'm sick and fucking tired of this "15 year old game consoles are not retro" meme. Game Boy Advance is definitely fucking retro.

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Recently played the Kirby's for GBC, they're still fun.

Going to make a PS Vita thread then!

Define "retro", so I can tell you why it's wrong.
When /vr/ was made, "retro" was defined as every game made for consoles released before 1999.
Dreamcast is allowed because of it's arcade library.

GBA is not retro in 4chan's definition because it was released after that, and even though I personally wouldn't mind it, it has strong ties to the GC and is a window to allow GC, PS2 and OG Xbox here as well. Which are all modern enough to still be discussed on /v/.
>But nobody ever talks about them!
Make a thread yourself.

With 4chan's userbase becoming more and more younger and mainstream, it'll only bring it to /v/'s standard more.
Considering you're calling it a "meme" I'd say you're part of it as well.

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>the Kirby's for GBC

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Nah, I meant the Dreamland games, but they're actually for the original Game Boy.
Man, do I wish that Dream Land 2/3's Animal Friends concept ever returned.
It was fun.

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should fix that

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Retro is an aesthetic and the GBA definitely fits it. Although if we allow stuff based on aesthetic alone we'd allow indie garbage here as well, so I'm not interfering in this one.

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>Retro is an aesthetic

>GBA definitely fits it

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Greats arguments chum.

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more than the comment and the machine deserve

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Did you read the entirety of my post? I'm not advocating the GBA's inclusion into /vr/ despite it fitting the retro aesthetic.

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and yet you're talking about that off-topic shitbox still. gtfo

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I just wanted a fucking Gameboy thread you worthless assholes.

I don't care what any of you think of the GBA, I just want to talk about the Gameboys and the games for it.

Thanks a lot for this dumb shit metathread you turned this into, rather than posting about the fucking Gameboy.

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>I just wanted a fucking Gameboy thread you worthless assholes
Then don't shitpost, retard

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I should. But I'm using the GameCube's GameBoy Player and the only way to play it is by picking up the GameCube itself and tilting the GC itself.
I should probably get a GameBoy.

>Retro is an aesthetic and the GBA definitely fits it.
If we're taking textbook examples, yes.
Not if we're taking 4chan's definition. Which is what most people seem to forget.

>Although if we allow stuff based on aesthetic alone we'd allow indie garbage here as well, so I'm not interfering in this one.
Thank you for at least knowing that.
As I said, I wouldn't mind GBA as I grew up with it as well, but half of the games are pre-rendered 3D, and it'll only bring more and more shitposting with it that "Hurr GBA was allowed so why not allow PS2/Xbox/GC as well?"

There's been non-/vr/ postings, which occur naturally through conversations (original Xbox and the PS2, the DS and even the 3DS, come to mind), yet it should stay pre-1999.

See picture.
4chan's definition of "everything pre-1999" is something moot made up.

Better to just "/vr/ is pre-gen 6" and be done with it.
GBA/PS2 pro-inclusion posts should be an permanent ban from posting on /vr/.

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You give up too easy OP.

I decided to niche myself on a small group of system and GB and GBC are part of it. Here's what I'm playing right now. There's something endearing about defeating your enemies throwing peaches at them. It's not a good game, music is a little dull and repetitive, as the levels, but there's something about the protagonist, the monsters and the idea of throwing peaches that really click with me. Definitely playing the other ones in the series too.

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>If we're taking textbook examples, yes.
your text book is fucked up

>See picture.
I do, it's useless
>Retrogaming is a pastime which is becoming increasingly popular where individuals play video games on vintage computers or vintage game consoles
Aesthetic has nothing to do with it

>4chan's definition of "everything pre-1999" is something moot made up.
It also happens to make the GBA off-topic, so stfu and gtfo

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I'm not the guy you're autisming with you fucking niggerfaggot, I literally have only made two posts in this thread, three with this one.

I hope you twist your testicles.

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dude, you said yourself you're op. Half your picture is off-topic trolling, and the post itself is not clarifying either. Anyone with half a brain knows that even casual inclusion of the GBA is a shitstorm in the making. YOU were shitposting, right out of the gate. I suggest you let your trainwreck of a thread die, and next time make an on-topic thread, instead of this bullshit

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PS3 is retro because you can play ps1 games on them.

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>Here's what I'm playing right now.
Is it fun?

>your text book is fucked up
Too bad, it's the English language.

>I do, it's useless
Nope. It proves he's right.

>Aesthetic has nothing to do with it
The word "retro" is defined as in that dictionary exert.
Retrogaming is something different from retro, if you actually read what you copied you'd notice the fact it says "vintage computers/video game consoles" and not "retro computers/video game consoles".
Retro is not "a" aesthetic but a COLLECTION OF aesthetics.

>It also happens to make the GBA off-topic, so stfu and gtfo
And here's how I know you don't even read because I never disagreed on that point.

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>you said yourself you're op
No, I'm not, I never fucking said I did.
I merely said I wanted a Gameboy thread, this is a Gameboy thread and I wanted it to be a Gameboy thread.

I have literally talked about more retro games in this thread than all of you combined.
Get raped with a pineapple, autists like you kill this board.

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>Retro is not "a" aesthetic but a COLLECTION OF aesthetics.
Specifically, the aesthetic of the past. So it's more of a concept.
Be it fashion, video games, or furniture.

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>No, I'm not, I never fucking said I did.
You're right, I give you that. In that case, tough luck. This is not the thread you're looking for. Do as >>3160829 suggested and look for another.

>I have literally talked about more retro games in this thread than all of you combined
and you have only yourself to blame for that.

and you blame me for killing this board? Get fucked

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>and you blame me for killing this board
Yes I do, because unlike you I fucking talk about videogames instead of getting into prolonged meta discussion shitfests.

If all you fucking autists had restrained yourself and just talked about games instead, we could have had a good thread, fucking kill yourself.

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Here's the next one I'm going to play. I really like these characters. I hope they don't end up working forever for pachinko machines. It's been a while since their last game.

It's fun in a way. It's not rare for me to enjoy a game simply because I find the premise interesting (you have this guy, he throws peaches) or if I like how the enemies look and things like that. It's definitely not for everyone.

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you talk about video games in dead threads. You're contributing absolutely nothing, except the occasional bump

>If all you fucking autists had restrained yourself and just talked about games instead
Here's the thing you fail to get: the GBA disrupts, shits on and fucks up any GB exchanges on here. I won't even bother salvaging a thread that casually includes the GBA right from the beginning. The moment a GB thread includes the GBA, it's all just DMG, GBP/L and GBA, with the GBC thrown to the side as a half-assed system That's two systems I don't give a shit about one way or another, one of them thoroughly off-topic, and the one system that does interest me pushed to the side. So, no, I will not "restrain" myself if a thread makes clear that it's gonna be a clean split between GB and GBA.

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>Actually making games again
Oh, how much I feel sorry for you.

I guess I'll have to try it out. Ganbare Goemon is a nice game. I find it fun.

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>The moment a GB thread includes the GBA, it's all just DMG, GBP/L and GBA, with the GBC thrown to the side as a half-assed system
Flat out lie, the last Gameboy thread where it was included didn't oust the original or the Color games, you're making shit up to justify your "NOT RETRO" shitposting.

I made one of the earliest posts, before you fucking faggots had your sperg outburst, stop defending your shit behavior, you're at fault here.

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Has anyone tried this? I remember getting very frustrated as this as a kid.

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You are being disruptive, anon. Please stop.

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I recall reading a Nintendo Power or something where this game was basically brushed off as a "boring game where you just collect letters", but BOY were they wrong.

The gameplay is actually quite good, it's kind of like the old sidescrollers from before DN3D (and it's more or less recycling the plot), the style and humor is pretty fucking fun, it's not as crude and explicit like DN3D, but it's got it's share of cartoony violence that's really endearing.

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Give me your weird gems for these handhelds, /vr/.

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What am I in for, /vr/?

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about $20 - $80 depending on the condition it's in

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