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Which one /vr/?

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does it matter?

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The one that don't make the dithering effects look like shit.

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The first one of course. The pixels are supposed to be sharp. Why would they bother using vertical lines if they were intended to be blurred? They are obviously intended to be visible because that better represents falling water.

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No filters

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i must say i am impressed that they made the waterfall pattern look completely different on composite

that was some clever shit

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Anything but composite, that looks like shit.

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Both look good, but what's the shader?

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The S-video filter is fucked up. It doesn't look THAT different from RGB.

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>Why would they bother using vertical lines if they were intended to be blurred?

For transparency effects. Mega Drive doesn't do actual transparencies but using the low quality of composite with certain patterns like that can create transparency effects.

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YOU FUCKIN RETARD... Generations of course. What you seriously thought that I would believe that this is 1 and that Generations was supposed to be a throwback anniversary title?

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This, composite looks like actual transparency through water, the others look like something more artificial with the more visible lines.
Also, that's still all emu filters

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Blargg's NTSC filters are pretty accurate though

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Get rid of that fucking screen curvature and then we'll talk.

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Except that's the best looking one

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What emulator is that? I'm still using Kega Fusion.

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The answer is a real CRT via composite.

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>Anything looking that bright behind a waterfall

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He's using retroarch.
Kega supports blaarg anyway, you just have to download the plugin pack and unzip it in the executable folder.

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PAL master race.

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fuck off australia kun

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No need to be upset that you had to play your games with a shitty display back in the '90s, Amerifat.

Never Twice the Same Colour

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lol it really was you. sup buddy. you're mental.

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You're all mental.

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Whatever, kid... go back to playing your rubbish Nintendo games on your NTSC telly, the adults are talking here.

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>rgb is identical to off


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pssh, nothing personal australia

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Except when dumb fucks use the his SNES composite filters (which are tied to 256 pixel dotclocks) on the Genesis, completely missing the point since 320 pixel dotclocks actually blend like they should on the Genesis (and it's not even a side effect of composite, it's a deliberate lowpass filtering applied to the output by the hardware engineers, there are ways to get rid of the blending on composite if you really want, without even modding the console).

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What are you going to post next, a picture of a trilby?

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>worse resolution
>worse colours

Why are Americans so dumb?

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When the FUCK are you going to throw some shrimp on the cunting barbie?

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Whichever the devs intended.

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>calling Americans dumb when your games are LITERALLY retarded.

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>Blargg NTSC filter

does not fucking compute, never mind it's probably making rgb look like ass because there should be hardly any difference from the digital output

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Composite then.

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I doubt you've even played PAL games, Sonic is one of the games that were PAL-optimised so it runs at the same speed as NTSC versions.

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Nah, doing that would have required major engine overhauls, while basically all the ROMs are region independent and use the same code.

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Just talking in general. PAL games are forever buchered, thus it is an inferior format.

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No it isn't, PAL is better in every way, and for un-optimised games you can install a 50/60hz switch in your console.

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Well PAL is better *IF* you have region 50/60hz switch. The vanilla PAL machines however are fucked on the unoptimized games.

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Sonic 2 was... but not Sonic 1, sadly

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Sonic 1 was not PAL optimized.

I'd rather have NTSC any time of the day. And besides that, its flaws allowed for some clever coloring techniques, as seen with the IBM CGA and Apple II.

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>Clapistan will NEVER EVER get the best Megadrive game

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But we did get Rocket Knight Adventures.

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Sorry 50Hz, it's inferior. Forever.

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>What is the Sega Channel

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A dead service you can't get games from anymore because America is retarded.

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60hz patch when?

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I know Sanic 1 was originally not PAL optimized, but what about on the Sonic Classics (USA) a.k.a. Sonic Compilation (Europe) cartridge that came out in 1995?

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>Why would they bother using vertical lines if they were intended to be blurred?

because they form a fake transparency effect when they're blurred.

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>curve filters

For what fucking purpose?

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Sanic in widescreen eyy

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Yeah sure we got RGB SCART but the game's in the wrong aspect ratio and runs like 20% slower than the NTSC version, we still lost in the end.

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S-Video looks the best.

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They didn't reprogrammed the games, just remapped them to different cartridge areas to put several games on same cartridge.

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Composite's bretty gud for artifact effects. But otherwise I'd choose RGB.

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