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Is Unreal 1/2 worth playing nowadays? No one ever talks about these

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Unreal 1, definitely. Return to Na Pali... maybe. Kind of a mediocre expansion.

2? No. Just fucking ignore 2. It was goddamn awful.

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I'm assuming you haven't played them before?

If you have, why are you asking us if they're worth playing?

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2 has the gall to be worse than halo.

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Eh. It's not bad if you ignore the fact that it's called Unreal 2.

That's its only real problem, imo. That it pretends its Unreal when the only thing it has from the original game is the Skaarj, whose presence is relatively minor.

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I dont get what there really is to hate about it.
I had a gay ol' time.

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>playing singleplayer Unreal

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I played Unreal. Controls are bad, but the graphics are quite nice imho. The 3d sections are a nice addition but it's nothing special.

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Unreal 1 campaign is awesome don't listen to fags who think it's UT with bots

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The only problem is that first few levels are literally boring tunnels.

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>playing singleplayer Unreal

Unreal has one of the best visual designs i've ever seen. When the rest of the industry fawned over "muh realism", Epic understood that it is not achievable on modern systems and went "Fuck being realistic, we gonna be FABULOUS!".
Does fire made of flying dots looks real? Hell no.
Does it still looks beautiful to watch? Hell yeah.
Whater looks like a surface of a crystal, and it's awesome. Color balance and design in most areas is perfect.
Mod music is top notch.

Yes, the game has some shortcomings, but it is still amazing.
Not to mention great weapons and some graphic effects not commonly seen even in modern titles (like multilayered detail exturing on picrelated)

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Unreal 1 is Myst with guns and puzzles replaced with action. Agree or disagree?

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Not that Unreal (1990)

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Unreal 1 + Return to Na-Pali: yes
Unreal 2: try it if you want it, majority of people hate it, but the characters were great with Ne'Baan stealing the show, also some of the guns are pretty cool.

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Unreal is what would have happened if Psygnosis would have made a FPS during their heyday.

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did anyone else want to fuck aida from unreal 2? desu I only played the unreal games when I saw unreal 3 featured in PC Powerplay magazine (I was 11 fuck you)

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It's a 3D Super Metroid without backtracking. Agree or disagree?

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Unreal 1 is a masterpiece, so yes, it's worth playing.

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yes, but only for LAN, the community for both is rather sparse these days, and if you want to play a traditional game on vanilla maps you need to go LAN, could be a fun party game now that your average laptop can handle this like a pro. pic unrelated

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Right down to the demoscene music.

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That looks like Wheel Of Time.

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How can any other video game even compete?

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Which uses the unreal engine.

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It's a lot like deus ex title music, almost like he reused the track for it.

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same artist.
Alexender Brandon.

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Every unreal 1 engine game also supports Aureal A3D 2.0 for awesome sound. The closest you can get on a modern system is using the OpenAL patch someone made for the game.

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Unreal Tournament's UI still gives me a raging boner. Something about integrating itself into the OS mechanically and design language wise. You know, sort of like Half-Life on Steam but with a sexy taskbar with all the options listed under drop lists.

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Please read anon.
>almost like he reused it

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Can an artist copy themselves?

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Re using something isn't copying you dingleberry, it's using it again.

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So what was the more pain in the ass "sewer level": Ceremonial Chambers or Terraniux?

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Boring game with boring linear levels and shitty characters shoved down your throat. Really lame copy of Halo that missed what Halo did right. Which is funny because what Halo did right, Unreal 1 already did slightly better. The world of Unreal 1 was amazing.

I wasn't yet jaded on new video games when Unreal 2 came out, and I could barely finish it because it was so dull.

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How do I start a co-op server on Unreal? Just like starting any server on UT? Do maps advance properly at stage end?

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Why not just join a co-op server? There's a bunch.

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I want to play just me and a friend.

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Have you not looked at the server list? Most of the servers are empty, join one of those.

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Every time I replay the game can never fucking remember how to open the final door and end up running around in circles for half an hour.

At least it has one of the best audio tracks in the game.

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I actually played Unreal 1 & 2 a few years back... Maybe 2010 or so. They were... Uh... A product of their time. I would call them playable but I definitely wouldn't recommend them today.

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I played Unreal 1 for the first time just a few years ago myself and I have the exact opposite opinion. The first game is an absolute must play and I kick myself for not playing it back in the day.

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That's not even the worst part. The worst part is that









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Tank controls was all the rage back then.

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Holy shit, I never knew there was a sequel. Is it good?

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Not really

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Unreal 1 is fun if you try to take yourself back to 1998 and remember what else came out that year.

UT99 is still a blast to play and still has servers up IIRC

UT2004 is one of my favorite shooters

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>tfw UT2004 online's dead

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Unreal II represents mid-to-late 90's FPS games with absolutely no innovation except high-res graphics. The epitome of generic FPS games from that period.

If you're curious about it, watch a video review or two, you'll get more out of it without wasting time and money.

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While I don't think U2 is that good, I've still encountered the random person that likes it for some reason, so it still might be worth playing.

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Mid-to-late 90s is the pinnacle of innovation in FPS genre. Unreal II is a 2003 game. You have absolutely no clue in what you're trying to talk about.

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It depends on what the player is looking for. If it's a look at the past/early '00's period it's worth it and it's got a lot of pre-'00 retro DNA in it, to a fault. Some maps look pretty cool but that's all I got.

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>Mid-to-late 90s is the pinnacle of innovation in FPS genre.

Where did I say anything about 90's games, I'm talking about Unreal II.

>Unreal II is a 2003 game.

That it is.

>You have absolutely no clue in what you're trying to talk about.

Yes, I do. Unreal 2 presents no innovation and what I said amounts to a game looking at the past with no innovation whatsoever other than graphically.

So maybe next time, buddy.

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Ceremonial Chambers, definitely. That level was a real maze first time I played, and I didn't see the switch underwater to open the gates. The second half is much better though. The cave at the end still wows me to this day.

I'm quite fond of Terraniux, I feel it captures the essence of an alien spaceship well. It is quite maze-like, but once you see how everything is arranged around a central core navigation is a snap.

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For real man, I always wondered why detail textures never took off. They didn't even give much of a performance hit.

I remember the first time I discovered you could INI edit to turn them on in UT and ever since, that's the first fucking thing I do when I install that game.

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Unreal 1 is certainly worth playing. It is up there with Quake and Half-Life in its gameplay. Just remember to re-map the controls before play.

Unreal 2... I'd probably pass. The sluggish movement and generic design are in stark contrast to the original. It's definitely not the worst shooter available, but it is not really that fun to play.

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They were on by default with the glide renderer.

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Higher-res main texture made them unnecessary in a couple of years. I too wish more games from that time had them.

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Or pretend the surface has details through methods like parallax mapping.

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Not to mention increased geometry complexity through the likes of Static Meshes.

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Is there any brief documentation on how the engine works? I'm especially interested in the lighting.

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>No one ever talks about these

Because 1 was a tech demo that faded into obscurity when Unreal Tournament came out and 2 was mediocre at best.

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Uh, fighting the dreadlock alien guy was fun.

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The Skaarj did nothing wrong. Nali were bloodthirsty savages before the Skaarj civilized them and gave them purpose.

Humans crashing the ISV Kran (which was illegally spying on Skaarj interests) and Vortex Riker (full of murderous death-row criminals) were acts of war against the the noble Skaarj.

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She was my first videogames induced fap, there was no ignoring those tits.

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Actually, many games, especially cross-platform still suffer from not-so-good texturing. Just boot up almost any modern first person game and walk into a wall - 90% of the time you'll see a blurry mess.

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Interesting. Got any sauce? There is definitely a lot more backstory to the series than most realize.

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Yeah, because I was a horny teenager when it came out. Nowadays her bland voice-acting and character/backstory coupled with her meh hooker face doesn't really do it for me now and she's not endearing at all.

I'd still fuck her

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>Unreal 2 represents mid-to-late 90s FPS games with no innovation.

Not the other poster but you're just being dumb.

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Unreal 1 had a sexy grenade launcher/scattergun hybrid that was awesome.
Unreal 2 had a boring ass shotgun.


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Yeah, the Eightball was my second favourite gun in the game, aside from the flak cannon. Its homing feature was neat, and you could load up to six rockets or grenades at a time. I just felt the flak cannon was much more resposive, though.

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Hell yeah son. The gameplay is as tight as ever and the graphics still impress me. God I miss the days when the servers were still jumping.

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I'm sorry.

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Man, the new weapons in RtNP were boring and redundant as fuck.

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I feel bad for saying this, but seeing this means I have to play this game now.

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Apparently a lot of RtNP is cut content from the Unreal beta.

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Many, many, MANY hours were lost playing the Zombie's Dead Zone COOP server and that was fifteen years ago on dialup. I'm actually shocked the server's still running.

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Not yet played RtNP, is it worth playing?

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Yeah, the new levels and music are top notch. The in-your-face story and voice acting are awful, though.

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That must be why I heard voice acting when I was messing with this mod:


It's a mod which randomises textures, sound effects and models in Unreal 1. It can also flip maps or tilt them.

Will check RtNP out, sinc I have Unreal Gold it is included in the package.

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Above image - innovative and beautiful by 1998 standards.

Below image - generic, subpar and shameful by 2003 standards.

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It's too bad Half-Life supports detail textures but no mods use it.

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Simple detail textures, it does not mulit-layer them, so when you push the cam so close you'll still get blurry mess, but with the detail textures this time, while Unreal just lays more detail textures beneath the previous layer.

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The Flak Cannon was always a beloved weapon for me with its instant powerful gratification regardless of the situation. My absolute favorite is the ASMD, though, with its skill-based tertiary function that rewards good timing, good aim, and good spacial reckoning.

Only useful RtNP weapon was the CAR, and that's because you get it earlier and it stores more ammo than the minigun (which was pretty useless by the time you get it even in the base Unreal SP). Missile Launcher and Grenade Launcher were still outclassed by the far more reponsive Eightball and Flak Cannon.

Vandora (and this game) made me into a man.

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I really liked that level with its mix of indoor and outdoor areas, reaching a climax with the titan battle in the auditorium. Much better than Chizra in my opinion.

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I've never played through the first Unreal apart from the first few levels myself, so I got the gog.com version, installed a patch to make it compatible and got the high-res textures.

So far it's pretty fucking great, I suggest you play it OP.

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remove the hi-res textures, the game still looks great without them

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dat music


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Cellars at Dasa Pass.

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b-but I liked Chizra

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Hi-res textures remove the detail textures and some other effects. Overall game looks better without them - for high res to look good on low polygonal environments/modles they need to be made with those textures in mind - Unreal was not.

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IMO the game looks best with the paletted textures, but no modern GPU supports them.

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>you take your first steps off the ship
>the area is open, no life detected
>this song plays

was a feeling of atmosphere i haven't felt in a game since

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>worth playing
What the fuck does that mean.
Its a video game,you start it and if you have fun you play it.
Jesus Christ what is wrong with you people

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...pretty sure he was just asking if we thought it was good or not
don't see what's so wrong with asking others their opinions
go find something worthwhile to get upset about

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Is my shit worth shitting out guys?

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What'\s the point of using High res textures if you dont use anisothropy with it? Everything in the distance turns into a blurry mush.

>> No.3174086

It looks fine to me, wasn't aware there was an option for anisotropic filtering
I'll look around

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Im pretty sure you can force it in the drivers.

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I play Unreal 1 campaign every now and then but I never get too far. Still enjoy the fuck out of it

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Same with me, it seems like I can't dedicate myself to finishing games. It's also the reason why I can't get into games like Final Fantasy which take some time to complete.

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sweet, thanks that actually looks way better

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Unreal was pretty cool, though I prefer Half-Life and Thief over it.

Is there a hud fix for higher screen resolutions?

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The problem with Unreal is that it was a simple, traditional key hunt Quake style fps at the very tail end of that model's viability.

Sure it was more colorful, with better lighting and larger environments. But gameplay wise it was no more complex than Quake 2.

Half Life had a simpler engine but was in all ways a better, more sophisticated game.

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HL was more linear story-driven game you mean, sure there was some non-linearity (at like 3 points in the whole game you could do some sections in free order), but not much, and it doesen't /feel/ like you exploring - there is no exploration atmosphere, that is dominant in Unreal.

In fact, they are on the same level in terms of complexity - it's just Unreal is less narration-driven. In both games there are no keys, rather than switches and distinct objectives instead of abstract "red door, blue door" - same in both HL and Unreal.

Unreal is the last one of true old-school shooters with vast levels and the sense of exploration freedom.

The only other games that come close to this feel are Metroid Prime series (I replayed them recently on an emu), but those have way more emphasis on close confined room sections.

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I honestly think the single player of Unreal is a tad overrated. Its good, and certainly had impressive AI and lineup of weapons. But, I personally find games before it like Doom, Quake, Duke 3D and Blood had better level design and pacing.

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Not currently.

Better beg Smirftsch to add it to 227j

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I liked Unreal 1 as a journey but I hated it as a game.

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You've never had a good journey, your sentiment is shit.

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Worth a play, but IMO, there were better FPA games in the 90's

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I guess were just overwhelmed by games these days. Back then when you got a new game you know that's all you'd get for at least a month, maybe a year if you were poor. So you just came home after school and played what you could.

I beat some tough games when I was a kid like The Dig, Full Throttle, etc. just because I had the time and patience to do it.

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i loved unreal. the levels music and atmosphere all came together well. Its my favorite scenario for a game: crashland on an unknown planet and try to find a way off.

there any other games with that scenario

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Unreal is good, but does have its moments where its kinda boring, particularly early game.

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This. Its boring as fuck.

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not retro but Metroid Prime, I think the developers were inspired by Unreal since they share a lot of the same concepts

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you know the single player can be played co-op online right?

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Only if you like action packed shooters and don't give a fuck about atmosphere.