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Why are Russians so obsessed with obscure old games and MMOs compared to everybody else? A majority of the communities playing dead MMOs I find are Russian. Not a bad thing at all, just wondering why.

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Russian reporting in.
Russia and CIS aren't rich countries and old and weak (by 2016) hardware is pretty common here. So we enjoy as much as possible with those games what we are capable to enjoy.
Hope you've got full understanding.

P.S.: ZX Spectrum community is big also because of these reasons, but 20 years ago.

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Do you know any big russian communities for playing/documenting obscure games?

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3DO communities, maybe, old Soviet computers communities.
Do you want links to forums or something else?

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Do the communist beliefs of Russia contribute to the fact that Russians playing strategy games tend to form a temporary hivemind that acts as a single entity?

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I can't say I've noticed this in my own dead MMO of choice. We only have a couple hundred players, I know almost all of them, and very few are Russian.

Maybe I'll make a thread later, the community is optimistic for growth again lately.

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I don't think it have something with communism. These ideas aren't much popular.

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What MMO might that be?

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I don't think it has something with communism. These ideas aren't much popular.

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Russians are into the 3DO?

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First of all, consoles aren't popular besides of Dendy, Megadrive and PSX (or rather PSone), if we talk about /vr/ consoles, and 3DO will be the third or even the second among the 5th gen in popularity. Mainly PC only and forever.

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>if we talk about /vr/ consoles
Oh, and Dreamcast.
Super Nintendo was advertised on the central television, but it wasn't affordable and mostly existed in big cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Nexus:TK. English release in 1998.
The company has decided to dedicate new and additional staff to the game, so people are hopeful.

Would be nice to see some new faces, it's such a friendly place.

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I'd like to play, but how do I get into these defunct dead MMO's? DOSbox?

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Runs happily on on windows, with some compatibility options.

Too busy today to play tutorial tourguide I'm afraid, but if you decide to investigate then come find me. I'm the Bear Clan primarch, a family going strong fifteen years.

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If you're asking why Russians tend to band together more in online games, it's because of the relative isolation of Russians from the rest of communities, both online and IRL. Same goes for China.

Europeans have more interconnection between themselves, and while there is isolation based on language barriers, there's still a lot of French, German, etc. that learn English and can participate in larger communities. Americans, despite the stereotypical sentiment of not caring about non-Americans, actually regard foreigners as a curiosity and enjoy playing with them. It also helps that the majority of popular web content is either written in English to begin with or winds up with a translation soon.

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post forum links

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>List of worthwhile DOS games

According to whom? More than half of this is shit that I wouldn't play.

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>List of worthwhile DOS games
According to whom? More than half of this is shit that I wouldn't play. A lot of meme games and games that can be played better on the Amiga.

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Then play the other half.
Who the fuck cares what you wouldn't play

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Lineage 2 hovers around 3k-5k viewers on Twitch and its all Russian streamers

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like a third of the total SAMP playerbase is russian
obsolete isnt a thing for their culture i guess

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Whats a meme game?

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>Would be nice to see some new faces, it's such a friendly place.
Choose one

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Meme games on that chart are:

>Battle Chess
>Commander Keen
>Monkey Island
>Wolfenstein 3D

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I've noticed Russians and slav countries in particular love blood (the game). I find that interesting.

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oh its a cute way of saying "i don't like this"

i did that when i was 12

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Underage spotted.

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Can we get a Dosbox thread going?

Talk about what games you've been playing, ask questions and troubleshooting etc.

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Being popular doesnt make you a meme game buddy

Everyone and their dog has at least heard of Doom and Lemmings

A meme game would be worms where you still get people walking around with worms ringtones

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>Meme games
kill yourself

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None of those are meme games

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Why 3DO though?

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This post is so sad...
Can I hug you, Russian bro?

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Because it was available in stores unlike Saturn or Nintendo 64.
Nintendo barely had any business here until last years.

Yeah, sure.
We got even shifted periods of appreciation. Dendy and Megadrive were widely appreciated till 2000, and PSones till 2005.
Anyway buying a console for a kid isn't affordable for many people.

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Where there any notable Russian language retro games?
Did the hardware even support Cyrillic?

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Really? I'm a big fan of the game myself and I'd love me some ruskies to discuss it.

Gero che cruo !

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>Where there any notable Russian language retro games?
If you want Russian language only, look for them on ZX Spectrum, Soviet PCs, some educational programs for Apple ][ and MSX. Also there was a couple of games for Dendy.
>Did the hardware even support Cyrillic?
If you had a necessary charset, it could display Cyrillic.

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