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Post great Japanese games that will never get translations or rereleases.

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It's not that great, honestly.
Megaten games that actually deserve a translation are If... and Devil Summoner.

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Funny enough, I would translate this but I don't know how to hack and insert the text. Hook me up and maybe something will get underway.

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Heisei Shin Onigashima won't ever happen because the vertical text makes it impossible.

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What's this about? It looks kinda neat.

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Linda cubed
Ore no Shikabane
GunParade March

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It's japanese adventure game made by Pax Softonica for the Super Famicom. It's actually a retell from the original Shin Onigashima released for the FDS. The story is quite interesting since it mixes some japanese folklore myhts together in a single story.

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What are some good japanese games for the Super Famicom that didn't get a localization but got a fan translation?

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>Linda Cubed
Dude, that is being translated. Where have you been? Though let's just hope they fucking release it.


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I agree with those deserving them more, but I really like Giten. Thought it did a ton of neat story-stuff, and I like that it took after Megami Tensei II more than the other games.

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I hear you, there are a lot of interesting adventure games that will likely remain untranslated. It's just better to learn japanese.

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I don't keep up with this shit, OK? I mean, Romancing SaGa 2 is aswell, and look how that turned out.

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The Shin Megami Tensei games, Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia to name a few of the better known ones.

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>Megaten games that actually deserve a translation are If...
Aeon Genesis will release the translations any day now... We just have to believe really hard.

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>Romancing SaGa 2

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I just want to play it so fucking badly.

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I wonder how Aeon Genesis even does so many project at once and how they prevent them from rotting in whatever private repo they use.

You would think after a while the code would just start rotting.

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Learning the code required to translate would be far more useful in the long run. And you'd be doing more than just playing games in Japanese; you'd be helping the fan translation community by bringing previously untranslated content to other countries.

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Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special.

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anyone know if there is a translation of the silver case?
i loved f lower sun and rain

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That was from the translation thread. That second post is from a month ago.

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o, didnt realize. just saw the dudes avatar and got reminded of it haha

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See, here's what I think.
Silver Case was getting a team ready to jump in and start translating, but then Suda51 starts talking about a port of the game on the DS, even playing a goddamned build of it on camera.
Considering that rendered a fan translation redundant, the team dissolved as quickly as it formed.
Years pass with nothing and then Suda says the port's been cancelled.
Then July 2015 rolls in and he back up and says Grasshopper Manufacture's definitely considering a release.
It's been almost a year of fucking nothing.

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Grasshopper was on a roll, releasing a bunch of stuff a couple of years ago. But now they've pretty much stopped. The only thing that I'm aware of them making right now is Let It Die, and they just gave out a bit of info after a year or so of silence. I wonder what their deal is.

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I'm hoping they're just really focusing on Let It Die, but I'm nervous, anon. Critics slammed Killer is Dead for not being the sellout nonsense he'd been doing.

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I would flat-out commit murder if it caused us to get an english version of Yuuyami Doori Tankentai.

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this has a translation guide out anon

not retro but basically everything by lovedelic and it's offshoots gets this treatment.

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>not retro but basically everything by lovedelic and it's offshoots gets this treatment.

Luckily Chulip got localized by based Natsume.

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and rule of rose thankfully, both two good games. and little king's story actually. yoshiro kimura has uncommon luck.

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translation guide =/= translation
Not to shit on the hard effort of those who make them, but I'd rather cross my fingers and wait for it to be integrated in the game than having to go back and forth between what's happening on screen and a document.
It's akin to watching a foreign movie without dub or subtitles but substituting those with the translation of the script instead.

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>tfw tried learning Japanese but was too stupid to pass the kanji wall and gave up

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Killer is Dead wasn't all bad, there was still some crazy stuff. But I am not looking forward to Let It Die, I really don't know if they have what it takes to make a FTP game.

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I loved Killer is Dead because it did feel like his older games. What should've been considered a step up from his WB shit like Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned was panned because it went back to his roots.

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gbatemp? interesting place to post a fan-translation, one would think it'd be posted on Romhacking.net. I hope they add their project to the RHDN database once they have a release.

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Gbatemp also does fan translations and was really the only one that showed an interest in Silver Case.

There's absolutely fuck-all on romhacking about it.

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what I didn't like about KiD is that it didn't manage to be as twisted and freaky as NMH and K7 were. I was expecting it to be some kind of magnus opus with the best things from K7 and NMH, and it was a slightly more polished NMH gameplay-wise with less interesting characters and plot.
I honestly don't really remember much about KiD whereas I still remember very clearly all of the NMH1 bosses and most of 2.

polite sage

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Oh I see now, it's understandable.

In this case, if gbatemp hosts good stuff such as this fan-translation project for Silver Case, then it's in bookmarks, glad to see another hub that isn't RHDN and one that's alive to boot.

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At the very least it'll show that there's interest.
And who the fuck knows? Fucking Grasshopper might suddenly release the damned game for 3DS or something.

When the Pathologic retranslation project died I thought I'd never end up playing it (I even applied as a script editor). Then Ice Pick suddenly goes and retranslated it themselves. These things happen sometimes.

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God damn, thanks for reminding me. Blank of Three Years and The Mission. I really need closure for Nadesico. I really have to step it up and learn Japanese.

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>the only one that showed an interest in Silver Case

That's what's so insane about it, especially at the height of Suda51's popularity. Almost nobody even looked in its direction.

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most of saturn library

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Live a Live

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This. It's fine, but it's just not the same.

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I'd put my money on Nintendo doing a straight translation before expecting AG to finish.

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All those sweet anime games that will never get translated despite having a fan base, like Hunter x Hunter and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

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>mfw i remember it's 2016 and there are still people who don't know japanese

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>Atlus gives the first SMT an official translation and definitive version
>it's on iOS
>it bombs
>no more translations ever

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When will the mobile meme finally die?

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>wasting months of your life just to learn a language spoken only by a tiny chain of islands JUST for vidya
i don't know about you, but i'm a pragmatist

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why live

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>ATB battle system
how about no

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I have no clue why they translated the one that fans did years ago,and not If...

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Translator here. Esper is working on the text formatting. In the mean time I'm also doing Abarenbou Princess, which is another Shoji Masuda game, among like...4 other things. I pretty much spend all of my free time doing these, I'm just horrible at updating.

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Huh? It's not Japan only.

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keep going anon i believe in you

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The coolest concept for a game, actually one of those moments where its the exact kind of game i wanted
never fan translated, fml

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anybody translated front mission 2 yet? there's a translated rom patch but im not sure if they're just fucking trolling. i downloaded the patch and its full of fuckstickery.

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>racing RPG

Fuck I never knew I wanted this.

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not entirely what the thread is about but it pains me that Gimmick never got a true North American release, and Sunsoft is pretty much dead. I know emulating it is fine but christ I'd love to have it be officially released to the North American masses,

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Even if it was just for video games it wouldn't be bad but there's a lot more things that Japanese is useful for.
Wasting months is also an exaggeration. You've got to invest an hour per day and learning can be fun by itself.

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What's a good tool outside of paid lessons? I have no Japanese instructors for miles.

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comfy game that badly needs translation

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Anki, Kanjitomo
Check the Japanese threads on /a/ and /int/ for material.

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I'll take a look.

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Anki and Kanjitomo are great. I personally refer to Maggie Sensei to double check my grammar and occasionally Tae Kim. I often use DenshiJisho to do radical searched for kanji. If you do that and constantly write down the basic line, the line again in straight furigana and then look up the definitions of certain words, you'll make decent progress.

For me, it been hard to look at text and just understand it. It really helps to write down each line in a game as you go.

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Rikaisama is handy for hovering over kanji on the web. There's also a name dictionary.

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That girl who translated it posted that if somebody would want to make a patch - she'll help, but nobody cares about it enough. Which is sad. And the fact that I don't know how to make PS1 patches and don't have time to learn because I'm busy with other shit is painful. I'd make it happen gladly.

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Saw the thread and thought of this >>3143475 I was aware of the translation guide >>3143483 mentioned and previously the thought disgusted me. Basically I was >>3143501

But now I'm thinking FUCK IT. I'm starting this shit after work tonight.

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Wonder what kind of reaction It'd give after

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maybe if you have literally zero interests outside vidya. if you're a normal person, learning any language will open up a world of opportunities for you, especially something like japanese which is spoken by few westerners

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Now you know why the Saturn has almost no fan translations.

>> No.3152730

Saturn's reportedly a total bitch to hack and get scripts from. Games are already varied enough depending on developer, but because what little success the Saturn had was reliant on smaller 3rd party devs (in Japan), it's even more off the wall.

>> No.3152867

the saturn was such a disaster I don't know how they even got the little third party support it had

the thing was a programmer's worst nightmare

>> No.3152916

Since it's a VN I think it wouldn't loose too much if you just make a subbed playthrough of every route on youtube or some shit.

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PS1 doesn't seem to have a whole lot of translations either.

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This might not pretain to you, but I gotta get this off my chest to someone from that community.

I'm sorry for stealing the translation work someone did for Emeral Dragon over ten years ago, you should't have brought that shit to school, and you shouldn't have been dicking around with it in the computer lab. It eventually got finished, but I'm sure I delayed progress because of it.

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Super Robot Wars for the NES/SNES (cannot recall exactly which). I know there was like 5-ish games and like two were translated but not the rest which were better than the translated ones.

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It's a crime that there's only one Slayers game translated out of all of them that came out over the years considering how big the series was in the 90s, and it's a bit of a dodgy translation to begin with.

This. Looks like such a great game.

>> No.3156126


Wow, that's a curious happening. Didn't know something like that went down. I actually translated in class while I was in university in a notebook. I feel like I'd be heartbroken if that happened to my progress, but it's cool that you're getting it off your chest at least?

Was it Eien Ni Hen's? I remember her podcast interview where she discussed it. She's actually proofreading/editing my Napple Tale translation for me. It's the only way I've ever actually spoken to her, which is wild to me because I've always thought she was really cool and I love her other work.

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Probably because it had so many people working on games for it. You get really varied results, kind of like the SNES. Every dev is different. I think because the Dreamcast is typically the easiest to dig through (from my excruciatingly limited spelunking experience), which is why a fair amount comes out for it.

If you're talking RPGs, then yeah. It's hard to find people interested in starting an RPG unless you ask, "Hey, y'know what needs 3000 translations? Final Fantasy 6" I try to say that nicely, but like...that and people who work on English patches for games that are already coming out make me winnie like a pig a little (mainly referring to the FE Fates patch, even though it was terribad).

It's honestly not mine or anyone else's business what other people do, so I understand it's way selfish to say something like that, but I'm such a dirty hipster there's so much stuff that hasn't come out in like 20 years that I'd like to see finished.

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Wasting months is not an exaggeration.

Kanji can suck it, and so can Japanese.

Hey, let's use 4 different scripts in our language at once, that makes sense, right?

>> No.3156141



Funny enough, I just googled it and it looks like someone finished a script translation for Mizzurna Falls earlier this year.

>> No.3156146


I used a volume of Shaman King and wrote down all of the lines, then the furigana along with each kanji. When you force yourself through a whole volume, you can learn quickly.

Shonen/fantasy shit's great because it abuses katakana more than the next genre. I understand copying stuff down over and over again is the "female" way of learning, but when you do it every day for something like that, it really does help.

>> No.3156170

Wow good thing there's like 2200 Kanji, right?

>> No.3156173


Unless you start translating something and someone throws in obsolete kanji for wwwwwws, then yeah. To each his own though.

>> No.3156175

I love games with this kind of atmosphere.

>> No.3156195


Wow, that picture makes that whole case even more fucking depressing.

>> No.3156308

>Hey, let's use 4 different scripts in our language at once, that makes sense, right?
It does, actually. One for grammar, obvious shit and clarification, one for words, one for emphasis and loan words, and one you already fucking know.

Japanese is severely phonetically restricted. It needs kanji so it doesn't devolve into a fucking mess. Kana can be learned in a day and are no more complex than learning the English alphabet in lower and upper case.

As for kanji, anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with the language will tell you the exact same thing. Kanji are your fucking friends. They make reading shit far easier, they're really not that complex, and they're a minor roadblock at best. You're going to need to learn over 20,000 words to become fluent at Japanese. A few thousand characters along the way are nothing.

>> No.3156316

>Japanese is severely phonetically restricted. It needs kanji so it doesn't devolve into a fucking mess.
Well it's a shitty language that should've died, then.

I've also met Japanese people who fucking DESPISE Kanji.

So no, I don't think they're my friend.

>> No.3156323

>>I've also met Japanese people who fucking DESPISE Kanji.
Then they're fucking braindead. If you spent any time at all with the language, you'd understand why all 3 alphabets exist.

>> No.3156775

I've spend 30 days (721 hours) learning according to Anki which translates to one hour per day for two years.
In this time I've read dozens of manga, played dozens of games, watched dozens of anime and consumed various other forms of Japanese media. I can't call it wasted at all.

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No idea, I just know I was having a late class that day and on the computer I was on someone left a disk in one of the drives, and on it was a rom of emerald dragon and some other files probably pertaining to it, I knew about a translation for emerald dragon was happening at that point and time, but the only thing released publicly at that point was the games intro and I think part of the first dungeon, the translation on the ROM on that disk had more work done on it than the public version, and I just took off with the disk without trying to figure out who left it.

I never even bothered to try playing it with the full translation when it did come out.

>> No.3158916

>it's a Twin Peaks game

Oh fuck I love those.

>> No.3158932

All because you grew up with it doesn't mean shit. Kanji sucks. The vast inconsistencies of spelling in English sucks. Plenty of things suck about many written languages, and is there a better judge then some one who knows it intimately?

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Ihatov Monogatari
Day of the Idea
Maka Maka (I know, Kusoge, Kusoge...)
Majin Tensei
Majin Tensei II
Glory of Heracles IV (Transcorp is nearly finished with this, just a very big problem translating due to the VWF issues it has, I am looking hyped for this)
A Proper Translation of Laplace No Maou (AGTP's has a lot of issues)

>> No.3158989

You could write a translation guide to get started, post it on gamefaqs or something and hope a team picks it up

>> No.3159019

Some guy once attempted a translation.
He posted progress in /smtg/ about cracking that. Yet he never really got far.

I know, because that person is me.
I tried, I really did, but I could never figure out just what is stored where and how to access them.

>> No.3160493

>Glory of Heracles IV (Transcorp is nearly finished with this, just a very big problem translating due to the VWF issues it has, I am looking hyped for this)

Aww man I thought they just let it die. I'm hype.

>> No.3160562

Why not learn Japanese? I could do it.

Want tips?

>> No.3160569

any tips for someone who already knows most joyo kanji?

>> No.3160580

Stop measuring your ability in the number of kanji you know and start caring about your vocabulary and the range of content it allows you to read and enjoy.

Of course you probably just wanted to express your profiency in a way that makes sound it impressive. And indeed knowing "most of 常用漢字" is impressive, provided your vocabulary and grammar knowledge are up to par with that.

Well, I'm just being a dick for no reason. To give actually useful advice, I find it that at such high level it helps to look into Classical Japanese, you're bound to see it in works you're probably reading and overall it'll help you to get greater understanding about certain parts of modern Japanese too.

And for the future it will help to stop caring about the 常用漢字 table, since no author of Japanese content actually cares about it either, you're bound to see kanji beyong it all the time.

>> No.3161039

I found when I was a little confident in my ability that I'd look up interviews in japanese and try my best to understand it. It slightly improved my vocabulary and ability to speak it without sounding unnatural. Though I rarely speak it.

>> No.3161054

It never got anywhere, but on the other hand it actually is going to make its way to the west on mobile devices.

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Wildcard on the Wonderswan


>> No.3161159

Square's Tom Sawyer

>> No.3162793

Focusing on Japanese material meant for native Japanese speakers is definetly a good idea. I'd say it's even necessary after some point, cause textbooks will always feel artificial in a sense.

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>> No.3163867


>> No.3164460

why hasn't anyone thought of doing a petition to get all these awesome games to come here?

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Gokinjo Boukentai
also WildCard for the WonderSwan

>> No.3166146

I'd really like to look into the game that contains this track. At least for 5 minutes or so.

>> No.3166741

because learning japanese is faster and easier

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File: 3 KB, 160x144, Medarot 3 - Kabuto Version (Japan)_1452944490444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The west is really missing out on the Medarot GBC series. Seriously, 2-4 are just fantastic games. Likeable characters, good humor, plenty of parts and approaches to combat. Also, 3,4 and 5 are stunning for GBC games.

>> No.3169018

Why would I learn a dying language?
It's like learning latin, no real point other than bragging rights.

>> No.3169050

Japanese is nowhere near as dead as Latin.
Learning Latin wasn't complete waste for me though I would have benefited more from French or Spanish.

>> No.3169276

because every significant latin text has been translated already, if that were true for japanese this thread wouldn't exist.

>> No.3169283

Nigger go back to doing your "petition"

>> No.3169449

Even if it's translated you're best off reading stuff in the original language.

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File: 2.13 MB, 320x288, dokidokisasete.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not very interesting.
It's an otome game, you play as a girl that joins an idol unit consisting of 5 guys, all of it is just talking to them, there's no even a rhythm game to go with the idol theme or anything.

>> No.3170321

>little boy with teddy bear
We get some /ss/?

>> No.3170753

come back

>> No.3171012

Sure, but compared to Japanese, Latin translates a lot better, particularly to romance languages.

>> No.3171647

Does text hook work on SNES/Famicom? I know that at least PC-98 works.

>> No.3171648

As far as I know it only works for Anex86 which is outdated as hell.

>> No.3171657


What a pain. Game translation requires both hackers and TLs, who seen to both always be in scarce supply. No wonder it's a small community.

>> No.3172151

I have a hookable build of Neko Project. Can't remember where I got it but can upload somewhere if you need it.

>> No.3172968

Giten stinks too much to be worthy playing it.
They've put so much effort showing hookers with bare breasts they forgot where to put the Megaten portion in it.
Combat sucks.
Fusion system sucks.
Plot sucks (as well as the characters) for most of the game. It's starts off as some bad written dating sim and it evolves to a bad written story overall.
In sum, smells like a doujin game.

>> No.3172984

I was coming to post this in case no one else did. Maybe I should pickup a JP dictionary, and try to play it with that.

>> No.3173884

It's a game about kindergarteners written in all kana, after a couple of days learning kanas and couple of weeks learning grammar you'll be ready to tackle it.

>> No.3174112

Most efficient way to learn Japanese :

1) Learn Kana. Writing is important as it makes your brain remember things easier, so write them each 50 to 100 times. It should not take more than 2 weeks to master Hiragana + Katakana.

2) Start reading http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar and start watching https://www.gwu.edu/~eall/vjg/vjghomepage/vjghome.htm at your own pace to get a feel on how Japanese is. These two resources are the best way to approach and learn grammar. When more proficient in Japanese, look for the DOJG books. Grammar isn't something you will learn in one go, this is something you'll slowly get used to throughout your journey, so don't get frustrated if something doesn't click at first.

3) Get RTK (Remember the Kanji, 6th edition). No you don't have to pay for the book, the .pdf are available out there, I personally put one over the DJT thread >>>/a/ so go and grab it, or ask for it if you can't find it. I also put an anki deck in there, so take it too, and download anki as well. There are RTK haters out there, IGNORE them and DO THE FUCKING BOOK until the end all while studying the deck as you progress. WRITE EACH KANJI YOU LEARN 10 TO 50 TIMES. Because of how Kanji are made this should be enough for you to learn how to write Japanese, if you don't understand what I'm saying it's fine you will in due time. When reviewing Kanji ("doing your reps") on anki, draw the Kanji in the air with your finger as to help them stick. RTK takes between 1 to 4 months to do depending on how many Kanji you learn a day. 15-20 Kanji a day is a good number I would recommend. If you aren't in the mood to study, DO YOUR REPS AT LEAST. ALWAYS DO YOUR REPS, EVERY DAY.

Use http://kanji.koohii.com/study (make a random account) to get MORE STORIES. It's IMPORTANT. If you really do not wish to make an account USE http://hochanh.github.io/rtk/ (but I really recommend koohii's UI because it has more stories).

>how do I check stroke order?
Use http://jisho.org/


>> No.3174137


x) (start now) Watch anime / Japanese series (aka Jdrama - depending on your taste). Make an effort to understand what's being said and how the language works. Google stuff, anything you hear or wonder, be autonomous, don't be a BABY.
Stay the fuck away from reddit. They suck. Don't pick Genki or whatever shit books apps or normie websites they recommend. JUST DON'T OR ELSE IT'LL TAKE YOU 10 YEARS TO LEARN INSTEAD OF 1-3 YEARS TO BECOME FLUENT. LISTEN TO ME.

4) Once RTK is complete vocabulary acquisition will become easier. Reading also will. At this point I recommend picking up core 2k/6 (pick it up over DJT) and to start READING. You need to read a lot, so pick up manga / LN / Visual Novels. Once again, over DJT there are guides for texthookers and the likes, to make reading VNs easier. VNs are arguably even easier than manga and LNs because of the voice acting and the ability to text hook. READ.

x) RTK3 is optional.

>why should I believe you
I know up to 3300 Kanji and can read any Japanese media I wish. I am 100% self taught and never paid for anything Japanese-wise aside from my JLPT1 diploma. Keep these two posts in a .txt and LEARN.

I will answer questions if there are any. I am not doing this for attention though, I am doing this to help, because /vr/ is my favorite board. Good luck.

>> No.3174141

Wow, couldn't you have just copied it to another disk or your computer at your place and then returned it?

At least you feel bad I guess.

>> No.3174150

Additional notes to clear things up :

I stated Jdrama to pander to people who don't like anime. I personally don't like Jdrama and only watch anime and there is literally nothing wrong with that.

RTK1 teaches you 2200 Kanji which is plenty. RTK3 goes up to 3000 but isn't necessary because once you learn 2200 you can virtually learn all the Kanji in the world.

By DJT thread I meant the guide in the OP.

>> No.3174154

>most efficient way on Japanese:
>spend a shit ton of time on RTK before you start reading
Come on, even Heisig himself doesn't recommend writing every fucking kanji 50 times.

I believe writing is the last thing a beginner should learn or rather, you should learn writing this shit when you're not a beginner anymore but otherwise it's a decent guide.

>> No.3174164

I said 10 to 50. Most of the time it'll be 5-15.

>I believe writing is the last thing a beginner should learn
>or rather, you should learn writing this shit when you're not a beginner anymore
And you are wrong. Writing a Kanji 15 times only takes up a minute. If you had learned how to how to write yourself you would know learning how to write isn't difficult and the RTK process is very approaching it in a very logical way.

I will not argue any further.

>> No.3174182

>you would know learning how to write isn't difficult
This isn't a factor. The point is that it's a complete waste of fucking time, that could be much better spent on something more useful.

RTK is an awful system filled with meaningless keywords, dumb names for radicals, and stories that take half a page when you could just go "it's X plus X".

If you absolutely need to learn to write (which you don't), it's alright as something you run through in a couple of months when you're already at an intermediate level.

>> No.3174201

Learning how to write gives you the ability to decipher Kanji, helps recognition, RTK also teaches Kanji meanings, which in the end makes learning vocabulary very easy.

I've read this exact same shitpost you just did countless of times now, people like you are cancerous. "I haven't done this myself so it's awful." You aren't being objective and you should NOT act like an authority in that regard considering you aren't understand any of it.

Either way now that both opinions are on the table people are free to believe in whatever they wish.

>> No.3174206

Why learn to write by hand at all? Learning to type is more important.

>> No.3174214

Because of the way the brain works.

>> No.3174280

>that is being translated

Not that anon but I won't believe it until I can play it. There are a lot of games being "translated" but there's considerably less reaching a finished or at least playable state.

>> No.3174289

Get fucked, retard. You don't know what I've done. RTK was absolute trash, and completely meaningless.

I think a radical-based mnemonic system has merit, but not when it essentially boils down to wasting a few months learning shit that won't be even remotely useful for at least another half a year.

I get that you tried a single method and went "well, I guess this way eventually worked so it must be efficient", but that isn't how being objective works.

You're the one who doesn't understand anything.

The way the brain recalls information for writing and for recognition is completely different.

>> No.3174292

I haven't looked up Aeon Genesis in a fear years now. What was the last thing they released and how recent was it?

>> No.3174303

The mnemonics method for memorizing kana works great.

Too bad Japanese sucks. I made such a mistake trying to learn it and I stopped.

>> No.3174319

Why? I learned to read Futhork and Kanji without writing them down. I have no use to write them down in my daily life like I have with Greek letters for math and science.

>> No.3174327
File: 168 KB, 223x400, Metal_Max_2_Coverart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But Aeon Genesis!

That shit has been sitting at 20% for years now. This isn't an SMT game so they can't even pretend to give a damn.

>> No.3174367

At least we have Returns.

>> No.3174368

>t. N3 student

>> No.3174383

Petitions like that are why no one takes petitions, especially online petitions, seriously.

>> No.3174389

Every significant Japanese text is translated.


Pick only one.

>> No.3174391

Isn't there a translation for the first game in progress?

>> No.3174403

So why aren't you learning Japanese, anon?

You can start today and within two years you can comfortably be playing all of the games in this thread.

>> No.3174409

because its not fucking worth it if you can't/don't want to go to japan

>> No.3174412

Make that six months. Nothing in this thread is hardcore walls of text.

>> No.3174434


Out of fuckin nowhere, they released a game that wasn't anywhere on their projects page: Dark Half. Now, I can't fault them for this because a. apparently it was just them finishing up somebody else's work and b. it's a game that they personally really wanted translated (and IIRC is one of the reasons they learned to create these translation patches in the first place).


After realizing that none of the other games are going to be translated, along with literally hundreds of other JRPGs I want to play, I'm learning Japanese now. I already learned kana a decade ago, so I think I'll have an okay start.

>> No.3174452

An hour at most out of your day doesn't seem like that big of a loss. If vidya is your main hobby doesn't seem that bad either. There will always be something that isn't translated, and hell maybe you can move on to learn more languages.

>> No.3174453

i already know the two languages i need to know in life, the ones that are actually spoken where i live

im never going to japan, therefore i'll never put my japanese into practice and get better at it, so what's the point

>> No.3174461

>I'll never put my Japanese into practice and get better at it
Why are you in this thread if you have no interest in playing Japanese games?

>> No.3174464

>Why are you in this thread if you have no interest in playing Japanese games?
i do like japanese games

i just don't like them enough to waste time like that, i can be very patient when it comes to fan translations

>> No.3174473


You're gonna die before 99% of the games in this thread get translated. They don't have fans in the US, hardly anybody knows about them, and a lot of them have menus that literally just don't even work in english and would require so much hacking you might as well just remake the game completely. 1 hour a day, fuck, even 30 minutes a day and you could be playing everything ITT in no time.

>> No.3174478

>and a lot of them have menus that literally just don't even work in english and would require so much hacking you might as well just remake the game completely.
nothing's impossible when it comes to hacking

>> No.3174482

Are you a 1337 hax0r? Can you help with translating games?

>> No.3174485


Not impossible, but to a hacker it won't be worth the effort, and to a moonspeaker they'd rather just play it themselves and move on.

>> No.3174486

I don't get how its a waste of time. You say you will never use it because you aren't going to japan, but learning another language can open up opportunities for you that would not have been available before.

>> No.3174489

nope, im just saying that nothing is impossible

the fact that you can have complete disassemblies of games should be pretty telling though

they're opportunities i dont really care for

>> No.3174496

Does Fire Emblem 4 count in this case? I mean, there's no official translation, and the current one isn't even finished.

>> No.3174501


That isn't really "never ever" especially considering how much the western fanbase has grown.

>> No.3174517

>You can start today and within two years you can comfortably be playing all of the games in this thread.
fuck off with the "japanese is easy" meme

>> No.3174541


Have you ever studied a language at school, anon? During high school, I took two years (four semesters) of German. By the end of the third semester, I had grammar perfected and the fourth was spent learning nuances, special situations, and expanding vocabulary. I could easily understand all written German, provided I knew the words, and most of the time even if I didn't I could figure them out via context.

Japanese is the same. You learn the basic writing systems (kana, it's no harder than learning the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase which you did when you were fucking 5 years old), then you learn grammar and kanji together.

>b-but kanji is impossible! there are too many! there's no way you can become functional with kanji within two years!

Kanji is not difficult to learn, it's just grinding and there are dozens of helpful resources to learn it, including a premade deck of digital flashcards with everything you need to know on them which you can easily get from the JP threads on /a/.

I really fucking hate to be that guy, but the only person holding you back from learning Japanese is yourself. If you're even slightly motivated, you can do it.

>> No.3174546

yes, i know two languages, as i previously said in this thread

they're the only ones i truly need

>Kanji is not difficult to learn, it's just grinding
so it's not fun to learn then, gotcha.

i know what language i dont care about and dont want to learn then! it's a fucktarded language that never evolved because the japanese can't let go of traditions

>> No.3174547

Learn your radicals. It takes a week at most, and it helps. Get a Kangxi deck from /DJT/.

>> No.3174549

So to the people/person who don't think RTK is that great what would you recommend as an alternative?

>> No.3174550


Sorry, I didn't mean to imply you needed to learn it. I'm just saying it's not hard to learn. But I also think it's not unfun to learn: slowly being able to understand more and more of the text is rewarding even without playing games. But that's just how I see things, and you obviously don't see it that way.

>> No.3174553

Just study vocabulary and learn the kanji along the way.

>> No.3174561

Quit shitposting and post more untranslated games.

>> No.3174765

Oh wow, didn't expect that. Thank you.

>> No.3174771
File: 105 KB, 718x707, Princess-Crown-Saturn-JAP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This baby.

>> No.3175095

Exactly. The reason is the people who know what they're doing haven't written all the tools to help people who don't, like they have for muhrio consoles. I'm sure they could. They probably don't because there's just not that many people interested.
As has been said, learn Japanese. You don't even have to get fluent. Learn a bit and how to use a dictionary and go from there.

>> No.3175104
File: 2.69 MB, 440x360, princess-crown.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's got a translated faq tho

>> No.3176194

Secret of mana 2 (snes)

>> No.3176205

Ganbatte anon! Get a dictionary and try reading some easy stuff. Try playing some old text-heavy JRPGs in Japanese. If you've got something to motivate you, it's much easier. Do that and keep up your anki reps and you'll make progress, I promise.

alternatively, go full weeb and get a teaching job in Japan to learn by immersion

>> No.3176382


Damn, this looks great if a bit clunky

>> No.3176516

Majin Tensei 1 and 2.

>> No.3176519

>The reason is the people who know what they're doing haven't written all the tools to help people who don't
i dont think you know what you're talking about

there are no tools to magically translate games for nintendo consoles, it's all reverse engineering a specific game

it helps that the NES and SNES are well understood because of their almost very generic hardware

>> No.3176603

Someone is currently translating a Kunio-kun game.

>> No.3176728


I think what anon meant is that there's way more documentation on how to hack for SNES and NES than there is for something like the Saturn.

>> No.3176729

Blame Sega's fucktarded hardware, then.

>> No.3176731

Gundam endless waltz

>> No.3178397
File: 382 KB, 944x939, Dead of the Brain Front Cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brain of the Dead. Slowbeef posted some vids of hacking late last year but there hasn't been any news since. Anyone?

>people who know what they're doing haven't written all the tools to help people who don't
I asked a guy to help me out on a Saturn game before since he managed to successfully edit text in game on another and he more or less told me to fuck off, and do it myself.

Internet course doesn't count. It takes 4 years to fluently speak and understand the language, nimord. Besides, it's not easy.

I'd rather have a script to work off as my eyesight isn't very good and I'd probably mis-identify some of the more complex characters since the text can be kinda bitty.

>> No.3178429
File: 19 KB, 300x535, 121779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This and the N64 sequel (which would be even harder to translate because there's a lot of spoken audio). Also the text scrolls vertically, right to left, japanese-style.

>> No.3178430
File: 114 KB, 256x256, Moon_-_Remix_RPG_Adventure_Coverart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3178874

Care to drop the link yo RTK?
I haven't been able to find it in /a/.

>> No.3179169

To navigate the COR (CORNUCOPIA OF RESOURCES) use the buttons at the bottom. It's the 3rd one, then :
ctrl+f Remembering the Kanji
pick 1st Volume 6th Edition

Also install Rikaisama (Firefox).

>> No.3179368
File: 46 KB, 185x179, 1458864662380.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasn't a group actually working on this one? I even saw caps on a Neogaf thread, a couple months ago. (It's now dead tho).

Don't tell me they dropped it.

>> No.3179840

You mean Endless Duel? Cuz that's already been translated

>> No.3180000

what if i don't have firefox tho

>> No.3180124

You stop using whatever browser you use and switch to Firefox?

>> No.3180464

Those are shit as well. I regret spending time actually playing through them, can't imagine someone wasting infinitely more time translating that.

>It takes 4 years to fluently speak and understand the language
To speak, maybe, but getting your reading comprehension up to snuff is way faster, 2 years if you don't slack.

>> No.3180483
File: 585 KB, 1600x979, Ukiyo no Shishi_Roushi - Dengeki 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ukiyo No Roushi

>> No.3180504

Not /vr/, man.

>> No.3180532

it's been almost complete since like 2013. maybe earlier. its dead.

>> No.3181024
File: 393 KB, 640x480, jiron1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's been almost complete since like 2013. maybe earlier. its dead.

Then why post those screens at that late (December) 2015 Gaf thread via that iwakura guy? Those were supposed to represent the actual state of the project. I don't understand.

I mean, if there hadn't been any news since 2013 I'd understand, but... Maybe it's a different translation project you weren't aware of?

>> No.3181594

you dont get it. the translator has posted things saying its almost complete, pretty much yearly, since 2013.

>> No.3183580
File: 230 KB, 616x800, Silver Case.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Replay FSR and get hype

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