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Let's have a thread for the 2D scrolling shoot 'em up genre.

Discuss your…
>favorite shmups
>recent acquisitions
>latest accomplishments

Previous thread:

Current happenings:
Dive Bomber Squad, unreleased Konami PCB, could get dumped soon.

R-Type fanimation confirmed.

Interview with Ikeda, the father of CAVE.

Taito opens up a Darius-themed aquarium.

New to the genre of shmups? Give this document a read:

Shmup Collection containing over 9000 MAME romsets:

Decide the greatest shmup developer of all time here:

For a realtime chatroom, head over to our #shmups channel:

List of the hardest clears, ranked in order of difficulty:

Play Twinkle Star Sprites online with fellow shmup fans:

Livestream aggregator for when you wanna watch some shmups:

Highscore tables for several shmups (can track your own):

Previous thread:

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Bump n' TwinBee

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>bullet hells

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I like all kinds of shmucks.

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what is the problem with verts familia

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radiant silvergun is possibly the best schmup I played

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I won Batsugun and Radiant Silvergun in an auction for $194.50 each. Did I mess up?

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What's wrong with verts?

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There's nothing wrong with Vert, besides some elitists thinking otherwise.

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Something about static level design being better than complex bullet patterns.

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I find vertical shooters more fun. I guess it's because I was raised on touhou

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>raised on touhou

how fucking young are you?

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Yes, you messed up. Why buy them when you can play backups with the disc swap method?

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You realize Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil came out in 2002?

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muh collection

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Why didn't Taito make the DLC ships playable in CS mode?

They could've just not counted the scores if they're scared of balance issues.

>> No.3139841

Then people would bitch about the DLC ships' scores not counting.

Not that I think this is the best solution of the many present; I would have liked the DLC ships to be available in all modes.

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Psikyo > your favorite STG dev

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>copy-paste dev over anything

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if it ain't broke, don't fix it

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>Psikyo > Psikyo

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>yfw their best game isn't a shmup

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Why'd they leave out Megaman?

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>tfw modded saturn

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Any thoughts on Pulstar? I've always liked the aesthetic

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It's a real bitch to play without rapid-fire, that's for sure.
Otherwise the game is cool, nice graphic great soundtrack (especially stage 5), but can be a bit boring sometimes (boss of stage 3 for example).

I'm currently still working on a 1cc, but never haven't really got lucky yet.

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It's just me or the first Strikers 1945 is cheap as fuck? meanwhile i find 2 a bit more doable and methodical.

>> No.3141242

>It's just me or the first Strikers 1945 is cheap as fuck?
First loop not at all, 2nd loop has it's moments for sure.

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Maybe you're just not using the right plane.

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I find it not really fun since you very often can't react to the bullets. Either the dodging is very easy, or it is just complete pixel perfect position memorization.

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>I find it not really fun since you very often can't react to the bullets.
So fucking learn the game you dickhead, every single shmup requires you to use some form of memory to become competent>>3142121
>Either the dodging is very easy, or it is just complete pixel perfect position memorization.
So learn the hard parts? they all have fairly simple rules behind them you just have to learn the execution. The games a piece of cake until loop 2.

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Go fuck yourself you fucking retard.

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Sengoku Blade is the only good Psikyo game.

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I want to play Hi no tori (MSX).
Is it available on any collection for Saturn or PSP?

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Twin stick shooters don't count, right?

>> No.3143231

You mean Cho Aniki: Legend of the Holy Protein.

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Currently working on a Radiant Silvergun romhack that turns the game into bosses only, and in between each boss you get a variable amount of level up points you can put into either shot A, B or C to your liking.

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like dis if you cri eberytime. ;_;

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I can always resell at a higher price.

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I'm the retard yet you're the one who can't even learn a simple first loop lmao. Fuck up ya wae fanny.

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>shmup threads

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Is it fair to consider games like Commando, Heavy Barrel, Ikari Warriors or Guerilla War "shmups"?

>> No.3144918

I think those are overhead run 'n gun shooters, as opposed to sidescrolling run 'n gun shooters like Metal Slug.

>> No.3144950

Probably, but wouldn't you say those game share more in common with early shmups like 1942 or Tiger Heli than say, Contra or Rush n Attack?

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I wanna try out Dragon Spirits. What's better, the NES or TurboGrafx version?

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So I've got the latest version of MAME, the recommended Emuparadise ROM, the BIOs that's linked on the ROM page.... And yet Raiden II still will not play for me, while DX strangely enough, does. What could I be possibly missing here that only affects Raiden II?

>> No.3145281

TG16, also try out its sequel Dragon Saber

>> No.3145292

MAME is really tricky because if the devs find a new dump of a game, they make the old dump incompatible with the new updated MAME version.
The romset you are trying to use is probably an old set. You'll have to find the new one. I never figured out how to find the newest roms reliably or how to find out what specific version of MAME is needed to play specific roms.
Best of luck.

>> No.3145953

A fairly consistent method I've found is to do multiple searches that include the missing bit, in this case it would be "jj4b01_mm1pa1i718bcn.w0341.jed". Eventually something ought to turn up, though even that has problems on occasion. Best of luck mate.

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>R-Type fanimation
Lol his character animations look horrible.

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How did we go from this...

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...to this?

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>There will never be a DDP game that's basically a vertical Darius with different insects as each stage boss

Talk about a missed opportunity.

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That's not her only form, though. Had to throw in a reference to DFK somehow; tranforming loli mechs are pretty much its biggest contribution besides stupid bullet cancelling.

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Spaceships and Mechas > Loli.
But good luck trying to convince modern Otaku of that...

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I like lolis, what I don't like is the lack of variety. Everything is lolis now.

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I like both, blow me.

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I like both, blow me.

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Lolis should be contained to Cute-Em-Ups, with as little cheesecake as possible.

>> No.3147051

You're an idiot.

>> No.3147060

Nigga you gay.

>> No.3147061

That's not an index finger! You need to rename your image, anon.

>> No.3147093

Secret character. B.B. Hood who is also secret is missing as well.

>> No.3147120

Fuck you I won't do what you tell me.

>> No.3147123

They aren't playable in the arcade version.

>> No.3147129

I love the character design, actually. Not that it matters what hibachi looks like seem I'll never reach him through normal means.

>> No.3147161

How hard is Flying Shark to 1cc?

>> No.3147180

Red powerup = not hard
Green powerup = really hard

>> No.3147302

that's fire shark though

flying shark is pretty hard, but the checkpoints are pretty fair, i'm pretty sure its possible to recover from every checkpoint in that game

>> No.3147490

What's the cheapest, most bullshit shump of all time?

>> No.3147536

This. I love lolis but they have no place in many things.

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Silver Surfer on the NES?
If not the worst, it's at least a contender.

>> No.3147749

Truxton 2

>> No.3147769

that ending tho

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Is this the most overrated company of all time?

>> No.3148579

fucking really toaplan

im never gonna make the effort to finish that piece of shit now

>> No.3148593

Compared to more mainstream developers not pandering to such a niche of a genre, they're literally fucking who?
And within the SHMUP community, they've done nothing to warrant much ire. Maybe you just don't dig Cave.

>> No.3148602

This. I don't like Cave games but i don't get the Cave hate at all, they just created a new style when the genre was already dead.

>> No.3148604

They killed the genre.

>> No.3148609


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File: 3.42 MB, 926x1300, RaidenV-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How? By making Shmups?
It's not like they bought up other companies and forbade them to participate in the genre anymore.
It's not like there aren't other options besides Cave, even in this day and age. Pic related, came out this year.

>> No.3148647

It's not that hard senpai

>> No.3148653

I know, but it's cheep and bullshit none the less.

>> No.3148872

I like Cave games. Ketsui or Dodonpachi are pretty cool games, but I can totally understand that people hate Cave, because their fans can be pretty fucking annoying.

>> No.3148903

Everybody's fans can be pretty fucking annoying, anon.

>> No.3148913

Not as much as Cave fans. At least in this genre. They just attract a lot of really dumb otaku hipster elitists who basically play nothing else but bullet hell, and if it isn' bullethell it must be garbage.

>> No.3148989

Show me one in this thread (which has >>3138415
as a second reply, btw)

>> No.3149064

>but I can totally understand that people hate Cave, because their fans can be pretty fucking annoying.
If you're so weak and simple minded that you will form a negative opinion on something you might enjoy by what some other people also like then you are a dumb cunt of epic proportions. Try thinking for your self.

>Not as much as Cave fans. At least in this genre. They just attract a lot of really dumb otaku hipster elitists who basically play nothing else but bullet hell, and if it isn' bullethell it must be garbage.
This is a complete myth you like to perpetuate but it isn't true at all with a few minor exceptions.

>> No.3149072

>Is this the most overrated company of all time?
Not at all, whilst some of the newer releases are meme tier and a clear sign that they ran out of ideas you can't deny that their early releases are full of god tier games. Guwange,Ketsui,mushi futari,ddpachis up until daioujou, esprade,Ibara,dangun etc are all absolutely amazing and will keep me occupied for many many years to come.

>> No.3149546

Their only good games are the ones that weren't designed by Ikeda.

>> No.3149551

fuck off kraut-kun

>> No.3149559

So far this thread has been surprisingly civil. It isn't always like that.

Oh, those Cave fanboys exist. Just google any Shmup forum, you'll find the sort that is too deeply invested in Cave's scoring systems to enjoy anything else, and are the first to let other people know how "wrong" they are in liking something else. Praising Ikaruga or Touhou usually draws their ire, but I've seen the sort go as far as to dismiss any Shmup ever made before the release of DoDonPachi as worthless and horizontal shooters as a whole.

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>tfw nobody ever talks about the best hori STG

>> No.3149682

you sure you're not talking about touhou fans here?

they also act like touhou invented the genre

>> No.3149694

Actually I only know of one shmup forum, THE only shmup forum on the english speaking net, and they pretty much despise everything CAVE released after Ketsui and DOJ.

>> No.3149703

Everyone knows that Toe-uh-plon invented STG's.

>> No.3149808

Touhou and Cave fans are often very similar

>> No.3149863

Yea sure, that's also why Mushihimesama is one of the most popular games there and the their list of top games consists to 80% of Cave...

>> No.3149896

I still don't understand how Blade is useful at all

>> No.3149910

>Try thinking for your self.
I already said that I like Cave games, but anyway... If you don't really care about Cave, but constantly see how their fans act, then you can't judge someone who starts to dislike Cave because of this.

>This is a complete myth
It's not a myth. Just go to /vg/ for example... You hardly ever see anyone playing anything else there but Cave, except for some other bullet hell games from time to time or Touhou, or anything which has animu girls in it. And if you ever play something else than such games, then these are the first people to shit on it.

>> No.3149924

>And if you ever play something else than such games, then these are the first people to shit on it.
Stop doing cross board drama, there are plenty of people there playing non-Cave and non-bullet hell, or recommending them to new people.

>> No.3149939

Complete bullshit. /vg/ is 80% about Cave, if not even more. Look at people like Jaimers for example... Nothing against him but he is basically the typical Cave fan... Started with Touhou and basically plays nothing but bullethell and games with animu girls.

>> No.3149961

Any game reccommendations for someone who has never played a shmup?

>> No.3149965

Raiga Strato Fighter

>> No.3149972

Bee Storm

>> No.3149974

I got into the genre with Darius Gaiden, QP Shooting Dangerous and Mountain of Faith. None of them are too hard. QP is really god damn easy, in fact, if you can look past the moe crap.

>> No.3150012

Pop 'n Twinbee
Super Aleste/Space Megaforce (with continues)
Sexy Parodius

>> No.3150027

stop reiterating AVGN memes

>> No.3150104

Stop watching AVGN and then projecting it onto other things.
Silver Surfer has bothered me since I was a kid, because even then I could see how good a game it could have been if it only had more polish and development time.

>> No.3150263 [DELETED] 

Gee, why does anime girls offend you so much?

>> No.3150272

You sure you ain't confused with the recent CAVE releases hype on Steam? I mean, it's been barely a month since they just launched Deathsmiles and Mushihimesama a couple months before that. No wonder they are excited over CAVE.

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>> No.3150286

I never beat this.

>> No.3150294

He's probably that german autist from /vg/ that absolutely hates any shmup with anime in it, as he calls that fanservice. Everything should be like R-Type or Ikaruga to him, and if you praise Cave he'll bitch at you and call their games waifushit. The funny thing is he's a fan of Unteralterbach, so you'd think he'd like underage characters in shmups too. We call him kraut-kun over there and laugh at his enraged ramblings.

>> No.3150319

Please stop putting words in my mouth. I never said they offend me.

>> No.3150328

Yea, let's just twist things around however we want. First off, I play Cave games myself, fucktard and have nothing against anime in games. Second, I never said anything like every game should be like Ikaruga.

People like YOU are the ones who want every game to be bullethell with animu in it, and if a game is a bit different, like Ikaruga for example, then it means it is garbage.

>> No.3150350

Hey /vr/ do you think Judgement Silversword count as bullethell? It's on Wonderswan and therefore technically retro.

>> No.3150351

Fact: Anything that wasn't made by Cave is literal dog shit. Especially Ikaruga, which isn't even a shmup.

>> No.3150353

No, I am not confused at all. I am just not stupid and have eyes in my head. Cave fans are very similar to Touhou fans, in the way that they very often play nothing else. If you can't see this then that's not my problem.

They are the XBox 360 generation, when shmups started to go full otaku. That's why they can be very annoying.

>> No.3150359

You're trying too hard.

I wanna thank whoever told me to try Gekirindan many, many threads ago. If you're still here, you rock.

>> No.3150368

man that game is sweet as hell

>> No.3150381

If they only keep to their own games why are you bringing them up in /vr/?

>> No.3150385

Because they're blind sheep that are unable to see that Ikaruga and R-Type are infinitely superior games.

>> No.3150391

Because someone asked why people hate Cave. Also, just because they only play bullethell, doesn't mean they wouldn't act like they know the whole genre inside-out.

>> No.3150609
File: 84 KB, 638x361, gekirindan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That game has lolis in it though, so it can't be good.

>> No.3150615

Fuck lolis.

>> No.3150627

Look I like lolis as much as the next anon but you gotta have boundaries.

>> No.3150629
File: 43 KB, 640x480, anne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3150632

>I like lolis

>> No.3150637


Why is discussing shmups on /v/ so shit?

>> No.3150642

It was fine until a few people decided to ruin it.

>> No.3150996

>thread full of cave and touhou drones
gee wonder why its shit...

>> No.3151002

Danmaku truly was the worst thing to happen to this genre.

>> No.3151007

Nah, Battle Garegga is one of the greatest ever. It's just the overly pandering weebshit which is cancer.

>> No.3151012

The games are fine, just not the people behind the posts.
If they even play the games.

>> No.3151017
File: 55 KB, 607x859, 1415899666645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That (to a small degree), and some people not being fine with others enjoying a wider variety of styles when it comes to shmups. To get good at the typical danmaku , let alone conquer it, you have to invest time. Some people get a bit too navel gazing about it, forgetting that the hobby isn't as serious business to most, or that some people prefer to invest their time differently when it comes to the genre than meticulously studying ranking and scoring systems.

>> No.3151020
File: 74 KB, 732x617, 1415899278169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumping some fan art.

>> No.3151021
File: 111 KB, 1019x729, 1415899385105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3151024
File: 42 KB, 595x732, 1415899473140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3151025
File: 105 KB, 562x696, 1415899603540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3151027

I wouldn't really call BG danmaku. At least, it's not meant to be played that way, because you're constantly trying to keep your rank low so as to keep the harder bullet patterns from happening.

I would call Dodonpachi the first modern bullet hell game.

>> No.3151028
File: 225 KB, 660x900, Gradius Fan Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3151032
File: 2.81 MB, 1405x1988, Odin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3151054

Maybe you are right. I think it also has much to do with just being on 4chan too much. There are just too many trolls here.

>> No.3151071

>To get good at the typical danmaku , let alone conquer it, you have to invest time
This is the case for every shmup. Just because a game has more bullets doesn't mean it's harder. Bullets in danmaku mostly fly very slow, your hitbox is very small, you have a shitton of lives/bombs, plus there are no punishing checkpoints.

>> No.3151091

Right, but then we usually have higher difficulty levels were things aren't as simple, where your skill has to be beyond flawless if you want to reach the true boss/net the greatest high score. Other types of shmups tend to have simpler mechanics to them, even if they are harder at the get go, and simple trial and error memorization is bound to bear fruit.

>> No.3151130

Reaching a high score in Ikaruga also requires flawless skill, but many Cave fans hate the game like the pest. And no, I would not call Ikaruga bullethell, even though it has elements of it.

There are many non-danmaku games which require a lot of time to be top tier at. Just take Gradius for example... Being able to loop this game for 6 hours like the pros do it, is just incredibly difficult.

>> No.3151603

>but many Cave fans hate the game like the pest
Not just Cave fans that dislike Ikaruga, anon. It's one of the more divisive games in the entire genre.

>And no, I would not call Ikaruga bullethell, even though it has elements of it.
Well that's just ignorance. It has a lot of bullets, that for the most part are slow, and your hitbox is smaller than your ship. That's pretty much the definition of bullet hell, whether it has bullet absorption mechanics or not.

>> No.3151616

>Not just Cave fans that dislike Ikaruga, anon.
It's mostly Cave fans which hate it.

>Well that's just ignorance.
It's not ignorance, I'm just not retarded. Ikaruga has for the most of the time hardly any dodging in it, except for the end boss. And dodging is a very important aspect in danmaku. And it also doesn't necessarily have many bullets, when you can play the game without shooting anything. Most bullets are just the suicide bullets, which you just eat up with your shield anyway.

Ikaruga is much more about memorization and execution, similar to games like R-Type for example. Just because it has some bullet hell elements, doesn't mean it's bullet hell.

>> No.3151619

What makes it so divisive? I admit to being a pretty casual shmups player. It's one of those genres I pick up every once in a while and I remember having a good time with Ikaruga on Gamecube. It just seemed like a shmup to me. What about it makes people either love or hate it so much?

>> No.3151627

>What about it makes people either love or hate it so much?
It's an extraordinary well made game. That's why it has many lovers but also many haters. I would even say it is too good for the genre, since it's just a good notch above every other game and there is nothing like it in the genre, that's why people hate it even more, when they dislike it.

>> No.3151639

It's a good game, but not a flawless game. At the highest level, you don't really have much room for error and you have to play it the way Treasure wanted you to, which can either be really fun or really boring. It also became really popular with "the wrong people", which for nerds means people that didn't love the genre before finding a game popular on IGN.

It's also popular with people like >>3151627, which certainly does it no favors, but this is not an uncommon phenomenon; it's also why Cave and Touhou fans get shit when they pop out of the woodworks and say stupid shit like "I would even say it is too good for the genre, since it's just a good notch above every other game."

>> No.3151647

>What makes it so divisive?
How ridiculously over rated it is. I remember buying it for dreamcast many years ago being assured beyond any doubt that it is THE best shooting game ever made. After a couple months of playing it i have never felt such disappointment in my life as i realised even learning the chains couldn't make this game anything more than the absolute bore fest it is. Sold it a.s.a.p never looked back, shit game. Just look at the enemy behavior in it ffs it's just retarded as fuck treasure failing at chaining compared to ddp which manages chaining implented into world where enemies are bumfuck retards that fly into each other seriously wtf?

>> No.3151649

aren't* Dodgy keyboard.

>> No.3151650
File: 573 KB, 2816x1864, DSCF3446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's a good game, but not a flawless game.
Doesn't that describe almost any good game though?

But I guess I would have been one of "the wrong people" who liked it, because honestly a good part of the reason I tried it in the first place was that it was made by Treasure and I like a lot of their games.

But that said I've never really talked it up either. I thought it was fun, but wouldn't put it in my top 5 Treasure games or top 5 shmups. Though Gradius V probably would be. I really liked that game a lot.

It's still no Gaiares though. That's the shmup I shill when I'm shilling shmups.

>> No.3151651

>you have to play it the way Treasure wanted you to
That's bullshit. Just because it is heavily about memorization does not mean you have no freedom. There are always different scoring technics for parts and you always can chose how you wanna do it. If you play any game on a really high level it will become very forced, where the first and second top score almost look identical.

>It's also popular with people like >>3151627 (You), which certainly does it no favors
>stop liking what I don't like
When even people like Ikeda and Zun say that Ikaruga is exceptionally well made, then there might be some truth to it, when someone says that the game is better than the rest.

>> No.3151662

Gradius V is excellent, I wish it had gotten popular instead.

>> No.3151671

>When even people like Ikeda and Zun say that Ikaruga is exceptionally well made, then there might be some truth to it
Both of them are shit players fyi, most of the top shmup players say ikaruga is wank.

>> No.3151673

>muh Cave
>caring about AI in a shmup
Shmup enemies are often just fucking drones or aliens. They do not need intelligent AI. That has already been the case since Space Invaders, and the only reason why the dev made the enemies monsters/aliens.

>> No.3151681

You do not have to be a good player to know what makes a game good and what not.
And that most top players hate Ikaruga is complete bullshit. Only butthurt and tasteless Cavedrones hate it.

>> No.3151689

Both still exist though. Who cares which one is more popular?

>> No.3151690

Hipsters shitposting on 4chan obviously. The funny thing is, whenever someone mentions that he likes Ikaruga, there always come umpteens of butthurt people calling him a fag who only listens to what IGN or whatever says, when the only people who actually care about the fame of the game, are the ones hating on it 24/7.

>> No.3151691

>And that most top players hate Ikaruga is complete bullshit.
It fucking isn't, even the top chinese player slated it. Go read the skykid in china article mate, your game is SHIT.

>> No.3151692

>this derail again
And it's being helmed by the same anon as always.
I'm very glad you've found both generals, as having a discussion without your flavor of autism adding to the mix wouldn't feel right.

>> No.3151693

I already read what this chinese "top player" said. It's basically the only article where an ostensible "top player" bashes the game. Show me anything else for a change.

Usually people only have high praise for this game, except here on 4chan of course, since it's here just full of edgy tasteless retards.

>> No.3151695

It's not my fault that your kind always chimps out whenever someone mentions the name Ikaruga.

>> No.3151704

Which one is derailing? Anti-Ikaruga or pro-Ikaruga? I can't even keep straight.

>> No.3151707

both are shitposting madly

>> No.3151709

Well name me one fucking decent player still bothering with it today? No one is because it's shit.

>> No.3151717

I have no idea what Japanese play. And neither do you.

But whatever... This thread sucks just as much as the /vg/ thread.
These are no shmup threads here, only hipster threads.

>> No.3151723

There are plenty of streams from some major japanese arcades aswell as twitter,blogs and other things and guess what? Ikaruga never shows up.

>> No.3151724

Both, it's a never ending cycle that consumes all threads.

>> No.3151726

well it's a 17 year old game

>> No.3151731

*actually 15

>> No.3151736

And? DDP and daioujou are both still being grinded for wrs as are batrider,garegga (void officially cus of the deadzone exploit), and a whole heap of others but no one bothers with ikaruga because it is S.H.I.T. now fuck off out my sight you septic cunt puke.

>> No.3151738

It's honestly the reason I almost never read these threads anymore. I don't care that no one else is much interested in talking about the games I like best, but it's that they don't really talk about anything here. It's just fuck you hipster and fuck you faggot back and forth all the time.

>> No.3151739

>deadzone exploit
Explain please, I'm out of the loop

>> No.3151742

Just because Matmouse doesn't play Ikaruga, doesn't mean noone does. If you look at the top players on Steam, which have very high scores similar to WR, they all still grind the game, except the top highscore player. That one hasn't been on Steam since half a year already.

>> No.3151745

Arcadia voided the game from any future wrs for an exploit that is basically on stage 5 you can leave 2 popcorns who will circle you endlessly and they go into the top of screen deadzone so at that point you can milk them and the cycle continues infinitely. It would take ages to milk loads doing it but it's there for anyone crazy enough. Kamui shows it in his live stunfest performance.

>> No.3151747

Huh that's interesting, thanks for explaining.

>> No.3151748

Well, if you are so dumb to completely miss every argument posted, it's no wonder you can't enjoy these threads

>> No.3151751

I used to pay some attention to them, but now I just see stuff like >>3151736
>now fuck off out my sight you septic cunt puke.

That's pretty par for the course every time I click on these threads now. What's the point discussing anything with people who act like that?

>> No.3151757

>Ikaruga haters post shit
Gee big surprise. That's what they always do. I can totally understand that you get tired of them, but don't blame me for it, when all I do is just telling them how stupid they are.

>> No.3151765
File: 63 KB, 640x480, gaiares l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just saying any time I do decide to click one of these threads again it's just constant yelling at each other and name calling and I see no point joining in.

>> No.3151771

Of course you are blaming me, since you act as if I would just shitpost the whole time, while in reality I just defend a game and post arguments, while the actual shitposters are the ones bashing the game.

>> No.3151780

Did you say,
>now fuck off out my sight you septic cunt puke.

In that case I suppose I am blaming you... If that's the way you choose to conduct an argument with someone you disagree with then you're one of the main reasons I don't bother coming here. Why would I waste my time when that's how people in these threads act?

>> No.3151786

Of course I did not say that... Again, I am the one defending the game, not the one bashing it...

>> No.3151793

Okay, well if you're defending and not just throwing names all over the place why did you think I was blaming you specifically?

>> No.3151794

>Don't blame me for the arguing and name calling, I'm just telling people that they're stupid

>> No.3151795

Because you were saying shitposting is all you see, and agreed with a post which said that pro-ikaruga and anti-ikaruga is just as bad...

>> No.3151804

>crying about calling someone stupid on 4chan

>> No.3151807

>Don't blame me for arguing and name calling, I'm just calling people stupid and then shitposting more when I get called on it.

>> No.3151812

In contrary to you I actually posted arguments, and didn't just shitpost with greetxt memes.

>> No.3151813

I agreed that it seems to be a "it's a never ending cycle that consumes all threads." I didn't say which I thought was worse, and honestly don't really care. I already regret the short time I spent in the thread.

>> No.3151828

You agreed that both are shitposting. The only people here shitposting are the ones posting retarded shit, like you atm.

>> No.3151843

>The only people here shitposting are the ones posting retarded shit, like you atm.

I'm saying the cycle of vitriol and name calling in these threads has made me decide I don't think they're worth my time. Because I apparently didn't put down the guy you disagree with strongly enough you are now saying I am posting "retarded shit."

That's exactly what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter the side, everyone here acts the same. Bye, enjoy your fighting.

>> No.3151858

>hurr I don't blame you
>hurr I just say you are shitposting
Get a fucking brain retard. But yea, fuck these threads. Obviously just full of retards here.

>> No.3151870

>hurr I don't blame you
>hurr I just say you are shitposting
>Get a fucking brain retard

Okay I take back the part about not blaming you. You are at least as bad as the other guy.

>> No.3151876

>I have no arguments so I just refer to name calling
It's not my fault your brain lacks any sense for logic

>> No.3151881

But you ARE shitposting and name calling, and making intense stretches of logic for this cognitive dissonance. I just want to make that clear.

>> No.3151898

I am not shitposting, I am posting arguments showing people why they are wrong.
Just because I use words like retard from time to time, does not mean I am shitposting.

>> No.3151906

So now we have concluded that ikaruga is SHIT can we just draw a line under it and move on?

>> No.3151913

You told me to "get a fucking brain retard" because I said I found the shitposting in these threads bad enough that it makes me not want to bother engaging in conversation here.

Then you come back with this. >>3151870
I'm sorry, but you are at least as much of a problem as the other people. If you like the threads, then enjoy them. I have no interest at all talking to either of you.

>> No.3151921

>If you like the threads, then enjoy them. I have no interest at all talking to either of you.
So stop posting and fuck off then? dick queef. You say we only shitpost but in this very thread i've explained in detail some nuances in gareggas scoring and always chip in if anyone needs to know anything else strat wise but the truth is you don't say shit because you don't actually play and just want to talk about caspers snatch or the graphics and music etc.

>> No.3151928

I told you to get a brain, because you are talking retarded nonsense the whole time. You seem to be rather a low IQ person, that's why I called you a retard.

You first say I am shitposting, then you say you are not blaming anyone but somehow everyone is still shitposting ostensibly, then you say I am shitposting again, etc etc... You just make no sense, and can't even follow a discussion.

>> No.3151934

Deal. Later kids. Have fun.

>> No.3151946

>talk about caspers snatch or the graphics and music etc.
Just lol

Has Deathsmiles even been mentioned in this thread yet? What board do you think you're on.

>> No.3151947

Laters, try neogaf i think they're more your speed.

>> No.3151952

>Has Deathsmiles even been mentioned in this thread yet?
Does it have to be to make the point relevant? No. You spergs really are shitty clunge when it comes to english language.

>> No.3151967

And you anglos are really shitty when it comes to being decent human beings.
All you do here is just being butthurt about Ikaruga 24/7, and acting like a know-it-all, even though your Garegga score is most likely pure garbage.

>> No.3151982

kraut-kun, pls

>> No.3151985

Post scores, or fuck off, brit-scum.

>> No.3151998

Holy shit these threads

>> No.3152004

Glorious shmuck community. And they think bullet hells are the worst of their problems.

>> No.3152005

There are other places than europe, you know.

>> No.3152006

And people bitch about fighter players lol

>> No.3152053

It's always the same bullet hell fans which start this arguing here. I personally don't care much about Cave, I am rather a Treasure, Konami, Irem fan, but their fans are just annoying sometimes.

>> No.3152083

Gradius V is the worst Gradius game, though.

Fuck Treasure.

>> No.3152091

>They do not need intelligent AI.
>aka a game shouldn't have well designed enemies
please get out of gaming

>> No.3152105

And another retard posting retarded shit...
Just because an enemy is not intelligent, does not mean they are not well designed.
Are you seriously complaining about unintelligent enemies in a genre which is basically about killing umpteens of enemies constantly like on an assembly line?

Shmups do not need good AI. They need good enemy placement and designs. Play RPGs or whatever if you want decent AI.

>> No.3152110

>These are no shmup threads here, only hipster threads.
And you're the biggest hipster poseur of them all. You only ever talk about aesthetics, like Cave sucking for having anime and Ikaruga being a masterpiece for not having anime.

>> No.3152116

Here is your (You)

>> No.3152118

Good AI is part of having a good design, you fucking dipshit.

>> No.3152128

People need to quit taking kraut-kun's bait so these threads can be decent again.

>> No.3152135

So according to your logic shmup games must have horrible enemy designs then.
Why are you even here if you think the genre sucks so much?

AI is AI. Just because an enemy is not intelligent, does not mean they are not well designed.

>> No.3152141

Why do people dislike verts?

>> No.3152142

>Ikaruga is much more about memorization and execution
That describes any score-heavy shmup, like Dodonpachi and Dragonblaze.

>> No.3152149

They're easier to design than horis, according to Toaplan developers.

>> No.3152151

Why is ease of development bad?

>> No.3152156

Not to the extend like in Ikaruga. In games like Dodonpachi you still have more freedom and can improvise much more, even when playing for score, but in Ikaruga you are completely fucked if you don't play with memorization constantly, even when just slightly playing for score.

Ikaruga is completely different from danmaku garbage. It is a game in the spirit of games like R-Type because Image Fight was the main inspiration for radiant Silvergun.

>> No.3152159

I don't hate the genre, rather I think shmups should have better movement patterns than flying into each other and dying like in IKA.

>> No.3152160

2hard probably, horis are easier to get into.

>> No.3152161

Why do people dislike horis? Personal taste, anon. They tend to require more planning, while verts usually require more twitch reflexes, though obviously there are exceptions to both.

>> No.3152165

They only fly into each other if you trick them to it. You also can trick bosses in Cho Ren Sha to shoot each other, but of course you are not complaining about this, since you are only butthurt about Ikaruga due to your hipster elitism.

>> No.3152187

>but in Ikaruga you are completely fucked if you don't play with memorization constantly, even when just slightly playing for score.
Then why is getting a 1cc in it so easy?

>Ikaruga is completely different from danmaku garbage.
Nope, Ikaruga is danmaku garbage too. The game has lots of bullets and you still have to dodge opposite bullets/lasers. If you played the game competently, you would know this. Not to mention having potentially endless homing lasers trivializes all bosses, while in other shmups you only have set resources.

Ikaruga is danmaku for weenies, and plays nothing like R-Type.

>> No.3152192

I personally prefer horis just because verts are mostly pretty badly made.
If they are well made, like Garegga or Ikaruga, then I also play them, but mostly horis just have better quality.

>> No.3152194

I know you're just pretending to be retarded, kraut-kun (and you're doing a very, very good job), but he's referring to this part https://youtu.be/iPx-oznzdTs?t=2m44s

>> No.3152195

Lol you don't have to trick at all for them to do it. You really are delusional in your love for Ikaruga, kraut-kun.

>> No.3152196

Anyone got pics of their shmup collection? Saturn perhaps?

>> No.3152203

Here is your (You).

>> No.3152212

Also this

They actually die when they ram into each other here.

>> No.3152216

No, in contrary to you, I actually played the game for score, that's why I hardly ever have places where enemies fly into each other, since I shoot them befor eit can ever happen.

The thing is just, that it is fucking irrelevant if they can fly into each other. They are fucking popcorn in a fucking shmup, you fucking retard. They do not need to be intelligent.

>> No.3152229

Show me your replay then, Mr. Hotshot Ikaruga Superplayer, so I can see you shoot down every ship you encounter in your run.

>> No.3152239

>They do not need to be intelligent.
Yes they do. Even R-Type from 1987 has smarter popcorn enemies than Ikaruga, a game from 2001.

>> No.3152242

But anon, you must remember that if I like Ikaruga, but dislike bullet hell, then Ikaruga cannot be a bullet hell because that just wouldn't make sense!

>> No.3152250

Where did I ever say I shot down every single ship? Are you retarded?

No, they don't. Shmup enemies in general have fucking retarded AI. In Cave games it's the same. Battle Garegga it's also the same. It's part of the genre, otherwise the genre would be unplayable if the enemies actually were intelligent.

>> No.3152253

Ikaruga is not bullethell because it plays completely different from bullet hell. Bullet hell is a lot about twitch reflexes and dodging, while Ikaruga is hardly about dodging, but more about positioning and using the right methods to kill enemies.

>> No.3152258
File: 44 KB, 800x600, lolisinshmups.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to trigger the german aspie.

>> No.3152264

Right here:

>since I shoot them befor eit can ever happen.

>> No.3152268
File: 135 KB, 453x687, 25145443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3152269

I don't give a shit about lolis in anything. I read lolicon myself fucking tard.
It's you retards here who get triggered 24/7 because you butthurt Ikaruga is obviously better than your favorite shit games.

>> No.3152271

At least Cave and Raizing games don't have enemies that collide into each other. Having zero AI is better than having sub-zero AI like Ikaruga.

>> No.3152273

His fucking Steam avatar is from Unteralterbach, he probably doesn't like lolis in shmups because he gets distracted and starts touching himself.

>> No.3152276

And where does it say there that I shot every single enemy?
I mostly shoot all in the places they fly into each other, yes, but that doesn't mean I shoot down all enemies in general.

>> No.3152278

Then why do you say Cave games are shit for having anime in them, kraut-kun?

You can't even keep your own trolling straight.

>> No.3152280

Fuck haters, Twinkle Star Sluts is the best shmup ever.

>> No.3152283

You have to shoot down every enemy, lest your score will be worse. And here I was thinking you were the greatest Ikaruga superplayer of all time... I'm very disappointed.

>> No.3152290

Again, it doesn't matter if they are retarded, since they are just drones anyway. Drones are meant to be retarded. They are fucking robots and only there to kill you. They do not care if they die trying to kill you.

I really don't understand why you even play this genre if you think AI is such an important factor for a game.

>> No.3152291

Cave was a mistake. Go play Mars Matrix.

>> No.3152295

They are shit for many reasons. Being pandering like mad is just one of them.
And just because I think they are shit, does not mean I care about them. Much in contrary to you tards and Ikaruga here, which seems to be the only thing you can think about.

>> No.3152301

>They are fucking robots and only there to kill you.
So why are they mindlessly ramming into each other? To make you laugh so much and crash yourself?

>> No.3152305

>I am bad at cave games.

>> No.3152306

they are trying to pinsir you in that shaft

>> No.3152307

>why are drones mindless?
hurr durr

>> No.3152309

Can you go away to /vg/ already? These threads were fine without you.

>> No.3152310

Cave is just pretty generic to me. To each their own.

>> No.3152312

Ikaruga only gets talked about whenever you feel like you need to white-knight it though.

>> No.3152313

Cool cheery pick bro you should work for the guardian.

>> No.3152319

He should just fuck off to r/Ikaruga, he'd be much more appreciated there.

>> No.3152321

Generic how? I mean they invented the style pretty much and have an array of original score systems not seen anywhere else so?

>> No.3152324

Don't worry, I won't visit any of these so called "shmup threads" here anymore, since it's just full of retards here anyway.

>> No.3152327

>I won't visit any of these so called "shmup threads" here anymore, since it's just full of retards here anyway.
But i'm better than you at garegga though.

>> No.3152332

You said this exact phrase in the /vg/ thread and then came here instead. You should be better at sticking to your words, anon.

>> No.3152337

Just because they invented an own style does not mean the style can't be generic shit.

>> No.3152341

No, at /vg/ I said I won't visit /vg/ anymore, which I also don't do anymore, since the people obviously do not want me there.

Here it seems to be the same, but that#s also not surprising, since 4chan in general is just retarded as fuck and any kind of logic seems alien to this place.

>> No.3152345

Post your score if you think you are so good.

>> No.3152346

>Bullet hell is a lot about twitch reflexes and dodging, while Ikaruga is hardly about dodging
Only because there's a dumbass gimmick that turns half the bullet types into power-ups, but it's still danmaku despite bullet absorption.

>but more about positioning and using the right methods to kill enemies.
What methods? All you have are shoot and homing lasers. And all shmups more or less rely on positioning so that's a moot point.

>> No.3152347
File: 19 KB, 575x323, wut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just because they invented an own style does not mean the style can't be generic shit.
So what about the score systems then?

>> No.3152349

>thread's on page 1
That's how you know some quality shitposting's going on

>> No.3152356

>They do not care if they die trying to kill you.
Are they though? Looks to me like they're just minding their own business. They aren't even trying to shoot at you or anything. Whoever programmed these drones to be killers failed at that job.

>> No.3152357

>Post your score if you think you are so good.
Haha so easily triggered n trolled, i love it.

>No, at /vg/ I said I won't visit /vg/ anymore, which I also don't do anymore, since the people obviously do not want me there.
>Here it seems to be the same, but that#s also not surprising, since 4chan in general is just retarded as fuck and any kind of logic seems alien to this place
You are the problem though you fuck wit kraut, this all started when i tried politely helping you with satazius and you went full spergo thinking it was some dick waving joust shit and you kept up the insufferable nerdling shit ever since. You are a piece of shit basically.

>> No.3152382

>it's still danmaku despite bullet absorption
No, it's not danmaku at all. Especially when you can just play dot eater and don't shoot enemies, so you don't get suicide bullets, which are the main reason for bullets in the game.

Seriously, play the fucking game first. You can play through the first level of Ikaruga and hardly see any bullet at all.

>What methods? All you have are shoot and homing lasers. And all shmups more or less rely on positioning so that's a moot point.
Methods like deciding when to use the same or opposite color of the enemy you want to kill for example. Methods like deciding if you want to use rapid shot or small burst shot to be more precise, etc

>> No.3152390

Found a good home for our resident shitposter


>> No.3152393

I know that you are still the shitty Satazius know-it-all, who thinks he could school me in games he actually has a worse score in. You don't have to tell me this.

>> No.3152409

Lmao there you go. Just remember my score is only slightly less than yours and i put less than 30 hrs into the game whilst you took over 300. Not quite the efficiency we have come to expect from soon to be arab rape baby germans.

>> No.3152430

I doubt that the kraut is good at ikaruga and other games since he is shitposting too much instead of practising like he should be. Moreover he's so anguished it can only reflect poorly on his performance.

>> No.3152431

Keep posting more bullshit and spread lies and misinformation as much as you want, while acting like a king. I'm pretty tired of you retards here, have a good day.

>> No.3152443

Hahah is that right? So why have you made your account private on steam now? I already looked before and you have colossal hours in a bunch of games because you have nothing else in life which is fine if you're going to be the next Gus but lets face it you are to shit to ever be good.

>> No.3152475
File: 39 KB, 300x400, ikaruga-s5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, totally not danmaku-style patterns at all.

>> No.3152480
File: 382 KB, 720x958, hardly any bullets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A shame most of the interesting stuff is so easy. Literally all one color.

>> No.3152526

>deciding when to use the same or opposite color of the enemy you want to kill for example.
You'll want to always be the same colour as the enemy so you can soak up their suicide bullets for points. I figured you would have known something as simple as this, seeing as you have over 330 hours in it.

>deciding if you want to use rapid shot or small burst shot to be more precise
And what makes that special again? If you want good chains in Dodonpatch, you won't be holding down the fire button all the time. You're just making Ikaruga sound even more like a danmaku game, because in a shmup like Gradius you can just hold down shoot and kill everything however you feel like. Besides, claiming that other danmaku games aren't as intricate to play as Ikaruga is plain folly. To play Ikaruga well you just need memo, to play other shmups well you need memo as well as execution skills, making them far more rewarding.

>> No.3153181

What is the most cancerous shmup gimmick?

>> No.3153205

The one gimmicky boss from DDC. Does literally everything a shmup shouldn't.

>> No.3153213

That part of the game is a score bonus where only huge white ships come on the screen, they pose 0 threat since they only shoot white bullets that you can absorb. You are completely invincible no matter how many bullets are on the screen (unless you decide to crash into the enemy or change polarities).

and this is the final goddamn boss on the hardest difficulty; REAL danmaku games have twice as much bullets on screen by the first damn boss.

The thing is that Ikaruga is the easiest danmaku game if you play it like a danmaku game, since you can absorb half of everything that the game throws at you at any point. Because of that, the game can throw you excessive patterns since they just look *cool* and don't harm you.

The difficulty comes from knowing when to switch polarities, since if you do it the wrong time, you'll end up running into the junk bullets that enemies release, effectively suiciding yourself. You literally have to think 2 steps ahead instead of just dodging on reflex.

tl:dr; you did not play the game and just judging it based on screenshots.

>> No.3153226

>And what makes that special again?

The fact that Ikaruga penalizes indiscriminate shooting. And no, not by screwing up your chain, but by creating impossible situations that guarantees that you lose a ship.
On every other shmup you can tape down the fire button if you just want to finish the game.

>> No.3153229
File: 26 KB, 480x360, samidare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not a danmaku pattern, this is a danmaku pattern.

>> No.3153269

You talking about the one that changes your controls?

>> No.3153271

Yeah, it also makes you way bigger, didn't it?

I know it also turns the screen upside down.

It's genuine fake difficulty.

>> No.3153274

>The fact that Ikaruga penalizes indiscriminate shooting.
Impossible situations will happen in DDP or Garegga if you do that as well. Stop acting like Ikaruga is some innovative thing when it's not.

>> No.3153285

Bullet cancelling (Progear)
Bullet grazing (Touhou)
Bullet reflection (Mars Matrix)
Bullet absorption (Ikaruga)

>> No.3153318

>Impossible situations will happen in DDP or Garegga if you do that as well. Stop acting like Ikaruga is some innovative thing when it's not.

Yeah, but those games don't allow you to have half the bullets on screen powering you up instead of killing you.

That's the thing with Ikaruga, really. It doesn't innovate anything, it just has a stupidly simple defensive mechanism, which in paper should make the game twice as easy, but in practice makes it three times more complex.

>> No.3153328

Melee weapons
Homing weapons
Weapons that go through the screen
Charge-up weapons (where you can't shoot until you charge up)
Overcharge weapons (where you use a powerup to temporarily turn your Vulcan into a laserbeam)
Beam duels, or any other attack that requires button mashing
1-pixel hitboxes
Chain score systems

>> No.3153337
File: 70 KB, 640x480, 1o2c5e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bullet grazing (Touhou)

Spotted the underage.

>> No.3153417

Checkpoints are pretty shit desu senpai

>> No.3153428


Why not save yourself the trouble and just tell us "I only like 1 shmup and it's x"

>> No.3153483

>1-pixel hitboxes
THIS. Whoever invented that shit needs to burn in hell.

>> No.3153513

>Bullet grazing (Touhou)
Yeah! And fuck Raiden Fighters, too!

>> No.3153546

Scrolling backgrounds
Moving enemies

>> No.3153554

>Raiden Fighters
Shitty Psikyo ripoff.

Play regular Raiden instead.

>> No.3153556

Why would I want to play a shitty Toaplan ripoff instead?

>> No.3153560

Because Toe-uh-plon is love & life.

>> No.3153705
File: 686 KB, 1920x1080, azumanga_daioh_takino_tomo_girl_laughing_finger_food_33122_1920x1080[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Toaplan? More like TOO-PLAIN amiright guys?!


>> No.3153710

How would you rank the 5 Parodius games from best to worst?

>> No.3153717

Remember to not credit-feed your STG's, /vr/.

"To understand the essence of arcade gaming you must never continue."

>> No.3153773

>>Raiden Fighters
>Shitty Psikyo ripoff.
What? They aren't even similar aside from perhaps bullet speed.

>> No.3154180

How else am I going to get better at the later levels?

Dumb Tomoposter.

>> No.3154793

By incrementally getting to the later levels after gitting gud at the earlier levels on 1 credit.

>> No.3156737

What does /stg/ think of Twinkle Star Sprites?

>> No.3156960

it's fun, the slowdown can get kinda annoying though

>> No.3156968

That's a terrible idea. That way you're going to spend a fraction of your time actually practicing and the rest drudging through the easy stages.

>> No.3157258
File: 92 KB, 264x374, dragonblaze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dick is like the standard ship you choose, not good at anything particular, but kind of good at it all
what bout you guys?

>> No.3157343

What do you propose then? Credit-feeding affects game balance and savescumming only exists on bloated emulators with input lag.

>> No.3158078

I can't stop listening to the Radiant Silvergun OST. it's so good

>> No.3158085

Mame only has 3 frames of input lag, same as real hardware. I could link you to the guy doing the tests but that ain't gonna convince you is it?
Anyway here it is

>> No.3158095

Nigga Ketsui is the best thing ever since vaginal sex and it's a 2x2 hitbox.

>> No.3158101

Sounds like leftovers from Final Fantasy Tactics.

>> No.3158103

It's like they were composed by the same guy or something :P

>> No.3158106

Please leave.

>> No.3158663

So was Gradius V, but its OST doesn't sound like it belongs in a JRPG.

>> No.3158698

Oh, didn't know that. I thought you hated Gradius V too because no moais.

>> No.3158761
File: 121 KB, 457x410, spriggan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3158765

Gradius V is the weakest Gradius, but that doesn't mean that I have to hate everything about it.

>> No.3158784

You guys always hate everything popular.

>> No.3158793

Stop talking like kraut-kun, next you'll be whining about the bullet hell bogeyman.

>> No.3158798

Stop creating imaginary scapegoats you mememan.

>> No.3158898


That's not IV.

>> No.3159607
File: 233 KB, 800x600, kraut-kun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kraut-kun is all too real, though, unfortunately.

>> No.3159616


Things that are bad about Gradius V:

>no moais (an aesthetic thing)

>> No.3159635

so... DDP game on steam soon?

>> No.3159649

Bad level and game design. You pretty much *have* to use one of the OP option types like Freeze or Directional for better score and there are several instances where the camera's scrolling gets obnoxious (city stage, gas stage). Also unskippable cutscenes and less Vic Viper customisations than previous games, for example no twin laser or rotating shield. However, I will say it's at least better than Iuchi's other shmups, Ikaruga and Silvergun, which are too experimental for their own good.

>> No.3159651

You care enough about that dude you stalk his Steam page and keep screenshots of it? Holy fuck you guys are weird.

>> No.3159653

jesus christ

>> No.3159669

Yeah, we're the weird ones, when he shitposts non-stop about his hatred of the bullet hell genre and why "methodical shmups" are superior both here and over at the /vg/ thread.

>> No.3159670
File: 1.00 MB, 500x281, 1408956745296.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw listening to Wing Force music

Holy crap it's a real shame this game didn't see a proper release, because its soundtrack is beyond rad.

>> No.3159886

iv is the best it's just not for plebs.

>> No.3159902
File: 744 KB, 422x817, moai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Top Tier:
Gradius II

High Tier:
Gradius I
Gradius IV

Mid Tier:
Gradius ReBirth
Gradius Gaiden

Low Tier:
Gradius III
Gradius Advance

Bottom Tier:
Gradius V

>> No.3160137
File: 27 KB, 384x256, xexex-8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm convinced videogame skills are a genetic trait like height or bone mass and I simply wasn't born with it. Your thoughts?

>> No.3160146

git gut
Play something easier, then you can slowly play harder stuff.

>> No.3160786

>I'm convinced videogame skills are a genetic trait like height or bone mass and I simply wasn't born with it. Your thoughts?
Totally false there isn't a single activity in the world that has people who were good at it within a day or a week, it takes time,dedication and consistency. Does this mean everyone can be the best? absolutely not but does it mean you can always be better than you are today? definitely. I wasn't the player i am today when i started with shmups 7 years ago and the same goes for my other hobbies to.

>> No.3160812

>High Tier:
>Gradius IV
Whoa there buddy.

>> No.3160817

Whats wrong with it? Aside from ugly graphics.

>> No.3160821

>Whats wrong with it?

>> No.3161292
File: 404 KB, 1920x1080, 20160417195015_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Harrier the ultimate DBCS DLC?

>> No.3161335

Fuck that looks fun.

>> No.3161676

Fuck off mate Gradius iv is one of the best for the seasoned gradius player. I know you're obvious a shit tier player and that's fine but actually learn it and you'll see why it's so great, cunt.

>> No.3161706
File: 99 KB, 494x481, 1437600382518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bottom Tier:
>Gradius V

>> No.3161725
File: 279 KB, 850x1200, flyer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your last clear.
Pic related on loop 1, pretty great irem hori 2bh.

>> No.3161764

>Treasurefags posting meme images
Why am I not surprised?

>> No.3161772

>le Treasure hate meme XD

>> No.3161783

They're an overrated studio that only made gimmicky, flashy games. Deal with it.

>> No.3161792

>muh e-cred

>> No.3161810

now you're not even making any sense, are you just pulling into a hat and drawing out random memes?

>> No.3161857

This game is depressing. 2spoopy5me
Congrats anyway.

>> No.3161880 [DELETED] 

So you guys hate 2hou, Treasure, Cave, as well as horizontal shooters.
See a pattern? They're all popular games.

>> No.3161885

I get it, you need your shmup hipster cred.

>> No.3161890

So you guys hate 2hou, Treasure, Cave, as well as vertical shooters.
See a pattern? They're all popular games.

>> No.3161950

The only poster here that hates verts in general is kraut-kun.

I mean, look at who's leading the poll in OP.

>> No.3161985

This is very easy to explain. Touhou and Cave have quite a bit of overlap in fandoms, at least here. One (or both) of them also happens to be easy to troll.

As for Treasure, I can't really help you there. Not a fan of their stuff by any means but they get a lot of hate from a lot of different shmups-only places.

The vert hate is probably because they're a lot more common, leaving people that prefer horis with not a lot of new options.

>> No.3161998

That's not to say there aren't people that legitimately don't like those games, just remember what site you're on.

>> No.3162153

The only thing I really like about Psikyo is their constantly transforming boss fights. Strikers 1945 has you going through like four different forms for each boss.

>> No.3162162

Don't fuck my tight virgin anus.

>> No.3162169

By being one of the few to still make games for it on a consistent basis?

>> No.3162642

The genre is dead. All that's left are weebfaggots and hipsters.

>> No.3162678
File: 86 KB, 1600x902, dreamcast-stick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how do you play your shmups, /stg/?

>> No.3162848

an hour a day

>> No.3162936

nope, steal it

>> No.3162996

With a D-Pad.

>> No.3163012

keyboard and a shitty lcd with input lag

>> No.3163102

I don't actually play shmups I just pretend to be both a fan and hater of Ikaruga in these threads all day.

>> No.3163473

This >>3163012 but also with frozen hands.

>> No.3164229

Better be a Sega Saturn d-pad.

>> No.3164602
File: 44 KB, 375x140, Dpp-banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does a decent piece of line art exist for the 3 DDP ships? I need Type-C specifically for a little art project I'm thinking of starting.

>> No.3167108

Yes! It is!

I also use a keyboard too when using Steam.

>> No.3167161

Xbox 360 or One pad because holding down RT for auto fire is comfy. Holding LT to shoot left in games like Deathsmiles happen to work out logically. Using A for laser shot or bomb is also comfy. Although I will admit the travel distance for the analog stick is a bit more than I'd like.

>> No.3169868

Any good shmups for DOS or Amiga? Bonus points if it's not Euroshmup or a port.

>> No.3171229
File: 477 KB, 2000x1275, Hinotori_-Konami-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm already emulating it on PSP.

Been playing for days and just now I figured out you can actually upgrade your shots and use a map. And I'm still not sure what some of the items do.

Anybody else actually played this game? It's also known as Firebird in english.

I wanted to play it because of the work it's based on, but it's actually pretty fun although frustrating at times.

>> No.3171684

8bit guwange

>> No.3172004
File: 23 KB, 220x312, elemental-master.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

16bit guwange

>> No.3172009

Newbie here what's a good easy shmup to get you used to the genre ?

>> No.3172025



>> No.3172094

Just play whatever you want. If you suck keep playing until you're good.

>> No.3172371

Batsugun Special loop 1

>> No.3172820


It's great if you like rehashes.

>> No.3173057
File: 12 KB, 224x320, gunbird7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>released in the west as Mobile Light Force
>Charlie's Angels cover art
>Valunus renamed to "MILF 2000"
>Gunbird freezes on POPSloader past a few stages in
>but Mobile Light Force is officially on PSN
>Gunbird 1&2 collection for PS2
>released everywhere BUT NTSC-U
>Gunbird 2 Remix for PSP announced in 2009
>the current year 2016, still nothing
>sold 3DS XL
>spent the money on a Japanese Vita
>but it's 3.36
>wait a full year for a PS1 loader exploit for 3.36
>finally get to play all these games that didn't work right on PSP
>Gunbird straight up doesn't even boot

This series is motherfucking cursed

>> No.3173859

Confirmed for hasnt actually played and skipped through youtube plays to form an opinion, what a joker.

>> No.3174671

He's right though, IV is more or less II but in a new (shitty) coat of paint.

>> No.3175315

Worst DDP is coming to Steam, in all its botnet DRM'd glory. How fitting.

>> No.3175402

And their best game is coming to PS4.

>> No.3175403

Where is it?

>> No.3175665

Cee pls go.

>> No.3175668


>> No.3176037

Nah not really, it's a remake of 2 with completely revamped and awesome rank making every recovery fully fair and doable and has great expansions on 2s already good ideas. The moai stage is bar none the best of all time.

>> No.3176291

And the previous ones ?
U no Pc98
EoSD is still game Nr.6

>> No.3176550

I don't think anyone played Touhou in the retro days. They only sold like 100 copies each.

>> No.3178168

Rly ?
Well okay
2h 1 HRTP was woeful.

2h 2 i forgot the name.. was forgettable.

2h 3 was a phantasmagloria if im not mistaken was baren at best.

2h 4/5 were improvements but not much

2h 6 was the one who improved massively and brought Wav music to the mix.
Win era in general brought good improvements.
Hitbox showing while in focus
More variants of sprites and enemys. Cuz fuck gohsts
Record n replay of really impressive runs.
The fighting games.

And imo the best of all
Nothing against zuns Midi tracks but i feel like it always seems to be anti melodic in comparison to the wav.

>> No.3178184
File: 17 KB, 544x480, Hinotori - Houou Hen (Japan) [T-En by Django v2.0]_0004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's more similar to Knightmare, but also more puzzle-ish. Stages are loops and in order to fight bosses you have to find keys, it's a bit confusing at first.
I also had a hard time grasping the powerup/item system because the only instructions I could find for the game were in french.

>> No.3178863

>2h 4/5 were improvements but not much

>> No.3180025

Why is Batsugun so fucking hard? It's almost like I get worse at it the more I try. Mushihimesama is a piece of cake but I can't get passed the third fucking stage of Batsugun.

>> No.3180037

Buttsgun has really imbalanced shot types. Using the girl with the pink homing shot makes the game easy as hell, but if you use Iceman it's pretty hard.

>> No.3180043


Iceman is so bad it's unreal. His focused shot doesn't seem to be any stronger than his regular shot which is super weak to begin with, so you may as well just be shotgunning it as Jeeno instead.

>> No.3180072

Batsugun isn't that hard, you just need to memorize some safe spots in level 4 boss, but aside from that it's pretty doable. There is also Batsugun Special which has a piss-easy first loop.

>> No.3180129

I've been using Jeeno but I still can't seem to get any good. I'll try the girl. It's a really fun game and I love the music, but it's frustrating how I seem to die due to easy shots I memorized already.

>> No.3180273

Bad B8

>> No.3182634


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