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How could one man be so based, /vr/?

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>treated third-parties like shit
>fired their best inventor after just one failure, the VB
>thought that N64 should have cartridges
>didn't want GC to have standardized online capability

How was he based again?

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Said this in the other thread but.
>fired their best inventor after just one failure, the VB
No. Gunpei didn't leave the company right after the Virtual Boy, he left in 1996 after designing the Game Boy Pocket which was the last project he worked on. He felt he should stay with the company longer even though he already had plans to leave, since he felt he owed it to the company to design at least one more successful product to make up for the Virtual Boy's failure. Also he wasn't fired from the company, he resigned.

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>thought that N64 should have cartridges
The N64 was shit, but cartridges were not to blame. Most of the problems of modern gaming can be directly blamed on CDs.

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>Literal nationalistic, corrupted, racist corporate scum

Just be glad he's dead.

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did you know Hiroshi Yamauchi wasn't actually a human being? He was a vessel that enclosed 7 yakuza oni spirits from 7 different regions in Japan. These oni monopolized the gambling in Japan with the hanafuda Nintendo cards and put a spell so that no other company could produce cards, truly evil.

Yamauchi, often referred to as "大魔王 ティラノ天堂" (Great Evil King Tyranotendo), tyranized the video games market with his monopolic practises, it is said that the Master System or the PC Engine didn't actually ever exist, and that they were invented time after so hide the fact that the Famicom was actually the one and only console existing in Japan.

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Hating on cartridges in /vr/
Shame on you scum of earth.

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You, sir, are an idiot.

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And? What's the problem?

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nintendo's own nazi

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I think you'll find that most of the world is like this. Only Westerners with their cradle-to-grave emotional blackmail/guilt/propaganda campaign stretching from the media to the national curriculum are the exception.

So stop forcing your Western cultural imperialism on societies that are functioning fine (nay, exceptionally well) without it. It's a Western disease and, by god, everyone else is gonna see that it stays that way.

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>all their men are effeminate NEETs who lack competence in society
>their economy is one of the first that will collapse even before USA

Yeah, Japan is functioning just fine...

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RIP japan, you island of arrogant bigots.

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Boy you sure got baited easily. Nothing wrong with finding true love in 2D waifus btw.

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>Nothing wrong with finding true love in 2D waifus btw.
Psychological delusions mean there's something wrong with your brain, actually.

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Realizing that women are nothing but hoes and tricks is pretty damn well grounded in reality, actually.

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anon is a faggot confirmed

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Do you idiots even know what "based" means?

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>fired their best inventor after just one failure, the VB
>thought that N64 should have cartridges
Not sure about him being responsible for the cartridges, but fucking over Yokoi was a very bad idea. Which is odd, because he was the one who pulled him off the assembly line in the first place because he recognized his talent. Overall I'd say he was what Nintendo needed at the time and made more good decisions than bad. Certainly better than what we've got now.

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>The N64 was shit
Stopped reading there. Whatever else you had to say was probably just as gay and retarded

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The N64 was shit though. It wasn't good like the Saturn or PlayStation.

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this desu

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black culture social network meme.

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Maybe if we were in Nipland.

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>memefmvstation 1 good
>sega failturn good

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>Also he wasn't fired from the company, he resigned.

Japanese companies never fire people who have great industry acclaim. They just make their life hell by giving them menial tasks and not allowing them to actually focus on what they do best.

This pushes employees to resign on their own, as they have no way to express themselves within the confines of the company.

Most popular example would be Yu Suzuki, who was not allowed to work on anything meaningful after Shenmue tanked. He was so marginalized, that at one point even the executives at Sega did not know that they still had him employed. Dude had to quit and start up his own company to be able to keep making games.

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>societies that are functioning fine (nay, exceptionally well) without it.
>functioning exceptionally well

They're a nation of old men with almost negative birthrates, an outrageously corrupted system where basically everything is controlled by Yakuza crooks(that are also glorified in videogames) and has tremendous social problems on so many levels it's not even funny.
Sure, some countries have it worse, at least most of the public services in Japan do work, but if you think it's a country that's even remotely good to live in you're just a deluded weeaboo.

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>How was he based again?
you literally described it.

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kek'd heartily. don't listen to that other anon, your post is funny as hell.

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Is that what happened with the guys at Konami? I heard they made programmers work as janitors and bathroom cleaners.

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>say remotely nice thing about Jopon
Anti-weabos are more annoying than weebos themselves, ffs.

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>japan is doomed meme

If Japan is doomed, then all the 1st world countries in the west are beyond fucked in 2016.

I'm not the anon you replied by the way and I don't want to live in Japan, because I don't have any chance of doing my thing there for a living, but socially and culturally, don't pretend that the west is better than Japan. Enjoy your multiculturalism and getting cucked by the kikes.

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>Enjoy your multiculturalism and getting cucked by the kikes.

Still better than Japan's degeneracy and xenophobia.

>jew bogeyman

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How the fuck are people getting raped in Germany or slaughtered in France worse than xenophobia?

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>tells me to go to /pol/
>uses "degeneracy" unironically

Xenophobia is alright in the way that Japan implements it, it's part of the natural order of things. Not being xenophobe is more like being a degenerate.

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>hating the fact that Europe is taking in poor refugees that would otherwise die to terrorist attacks in their countries

Wow, fuck off you heartless asshole.

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I'm sorry, I won't ever say bad things about those poor Muslim women and children again.

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Being xenophobe sure is helping their country's declining birthrates, huh?

So much for the japan master race. Dumbass weeaboos.

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>Still better than Japan's degeneracy and xenophobia.

Xenophobia is basically nation-sized locks on your front door when you live in a shitty neighborhood.
Just saying, Japan will never have any real trouble with Islam. For good reason, they don't let troublemakers make a home in their yard.

Now then, with that settled, Carts were shit in the 5th and 6th Gen due to the limits of storage size, but now they'd actually be extremely competitive with discs.
Nintendo should have stuck with Sony and discs. Microsoft's Xbox wouldn't be a thing today if they had, and we'd all be far better off for it.

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>using the declining birthrates meme

Oh, you're going all out.
What meme are you going to pull off next, that Japan has high-rate suicides?

It's normal, you see, in 1st world countries. As in, actual 1st world countries with stable economies and homogenized culture, people don't tend to fuck like animals and lay offspring every year to overpopulate the country. Especially on a relatively small country (island) like Japan. Similar cases can be found in other small countries like Switzerland.
The fact they don't have overpopulation doesn't mean they're going extinct, smart boy.

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>stop being mean to these people who are slaughtering innocents by the dozens

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>The fact they don't have overpopulation doesn't mean they're going extinct, smart boy.
not that other anon, but the low birth rates actually do mean they're going extinct. Too many old people in a welfare state makes pensions unsustainable, so you need to have immigration to compensate for the lack of childbirth. Which is btw why many liberals think mudslimes coming to Europe is a good thing without taking into consideration the vast cultural differences which makes them literally incompatible with modern western society.

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You fucking cuck. Jesus christ you people are pathetic. Stop catering to non-whites like children you fucking racist

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>Which is btw why many liberals think mudslimes coming to Europe is a good thing

I still haven't heard 1 good argument why that is a "good thing". What do they contribute to society?

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>not that other anon, but the low birth rates actually do mean they're going extinct.

There are 127 million people living in Japan, and studies indicate that 98.5% of that is Japanese. That hasn't changed in 10 years, when there were 127 million people living in Japan.

Zero growth is not the same thing as extinction.

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Increased sales of acetone and hydrogen peroxide, for starters.

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N64 was dog shit... Deal with it

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The N64 was great... For me to poop on.

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Japan is third-world. You don't know what that term means.

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the cold war is long over. first world has come to mean countries with a high standard of living, while third world/developing economies are shitty. quit trying to be smart.

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the cold war is long over. first world has come to mean countries with a high standard of living, while third world/developing economies are shitty. not only that, but Japan was first world even by the old definition.

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fucking kek

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As a capitalist, free society, Japan is and politically always was a first-world country.

You're the one who needs to brush up on your classifications.

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Only idiots play intellivision

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Are you still in high school, or did you just fail it? Honest question.

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>As a capitalist, free society, Japan is and politically always was a first-world country

That's not the criteria, you fool.

USA = first-world
USSR = second-world
Everyone else = third-world.

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>hate on Saturn
nice going Nintendrones

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Just because I think the Saturn ain't that great doesn't mean I'm a Ninty fanboy bucko. I don't even like Nintendo that much these days outside the NES.

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>ninty fanboy
nintendrone spotted.

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Keep up with those nintendrone assumptions just because I don't care much for your favorite console segafag; I'm more of a sonyfag btw.

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Right, because bringing in foreigners to fuck up the gene pool would fix things in a month.

Do you just not understand what national and racial pride means, or are you just that cucked into believing msm propaganda?

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This times a thousand. Thanks for speaking the truth Anon.

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>japan is dying meme

I'm not even a weeb but holy fuck kids, stop believing every bullshit you read on the internet.

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not sure if bait or idiot, but
first world - NATO & allies during the cold war (which includes Japan)
second world - communist bloc & allies
third world - everything else

now that the cold war is over, first world refers to countries with advanced economies and a high standard of living, while third world countries are poor and dysfunctional.

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No one said that Japan is dying or it's doomed you morons, it's just not what that other moron is claiming to be, it's not an idillic country where everything works, it's a fucking social and economical disaster run by crooks like most other countries, the difference being that they have slanted eyes.

If you seriously believe that a country crippled by old age and subsequent pension problems, fucked up economy and stellar levels of corruption is anywhere near the levels of being a good country then you're either blissfully ignorant or have very low standards, or both.

Granted that again, most of those problems are common in every country in the world, but Japan's got a whole load of problems for their social and cultural mindset alone even without bringing the west in the picture.

And sage for not retro anyway.

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What does this have to do with being xenophobic anyway.

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I laughed a lot. Thanks, anon, I needed this.

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Japanese resident here, this guy knows what's up.

This place is seriously fucked.

I invite you to come live here for a few years and then say that

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Japan isn't in NATO, you fucking retard. Lmao

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it was an ally, you fuckin retard. I said NATO and allies.

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>>japan is dying meme
Yep, totally just a meme!

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>4 minute response
Get a life, dumbass.

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Damn NEETs, you're destroying the cunt!

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You're just trying to make yourselves look bad so you can avoid taking in more immigrants. Clever jap.

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I just happened to be browsing and saw it right when you posted.

I was defining first vs second worlds. you're nitpicking my post because you're trying too hard to be smart.

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Japan nowadays sells more adult diapers than it does regular diapers.

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Besides sometimes taking control over the market in some pretty iron-fisted ways, along with that pressure making some relations with third parties turn sour after the mid-90s, I'd say Yamauchi's biggest mistake was not being aware of how popular RPGs would be. He laughed at them as something lonely losers would play and would remain very niche. Meanwhile, the Super Nintendo was so popular in part precisely BECAUSE they had virtually every RPG from 1991-1996 released for their console, including the two really fucking big ones being EXCLUSIVE to the SNES - Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. If I were in charge, I would have made it imperative that the new console could handle any kind of RPG possible in those days. Nintendo didn't capitalize, Sony did, so their PS1 (and the PS2) gobbled up all the RPGs thereafter.

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>He laughed at them as something lonely losers would play
Based Yamauchi.

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